Entering the Blonde Dream Pt. 04


Author’s note: This is a personal fantasy. I make no apologies for the impossible stamina of the first-person narrator or the amount of sex over the course of one night in this story. 🙂

“You’re going to fuck us upstairs,” Lena instructed me in between kissing Josie. I did notice she said “us” now. They were now a lesbian couple. She grabbed my cock to massage it for encouragement as I was still coming to after the table action just before. Second later, however, her attention was drawn away from me: Josie’s tongue first licked, then sucked one of her tits, making Lena toss her head back in clear exquisite pleasure. “Oh gorgeous,” Lena moaned in a musical, sweet voice. Although Josie was clearly intent on quick intensifying of her pleasuring Lena, there was a softer, more delicate way they had with each other than would be the case with the rough me. “Oh so good,” Lena sobbed with pleasure.

I now more or less recovered and stepped aside to watch them. My hand went instantaneously to my cock, like on an autopilot. It was impossible not to jerk myself off watching these two. Lena arched her back like a painting model. This pushed her breasts Josie’s lips. These were luscious and hungry and quickly closed around Lena’s left tit, sucking in hard. “Oh YEAH!” was elicited. Josie did not let go and let Lena’s breast fill her mouth, which she then played with, slowly, almost excruciatingly slow. From the side, it looked like she was munching or chewing on the tit, before letting it go, leaving it covered in her spit.

Lena was wide-eyed, her rack moving up and down erratically, looking at Josie intently. “Can I kiss your pussy?” she asked, quite shyly. It was cute and strangely coy, given what we had already got up to before that night! Josie laughed heartily, held her hands and said simply, “Yes.” And then added, “Come to the stairs in the hall.” She led Lena, holding her hand to the flight of stairs in the hallway.

Josie’s confidence was astounding – you might think this was her house! I followed them to the hall, where Josie put on the light dim light on again, which created a hot saucy light effect. I stood on the door threshold, squeezing my balls and running my fingers up and down my cock, watching them quickly set up. Lena sat on the second step of the stairs. Josie crouched at the feet of the stairs, tightening her young blemish-free butt. That alone was a pleasure to watch. She slid her hands down starting at Lena’s knees towards her inner thighs, gently yet firmly. “And open. Wide.” It certainly looked like Josie, who would have been at least 10 years younger than Lena, was her sex teacher. Lena, being an obedient pupil, listened. Josie took Lena’s hands, placed them on both of her knees, and pushed them up, making Lena stand in a crouched position – you can see this in the photo – whilst Josie herself sat on the bottom step, away from her, ready for another face-sitting session. “If you get tired, support yourself on the bannister,” Josie advised. Now, just beneath Lena’s wet pussy, she stuck her tongue out and spread Lena’s folds. The view was incredible. I was watching my own porn movie.

Lena very quickly appreciated this position – she lowered her thighs and mersin escort Josie’s wet tongue easily slipped inside her. Lena panted. Josie’s hands moved down to rub her own pussy as Lena pulled out. Now, slowly, she began up and down movements, each time visited by Josie’s young, wet, penetrating tongue. With each visit of Josie’s tongue inside her, she was moaning louder and speeding up her pace. She was in full control of her movements and the amount of pleasure she wanted.

For me, after a minute or so watching these young pussies in their lesbian action, it was not enough to just stand there. I knelt at the floor at Josie’s feet and without much ado, slipped my own tongue into her crack. Her taste, her scent and the muffled sounds of her appreciation against Lena’s love centre, only spurred me on. I could not help but move one of my hands down to my cock, stroking it vigorously. I have to say, I love sex with Lena, but eating this young bitch out was a level of heat just off the chart.

The hallway now filled with sounds of licking, slurping, moaning and groaning. Small strings of cum were flowing from the girls’ holes and from the tip of my cock. Time was simply getting right for me to fuck them.

I got up to my feet, leaned into Josie and whispered into her ear, “I want my dick in your cunts.” The language I used, practically inadvertently, reflected my state of arousal. I was otherwise rather restrained, but those two have already turned me into an animal. Josie stopped tonguing Lena, looked up at her past her tits, and announced loudly, “He wants his dick in our cunts.”

Lena stopped, too, at this and cracked a wide smile. She was now sweaty from being aroused. She wiped the beads of sweat off her forehead, got up to fully upright position on the stairs and said, “My cunt is ready for your pecker.” I licked my lips.

“Give us a minute upstairs to get ready for you, big boy,” Lena followed. I didn’t get to react as both went upstairs. “We’ll call you in just a few!” I heard Lena as they disappeared in the bedroom.

I sat down on the stairs, playing with my erect cock, slapping it lazily against my abdomen, killing time, listening to the laughing and giggling upstairs. It couldn’t have been longer than one minute before, “We’re ready!” reached me downstairs. I wondered what they had in mind…

Something dirty. When I entered the bedroom, they were occupying the large king-size bed. My cock went up again in an instant: they were both on their all fours, supporting themselves against the pillows on their arms. The first thing I saw was their asses, which they jiggled and bounced for me. As I entered, they spread their legs wide, giving me a perfect view of their snatches. They both gave me mischievous, wicked smiles. “Well?” asked Josie. “What do you think?”

I placed my palms on their asses. “Fuckable,” I said simply, following it with slapping their buttocks. Loud squeak followed. Another slap brought some colour to their cheeks. “A little dip first,” I remarked, almost to myself. I moved closer and rubbed my cock first against Josie’s clit and extended my arm to finger Lena’s clit. They stirred in pleasure. kocaeli escort

Josie’s pussy was wet, dripping and pink and looked a tight entry with her folds right next to each other. Lena’s pussy was slightly darker and slightly less tight on the entry. I poised my cock against Josie’s opening and pushed the flesh apart, entering Lena with two fingers at the same time. Josie’s wetness and hot tightness overwhelmed me in a second – I so wanted to go in further, but this needed to be extended in time. I pulled out and moved over to slip into Lena. Just a shallow slip-in, just like with Josie. Boy, were they wet!

