The Taking of Mary Beth


The smell of lilacs permeated the air as MaryBeth strolled out onto her veranda with her morning coffee. MaryBeth was a long lean golden drink of southern womanhood. She was at almost fifty a tribute to good breeding, good habits, and a great plastic surgeon. Newly divorced her libido frequently got the most of her. Today was no exception. She placed the coffee on the small table next to her favorite chaise lounge. Before getting comfortable with her book and her throbbing desires, she looked around to savor the start of such a delicious day.

Luck was with her, it was Thursday and since that was traditionally Doctor’s day off in New Orleans. Dr. Evan Chase her closest neighbor was already out in his shorts and no shirt working on his begonias. That man was enough to cause a natural woman to orgasm just watching his muscles rippling across his tanned chest. No one would ever believe he was in his fifties by looking at his body.

She sighed to herself and settled down with her current story. It was about a Sheik who comes to America and carries off his prize to his harem. Once in his control he tortures and loves her to excesses of pleasure beyond her imagination. She also had her binoculars. One had to get one’s satisfaction where one could find it. She watched him spade up his flowerbed and sighed as her hands wandered down to her well shaven mound. She closed her eyes and imagined Dr. Evan watching her as she sought the pleasure that would cool her lust and allow her to focus on her story.

Little she knew that Dr. Evan watched her at night and in her daytime moments whenever he was near. He had his own fantasies about his newly liberated lady and what he would and could do to her when the time was proper.

Soon soft liquid sounds matched softer moans as she pushed two of her well manicured nails deep into her seething passage and her thumb teased and taunted her upstanding pearl of delight. Meanwhile her other hand busily pushed up her silk T-shirt and pulled, tugged and tortured her nipples.

She could feel the orgasm building deep inside her, as she wished it were some nice hard male organ where her fingers were only barely doing the required service.

“I wish I had a real cock to fuck me,” she gasped out, as her orgasm rolled over her. In was then in the heat of the moment that she felt large masculine hands pull her thighs apart and remove her hand from her molten center of lust. She opened her eyes just as she felt the searing sexual heat of a cock pushed deep inside her body.

MaryBeth was prepared to scream and fight only to meet the smile and the deep green eyes of Dr. Evan Chase.

“What is a man to do, when a lady calls?” He asked. She reached and pulled him closer.

“Why, Dr. Evan answer and solve her dilemma of course.”

He bent further and lightly suckled at her generous breasts pulling and tugging at her nipples, first one and then the other. Growling in satisfaction as she closed her eyes and pushed down against him shoving him so deep he could feel his member pushing against her closed cervix. She was hot, wet and much tighter than he would have expected.

He warned her that he was close to coming. She opened her eyes and said, “Fill me up with your come Evan. It’s been to long, since I felt hot juices flowing into this body.”

Evan threw back his head and shoved hard one last time and then he gave her what she desired once, twice, and then again. He could feel it trickle out her center and down her legs as she worked her magic on him with some of the most talented muscles he had ever felt. She opened her eyes and smiled. “Only one thing would make that any better.”

He grinned and pulling loose walked to her head. She turned slightly and he pushed gently into her mouth where she licked him clean like a cat cleaning itself after a meal not missing a drop. Finished, she licked out cleaned off her lips, and then dipped below and gathering a finger full licked it clean.

It was a most erotic sight. Evan sat in the chair next to her and waited until she was ready to talk.

When she finally looked up at him, relaxed in that afterglow of satisfied sexual lust he said, “Pleased to finally get the chance to meet you. I believe this calls for at the very least dinner tonight at eight at Emeril’s?”

MaryBeth nodded, and he leaned down and kissed her lips lightly and then lowering his head he gently bite a nipple. “Until tonight beautiful lady, please dress for me.”

She closed her eyes and dozed as she relived the encounter. Who would have thought it? Tonight might be even more interesting and she started reviewing her wardrobe. Something sexy was called for, not blatant but the kind of clothes that no man can wait to take off your body.

It took the rest of the afternoon to figure it out; finally with the sun setting she showered and made herself ready. She had picked out an ice blue tube of a dress with one shoulder bare and one that left no doubt that there was barely anything underneath. istanbul escort With it, she wore matching silk stockings of the same color and an ice blue garter belt with five-inch heels that buckled around her ankles. She would just reach his shoulder. It was unusual for MaryBeth to be able to wear high heels she was looking forward to it.

Promptly at eight, Dr Evan Chase rang the bell. Mary Beth twirled to show him the entire outfit and his one long low whistle answered her question. The good Doctor liked his women sexy.

He kissed her softly on her bare shoulder and then whispered in her ear. “We need to leave now! Any hesitation and the only place we will go is your bedroom.” She laughed and grabbed her purse. A little foreplay was always nice and dinner would be very much foreplay.

