Magic Hands Ch. 04


Sloan sat beside Derek, each of them in a separate folding chair, with her body pivoted and leaning as she jerked him off. The two eighteen year old high school seniors were in the same small room that they had been meeting in for a week; a private chamber that band students used for individual practice.

Earlier in the week Sloan wondered why she kept giving Derek free hand jobs. Sure he was kind of cute, in a nerdy sort of way, but there were lots of cute boys at school and she never gave them free ones. She thought at first it could be pity; he was otherwise a virgin, after all, who had never even had a girlfriend. But as they continued to have these naughty encounters, Sloan realized the reason was the size of Derek’s penis.

Stroking it nice and slowly, Sloan stared at the big thing. It was quite simply the largest penis she had ever jerked off. It seemed so out of place on Derek too, him being a skinny band geek. Her dainty fist couldn’t even completely close around its girth! It was fascinating to touch and look at.

“Does my hand feel good today, Derek?” Sloan whispered.

“Y-yeah.” Derek breathed out, equally as quiet. “Your hand always feels good, Sloan. Like pure magic.”

Bending over closer, Sloan pushed a bead of saliva out of her mouth and let it hang for a moment before it dropped to the crown of Derek’s erection, then she worked the spit over the skin of his shaft with her pumping hand. The lubricated jacking noises filled the small sound-proof room.

“Where do you want to cum today?” Sloan casually asked, leaning back with a toss of her long blonde curls, which had fallen in front of her face. She used her free hand to push a few tendrils behind the lobe of her ear.

“Can I shoot it on your face?” came Derek’s shy request.

Sloan smiled prettily. “Sure sweetie. But try not to get so much in my hair this time, okay? It’s hard to get out.”

Slipping off her chair, Sloan moved to kneel between Derek’s legs. She cradled his balls in a cupping palm while the pace of her masturbating hand increased. She tickled his puffed-up scrotum with pink-colored nails then gave them a nice squeeze.

“Your balls are full today. Are you gonna shoot a nice big load for me?”

Biting his lip, Derek nodded. Sloan knew exactly what she was doing, knew exactly how to turn him on. And she was so sexy! By far the most beautiful girl at school, he thought.

Sloan moved her face closer to Derek’s cock as the speed of her jacking quickened. She looked up at him with her blue eyes, framed perfectly by dark lashes. “Shoot your cum all over my face, baby. Go ahead. Decorate me with your hot spunk.”

“Oh god…” Derek moaned. “I’m close, Sloan, I’m going to cum…”

Sloan started pumping her fist rapidly up and down Derek’s cock, pointing it towards her face. “Do it baby! Cum all over me!” she squealed, then opened her mouth.

With several loud grunts, Derek began squirting. His semen shot out to land in long pearly beads across Sloan’s face, some of it landing across her lips and into her mouth. She squeezed his shaft in time with the pumping orgasm until her face was coated with the slimy jism. It hung over her eyelids, across her cheeks, and dripped off her lips.

“Damn…” Sloan said, wiping her eyes free of the thick fluid. “You really did have a big load today.”

Slumping in his chair from the effort of cumming, Derek looked at Sloan in amazement. He couldn’t believe this hot girl was jerking him off every day and letting him do dirty things like shoot on her face. “Jeez, that felt so good. Thank you, Sloan. Wow.”

Giggling, Sloan reached for some tissues out of her purse. “You’re welcome. You know I love handling that big dick of yours.”

Derek stood to pull up his pants, watching Sloan delicately wipe his semen off her own face. “Hey Sloan…would you want to go to a movie or something, sometime, maybe?”

“You mean like on a date?” Sloan asked, tossing the sticky tissues into a small trash can with a soft “Ew.”


Sloan stood and wiped the knees of her tight jeans off. “I don’t think so sweetie. I mean, I like you and all, but I have a boyfriend.”

“Oh…” Derek replied, looking down at the floor. “Okay. Um, does he know that you’re a…I mean…that you…”

“Jerk guys off for money?” Sloan finished for the shy boy. She laughed, “Yeah. He’s my pimp. Listen Derek, I love jerking off Avrupalı porno your cock. I really do. And you’re a really cute guy. You’re going to find a girlfriend before you know it, and she’s going to looove your big fucking dick. I promise.”

