Jacki’s Story Ch. 04


From an idea by real life Dee.

Julia’s ultimate surrender

When he had emptied himself totally inside Kira’s twat, Dhanraj just let her legs slide down from his waist. Kira was so totally spent that she couldn’t stay standing on her feet and she collapsed against the wall. Her mouth was open and Dhanraj pushed his cock between her lips as she slid down against his body. He had already switched back to the humiliation he intended to dip on Julia’s head. He turned toward Dee and exposed his idea to her. She seemed to love it!

Jacki and her daughters were extracted from their cell in the basement and ushered them to the master’s apartments. They had had a very short occasion to wash themselves in the servants’ hammam but they were already covered with dried cum from their repeated couplings with the different servants. When they weren’t on duty, they were free to visit the four whores and they usually were so starved with females that they toured the four girls filling their cunts, asses or mouths with their hot sperm. To the difference of the camel drivers, the house servants were regularly checked for any STD disease and they knew they would be fired if they became positive for any reason!

Leila grimaced when she smelled the stench emanating from the four girls. She told them to go straight to the main hammam for a complete cleaning. There, their hair was washed and combed, their pussies were shaved and all their body hair was removed. Aicha applied fine sand to smooth their skin and Leila herself painted their nails in red. She also put a bright lipstick on their mouths and marvelous eye shadows. Jacki and her daughters had never been pampered so lushly. They thought they were prepared for a major event and they braced for it. Would it be the public defloration of Julia and Emily or their first encounter with paying customers?

When Leila applied red lipstick to their nether lips, Jacki felt almost sure they would be fucked by important people. She wondered whether her daughters and especially Julia would disgrace them. She was certainly not ready to receive paying customers : she would fight to ward them away!

Leila led then the four girls in the patio of the harem. She tethered Jacki, Laura and Emily to the columns supporting the roof. Jacki and Laura were tied with their backs to the column but Emily had her breasts rubbing against the rough stones. They had a direct view on the center of the patio where an X shape cross was lying on the floor. Aicha arrived with a big jar of a red unguent. She rubbed some on Jacki and Laura’s breasts. They immediately started to squirm and moan helplessly. Leila watched them with a satisfied smile. She turned toward Julia.

– Look! Your mother and sister are beginning to pay for your stubbornness : this mixture contains different local drugs. Applied on sensitive surfaces such as their nipples, they will feel first a very painful burning as if a hot iron was applied on their tits! Remember how you felt when you were branded and imagine it lasting hours! And their pain is completely your fault. If you had agreed to cooperate, you would all have been already in the brothel to which you have been assigned, receiving your first clients and enjoying a life of perpetual pleasure!

Her speech was partly lost as Julia was looking straight forward, to the column in front of her eyes but she couldn’t close her ears to the screams the two girls were emitting. Julia had tears in her eyes but she stayed mute. Leila didn’t feel disheartened : on the contrary, Julia’s resistance allowed her to play on with the four victims of her sadism! No one is better to treat a woman but another woman. Dhanraj would chicken out if the girls screamed in pain loud enough but Leila would just know it was time to switch to a higher level. Moreover, what she inflicted to these girls may be extremely painful, they wouldn’t be permanently damaged : she had just to apply a numbing unguent on the horribly swollen nipples and tomorrow, they would be ready to service all male population of the village …

Leila extracted from a bag a collection of metal clothes pegs. She took the tip of Jacki and Laura’s nipples. The simple touch of her fingers made both girls scream and try to escape her fingers. Leila twisted fiercely the nipples, forcing them to stay unmoving and placed the pegs directly on the engorged nipples. Laura screamed way louder than she had when she had been branded.

– Now, let’s examine the case of our little Emily!

Jacki’s youngest daughter felt protected by the cold contact with the column. Leila put on a plastic glove, scooped a good quantity of the red jelly and smeared it on her whole young breasts. Emily buckled like a crazy horse, writhing helplessly. Leila commented to Dhanraj :

– She is covering the column with the jelly : next time you want to whip a girl, attach her to the same column. The jelly has a very lasting effect : she will wiggle her bottom as seductively as this one! Do you care to enjoy one of these xslot girls, Master?

– No! I’m keeping that pleasure for Julia when you had forced her to surrender!

– Then I’ll ask three of your servants to fuck them silly!

– Why not offer them to some camel drivers : they are so dirty and stinking! But don’t forget to make the one you choose for Laura wear a condom : I don’t want to send her back with an unwanted baby! The oldest one is already in foal and Emily has her chastity belt!

