Bun in the BBW Oven


I lay beside my 350 lover; the sexiest woman in the world, and now the woman most important in my life because she is seven months pregnant with our child. This sexy sensual woman constantly had me aroused at 300 pounds, but the extra fifty pounds plus the glow of pregnancy had made her a vision to look at.

We both lay in our bed on a lazy Sunday morning, naked from the previous night’s love making and I placed my hands on her huge belly.

“There’s our little soccer star. I felt her kick. Maybe she will choose karate. She could kick some serious butt with a kick like that.”

“You’re telling me. She was at it all night.”

“Sorry babe you have to go through all of it, but you’ve made me the happiest man on earth, and you have also made me extremely horny by lying there like that.”

I leaned in to give her a tender kiss as I left my hand on her stomach to have the heat calm the kicking Elizabeth. We decided that our little girl would be named after both of our mothers, whose names were also Elizabeth.

“Mmmm, your hand feels good John, but I’ve always told you that you have good hands; among other things.”

“Lean over on your side Hon, and let me rub your back. I know it has to be a bit sore”

“You don’t have to ask me twice for something like that.”

“Jess, I swear that beautiful ass of yours should be outlawed. It kills me.”

I gave it a playful swat and loved Casibom how the soft warm flesh shook enticingly. God I loved this woman!

I started at the broad soft shoulders and kneaded the abundant flesh as if it was delicious dough. I moved down her back, over and up tracing the layers and folds of her skin until she was moaning softly.

Then I began to rub the crack of her ass and the two huge globes of flesh which I adored. I spooned with her and while rubbing her ass with one hand, I moved my hands around to her enlarged and sensitive breasts.

I stroked them with a feather touch so as not to cause any pain, and the moan of ecstasy was just the reaction I was hoping for.

I let my hand drift from her massive breasts, down over her watermelon sized stomach until it came to the moist opening of her vagina. I let my fingers gently dance over the thick meat of her thighs and teased the hairy love canal.

Jessica’s heartbeat and her breathing began to rise as John showered her neck and back with kisses and bites. She turned on her back, then held out an arm for John.

“Help me sit up Babe.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I am going to do my damnedest to figure out a way to taste that delicious cock of yours while you eat my pussy.”

I almost broke out in laughter as I watched my lover try to maneuver with her huge “baby-filled” stomach. I was amazed, but she did Casibom Giriş manage to sort of waddle her way into position, so we lay on our sides, facing each other upside down. Her stomach was a bit of a deterrent, but we were able to stick our heads between each others’ crotches with a bit of effort.

With a sigh, I don’t know from the exertion, or at the sight of my hard cock, she took me into her mouth. She gently squeezed my dangling balls with one hand, and reached behind me to insert a finger in my ass with her other hand. The feeling was incredible as she attacked me with a hunger which had grown from three months of abstinence.

I had to bend my body into an arc to get around her stomach and reach her beautiful pussy, but the slight discomfort was well worth it when I drew in the exotic scent of her, and tasted sweat wet curls of her center.

As Jessica’s mouth and fingers were driving me out of my mind, I could feel Elizabeth kicking me in the chest, and it felt good, knowing that in about three months I would be a father.

I licked at her opening from top to bottom drinking in every sweat drop of her nectar that I could reach. Just then, Jessie flipped me over and straddled me with her big full body, still keeping me in her mouth.

I feared that poor Elizabeth would be crushed to death sandwiched between us, so I gently edged Jess off me and directed her to position herself Casibom Yeni Giriş on all fours at the foot of the bed. I then stood facing her and lined up my cock to her beautiful moist opening. Her spread full ass cheeks were a vision, and her huge sagging breasts and stomach reached the mattress with just enough room to allow my hands to gently caress and fondle.

I slowly inserted my cock into her and began to pump in and out, knowing just the right rhythm to make her body jerk and spasm as moans of pleasure escaped her mouth. I took a hold of each fleshy ass cheek and pulled it toward me as I thrust deeper and faster into her. I could once again feel our love child kicking wildly as her parents were grinding into each other with hungry sweating bodies.

“Oh God John. Yes…Faster Babe.”

I thrust harder and deeper, lost in the way her giant buttocks shook every time I slammed into them.

“Fuck, you’re so tight Jess!” Oh yes! Yes….I ‘m gonna cum!”

Jess rocked back into me as well as she could producing her own huge orgasm as we both fought for breath and gasped with pleasure.

Totally satiated, Jessica slowly flipped to her back.

“I feel like a freakin’ beached whale.”

I joined her on the bed and with a contented sigh said, “Well you look incredible and drive me absolutely wild. You do realize that what we just did is the reason you are in the state you are in don’t you?”

Jess put that incredible smile on her face that I love and said, “Yeah, isn’t it great?”

I stroked her cheek gently and whispered, “It’s incredible, and I hope our little love child will look exactly like her mother.”