Derek grinned shyly. “Okay. Thanks Sloan.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

Leaving the band room, Sloan strode down the hallway towards her next class. Her heeled leather boots made loud noises which drew the attention of every boy she passed. Sloan smugly ignored their glances, perfectly aware that her ass looked great in the jeans she was wearing. The tiny mid-riff baring tank top she wore didn’t hurt either. She thought about stopping in the ladies room for a quick rub on her clitty, but Sloan realized jerking Derek off had taken up too much of her free study period: she didn’t have time.

Plopping down in her English-class desk, Sloan dug a textbook out of her book bag and set it out. She leaned over again, digging in the bag for a pencil, when she noticed the girl who sat next to her staring.

“Hi Trisha.” Sloan smiled.

Trisha was a fellow senior. Sloan didn’t know her that well, as Trisha didn’t really hang in the popular clique that Sloan enjoyed. Trisha was more of a nerdy type with plain red hair, light freckles, and glasses. She didn’t wear the latest and hottest fashions like Sloan and her friends did, dressing in more common and frumpy apparel. Still, Sloan thought Trisha was a nice person and always tried to make friendly small talk with her while in class.

“Hi Sloan.” Trisha replied.

“What’s up?” Sloan asked, “You look like you’ve got something on your mind.”

“Um…can I ask you a private question, Sloan?” Trisha asked, voice hushed.

“Sure Trish.”

“Well, I heard these boys talking in the A/V room, and they said…that is…they were talking about you…”

“Yeah?” Sloan prompted.

Trisha looked around, to make sure no one was listening. No one was, as all the other students were gabbing and goofing around since the teacher hadn’t yet arrived. “They said you do hand-jobs for money.” she whispered. “Is that true?”

Grinning, Sloan replied “Yeah, it’s true. Keep it quiet though okay? If any teachers found out I’d probably get kicked out of school.”

Trisha swallowed nervously. “Really? Wow. Um, do you just do boys?”

That question surprised Sloan.

“I-I mean, do you give girls hand-jobs too?” Trisha clarified.

Sloan blinked, still surprised. “Gee Trisha, I never have, but I suppose I could? I mean, I masturbate myself all the time so I could probably get a girl off real good. Why do you ask? Do you…want one?”

Trisha looked around again, then nodded at Sloan with apprehensive eyes.

Sloan whispered, “I tell you what. Since you’d be my first girl I’d only charge half price. Fifty bucks.”

“Really?” Trisha asked with widened eyes.

“Sure hon. Do you want to come over to my place after school? You can ride with me and my boyfriend. He picks me up every day.”

“Sure.” Trisha agreed. “But please don’t tell anyone, okay? I don’t want anyone else to know that I’m, you know, into girls.”

Sloan winked. “Don’t worry Trish, your secret’s safe with me. I mean, my boyfriend will know, we live together after all. But he’s really good at keeping secrets, okay?”

Trisha nodded with a shy smile as the teacher walked in, “Thanks Sloan.”

The two girls met up once classes were over and walked out together. Tom, Sloan’s pimp and lover, was waiting for her in his car as usual and the girls crawled into the backseat.

“Hi baby.” Sloan greeted, leaning over the seat to give Tom a smooch.

Trisha stared in amazement as she watched Sloan kiss the fifty year old man. She recognized Tom as the school’s now-former custodian. “Mr. Anderson is your boyfriend???”

Laughing, Sloan replied “Yeah. It’s a long story. Basically he helped me start my hand-job business. We sort of fell for each other along the way.”

Pulling out of the school drive, Tom looked at Trisha through the rear-view member. “You can call me Tom.”

“Do you remember Trisha from school, baby?” Sloan asked.

“Sure I do. Are you coming over to our place, Trisha?” Tom asked.

Trisha blushed lightly, “Um, yeah. Is that okay?”

“Absolutely.” Tom replied. “You two got studying Video porno to do or something?”

“Not exactly.” Sloan giggled. “Trisha wants one of my magic hand-jobs. She’s into girls, isn’t that hot?”

“Hell yeah.” Tom grinned as he drove.

Trisha blushed even brighter.

