Hailey’s Journey Ch. 12


With all the sex, bondage, torture, and more sex, Hailey’s body was slowly surrendering to her Master. She woke up every morning, torn between anxiety and arousal, since she never knew what awaited her. While her body had more pleasure that she ever imagined, her mind rebelled, many many times before it was cowed into submission by her physcial pleasure.

Nick noted this, and began to modify his training program to subdue Hailey’s rebellious mind. He knew that only then he could have what he really wanted – a slave who gave herself completely, body, mind, heart and soul. Not any slave, he thought ruefully, he found that he wanted Hailey’s body, mind, heart and soul..

However, Nick had spent so much time with his slave that he had gotten really behind on his work. Which annoyed his clients, who began to complain. Which in turn infuriated Nick because he knew he could deliver if those morons would only be a little patient. After one particularly nasty argument, Nick lost his temper and slammed the phone down. He turned to his slave who was watching him with wide open, scared eyes. He pulled her to her feet and dragged her to the study. Nick was in a bad mood and he was going to work off his frustrations on his slave – wasn’t that why she was there?

“You are going to help me file today Blondie. Make yourself useful,” he growled. “And do a good job, or else…”

Hailey eyed him with trepidation. He didn’t seem to be angry at her, but he was not in a good mood. She really did not want to play when he was angry, but she didn’t have a choice. The decisions were all up to Nick. She waited to see what he had planned.

Nick attached eyehooks to two walls – one near his desk and one near the filing cabinet. The hooks were attached close to the floor, which made Hailey wonder what exactly she was going to be doing! He took a length of thick rope and made big knots on it, spacing them unevenly, then tied the rope to both hooks, stretching it tautly. He turned his attention to Hailey. Two lengths of rope made a great rope bra, lifting and separating her tits. The ends of both ropes were tied to her arms, leaving a little slack. He attached two bottle brushes to each arm so that their bristly tips were positioned right on her nipples.

He made Hailey get down on her hands and knees, positioning her carefully on the rope so that the rope cut deeply into her tender pussy, over her stomach and between her tits. Hailey’s favorite vibrating egg was buried deep in her pussy, and her ankles were chained to gether, giving her just enough slack to crawl.

The ensemble was completed by a fancy plume buried deep in her bottom, the business end being liberatlly coated with Icy Hot. From Hailey’s collar ran a chain that attached itself to her butt plume and then to a little red wagon. Hailey’s job görükle escort was to take the papers from his desk, place it in the wagon, and crawl over to the cabinet to hand it over to Nick.

A swat on her bottom with a crop got Hailey moving. As she crawled to the desk, the chain connecting her neck to her butt forced her to keep her head up and to watch Nick’s amused expression. The sight of his cute little slave cart was enough to drive his bad mood away. The bottle brushes scrubbed roughly against her nipples, while the rope tortured her tender clit.

Getting Hailey across the first knot in the rope took a few swats of the crop as the knot bit deeply into her pussy. She could not help wiggling her ass as the Icy Hot made its presence felt and that increased the workout on her pussy. The vibrating egg was not helping either as it took her closer and closer to an orgasm.

By the time Hailey was on her third trip, she was begging her master for release. Nick was having too good a time to let her finish. Filing had never been so much fun! By her fourth trip, Nick had his cock buried in her mouth and was fucking her face furiously.

Hailey could not understand her own turbulent feelings. The various instruments torturing her body made her hot and horny, and even if she did not have the vibrator in her, she would still have been pleading with Nick. Even the thought of how she must look, pulling the little cart with a plume up her butt added to her arousal.

But one part of her brain hated it – hated herself for what she seemed to be turning into. A slut and a whore who let anything happen to her body just for the orgasmic pleasure it provided. She seemed to have lost all ability to say no – she couldn’t believe how her body continued to betray her.

Self loathing and humiliation filled her eyes with tears as she crawled up and down the rope track. But still her body needed the orgasms and she could hear herself pleading with Nick over and over again. Finally after what seemed like a hundred trips, she heard the magic words and her body convulsed wildly in an orgasm that, as usual, never seemed to end.

As Nick untied her and began his usual tender job of washing and massaging her sore body, Hailey closed her eyes tightly and refused to look at him. She did not know who she loathed more – herself or Nick for turning her into a mindless sex object. Nick was surprised to see tears running down Hailey’s face. She had seemed to be enjoying herself just a few minutes ago! He picked her naked body up and sat down with her on his lap, gently caressing and kissing her.

“What’s the matter, love? Are you hurt?”

“I hate you! I don’t care if you are going to punish me! I hate you, hate you, hate you!”

At Hailey’s surprising outburst, Nick’s arms görükle escort bayan only tightened around her.

“Why, love?”

