Ann’s Story Ch. 01


To fully understand this series of stories, you must understand that they are written by two people the slave who is Ann and her master.

Setting: I am your slave, you are my master. I have signed a contract and am required to obey your every order. I have done something without your permission and you punish me then I show you how sorry I am for what I am being punished for.

“I’m sorry Master. I didn’t think you would mind.”

You strip me, blindfold me and walk me to another room. I feel the straps wrapping around my wrists as you tighten them down. They are leather and very tight. You then wrap another set of straps around my ankles.

I am confused, but then I feel a bench against my thighs. You lie me face down on the bench and tighten the straps so I am unable to move my arms and legs. While you take the blindfold off my eyes, I lay there quietly, awaiting my punishment. You walk away and leave the room.

I hear your footsteps as you move closer to me. I then feel a very sharp, stinging pain on my ass and thighs as you whip me. I try to squirm and get away, but the straps keep me in place. You continue to spank me, as I scream and cry and beg you to stop… You stop suddenly and walk away.

I’m lying there for what feels like a lifetime, waiting for you to return. You finally re-enter the room and this time, you step lighter than before. You come up and rub your hands on my Ümraniye Escort back, ass, and thighs to calm me down.

You then stand up and spank me again, harder this time, than the last. I realize it’s because I begged you to stop punishing me. I scream and writhe in pain as you continue to spank me. When you feel I have been punished enough, you bend down and loosen the straps around my ankles and I continue to lie there, whimpering, my face hot and wet with tears. You walk up and begin to loosen the straps around my wrists, one hand on my back, the other unbuckling the straps.

You then wrap your arms around my waist and lift me from the bench, being sure to keep a tight hold on me, so as to keep me standing. With one arm around my waist, you reach up and wipe the tears from my face and kiss my forehead with such gentleness.

I fear you are not done punishing me, but then all my fear is removed when you scoop me up in your arms and carry me into your bedroom, where you lay me on your bed.

Such soft, satin sheets, yet it still burns as my skin touches them. I lay there looking up at you as you slowly remove each article of your clothing. First you take care in unbuttoning each button of your shirt, and then slowly pull it off.

You look down at me and tell me to put my hand between my legs and play with my pussy, so you can watch as you prepare to fuck me. I reach down Anadolu yakası Escort and start slowly caressing my clit as I watch you undress in front of me. When all of your clothes lay on the floor, you climb on top of me and begin to kiss me.

You reach into the nightstand and grab two toys. One toy is glass, the other one is a vibrator. You put the vibrator to my lips and tell me to get it wet. I open my mouth and begin to lick it. Once you feel it is wet enough, you waste no time in inserting it in my ass. After fucking me in the ass with the vibrator, you slide your dick inside my pussy which is already dripping, just waiting for you to enter it.

You start out slow, as the vibrations in my ass make you very sensitive. As I begin to cum, you stop and pull out so just the tip of your dick is inside me. You slowly rock back and forth, never pushing more than the tip of your dick inside. As

I moan and squirm in enjoyment, you pull out completely.

You tell me to get on my knees and lick my cum off of your soaking wet dick. I get down off the bed, and as you set yourself on the edge of the bed, the vibrator is shaking my very core every time I move.

I drop to my knees and caress your thighs as I begin to lick my cum off of you. I then slide your dick inside my mouth and start to rock back and forth and suck hard, reaching under to slowly caress your balls İstanbul Escort as your dick gets harder in my mouth.

You reach down and grab a fist full of my hair and pull my head back so I’m looking up at you. You pull me up and lick my juices off my lips, and then push me onto the bed, face down.

As I lay on the edge of the bed, you reach up and grab the glass toy. You slide it inside my already dripping wet pussy and tell me to fuck myself with it. I reach between my legs and begin to fuck myself.

You pull out the vibrator and I am filled with a sudden emptiness.

Slowly, you work you dick in to my gapping ass hole. After a few moments you find a pace that you enjoy. I whimper at first, but then I begin to moan and scream with pleasure.

You slam your dick into my ass and pound hard and deep you fuck my ass like the pleasure toy that I am.

With your hands on my hips, you rock back and forth, fast and hard, shoving your dick into my ass. You begin to shake as you feel the rush. You can feel the toy inside my pussy as you fuck my ass.

As my own cum is running down my legs, you pull out of my ass and your cum, hot and sticky, ends up all over my back and ass.

You take the toys away from me, and walk me into the bathroom, as I’m still having trouble standing on my own after the whipping I received.

You turn on the shower and tell me to get in. I step into the water and it burns as it hits my burning skin. You follow me in and pin me to the wall and begin kissing me. I know I have done well. The soft, caring look in your eyes tells me you are pleased.

This is the first of several stories written. Feed back is greatly appreciated.