“Don’t worry.” Sloan assured, putting a relaxing hand on Trisha’s thigh. “We won’t tell anyone.”

“Thanks Sloan.” Trisha said. “I guess I’m just nervous. I’ve…I’ve never actually been with another girl.”

“Don’t be nervous Trish.” Sloan said. “I promise there’s nothing to be scared of. I’m going to get you off really good. It’ll be great.”

Sloan was actually excited about her first female client. She felt kind of naughty and kinky about the prospect of fingering another girl. It had never crossed her mind before, but it made total sense to her now. Why cut off fifty percent of her potential customers?

Once they arrived at the house, Trisha started digging in her purse for the money. “Um, do I pay you Mr. Anders…I mean Tom?”

Tom accepted the money, “Thanks Trisha. Why don’t you guys go use the bedroom? I’ll stay out of the way.”

“Don’t you want to watch, baby?” Sloan teased, extending onto her toes to give Tom a quick kiss.

Chuckling, Tom patted Sloan on her ass. “Maybe next time. I’m sure Trisha would be more comfortable if it was just the two of you.”

Trisha smiled at Tom gratefully.

Sloan reached out and took Trisha’s hand, winking at her older lover. “Okay…see you later babe.” She led the way to the bedroom and closed the door behind.

Looking around nervously, Trisha asked “So, um, how do we do this?”

Sloan peeled out of her tight tank, letting it hang off her hand and drop to the floor, exposing her white bra. “We can get naked if you like?”

Trisha licked her lips, “Um, okay.”

Smiling, Sloan put a gentle hand on Trisha’s shoulder. “It’s okay honey.” She then slowly reached back to unhook her bra and let it fall forward and off, revealing the perky little breasts that always drove the boys wild. Trisha stared at her chest, admiring the perfectly pink nipples that capped Sloan’s flesh.

“Does my body turn you on?” Sloan whispered.

Trisha nodded quickly.

Reaching over to the hem of Trisha’s loose shirt, Sloan started to pull it up and off Trisha. The shy redhead had larger breasts and Sloan gently unhooked the bra to reveal them. “Mmm, you have nice boobs. Can I touch them?”

Again, Trisha silently nodded.

Sloan gingerly cupped them, then smoothed her hands all about them, flicking her thumbs against Trisha’s nipples causing them to stiffen slightly. “They’re beautiful. I wish I had big ones like you do.”

Trisha shivered at Sloan’s touch. “Thank you, but yours are really pretty too.”

Then Sloan reached down to unbutton her own jeans, pushing them down along with her underwear to step out of them. Trisha did the same, mirroring Sloan’s movements.

The two women stood before each other, completely naked. Trisha had creamy white skin, a contrast to Sloan’s tanned form. She was a true red-head, just as Sloan was a real blonde, both of their pubic regions neatly trimmed. Sloan thought Trisha was nicely curved and totally sexy.

“You’re beautiful, hon.” Sloan said, taking Trisha’s hand and leading her to the bed. They laid down side by side and Sloan rubbed her hand across Trisha’s slender stomach, causing the girl’s skin to break out in goose bumps.

“Thank you Sloan.” Trisha said with a quick breath, still nervous. “Your hand feels really nice.”

“Do you want me to touch your pussy?” Sloan asked.

Trisha nodded softly, “Y-yes.”

Gently, Sloan slid her hand down to cup the other girl’s sex. Trisha breathed in with a sharp intake.

“Mmm.” Sloan cooed seductively. “Your pussy is nice and warm. It’s the first one I’ve ever touched other than my own. Do you like it when I touch you?”

“Y-yeah.” Trisha answered, her thighs parting.

Sloan turned onto her side, sliding a leg against Trisha’s and entwining them together. The sensuous feeling of this other girl against her was arousing Sloan more than she thought such a thing ever could. Sloan slid her middle finger into Trisha’s already wet slit, eliciting a slight moan from her.

“Oh Sloan…that feels so nice.”

Kissing Trisha’s shoulder, Sloan slowly slid her finger in and out. “I like touching your pussy, Trish. It’s so soft and moist.”

“Really?” Trisha asked, turning her head towards Sloan’s. She took her glasses off, setting them aside.

