Amber’s Perverted Samaritan Ch. 03


Author’s note:

Dreamers Come Play is an alternate universe. Stories set in it may incorporate touches of magical realism, blurred dreams, and other unexplained phenomenon.

This story could have been in Bondage or Exhibitionist.

Alcohol and cannabis use.

These are fictitious events, by fictitious characters, in a very fictitious universe.

All events depicted are by characters of legal age.

Please consider that fair warning.

This is intended to function as a standalone story. It is also the first posted story in a planned, longer series.


Amber was disoriented when she awoke. She felt groggy and hungover. It’s daylight and I’m in my bed. No, that’s moonlight and it’s not my bed, but only it is. She was not wearing her sleeping blindfold – the moonlight shinning into the cottage through the large, plate glass windows had awoken her. She never knew that moonlight could be so bright. I need to put on my blindfold before the sun comes up.

It felt weird to think of the cottage as her place, her private space, her bedroom. The cottage was the professor’s place and her bedroom, which she had lived in her whole life, was in her mom’s house. But the professor had told her she could decorate it as she liked, and she had moved in. Not just a few traveling items, but things she felt had always made her bedroom hers. And she was spending most of her nights at the cottage. But it was hard to think of the place as her bedroom and her private space. The bed, shower, and kitchen were all in one big room, like a hotel room. But every hotel room she had ever been in had a door on the bathroom. However, if she was taking a shower at her cottage, not only would she be plainly visibe to someone in the kitchen, anyone standing on the patio would be able to clearly see her through the giant glass wall. And if it wasn’t for the large hedge, anyone on the campus bike path would get a pretty good view too. The only doors she had was the one on the closet and the one on the small, toilet room that contained nothing more than a toilet and wasn’t any bigger than the closet.

It was all weird. Just like it was weird trying to figure out what was a dream and what wasn’t.

If Amber had rationally thought it through, there should have been all sorts of clues. Evidence that would tell her where she had been on Saturday. Had she actually spent countless hours hanging from the hay bale hoist and then even more hours tied up in the attic? Or had she spent almost the entire day in her new digs – vaping little hits of cannabis oil from the pen her dad had given her, drinking too much bourbon, reading erotic stories, watching too much porn, and wasting too many hours masturbating? But despite her intense curiosity, she didn’t think it through.

She did think about how long and real it felt. Wasn’t the passage of time inside a normal dream only a few minutes?


“I hope the neighbors don’t call the cops.” Billy sounded genuinely worred.

You could have put your hand over my mouth. Amber thought in exasperation as she tried to catch her breath. But all she said was, “Let’s go up into the attic.”

“Let’s.” He agreed as he unhooked her leg from her necklace and retied her ankles together.

Amber was in a daze as she carefully stepped down the ladder. Her legs felt wobbly, but it was good to walk around and swing her arms.

“Can you put that back.” She indicated the ladder.

The lights in the barn were still off. With all the junk lying on the floor, it was really hard for her to move around with her ankles tied, even if only loosely, together. No wonder it took him so long to get the ladder, and how in the heck did he ever find any twine?

He helped her up the steep, wood stairs to the barn attic – staying right behind her in case she tripped and fell. But before she knew it, they were both standing by the heavy, wood table. There was a large piece of foam, like you might use for car camping, lying on the table. In addition, there were cords with loops, tied to each leg of the table. She felt her humiliation rising again as they both looked at the setup. It was painfully obvious what it was for.

As she was standing there, she took off the padded wrist cuffs – the narrow cuffs were still locked around her wrists. With her ankles tied together and her athletic shoes on, she couldn’t take off her knee cuffs.

But before she could spend much time worrying about that, Billy had maneuvered her on the table and onto her back, with each of her wrists tied to a leg corner. He untied her ankles and removed her shoes.

After he had pulled each padded knee cuff off, he exclaimed. “Look at your thighs, your socks are soaked! I’ve never seen a pussy grool like that and believe me, I’ve seen a lot of pussies.”

He held her head up so she could look at her thighs. He’s not wrong. Amber sighed to herself.

“Have you ever seen another pussy grool like that.” Billy was still holding her head up.

She had thought it a rhetorical zenci porno comment, but he reached out and pinched her left nipple.

