A Night To Remember


They spotted her on the dance floor and started making their way to her. When they got to her one of the men leaned down to her ear, “Miss, we’d like to invite you to the VIP room.” She looked at the in surprise, “Me?”

“Yes Ma’am, would you like to come?”

“Hell yeah I would!” Jeannie was happy. All the times she had come to this club she had wondered what happened in the VIP section, and she had always wanted to go up there one night and now was her chance. She had seen other women get invited up there and they always came out looking like they had had the best time of their lives. She took the hand of the man that had invited her and let him led the way up the stairs to the room.

Once inside she looked around, finding that she was the only female there among 20 men. She was handed a drink and the men began to make small talk with her until she was asked to dance for them.

She realized up until they had asked that no music was in this room, you couldn’t even hear the loud music that was on the main floor up here. Now, there was a music filtering through the speakers on the ceiling of this room. It wasn’t the same fast pace dance music that the rest of the club played but slow rhythmic music that had just enough beat to it to dance well to but not to fast. She decided to call it stripper music that’s what it reminded her of.

She began to move to the beat of the music, swinging her hips, running her hands over her body up into her hair, and lifting it back way from her face as she bent her knees and slowly made her way to the floor, then back up again.

Soon the guys started to dance with her. One would get behind her and one in front. They moved their hands up and down her body, letting their hands rest on her full breasts or firm ass for a minute before moving on. She felt her pussy begin to throb, dancing with all these men was making her very horny and she decided that she’d have to take one of these guys home tonight.

Out of the corner of eye she saw a man stand up. She hadn’t seen him sitting there at all, but he must have been the ringleader to this group for when he stood up and started making his way towards her all the other men moved away from her. He came up behind her and began to sway his hips to the rhythm she had all ready set forth to the song. Just like the others he ran his hands over kıbrıs escort her body. She felt him bend his head down into her hair as they moved and she pushed further into him, nuzzling her ass into his crotch as his hands began to run up her thighs.

Instead of running both of his hands back up her sides, like the others did, his hand found its way to her pussy. He began to rub slowly at her clit as his other hand kneaded her breasts through the material of her dress. At first she tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t take his hand from her.

He began to rub faster and harder on her hard little bud as his lips came down to kiss her ear and neck. She leaned back on him more, letting the sensations from her cunt take over her entire body, not caring that all these men were watching as this man brought her to orgasm.

He moved her back and sat her on top of his lap as he sat on a table. She opened her legs wider, letting him have better access to her, letting the others see her hairless snatch.

She moved her hips to the rhythm of his fingers until those movements turned into thrusts of passion as she began to cum. Her body jolted as wave after glorious wave of her orgasm enveloped her body. Her moans growing louder than the music coming through the speakers. She forgot about the others as her body tingled with its wonderful feelings.

She started to come down, the man’s hand slowed but he never took his hand from her cunt. She opened her eyes and saw the others, most half-naked by now. She tried to get up but the man held her to him, and he quickened his pace over her swollen sensitive clit sending her into another explosive orgasm.

He didn’t let her finish this time though, and she whimpered as he took his hand from her. He picked her up and sat her on a barstool. Once he moved away the other men enclosed her in a circle, their dicks in their hands. She looked around at them all, never paying attention to their faces only at the cocks that she had made stiff. She wanted badly to feel them all in her cunt, she needed to cum.

One guy stepped forward and placed the head of his cock on her lips. She brought her tongue out and slowly licked the sweet tasting drop of precum before taking him completely into her mouth. One by one they all got a turn to fuck her mouth, shoving their dicks down konya escort her throat, pumping their hips hard into her. She loved the feel of all the different sized cocks going into her mouth. Some she could take down her throat with no problem, others she would gag on for a minute before being able to take the whole length. She kept her legs spread wide open the entire time, letting them all see her juices running from her to create a puddle on the seat.

Once they had all fucked her mouth they stood her up. She put her hands on the stool and she felt the first cock go into her soaking pussy. She looked back and saw that it was the guy that had fingered her earlier, she had figured that they would give him the first shot at her cunt. As he drove his cock deep into her others started to come to her mouth again. She took whatever dick was in front of her, sucking them off as she was fucked.

Soon she felt the cock leave her pussy and one after another enter. Just like when she was sucking them all, she loved to feel the difference with each one. They all felt great, she was in a state of pure ecstasy, an on going orgasm that made her body shake constantly.

She had lost track as to how many dicks had entered her, and at this point she didn’t care about anything but feeling whatever one fucked her throbbing cunt next. She heard someone say to put her up on the pool table and she felt hands around her waist, picking her up and brining her to the table.

She was laid on her back and for a while they all stared at her. Watching as her pussy juices ran down her legs, seeing her chin and chest wet with her own spit from sucking so many cocks. They all talked in a low tone so that she could not hear what they were planning next for their little whore tonight.

She watched as they began to advance apon her again. One man sat her up and placed her on top of him, her back against his stomach. She began to fuck him as another man came up in front of her, raising her legs as he started to push is dick into her all ready filled hole. She moaned loudly as she felt her cunt stretch over both cocks, the feeling sending her deeper into her state of ecstasy. More guys came once again to her mouth, and again she took turns sucking them off as these two cocks fuck her.

After a while the two guys moved and two others kuşadası escort began to pound their rods into her cunt. Her head began to spin with all the movements and soon she found herself on her hands and knees. She felt another cock thrust into her pussy and then another start to push into her ass. She was too far-gone with passion to make him stop. She braced herself as she felt the invader push deeper into her tight virgin hole, screaming out as the entire length of the dick pushed inside of her as another filled her cunt.

The man stopped for just a second to let her get a little more used to him before he began to fuck her ass. Once the pain subsided the feeling of one cock in her cunt and another in her ass was even better than when she just had two in her pussy. She became more like an animal, grunting and moaning as orgasm after orgasm hit her body but it was soon to be over.

They let her finish one more orgasm before the two men pulled out and laid her on her back on the green cloth of the pool table. They all gathered around her and someone told her to open her mouth. She did so, opening her mouth as wide as she could. She watched as ten of the men came up on the table, settling on their knees, while they jacked themselves off. She felt the first squirt of hot cum hit her tongue and she moaned loving the hot salty taste.

She didn’t swallow but kept the mouth full of cum in her mouth, letting it seep out and run down her lips as the others came all over her body, drenching her tits, tummy, and pussy with the thick white cream.

When the first ten were done five more came up. Someone told her to swallow the rest of the cum and turn around. On her hands and knees again, she felt cum hit her puckered hole, and back. One guy shoved his dick into her mouth and she tried to swallow his entire load, most of ran back down her chin. She was turned over once more as the last of the guys came to her. All of them cumming in her mouth, she gagged as she tried to swallow it all.

She lay there after it was all done all of them looking at her cum-drenched body. She was a mess; her face, hair, body, cunt and ass were covered in the sticky white goo. She smiled as she sat up and looked at herself. One of the guys told her there was a bathroom with a shower towards the back of the room where she could clean up.

After she had cleaned all the cum off herself and was getting ready to leave the room she looked back at the men that had just fucked her. She smiled, “thanks guys that was fun.” They all nodded at her and she left to go home too tired now to dance anymore.