“Because …. Look what you are turning me into! A whore who loves pain and humiliation. What kind of a person does that make me? This is not who I am – this is not who I want to be! How can you enjoy doing this to me?”

“You know, I sometimes wonder that myself..”

“What do you mean?” Hailey stopped crying long enough to look up at him in surprise.

“Don’t you think I ask myself similar questions? Why I enjoy tying women up and hurting them while forcing pleasure on them? Why I need implicit obedience and the need for total control? There was time when I thought that I was the original evil monster, you know.”

“You are not an evil monster!” Hailey’s reply came automatically. “You can be so tender and kind and protective and caring.”

Nick smiled. “I am glad you think so, love. And you can be charming, loving, intelligent and funny, too. But there is a part of us – a darker part – that has its own needs , and these are different from what the “normal” world expects. We may not understand it, but it is there. And with me, you can explore those needs without feeling ashamed.”

“But if I have those ‘needs’ why can’t I be the one with the whip? I had enough guys crawling around me to be good at it, don’t you think? Why should I be on the receiving end? You are forcing me to be a slave.”

“I am not forcing you to be anything that you really don’t want to be, Hailey. When you had all those males at your feet, what did you want to do with them?”

Hailey thought about those times – they seemed so far away now!

“I just wanted to run away from them,” she admitted. “They made me uncomfortable, so I usually turned into a bitch and that chased them away. I tried to be nice and to help all of them, but they just didn’t like it. It was the same with everyone I met – they all decided I was this cheerleader bitch and so nothing I did ever made anyone like me.”

” I never really belonged anywhere, you know,” she continued in a weary voice. “Not even to the backstabbing cheerleader group. Do you know how hard it is to wear just the right clothes, go to the right places, eat the fashionable food, talk to the right people? There were so many choices and so many traps! I just wished that someone would have the courage to talk to me and tell me that they liked me inspite of the fact that I was a cheerleader, that I didn’t have to worry about what I wore or what I said or…….”

Hailey’s voice trailed away as she realized what she had admitted.

Nick’s reply was gentle.

“You are a natural submissive, love. You hate to be in control, you hate to make choices, and you try to please too many people. If bursa escort that did not work, you turned nasty and emotional. You are happiest when a strong person controls you, leaving you with only one choice – to obey.”

“So I am meant to be a mindless doll, just obeying someone? That will make me happy?”

“If your master really cares for you, he will make sure that you are valued not just for your beautiful body, but also for your intriguing mind. He should help you explore the limits of your mind and body.”

“All those whips and leather and clamps – is exploring my LIMITS?”

“You enjoy it Hailey. When you focus on your body, it gives you the freedom to scream and shout and fully experience the pleasures of your body with someone you trust.”

“So I trust you to turn my body into a kink fest, while my mind becomes a soggy, sex soaked mush?”

Nick chuckled. “I am not ignoring your mind, love. But the mind is easier to train once the body accepts the master.”

It look a few seconds for the sentence to sink in, and Hailey sat bolt upright. “What do you mean, train? Train who? For what? Train! My God, train…”

As her voice grew shrill, Nick gently shook her to calm her down. “Train you to be the my perfect slave, love. I know what I want, and I’m training you so that you will be aware of my rules and act accordingly to please me.”

“You mean, act like a mindless puppet!” and got a sharp smack on her still sore butt.

“I don’t want a mindless puppet, Blondie. I wouldn’t be talking to you if I did.”

“Well, if a perfect slave is not a mindless puppet, what is she?”

“A perfect slave is one who gives over herself to her master’s pleasure. She exists to serve him, and in serving him, finds her own pleasure. Masters want different things – some are happy with sexual submission, some demand total submission. I expect a lot from my slave, Blondie.”

“What is a lot’?”

“My slave lets her master make all the decisions, in every part of her life, including clothes, food, job, toilet ….everything. And for this, the body and mind need training. But in return, I take very good care of all my slave’s needs, for a contented slave is a good slave.”

Hailey thought for a few minutes. “Is that what you want me to be – a total slave?”

“I think that’s what you truly need to be, love. And that’s what I need you to be, too. Think about the past few weeks. During the times your mind wasn’t horrified, weren’t you happy? Didn’t you have far less worries than you did before?”

Hailey sighed and snuggled deeper into Nick’s embrace. Nick was right – the only thing she had had to worry about was whether Nick was pleased and as long as she obeyed him, he was so good to her, giving her more pleasure and security than she had thought possible.

“All this is so hard and so new, I don’t think I know anything about myself anymore.”

Nick’s voice was comforting. “That’s OK, love. I do.”

Now Hailey was thinking along the lines of being a “trained” slave. She was progressing well, and Nick had more ideas…