“No.” Amber replied, causing Billy to pinch her again.

Amber rolled her eyes. “I’ve never seen another pussy grool like that.”

He put her shoes back on and then tied her ankles up to the same corners her wrists were tied to. She was even more bent back than if he had left the knee cuffs on and tied her knees up by her shoulder. As it was, Amber was left, once again, very exposed and vulnerable in a position of Billy’s choosing.

She had expected more teasing. Instead, she was surprised when he pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees and awkwardly clambered on top of her and roughly entered her, pushing down with his weight until he was deep inside of her. Despite being more than ready, she yelped as he stretched her out. She hadn’t had many partners. She certainly hadn’t had such a big boy before.

When she had watched him at a party, his cock looked really long and narrow. But the girls who had serviced him said he wasn’t narrow at all. He was thicker than average, but so long it just looked narrow.

He doesn’t feel narrow. No, not all. Amber had to admit. She was glad his width wasn’t proportional to his length, as she felt her pussy lips gripping him tightly.

With her ankles tied above her head, it left her legs trapped under his chest. As he bore down, her small body was completely squished under his athletic frame.

It’s a good thing I’m YLL (young, lithe, and limber). She groaned to herself. Her mom had come up with the acronym while watching her stretch on the family room floor. Amber was flexible enough that she could cross her ankles behind her neck, although it wasn’t something she usually did naked in front of a guy.

For a few strokes, he started out slow. But then suddenly, he frantically rammed into her. He was really penetrating her deeply. Fortunately for Amber, his length was not a problem for her.

Before she knew it, he had come. It had only taken two or three minutes at most.

That wasn’t what I was expecting. Amber told herself. Aren’t experienced guys supposed to last longer?

Billy laid on top of her for a while, holding his weight up with his forearms so as not to crush her any more than he already had.

“Uh, that’s just round one.” He announced.

He’s embarrassed! Amber thought triumphantly to herself.

Her glee was short lived as suddenly the attic light came on, and she heard the whirl of the hoist motor.

Fuuuuuuck meeeeeeeee——! She wailed to herself.

“Huh, I guess the power’s back on.” Billy said as he got off her and pulled his pants back up. “I’ll be back in a bit.” He added.

Wait, wut? Amber asked herself.

“Untie me!” Amber ordered.

“I will.” Billy answered. “Eventually.”

“Now!” Amber ordered then added more softly. “Please. You promised.”

No, I didn’t promise anything you silly, stupid girl. Billy thought to himself. You never made me affirmatively agree to your offer.

“You said I could tie you up in the attic, as long as I didn’t tell anyone, and I released you when I was done.” Billy answered. “I’m not done. I’ll be back in an hour or two.”

“You bastard!” Amber suddenly screamed at him as she had visions of being left tied with her ankles above her head.

A thick silence descended as they were both left, once again, stunned. To say that was out of character for Amber would be a monumental understatement.

Despite his shock, Billy was actually impressed to see the nastier side that sweet, little Amber had obviously kept surpressed. He had been enamored with her since forever. She was just so cute and fuckable. But Billy didn’t respect anyone who didn’t stand up for themselves. And standing up for yourself, in his mind meant among other things, being able to fight back. He was about to walk up and untie her, when she spoke up.

“I’m sorry.” She stammered. She was worried she had biten the hand that could free her. “I was hanging outside for hours. I can’t stay tied up in the same position.” She softly added. “Please.” With an audible sigh, she continued. “Just leave me tied up loosely, so I can move around and sit on the couch and don’t take too long to come back.” She demurely looked away.

“Okay.” Billy pondered. “What did you have in mind?”

“Bring the hoist and cable inside the barn.” Amber replied. “With the lights back on, it would be best to close the attic doors anyway. My necklace is locked on. You can lock the end of the hoist cable to my necklace. The only key to the necklace is the one hanging from it here on my neck. If I’m locked to the cable, I’ll still be able to walk around, but I won’t be able to go anywhere.” When Billy frowned, she added. “The necklace is super strong, really. You can check for yourself, just don’t go ripping my neck off.”