Leila went out and returned with three sturdy camel drivers. They were from the group Dhanraj had tested for health but she didn’t inform the girls of that detail. If they feared to catch some std, it was really for the better! Their fear would be more convincing for Julia! The girls’ legs were freed from their bonds but their hands remained tied behind the columns.

– Julia, it’s your last chance to spare your mother and your sisters from being raped by these sturdy villagers. One of them may have some lethal disease he will transmit to them. If you don’t reply, you’ll be responsible for the consequences!

Julia seemed really overwhelmed but she held her position. Leila ordered the three men to fuck their assigned girl at will. They would never had dreamed to be offered such pretty pieces of white meat : in no moment, the thrre girls were skewered on their mates’ big cocks. Their moans and screams redoubled to Leila’s intense pleasure!

Dee intervened at this moment :

– Why not let Julia experiment the same ordeal as her mother and sisters?

– You may be right, Dee! This little slut doesn’t care for the health of her mother and sisters!

The three men took excessive care not to touch the girls’ boobs as they had been told that the jelly was still active. The girls were tormented by the burning feeling of their nipples (the whole breasts for Julia), the painful aching of the clothes pegs and the heavy pounding of their cunts for Jacki and Laura. Leila had chosen for them the men with the biggest cocks in the village. They appeared to enjoy unyielding stamina as they fucked the three girls for half an hour. They were careful not to spend their sperm in their cunts and arse in order to stay erect quite a long time! The girls had no similar possibilities and they cummed repeatedly in the middle of their torments. When the camel drivers finally emptied their balls in the girls’ pussies, they were ushered away immediately by Leila who came back leading some sort of a monster!

Dee was mesmerized when she saw him : he was definitely a man but he was clearly mentally handicapped. He wasn’t able to speak normally, just understanding very simple words and sniggering when something caught his attention. The three naked girls attached to columns entered in that category : he giggled, pointing to them with his right hand. He entered in a terrible frenzy. Leila told Julia :

– Mehemet is heavily mentally retarded since his birth with a very high sexual drive. He has the intelligence of a dog but the stamina of four men. No woman, not even a prostitute has ever accepted to service him. He is a virgin, totally inexperienced with girls. Are you ready to surrender or shall I allow him to fuck your mother, your sisters and finally yourself?

– Go to hell!

– Then your mother will be the first to get in line! Remember that Mehemet may at any time get berserk and try to kill her. I am not sure I’ll be able to stop him then! Nobody will be responsible, but you, Julia! Pray for your mother’s life! Mehemet! You may fuck that girl first!

Mehemet run straight to Jacki who screamed, begging her sister Dee to spare her!

– Do you remember when you told me to disappear from your life? Don’t worry : It’s the last step of your training! When you’ll have attended to Julia’s ownership ceremony, you’ll be shipped to your final destination. But I’ll be lenient with you if you cooperate.

– OK, Dee! I’ll be totally obedient! What am I to do?

– I’m going to remove your bonds. I want you on your hands and knees like a good well behaving bitch! Arch your back to present your pussy to your mate!

Jacki obeyed immediately. The man’s cock was already huge. He plunged his fingers into her pussy and licked them as if he wanted to check whether that female was in heat. He placed his hands on her hips and humped forward. His cock found immediately her snatch. The heavy pounding she had had to sustain from the camel drivers and then the house staff had loosened considerably her cunt muscles. The nitwit had no difficulty entering her. In no time, his cock nudged her cervix. She didn’t try to elude the fact that this man fucking her was disgusting but it was in the same time crazily exciting. His humping gave her as much pleasure as she had had in Nevada when her father and brothers had fucked her mercilessly! He was pounding her hard and very fast and she reciprocated by fucking him back as hard as she could, wedging his cock so deep inside her that no xslot Giriş man had ever visited these deep recesses!

Being mounted by a retarded man like some bitch was finally rather enjoyable. Jacki could feel his cock ramming in and out of her pussy. She was screaming her pleasure as it rammed so easily inside her pussy. She couldn’t believe they were now really coupled, mated like dogs! She knew that he was about to shoot a gallon of his seed into her. He heaved one more time and shoved his huge cock deeper into her. It had bottomed out but it continued to drill into her. Its head finally forced her cervix open. The neck of her womb surrendered completely forming a ring around his massive girth. A deep pain in her belly immediately informed her that he had invaded her womb and he was ready to soak her eggs with his sperm. She was getting mad : she was already pregnant ant this half demented man at least wouldn’t sire babies in her womb!