The place was all old New Orleans. It was a touch overdone but beautiful. The service flawless and the servers were trained to ignore the strange quirks of their clientele. Sitting together on a chaise with the tablecloth of the banquette in front of them, MaryBeth let her hand accidentally drop into Dr. Evan’s lap. She felt his male member stir and jump at her touch. She smiled and picking up a blackened Cajun shrimp, she held it out for him to take gently out of her fingers. He reached and pulled loose a piece of succulent lobster and she sucked it off his. The temperature rose several degrees in their vicinity. Once finished with her lobster, there was a touch of butter remaining in the corner of her mouth. Evan licked it lightly off, moving her head; she turned the gesture into a passionate kiss. They were both panting when she pulled away.

Evan reached and slid the dress up past her thighs, “I love an accessible woman. They have private dining rooms here, when we are done with our appetizers shall we take one?”

MaryBeth answered by twisting slightly and his finger slid deep into her moist waiting feminine treasures. He pulled free after a moment of moving it back and forth with a teasing touch, then stuck his fingers deep into his mouth, and licked them clean.

“I take it that was a yes answer?”

She laughed lightly and reaching down scooped up some of her juices and let him watch as she cleaned her fingers. When he rose she smiled to see the large tell tale bulge of his dress black slacks.

The private rooms at the restaurant were originally slave quarters and offered a touch of the old south. You could dress in the period and role-play if you desired. Evan desired this night to be the Master of the plantation. He would dress this high toned neighbor of his in plantation rags and metal and see how she liked the game. Tonight with this malleable sensual woman dressed and playing his slave he would ignore the straight limitations of their society and revel in the times when men were men and controlled their women.

Evan was a man with huge needs and one was a woman willing to play with him when the time was right. He hoped MaryBeth would prove to be that woman. He had watched her for months assessing her possibilities. This could be a wonderful relationship for both if her sexual needs met his own.

Mary Beth knew what she was agreeing to do with Evan. Once the door of that private room closed for the rest of the evening, she and he were characters in a play. Could she? Would she? Follow the orders of this newfound playmate? Even if it was to the determent of her own desires.

She knew she would and so arrangements made, she accepted the blindfold and followed him down the well-worn slave path to the cabins far from civilization, as we know it today. Out of sight of the restaurant, He stopped pulled her dress up over her head leaving her naked except for stockings, heels and a silken blindfold. He then clipped handcuffs to her hands, and added a steel collar around her neck with a long lead.

“Still want to play my dear?”

She nodded and softly sighed for his ears alone “Yes Master.”

He felt the surge in his cock at her answer and pushed her to the ground onto her knees. He was heedless of her stockings. He would replace them. She reached out and paused, with his growling accent she pulled his zipper down and fished out his burgeoning cock with her teeth.

He sank back against a nearby tree. The thought that someone could come down the path at any moment only feed his desire. She licked and wet his head, and then his staff before helping her he pulled the rest of himself free for her talented touch.

She immediately laved his sack and then gently sucked and nibbled his balls one at a time into her hot wet moth until they felt heavy and full of his juices. When she felt his sack tighten she lightly pushed them aside and devoted her attention to that special spot between cock and ass that holds some much pleasure for the male animal. Suddenly he felt her tongue circle his most private of areas and he wondered as He groaned in pleasure as he wondered, how far she would go and how much she would do.

She continued escort bayan to tease and pleasure his staff and the head of his cock with her hands, as her tongue washed the rim of his anal star until softening he felt it enter his first chamber. He growled a warning and she retreated and swallowed him completely. Feeling her throat relax feeling, the roughness of her throat muscles slide up and down his staff he emptied his balls into her stomach. He knew that only his iron will held him upright against the tree. When he finished spurting she carefully licked him clean and then tucked him away. Looking down he was pleased and surprised to see her continuing in her role of slave kneeling upright, head lowered awaiting his next desire.

He pulled her to her feet using the leash attached to her collar and into his arms where he kissed her almost breathless forcing his tongue into her mouth and sharing the taste of his desire.

Feeling her complete submission he said, “Behind me slave” She willingly walked two steps behind on his left as he finished the walk to the private dining room. They had just entered and he had reclined in the large leather chair when two servants knocked.

He had placed Herr at his feet and he saw her attempt to hide. He growled a warning of punishment to come if she didn’t fully display herself. She straightened up and he smiled although he knew she could not observe his delight.

Once the meal was served and the wonderful odors permeated the room he pulled her up. “Time for your punishment slave.” She asked permission to speak. He granted it. “Master, I did as requested, why are you punishing me?”

He waited a moment and then with a kiss replied “Because I can.”

Mary Beth almost called the whole thing off shivering she knew not if it were at the thought of punishment, or at the thought of being that submissive to a man. He waited and then she lowered her head and murmured. “Your will is my will Master.”

His cock, which was still flaccid from her earlier pleasuring of him, hardened to a steel rod. He pulled her to the center of the room.