Billy pulled the cable up by hand and, with a little instruction, got the zorla seks porno arm that the hoist motor was attached to inside the attic. He then he closed the attic barn doors and unplugged the motor. Amber didn’t want to get strung up by the neck if somehow the motor came back on.

Taking the end of the cable, he threw it up and over one of the roof rafters several times. He took the key off her necklace, and then he locked the cable to her necklace, checking that necklace, cable, and locks were indeed strong and secure.

Amber had thought that the cable might have been long enough for her to get downstairs and find some bolt cutters – not that she was planning on going back on her word, but it would be nice to know she had an emergency exit. But any thoughts of that were gone after Billy wrapped the cable around the roof rafter. She would be able to walk a few feet around, but not very far.

“How do I know your not going to masturbate while I’m gone?” Billy asked.

“Oh Jesus.” Amber continued with her uncharacteristic language. “I’m not a sex maniac. What I really need is a break. Look, I promise I won’t touch myself.” When Billy continued to give her an unsure look, she added. “Come on. Who do you know, less likely to lie than me?”

Billy started to think about it and then realized she was right.

Amber asked for her bookbag and phone, but Billy wasn’t having any of it.

“How do I know you won’t text somebody to come get you?”

Amber rolled her eyes, again. “Do you really think I want any more people to know?”

“And promise me you won’t tell anyone.” She ordered. When he didn’t respond, she repeated. “I want to hear you say it.”

Billy wondered if she was about to expode again, but instead of waiting to find out, he answered. “I promise.”

“If I can’t have my phone and bookbag, let me have my water bottle.” Amber directed. “Also, go downstairs. In the chest nearest the stairs, are some old books. Grab four or five and bring them up. Also, grab the plastic bucket by the chest.”

“A bucket?” Billy started to tease, but stopped when he saw her icy stare. He hadn’t ever seen a look like that from her either. He pulled her water bottle from the outside pocket of her book bag and gave it to her. As he went down the stairs, he realized too late, instead of teasing ‘a bucket?’, he should have teased her by making her ask ‘please’. Leaving her book bag down stairs, he went back up with the books and bucket she had asked for.


Sitting on the couch, Amber took her ‘silly rave’ costume off. Since the only place she was tied was the cable to her neck, she didn’t have any problem sliding her outfit down and pulling it off her legs. Using one of her socks and the water bottle, she tried to clean herself up as best she could. When she had told Billy she needed a break, she had totally meant it. But even though that was only minutes ago, wiping her pussy with a sock started her arousal back up.

You are only getting horny because you promised Billy you wouldn’t touch yourself. Amber admonished herself.

Be that as it may, she couldn’t get her thoughts off of masturbating. Sitting nude on a couch, with a cable locked to her ‘collar’, waiting for Billy to come back and fuck her again, might have had something to do with it also. Even though she had watched lots of porn featuring women that were tied up, she had never gotten into women wearing a collar and a dog leash. But she had to admit, it made her feel like somebody else’s pet. Not just somebody’s, she sighed, Billy’s.

Billy, Billy, what to make of Billy, she asked herself? She was still trying to wrap her mind around what had happened. Wow, that self-absorbed, little prick happens to know a thing or two. He got me extremely excited playing with my body and made me come really hard. Amber laughed as she thought again about how quickly he had come and how embarrassed he had been by it. She knew it wasn’t quite right to make fun of someone’s shortcoming. But he hadn’t had any compunction about making her feel embarrassed. She saw no reason to spare him his blushes.

In addition to Billy, Billy, what to make of Billy, she also wondered, Amber, Amber, what to make of herself?

Being outside where somebody could come along had added an exciting edge. But she had never imagined it actually happening. What was she thinking? And then to have the power come on when it did. Instead of calling out to Billy, she could have just waited another hour or so. Or had somebody – James?, Cindy? – turned the power off and then back on? But surely, neither of them would have sent Billy as her savoir. Would they? Besides, if Billy was in on the setup, he was a good actor. He hadn’t even looked over as he first rode through the clearing and he sure looked shocked to find her hanging nude on display.

Why had she come up with that long stream? She softly repeated it. “I’m a horny, wet, embarrassed humiliated, silly fantasy rave, bondage slut, stupid girl that tied herself open pussy and was molested, I mean rescued, by the first pervert, I mean good samaritan, that came by.”