It was hot and they were certainly fuckable. But this was a night where more needed to happen. “Ok, Josie.” My voice was commanding, expecting no refusal. “Get yourself on top of her.” Josie laughed. “We are horny, aren’t we?” she remarked, and was already fulfilling my wish.

This was more like it. Josie was already rubbing her tits against Lena, lying on top of her. Lena was slightly squashed, but Josie was quite light, so it didn’t seem to matter very much. Running my fingers up and down my dick, I got on the bed now, poising my hardon towards Josie’s twat. Fucking from the rear has always brought me that feral, satisfying feeling that few other positions do, but the view of the two pussies, with the opportunity to choose which one I wanted was almost too much.

Slowly at first, but insistently, I moved into Josie’s. She moaned loudly. Watching my cock from above going in and out was fantastic. She was young, amazingly tight and moist beyond belief. Very tight, blemish-free ass, too. She was pulsating around me as I began to thrust, spurred by her moans. A few of those and I decided I needed to go in the other snatch. I pulled out and went into Lena’s. “Oh yeah—” came her pillow muffled voice. I did a few thrusts, pulled out went into Josie, then back to Lena, then back to Josie… wow!

But it needed to be made better. Lena was completely sprawled on the floor by Josie’s weight. This was sexy alright, but although my cock could use their slits to my satisfaction, I wanted to also use my fingers on them, and could not in this position. Almost forcibly, I pushed Josie ass up, spreading her legs, and allowing Lena to get on all fours. This what it. I uttered a sound of satisfaction at this sight. Now, fucking Lena at the bottom of the stack still meant I could easily inspect Josie’s clit and pussy with my finger.

I didn’t wait even a second; it was too hot a sight to behold. I rammed immediately into Lena, who practically yelled in pleasure. In response to Lena’s hot wetness around my cock, I slapped Josie’s ass – both cheeks – in precisely the same manner as if she was my horse. “Oh fuck, good!” was her response. I slapped her again, harder and stuck two fingers up her, using the third to rub her clit. In the meantime, the fucking of Lena seemed to happen almost on autopilot. She was incredibly tight in this position – I was discovering Lena tonight, too. She was now moaning constantly, without stopping, but I have to withdraw after a while. Naturally, the cock went inside Josie. As much as I loved shagging samsun escort Lena, there was just something so raunchy and wild about fucking that young thing. Her young, fresh body. The innocence. I slapped her again – Lena took the time to reach her pussy with her hands. Josie reached back and as I was ramming into her hard now, she grabbed her ass, adding to the filth of it all.

Lena, however, in her newfound throes of passion for Josie, needed more of her. Being stuck under, she desired her lips. It was obvious what she wanted when she whimpered, “Change”, although our loud moaning sounds made it difficult to make it out at first!

We didn’t need to change this much. Lena stayed under but was now lying on her back. Josie was on top of her and I grabbed Lena’s legs. Josie instantly went for a kiss, but Lena was rather more interested in her tits and was soon kissing and sucking them loudly seconds after I re-dipped by shaft in her, soon letting it move over to Josie’s pussy. Being trapped between me fucking her and Lena sucking her tits into her mouth started getting to her. She was not only just enjoying it visibly and audibly; her legs were beginning to shake. I was certainly starting to get surges of heat, bordering on out of control ones, rushing through me, particularly as I was able to assume a rhythm, meeting her butt in unison, but she was clearly closer.

But I wanted to see it all in full glory and I wanted both of them to be my slaves. “Turn around,” I ordered Josie. She did. Lena moved to the left of the bed now, lying on it, and Josie lied on top of her. She pulled her legs up. Stacked up right in front of me were both of them, with both their pussies and assholes wide open

It is the most dirty, filthy view you can imagine. You can fuck whichever opening you please; all of them are exposed to your gaze and your cock. You fuck one and all the others are open to your fingers – and being stretched you can easily see inside them.

I started fucking Lena. My fingers easily stretched Josie on top and instantly moved deep inside. Lena was moaning loudly. I switched, and went inside Josie energetically replacing my cock inside Lena with two fingers. The view of my rigid, hard dick sliding in and out of Josie’s wet, dark-pink pussy, is indescribable. “Screw her!” Lena urged me. “Screw her till she cums!” Lying on the bed, she must’ve had incredible view of my cock fucking Josie.

Spurred on by this, I positioned myself properly to do the job. Lena helped her immobilise her legs and I began. Up and down, up and down I went. Soon enough, it was just me and her pussy. Rhythmical, methodical, punctuated by her moans, quickly changing into screams. “You’re my little bitch, are you?” I gasped in between thrusts. She groaned a wheezy “yes” in response. My balls were now slapping against her with every thrust. Loudly, she was now begging to be fucked hard, and I mercilessly rubbed her clit. Her ass was shaking under the thrusts. Lena stuck fingers into her mouth, which Josie, now beyond her ability to control herself, vigorously sucked. Through Lena’s fingers, she screamed, “I am cumming! I am cumming…” in a whimpery voice as my cock, like a machine, continued its torture of her pussy.

Then Josie’s orgasm came. She convulsed. She thrashed. She writhed. And then her cum was everywhere as she squirted.

“Who-hoo.” Lena remarked. Wow, we’ve never seen squirting before! It was incredible, I thought, removing my cock from Josie, wondering how the hell I managed not to cum myself.