Jacki glanced down to her belly and she discovered a big bulge from her pussy to around her stomach and the bulge was moving, throbbing under her eyes as the man pumped his hot cum into her. She relaxed completely, she was relieved it had been so easy. The nitwit sensed the release of the pressure on his cock and he shove forward. His balls slapped on her clit and she screamed in delight. She started to emerge from her daze and began to masturbate in a frenzy. He grabbed her breasts from behind to force her to remain still as he emptied his balls into her. She braced for the flooding of her womb with his seed and it was even more enjoyable than she had expected it : his cock was throbbing and jerking inside her pussy. She could feel loads after loads of his hot cum shooting into her. She climaxed from the intense shame and the equally intense pleasure!

Jacki had to wait a long time before the man started to go soft. She finally turned over on her back. She watched his cum running out of her.

– Don’t worry, bitch! A big part of his sperm is now trapped inside your womb! It will take two or three days for your body to absorb it. You seemed to love your bout with this idiot and as a last chapter to your training, I want you to suck clean your lover’s cock : it’s the least you can do for him, don’t you think so, bitch?

– Yes, Mistress! It’s just… just so revolting, debasing, disgusting that I’ve difficulties coming to terms with it!

Jacki had been perfectly trained and she didn’t even think to resist the orders she had been given. She took the man’s cock in her hand. It instantly got hard again. It was already wet with clear pre-cum. She pushed back the foreskin and eased completely his erect cock out. Under her ministrations, it hardened and swelled to impressive dimensions. Jacki hesitated for an instant. Then, she bent down and took the tip in her mouth and started to lick it. She ran her tongue around it and took it completely in her mouth, allowing it deep into her throat. She toyed with it for several minutes, rolling it between her tongue and her palate.

The cock seemed to grow even more and he started panting, indicating he was about to cum. She took his balls in her hand and massaged them carefully while the tip of the cock was already throbbing deep in her mouth. She was becoming fast an expert in the art of servicing a man and even an idiot like this one. The cock got harder and she increased the speed of her caresses on his balls and of the sucking of his shaft. He erupted finally deep in her throat. Jacki stopped to move, just pressing his balls as he emptied himself deep in her gullet. She swallowed dutifully everything he shot into her!

– Good, Jacki, you’re now for sure a very good cock sucker : you should be able to accommodate any man from now on without any problem! But the bitch who has serviced that nitwit today should wear a collar and a leash, I think!

Leila produced a real dog collar and showed it to Jacki who stayed on her four and offered her neck to receive the collar. She blushed terribly when Leila fastened it tight.

– You’ll keep this collar during your whole stay here! You’ve really earned it!

I don’t want you to walk like a human but on your four and you won’t be allowed to speak until you arrive to your definitive posting! Don’t fret : it won’t be long!

Jacki remained silent on her knees and hands, waiting patiently for the mistress of the harem to attach the leash to her collar and lead her to her own bedchamber. It appeared that Jacki would have little sleep that night! Her only regret was that she wouldn’t watch Julia’s now probable submission! Leila would torment her until she surrendered completely! Leila came back soon, after having attached Jacki’s leash to one of the bedposts, manacled her ankles and wrists in a painful hog-tie. Jokingly, she had ordered Jacki to lie on the carpet and wait for her without moving with a big dildo in her mouth.

The nitwit had had ample time to regain his strength. He was massaging proudly his big cock. xslot Güncel Giriş Leila turned to Julia.

– Still not ready to accept your new destiny? We will break your will soon and have you accept your fate, starting with the ownership ceremony that seems so important for Dee! So, don’t hold anyone responsible but you if Laura or Emily die in the process! Laura, I’m afraid it’s your turn : You aren’t a virgin, so you’ll earn certainly much less money than your sisters. Thus, you are more expendable… Mehemet, you may have her when you want!

Laura had still her pussy exposed. Everyone was surprised when Mehemet fell on his knees in front of her and started to lick her cunt, just as a dog would with loud slurping noises. He seemed to enjoy what he was doing. Laura had to admit she was really enjoying it as Mehemet licked every part of her wet pussy. God, if he continued, she would surely come under his tongue. None of her lovers had ever shown such skill! Five minutes later, she surrendered completely and cummed four or five times as the man licked her on. He continued to lick her slit for ten minutes. The effect had been shattering : she enjoyed chain climaxes, some light but other that left her completely drained. But his never tiring tongue just pushed her toward another orgasm even when she begged him to stop, telling him she had had already too much!