I can believe that Billy made me denigrate myself, but I came up with every one of those unprompted. I can’t believe I did that. With Billy of all people. Amber shook her head at herself. Did I want to be denigrated? Or was I just trying too hard to please him?

She felt her head spinning again as she went over and over in her mind what had happened. Having to yell out. Billy riding up and seeing her. Billy playing with immobilized body. The long, embarrassing phrase she came up with. The mini-orasm with his finger up her butt. The powerful orgasm when he rubbed her clit. And he was still wearing all his clothes! The short rough sex when he tied her on the table.

Amber knew she sometimes tried too hard to please people. It was something she was working on. Not letting people walk all over her. It was no small part of the reason, she had refused to be social with Billy.

But all things considered, wasn’t keeping Billy happy a good strategy? Amber tried to convince herself. Tried to convince herself, it was Billy’s malign influence combined with her desperation. It wasn’t just good natured banter. She hadn’t actually enjoyed playing that game.

Although she had to admit, Billy hadn’t been as mean as he could have been. As mean as she was expecting. She had expected him to make her call herself the “c” word. Amber didn’t have a problem referring to her pussy – at least when she was talking to herself – vagina was just too medical for erotic situations. But the “c” word… She didn’t even want to finish the thought.

He hadn’t even made her beg him to fuck her. In fact, he hadn’t really made any demands or threats. She had offered to make it worth his while if he helped her out. He had asked if that meant he could fuck her. But wasn’t it really better of him to make her clarify that instead of just jumping to an assumption? And it had been what she had meant. When he asked if he ‘could fuck her brains out’, she had responded ‘yes’.

She had begged him while he was toying with her, but he hadn’t demanded she do so. Nothing really outside of playfully making her say ‘please’. She had gone along with everything up until she had had enough of describing herself. He didn’t complain when she quit. In fact, when she had finally spoken up and directly asked him to rub her clit until she came, he shut up and did just that.

Amber was getting annoyed she couldn’t come up with a better reason to be mad at Billy, so she let herself get distracted again by her promise not to play with herself. Her pussy was ‘leaking’ again. She was making wet spots on the blanket she used as a couch cover and would have to laundry it again.

When did my pussy turn into such a gushing fire hydrant? Amber asked herself. Although she pretty much knew the answer. Last summer her nipples had been completely puffy. But now they were large, erect pencil erasers. And they were way more sensitive. All the other changes had happened around the same time – becoming more ticklish and a pussy that could swell up and make her socks wet from the top of her thighs to almost her knees. That just isn’t right. Amber told herself. She knew that ‘peoples bodies varied’, but still… If there were other woman with such a prodigious production of lubrication – and she very much meant lubrication and not squirting urine – why hadn’t she ever read about it or seen it in a porn video?

‘You love anal sex’. Those words of Billy were really haunting her. The more she had thought about it the more she had to admit she had had an orgasm while squirming her butthole on his finger.

But what might have really haunted her – the elephant in the room she wouldn’t look at – what if she had a chance to do it over? If she had known the electricity was going to take only another hour or so. But if she also knew how excited and how hard Billy was going to make her come – the only thing that had ever compared to that was the frat after-party. Would she have still called out to him?


Without her phone, she didn’t know how long Billy was gone. However, it had gotten dark outside, and she had managed to halfheartedly read a couple of chapters from one of the books – another of her granddad’s books on WWII history. She heard the downstairs barn door open, and a few minutes later Billy showed up at the top of the stairs.

He had her bookbag in his hand. “Did you miss me?” He had a broad grin as he walked over and took off his own book bag and set both packs down on the table.

She looked at him with mixed feelings and wondered if he had been drinking. She was still irritated and annoyed with him, but she had also been in a continuous state of low sexual arousal since he left. She didn’t exactly want to be his plaything, but the waiting had been hard, and she had been a bit anxious for him to return. It was like the first time when she knew she was about to lose her virginity. She was excited, scared, and embarrassed all at the same time, knowing that he was not only going to come back and fuck her, but that he was going to play with her tied up body and then fuck her. Her stomach had been in a knot with dread and anticipation.