Auntie Gives It All Ch. 06


Emily awoke slowly; feeling her nephew Dominick spooned against her naked back. His heavy cock lying against the crack of her ass. Ooooo the things he had taught her in the past 2 days. Little did she know when she attended this family wedding without her husband and kids that such an erotic world would be opened up to her.

She barely recognized herself, but was beginning to admit that this naughty, sensual person had been in her all along. She could remember when she was a young girl, the tingly feeling she would get when she would catch a glimpse of one of her brothers in a state of undress, and being the only girl in the family this was a common occurrence. Her brothers were always walking around the house in towels, and shorts, with different naked body parts exposed. And a few times she caught a glimpse of their hard male bodies…..

She’d even caught a few of them making out with different girls, though they usually were too busy to realize she was spying on them. She’d almost forgotten about that, many times she would go to her room and play with her young, wet pussy while thinking of her brothers. On a few occasions she even sat on the cellar stairs and watched her brothers performing different sexual acts with their girlfriends, while her fingers were busy rubbing her clit to satisfaction.

Even now she squirmed a little as her juices began to flow again. As many times as her nephew had taken her she was surprised there were any juices left. And “taken” her was how she liked to think of it. Little had she realized what a turn on it was feeling dominated and “made” to do naughty things.

Dom’s hand came up to stroke her nipple. “If you keep rubbing against my cock like that we may have to have a quickie before your surprise gets here……” he murmured, nipping her neck and shoulder and sending sparks down her spine.

“Mmmmmmmm, and what surprise would that be this late at night, or rather early in the morning?” Emily moaned.

“Something you want.” His cock slid between the cheeks of her ass and across the wet folds of her pussy. “Something you need.” The head of his cock bumped against her clit sending little spasms through her pussy. “Something you’re really going to enjoy.” His fingers rolled her nipples, making her arch back against him. SMACK! His hand slapped her ass as he rolled out of bed, “Now come see what’s waiting for you in the bathroom.”

Emily’s breath caught in her chest at the loss of his sensual attention. Her hands came up and rubbed her nipples as she rolled to her back and stretched, clamping her legs together tightly to try to ease the throbbing of her pussy.

Following Dom into the bathroom she saw that he had lit candles around the room and filled the jacuzzi with warm water. He held his hand out to help her into the tub as he switched on the jets to start the soothing bubbles in motion.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is heaven,” Emily sighed as she sunk into the water. arap porno

Her nephew handed her a full champagne flute and turned to leave. “You relax while I prepare your surprise,”

Emily closed her eyes and let the hot turbulent water work it’s magic on her tender muscles. A couple of times she thought she heard the door and voices above the sounds of the bubbling water, but she smiled, figuring Dom had ordered room service for them for her surprise.

She realized that one of her hands was stroking her pussy while the other pulled at her nipple. She couldn’t’ stop this constant craving that Dom and ignited in her. The more sex she had, the more her body ached for it.

She opened her eyes when she heard Dominick clear his throat. “What a wet dream you are.” His husky voice sent a ripple through her pussy.

In the candlelight he looked so much like his father, her older brother Antonio. Tony was still tall, dark and handsome. Oh God, what would he think if he knew what she was doing with his son. She was a wicked, wicked woman, and it was so much fun!

“Come on out of there before you prune.” Dom held up a towel and helped her out of the tub. “I hope that gave you your second wind, we have a big night ahead…” he nibbled his way down her neck as he dried her off.

“It’s our last night together and I’m wide awake, I plan to take advantage of it.” Emily turned in his arms and fondled his hard cock. He’d pulled on his tux pants and looked incredible sexy.

Dom brought the towel up between her legs and slowly ran it back and forth over her pussy. “Hold that thought….” he eased her hands away from him and turned her towards the mirror. Pulling a black silk scarf from his pants pocket he trailed the soft fabric over her breasts. “Let’s put this on, it’s just the start of your surprise.” The dark haired stud tied the scarf snuggly around his voluptuous aunt’s eyes, making sure she couldn’t’ see a thing as he led her into the bedroom.

“Do you know what bondage is, Auntie?” Dom asked, as he stopped and ran his hands down her arms, gathering her wrists together. Emily felt him tying her wrists together with something soft and silky.

“Yes, are you going to tie me up and have your way with me…” the older woman’s voice trembled.

“Close, I’m going to bind your wrists and raise them up to this metal hinge over the door” Dom said as he put his words to action.

Emily remembered the elbow shaped hinge that stuck out about a foot from the top of the door to keep it from slamming shut. She tingled with excitement as her hands were raised over her head and the tie was attached to the metal. Her nipples hardened when they came into contact with the cool mirror that was on the back of the door.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOO look how high those pretty titties are with your arms up like that.” Dom stood behind her and cupped her breasts, teasing the nipples. “You bedava porno like this, don’t you Auntie?”


Dom’s hand ran over her ass, up her back, to her shoulder. He guided her around so that her back was to the door. “You look so sexy. You are a very hot lady, Auntie. So much woman. Too much woman for me alone, I think.” He said as he licked her nipple, all the while running his hands up and down her legs, getting closer and closer to her pussy. “I think I might have to share you, Auntie. Would you like that?”