Suddenly Mehemet stopped his ministrations and returned toward a corner of the room, seeming to find no more interest in that woman! Laura lay spent still attached to her column. An idiot had forced her to cum with his tongue but he hadn’t recognized her as another human person : she was just a hole waiting to be filled and she felt utterly defiled but also completely satisfied, to her total horror! She just regretted he hadn’t been more interested by her pussy! From what she had seen of his coupling with her mother, she would have loved to be fucked by him!

– Good! Laura had survived to her rite of passage! Now, let’s see how Emily will fare! I suppose Julia hasn’t changed her mind?

Leila attached a leash to Laura’s cunt ring but kept her in the room. Emily knew it was to be her turn, now. She was quite afraid but also relieved that her long wait had finally reached her end. Mehemet decided not to lick that new bitch like the previous one. He went straight to Emily who, like her sister screamed in horror and fear as he approached her. Leila had noticed Mehemet got turned on when he was fed with girls’ cum. In order to excite him as much as possible, Leila plunged two fingers into Laura’s fuck hole. She scooped a good quantity of girl’s cum on her fingers. She rubbed them on Emily’s butt hole and offered her fingers to Mehemet’s tongue. He wiggled energetically his tongue as he licked girl’s juices from her fingers.

The mistress of the harem continued to transfer Laura’s love juices into Mehemet’s mouth, not forgetting to make a stop on Emily’s butt hole. Lila could watch his huge cock growing even larger by the minutes. Mehemet started to lick Emily’s back passage. The girl seemed utterly terrified just like her eldest sister had been but, in the same time, she wiggled her bottom seductively while Mehemet licked her ass hole. Mehemet may have been too retarded to speak but he perfectly understood the situation and enjoyed it a lot. So many girls had turned down his advances with horrified grimaces but these ones had to suffer everything he wanted to impose them!

Emily was now panting and her breasts heaved although she had no effort to sustain. Leila then positioned Mehemet up with his hands on her hips. She took the man’s cock into her hands and she started to jack it. Mehemet seemed to love it as his cock grew even bigger. Leila whispered to Emily’s ear these horrible but so exciting words :

– This big cock will soon enter your ass hole and I’ll let him fuck you. He had cummed already twice and he will need a long time to get completely hard again. Your arse may get very sore but if you try to push him away, he may get berserk! I would advise you to keep quiet until he pulls out on his own!

– OK, Leila. I think I can handle that. Let him have his way with me!

Leila grabbed Emily’s ass cheeks as he opened them to receive that big cock inside her. She had copiously greased her butt hole and she added a big glob of lubricant on the thick head of Mehemet’s cock. It was about as big as a beer can. Leila guided it into Emily’s gaping hole. The head slipped in without any problems! Then Leila pulled back and Mehemet started to fuck his third woman of the day. He was so big that Emily stayed frozen with her mouth wide open. She was terrified as he pushed deeper into her bowels. She felt ready to explode as he reached deeper recesses. She had had a glimpse of his cock before he entered her. It was in the form of a bullet. It had been already eight inches long or so and getting bigger by seconds! Thinking that that slimy piece of meat was actually sliding into her ass hole was mind boggling! She had expected that her sphincter muscle would be ripped up but she had been proved wrong! Mehemet progressed smoothly without any brutality in his gestures. His cock was really cylindrical and if the head had entered, the shaft would follow easily.

The Politician


I woke up on my stomach, I felt tired and cold listening to the hotel air conditioner. The room was dark, I was naked the door to the adjoining room was open. I could feel my penis was partly erect.

Sliding my hand down to my cock, my penis was fully erect now. Below my cock the bed was wet. I could feel and faintly smell my sperm. Did it really happen, a smile crossed my lips. I rolled on my back, tucked two pillows under my head and enjoyed the look of my hairless cock fully erect.

While admiring my cock and what felt like swollen balls, the light in the other room came on. Slowly Jim my campaign manager and good friend entered my room. He smiled and the light from his room outlining his splendid physique. I could see he too had an erection. His tall muscular frame was a thing to adore. Jim, thin and tan with curly hair a shaved body and a magnificent cock with large low hanging balls. His erection was probably over seven glorious inches and very big around.

