Brown to Blue


My name is Logan, I am 6’1 and I am 18 years old. I have crystal blue eyes, a perfect tan body, and straight shaggy black hair. I discovered I was gay quite some time ago, however I have chosen to keep this secret to myself, which is rather easy seeing as how I act just like every other guy who attends my school. Not to mention I am on the football team.

I have had a thing for my best friend Josh for 2 years now. He is 5’7, has a perfect surfer boy body, beautiful blonde hair, and these cute chocolate eyes. Everything about him is amazing; however I have been afraid to tell him of my secret and or my affection, fearing rejection and the possible loss of my closest friend.

My parents were out for a business trip so I spent the week over at Josh’s house. We spent almost every weekend together anyways. It was around 1:00 a.m., we were lying in his bed, it was silent; I looked over at him, he was staring up at the ceiling.

“Josh?” He didn’t answer so I repeated myself again.


He turned and our eyes met. Brown to Blue. I opened my mouth to let the words soar… However, nothing came out. He looked puzzled.

“Josh I…” He continued to look at me. “.. I am gay…”

He stared at me for what seemed like forever. I got nervous. “umm… Josh?” He looked as though he was in deep thought.

“Did you think I didn’t know?” I was shocked.

“You knew!?” He smirked;

“of course I knew, you are my best friend after all” I smiled…

“So you don’t mind?”

“Of course not bro, but that isn’t all you have to tell me is it?” My heart beat faster than ever,

“No.. it isn’t” He looked at me expecting another statement. “Josh… I love you.” He smiled,

“like I said bro you are my best friend I know everything.”

I turned my head facing away. I was embarrassed, and struck with trepidation, I almost began to cry and with it he laid his head on mine and snuggled close to me.

“Logan I am a fan of boys as well.”

I turned over facing him. My blue eyes had tears in them. He took his hand and wiped them away.

“Bro I think about you all the time, I would sneak glances at you when we would change into our bathing suits. I love you to Logan.”

We lay in the massive bed snuggled together. bursa eskort bayan He made the first move; he began to kiss down my neck which sent chills through my body. He rolled on top of me and we began to kiss slowly at first but it sped up quite quickly. Soon my hands began to rub and squeeze his butt, making him groan.

Our eyes met again as he first slid my shirt off and then his. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he kissed down my body, flicking my nipples with his tongue and running it down over my belly button and through my happy trail. He told me in that moment that he loved my body hair. However, I loved his smooth toned body. He unbuttoned my pants and I kicked them to the floor. He looked at the bulge beneath my tight white boxers, and licked his lips.

I couldn’t wait anymore so I lifted my hips so he could slide them off. As he did his nostrils flared. My 8 inch penis flopped around in front of his face. He licked his lips before touching his lips to the head of my penis. It was amazing. In that moment he attempted to take my penis all the way down his throat; however, he chocked about half way down, but that was okay because it was still turning me on.

Vibrations were going through my body as he circled the head of my penis with his tongue. It was all I could do to keep from shooting my load down his throat. We are both virgins which makes this all the more special. It felt amazing as if a flower was blooming. As I started to breathe heavy and rock my hips he stopped and naturally I whined. He said

“we aren’t done yet baby.”

He unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor, he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

His penis was amazing, it was 6 inches with a beautiful tip on the end the made me quiver. He fell back on top of me and be began to kiss feverishly. Somehow in this equation I rolled over placing him on bottom, he was flat on his back.

I have had this fetish for a long time and I was ready to try it so with one swift movement I began to lather his foot with my saliva, running my tongue all over it. He bit his lip and moaned, I could tell he liked it. I ran my tongue in between each toe, savoring the taste. I love his feet. After a few minutes I lifted myself up and smiled.

“Logan bursa merkez escort that was hot bro.”

My penis was still wet from my blowjob so I spit in my hand and lathered him up. He looked up at me and said,

“I trust you.”

With that I touched the head of my penis to his entrance. He begged and yelled

“Just do it!”

I put some force behind it and with a bit of a struggle I entered my best friend. He was so tight; I took it slow fearing the pain I could cause him. I wanted to make this as gentle as I could because I could tell it was hurting him, yet he tried to hide it from me. Pretty soon I maxed out and then began to move back and forth.

“Please go faster” Josh yelled.

That was all I needed, I began pounding him grunting the whole time. He grabbed his penis and began to stroke it fiercely.

I looked into those beautiful eyes of his, and took my hands and began tweaking his nipples. It was magical when we both came at the same time grunting and breathing heavily. I looked at him and we both smiled. We decided we should go take a shower before bed.

As I stood up and began to walk he whistled and slapped my butt. I smiled and turned the water on. We held each other under the falling water; kissing and washing each other with a bar of body soap. I really got a good look at his butt, it was amazing, perfectly round and hairless. My feelings were out in the open now and I was glad; we dried off together and got into bed.

I looked over again around an hour later; once again he was looking up at the ceiling. “Logan, I don’t think I can be your best friend anymore.” I was heartbroken,

“why!?” I screamed.

“Because I would love it if you would be my boyfriend.” I was shocked and once again our eyes met. Brown to Blue.

“Of course I would love to be.” With that he gave me a kiss on the cheek and we feel asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning we were sitting at his dining room table for breakfast with his parents. “Mom, these pancakes are delicious.”

“Yeah thanks Mrs. V.”

We continued to chow down when Josh’s dad entered the room with a pot of coffee. He sat down and said, “Hey boy’s homecoming is right on top of us. You boys found a bursa sınırsız escort bayan couple of cute girls yet? After all the stars of the football team need to accompany a couple of pretty girls.”

I looked over at Josh, he once again looked deep in thought, I admired him most when he looked like this with his hair flowing and his brown eyes looking into oblivion. “Mom, Dad…” Josh said, “I have something I would like to tell you.”

He cleared his throat. I looked horrified, was he going to tell them? They both looked puzzled. “Mom… Dad… I am gay.”

They both gasped.

“And that isn’t all, Logan is also. He is my boyfriend.”

They both look shocked and angry. They began arguing and took it into another room. We both quickly got dressed and headed out to school. He didn’t seem upset at all but rather happy.

We walked down the street to the nearby school hand in hand. To my surprise he didn’t let it go as we walked past all of our friends on the football team. Everyone’s heads turned to look, you could hear whispers.

I felt ashamed until he looked at me and once again our eyes met. Brown to Blue. He smiled, and in that instant I knew everything would be okay. I felt like it was only Josh and I in that hallway.

He suddenly stopped, and to my surprise our roadblock was the quarterback. All of a sudden reality drifted in, I felt terrified. He stood there, looking like a giant towering over us. “It is about time you two got together.” He smiled.

“Did everyone know but me?” I said a bit embarrassed.

“Well I guess so bro” Josh said.

That day everyone congratulated us on our new found relationship.

It was a big step walking through his front door to find his parents sitting upon the sofa. “Have a seat boys” said Josh’s dad politely.

I was so frightened; however, Josh seemed perfectly relaxed. “Boys, thank you for telling us. But.”

“Here goes the ‘but’.” Josh interrupted.

“But, we think you boys might just be confused therefore we have arranged a camping trip with you and a couple of young ladies.

“DAD!” Josh sounded enraged. “Why can’t you love me for who I am no matter what?”

The man crossed his arms and looked down disappointed,

“Because this isn’t who you are, you are just confused.”

“NO I AM NOT DAD!” They both looked very red in the face.

“Well you are going regardless! Both of you! Logan I think of you as a son as well so I will try and help you out to the best of my ability.

The trip from hell was scheduled in 2 weeks…