Emily moaned at the fantasy of two men taking her at once. Her pussy twitched at the thought.

“Tell me Auntie….” Dom kissed his was up to her neck. “Tell me you’d like it if there were two men here to please you….” He gave a little nibble and suck to that sensitive part of her neck that drove her crazy. “Wouldn’t you like that, Auntie?” He rolled her nipple between his fingers as he rubbed his hardness against her hip. “Say it, Auntie…” he urged.

“Yes, oh yes. Two men, touching me, mmmmmmmmmmmm.” She moved her hip provocatively against his pant-covered erection.

He moved away abruptly. She whimpered. “You are a naughty girl, Auntie.” She heard his pants hit the floor and him kick them away. “You want two mouths on you…” Dom licked her nipple, “Four hands pleasuring you….” his hands ran up her thighs, one going over her ass and squeezing, the other sliding through the wet folds of her pussy,” Two cocks to fill you…” she felt the soft skin of his hard, thick cock trail over her abdomen. Her head was spinning as she moaned. “That’s what you want isn’t it Auntie???” he demanded.

“Yesssssssssssss, yesssssssssss, yesssssssssssss,” she hissed breathlessly, arching her back as her pussy all but grabbed for Dom’s fingers.

And that’s when she felt it. A second mouth on her other nipple. The shock jolted through her as Dom thrust two fingers into her dripping pussy. The orgasm took her fast and hard, coursing through her body. It was as if each mouth sucking at her nipples sent an electric currant directly to her pussy.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo Gggggggggoooooooooooddd…..” she cried as her body jerked. “Who, who, who, whoooooooooooooooo,” she groaned in pleasure.

She finally came down from her climax. Dom was kissing her, sucking gently on her lips and tongue. “Do you really want to know, isn’t it hotter wondering?????? It could be a complete stranger I dragged in from the hallway. Or it could be someone you know.”

Her mind was clearing and she realized that she was hanging there, naked, totally exposed to this unknown person “I, um, I don’t know what to do.” she shivered, feeling exposed.

“Ah, but that’s the beauty of it, you don’t have to do anything but enjoy. I won’t let anything happen to you Auntie. Do you trust me?” Dom asked as her turned her sideways to the mirror.

“Yes, Dom, I trust you.”

“Completely?” cüce porno His hands ran up her sides and around the front to her breasts.

“Yes, completely,” she exhaled, heating up again.

Dom began covering her front with slow, wet kisses, while this unknown person made love to her back with his mouth. And what a mouth it was, she could feel full sensual lips, nipping, soothing, tasting all over the back of her neck, which made her knees week.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that’s it, just enjoy.” Dom murmured against her tummy.

She lost track of how long they worshipped her full naked body. There wasn’t a curve that they overlooked. There wasn’t an inch of her skin that didn’t tingle. She could feel her nipples puffed out, and her clit begging for attention within her throbbing pussy. The mystery man had thoroughly paid homage to her ass, even tonguing down her crack until she whimpered. She wiggled on that hinge like a worm on a hook.

“What do you need, Auntie? Just tell us and it’s yours. You just have to say it.”

“I want……. I neeeeeeeeed to be fillled. Pleeeaaaase, someone…………” Emily pleaded in a husky voice.

“What, Auntie, you have to say it, what do you want to fill you, and where do you want it? Say it, beg for it……..” Dom commanded.

“COCK!!!!! I need a cock inside me…. inside my pusssyyyyyyyyyyy. Don’t make me waaiiiitttt. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase. I need a cock now, I need to be fucked.” Emily raised one leg up and wrapped it around Dominick’s hip, trying to impale herself on his cock.

“Oh Jeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz, I was going to let our guest go first,” he groaned as the head of his cock teased the opening of her pussy.

“Give it to her,” the mystery man hissed over her shoulder. “Don’t make her wait, ram it in her,” he pressed his body against her back. She could feel that he was big, and was naked from the waist up. The cold metal of his belt pressed into her back. A shiver went through her, something familiar. “You like that, don’t you baby girl….” he nipped her ear. “You like having your nephew’s cock in your pussy,” his tongue rimmed her ear as Dom’s cock hammered in and out of her yearning pussy. “You are so hot, baby girl, feel how hard you have me.” As he pressed his large hard cock against her ass, a vague memory in the back of her mind nudged her. It was the words ‘baby girl’. Long ago there was someone who always called her that…….

“Annnnnnnnntttoooooonnniiiiiiiooooooooooooo” she rasped her brother’s name as she came all over his son’s cock. “Oh yes, yes, yes… Uh, uh, uh…” Her oldest brother, he’s always called her ‘baby girl’, how could she not know. Oh god, she was on fire. She leaned back amd sensuously rubbed her back against Tony’s chest as Dom shot his juices into her quivering pussy.

As Dom pulled his glistening cock from her still pulsing pussy, Antonio untied her hands and scooped her quivering body into his arms to lay her out on the bed.

She trembled as he nuzzled her neck and stated in a hushed tone, “Now it’s my turn, I’ve been waiting for this since you were a teenager.”

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