He came in and laided on the bed next to me. I touched him and he touched me. Rolling on his side I did the same. He kissed me in a very romantic way and I kissed him back. Our tounges touching lips wet and engaging. My small but fit tan and muscular body was now pressing against him. We began talking about yesterday and last night.

I am running for re-election to continue as county board member and president. Our Florida county is very large. Often after a speaking engagement or meeting with town officials I will stay over night. Often I’ll join local officials for dinner. Because this was a campaign Sex Hikayeleri visit my friend and manager joined me. Jim is single and a very straight acting gay man.

To be clear I’m married with two grown kids, boys in college. One attending Loyola Chicago the other at Boston College. Both Jesuit schools with good reputations and large in town campuses.

My wife is understanding of my needs. We occasionally have sex together. She is a psychologist and allows me to enjoy my gay sexual escapades. She makes occasional out of town trips. I know where and why. She has a male college friend. They get together in NYC to enjoy the big city lifestyle and of course for sex. He’s everything she wants in a partner and that makes us both happy.

Jim is now on top of me. I know we both want an early morning blowjob, before we start our day of meetings and campaigning. I allow him to take me in his mouth. He gives excellent blowjobs taking my full shaft into his throat. He continues, goes faster and faster until I cum, cum hard have an orgasm and fill his mouth with sperm. Then I do the same sucking him to orgasm and licking every drop of his seed.

Now, what to do about the wet bed sheet? Wet with sperm from last night we couldn’t have the maid clean the room. I got a wet wash cloth and wiped the sheet. Although wet the smell of sperm, delicious sperm was gone. I plan to leave the do not disturb sign on the door.

After a shower and getting dressed we locked the doors between our rooms. We have breakfast with community leaders. Then business at the city hall Erotik Hikayeler before returning to the hotel. Upon our return to the hotel, we got comfortably dressed and went to dinner at a local sports bar. One more night together will be fun. I could feel my excitement building.

At the bar some locals stopped by our table to chat. I enjoy speaking with people. Our county is financially strong with truly good and honest people doing a fine job for all. Taxes have gone down and real estate values are up. Re-election is almost a certainty. The opposition candidate is a very nice woman, a capable leader and county assessor. Election day is a month away.

After dinner and drinks we returned to the hotel. My room was as I’d left it. Jim’s room was also found undisturbed. Because we planned on an early start tomorrow we unlocked the doors adjoining the rooms leaving them open. I got ready for bed as did Jim. Leaving the bathroom Jim was at the door. Your place or mine? We settled on my room placing a large bath towel on the bed.

Tonight was bareback breeding night. Anal sex was definitely on tonight’s agenda. We both are into anal intercourse. Both are flexible about being a top or a bottom. I like the control of being a top. Both of us were erect, mine was aching to fuck. Now on my back with my ass on two pillows we are face to face. We are smiling at each other. Jim took my well lubed cock up his ass. Jim’s hands are on my pecs as he begins pounding me.

The harder and faster he goes the more we like it. Sweat is starting to appear on us both. Tecavüz Hikayeleri Jim’s large cock keeps massaging my prostate. The pounding continued, until his orgasm caused a torrent of sperm to rush out of him and into me. I didn’t and couldn’t stop him from collapsing on top of me. We both moved to face each other towards the top of the bed.

Jim was exhausted with a penis so sensitive he cupped his hand over it to prevent my touching it. He said if it was okay with me let’s continue this later. It was twelve-thirty in the morning I watched as he walked out of my room and into his, closing the door. I was cold with the air conditioner running I pulled up the sheet and blanket and slept.

At appropriately five in the morning I awoke to the sound of the room dividing door opening. There stood Jim holding two cups of Starbucks coffee. He said he walked over to Starbucks before it was open. He tapped on the door and to his surprise the manager allowed him inside. Turns out Jim knew the manager, an acquaintance from our town, now working here.

Jim handed me my coffee as I sat up in bed. Setting his coffee down he undressed, got into bed and we turned on the tv to catch up on the news. We watched and listened to the news regarding the upcoming national elections. Planning to leave no later than eight this morning we headed to our own bathrooms.

Feeling a bit cheated out of morning sex I said nothing. Perhaps we have one more overnight before election day. Hope we can even the score next time.

Arriving home at the end of another hectic day we decided to go out for dinner. We went to Alberto’s a downtown Italian restaurant. We enjoyed dinner and conversation about our recent work activities. I told her Jim and I slept together and she smiled. She said that the Jim talk made her horny. We went home and had sex like two teenagers.