With a sudden desire, Sloan cuddled closer and brushed her lips against Trisha’s. The two girls stared at each other for a moment unsurely, then kissed again, this time with more passion. The making-out was turning Sloan on. Without even thinking about it, she started rubbing her pussy slowly against Trisha’s hip while Sloan masturbated her finger even deeper. The inside curl of her digit was dragging and rubbing against Trisha’s clitoris, making the poor girl squirm with pleasure

“This is so fucking hot.” Sloan breathed, breaking the kiss.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Trisha whispered. “You’re the most beautiful girl at school.”

Sloan smiled at the compliment. “Thanks sweetie. You’re really beautiful too.” She meant it too. Sloan imagined that with a bit of work on her hair, and a light touch of make-up to go with those cute freckles, that Trisha could turn more than a few heads.

One of Sloan’s fingers started circling Trisha’s clit and she gasped at the contact., closing her eyes. “Oh god. Rub my pussy Sloan…rub my little clitty…mmm.”

Still rutting lightly against her thigh, Sloan was leaving a wet spot against Trisha’s skin. She continued to touch Trisha’s button with a fingertip and was growing more aroused by the minute.

“Trish…” Sloan moaned. “This is really turning me on…”

“Me too.” Trisha mewed. “Keep humping my leg, it’s so naughty and hot.”

“Oh fuck Trish…” Sloan groaned. She started grinding her cunt against Trisha’s thigh, letting the friction inflate her already tender clitoris. Sloan suddenly plunged a trio of fingers into Trisha’s box, ‘coning’ them to fuck the girl with her hand.

“Uhn!” Trisha gasped, “Yeah…fuck me Sloan. Fuck my pussy real good with your hand. Fuck me…oh god that feels so good.”

Sloan worked her hand like a piston, plunging it into Trisha, her knuckles rubbing the redhead’s labia and clit. Both of the girls were squealing and moaning as their orgasms approached.

“Sloan…!” Trisha rasped. “Oh god Sloan you’re going to make me cum. Your fingers are like magic…oh god…oh god…”

Sloan plastered her lips against Trisha’s and the two girls tangled their tongues together, exploring one another’s mouths with a hot passion. Muffled sounds escaped both girl’s throats as their orgasms approached in unison. Trisha bucked against Sloan’s hand as Sloan practically wrapped her legs around Trisha’s hip, grinding against the other girl and leaving a sticky smear of orgasmic juice across Trisha’s leg.

Trisha took Sloan in her arms and hugged close as they both screamed and moaned in orgasm. Sloan replaced her hand with a leg and each girl fucked and humped the other on the thigh, holding their bodies close.

When the pleasure finally subsided, the girls were a tangle of limbs. They cuddled close, breathing heavily, and held each other for several long moments.

“That was so fucking hot.” Sloan eventually whispered.

“Yeah.” Trisha agreed, breathless. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard.”

Sloan giggled and nuzzled her face into Trisha’s neck, kissing her with nibbling little pecks. “I’m totally giving you your money back.”

“What?” Trisha asked, “What do you mean?”

“Oh honey, I enjoyed that just as much as you. God, I never thought I could be into girls. I want to do this again!”


“Oh yeah.” Sloan assured. “I think I’m totally bi-sexual.”

Trisha was taken completely by surprise. “What are you saying Sloan, you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Yeah, sorta. I mean, I love Tom and everything. And I don’t want to give up his cock, he fucks me so nice. But Jesus Trish, this was fucking amazing. I want to try more with you.”

Trisha stared at Sloan. “Do you think he’ll mind?”

Sloan laughed. “Fuck no, it’ll probably turn him on. I’d love it if he could watch us. Do you think maybe you’d want to try taking his cock? I mean, you never know until you try, right?”

“I don’t know Sloan…” Trisha said. “I mean, I really enjoyed this and I’m sure I’d enjoy being with you more but….”

“We can take it slow, I promise. But god, Trish…please just say yes. Let’s be lovers, okay? I want to be with you more.”

It was all happening so fast for Trisha, but she couldn’t deny how attracted she was to Sloan.

Finally, Trisha smiled and replied “Okay. I guess we can try.”

Sloan squealed and kissed Trisha happily.