There he took her handcuffed hands and pulled them over a padded hook, which stretched her beautifully but allowed her feet to remain on the floor. He lowered his head, wishing he had brought his nipple clamps with him, but who knew what the evening would bring and sucked her nipples hard and then bite them. He drew small beads of blood which enriched the air with its odor and which wetted his appetite for more of her.

Mary Beth was shivering under his hands as he continued his assault on her breasts. She was so sexual that she had been known to come from breast stimulation alone, and the good doctor knew his stimulation.

He gently held her one breast between his two large hands, licked out placing small bites, and long wet licks in a circle ever closer to her nipple but never touching it. She found herself arching into his hands pleading with body language for more stimulation. He switched to the other breast and proceeded to do the same thing. She keened deep in her throat as her nipples came to attention all on their own and she washed into a long slow rolling orgasm the likes of which she had never felt before.

When she could think, all she could think of was “My God, he hadn’t actually touched her with his cock yet. What in the incredible world would that be like?”

She heard the sting of his hand on her now naked ass before she heard it. She jumped, then felt the soft wetness of his kiss and a tender bite that set her pulse to racing and her lust to bubbling.

He stood behind her running his hands over her entire body and hit her again. Soon she looked like she was dressed in a pair of white handprint panties surrounded by darkening red flesh and he could smell her arousal and see the white streaks of her passion dripping down her thighs.

He whispered into her ear. “Do you trust me Mary Beth? Do you believe I will not harm you but in the end bring you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams?” She nodded her head. He took his handkerchief and opening her mouth gagged her.

He then removed his belt and folding it over started gently to hit her across her already well-paddled ass and between her thighs on the soft inner surfaces. She moaned and wiggled but not once did she attempt to get away from his strikes. When he saw her stiffen and go into a climax, he laid the belt down on the nearby table.

She heard him kneel and then felt his mouth start at her ankles and work up giving her soft kisses, bites, and licks waking up the nerves of her legs. MaryBeth screamed into her gag as he reached her inner thighs and she went into another even more intense climax. Throwing her head back, she rocked back and forth, as he held her steady in his arms.

As she recovered, he started at the beginning on the other leg. She wondered what she would do when he actually reached her seething center of womanly desire.

She had barely finished the Kartal escort thought when his tongue reached out and licked at her hard upthrust clit. She screamed into her gag grateful for the deadening effects of its cloth although it was drying out her mouth. She was quivering from over stimulation and on the edge of another orgasm when he pulled away and said. “I think I will have a bite to eat and something to drink.”

He pulled out her gag and removed her blindfold. She could see a wild woman reflected in an old antique mirror across from where she was hanging. She knew it must be her, but it looked like someone entirely different a sensual lusty creature of another age. It sent a bolt of lust through her so strong she was breathless for moments. Evan laughed and whispered into her ear as he bit it,

“This is the woman you were meant to be, sweet slave, “You must be thirsty and hungry by now.” She nodded her head as best she could. He drank a mouthful of wine and kissing her forced it into her mouth. So dinner went. He would feed her bites of food and offer her mouthfuls of wine while continuing to keep her on the edge of what felt like an ever-growing orgasm. Finally she couldn’t handle it anymore and tears fell from her now lust-filled eyes.

He gently pulled up her head and looked deep into her eyes. “Do you desire something sweet slave?”

Stuttering, MaryBeth had always orchestrated her sexual unions she managed to plead “I need, I need you and soon.’

He smiled, kissing her lightly biting her lip and then licking off the small drop of blood. “You need me to do what sweet slave? Remove you from your hook?’

Red faced and tearful and stuttering again she said “No, not that, I need you to fuck me.”

“Is that any way to ask your Master for a favor sweet slave?”

She shook her head no, and crying hard said, “Oh please Master I am falling apart in desire and need, if it be your will please do me a favor and end my torment.”

He pulled her off the hook and lowered her to the hard wood floor. Not bothering to undress, he merely undid his zipper and freed his dripping cock shoving it deep inside her already twitching pussy. He smiled and lowering his head to kiss her said “Come for me sweet slave, show me your need” screaming into his mouth she did.

The muscles of her pussy pushed him over the edge as well for he had been working hard at staying ready for this moment almost as long as his sweet slave. He was seated so deep within her body that his balls were rubbing against her ass. He pulled her up from the floor and turning over he seated her above him. The combination of his playing with her naked body, her wetness and her naked body rubbing against him and her rocking and moving up and down had them climbing to another orgasm almost at once. This was he thought the woman he had waited for all his life.

Finally exhausted by another climax he removed her from his softening cock, and uncuffed her. “Despite the looks of the place my dear, there is a full bath through that door. Go clean up. She smiled and said, “Yes Master.” He was surprised when she returned with a warm wash cloth and a small dish of soapy water and cleaned him up before she took care of herself. It boded well for their future together.

Exhausted by the day and all it had brought her he settled Mary Beth into the small slave bed and returned to the chair. He finished the wine and then went and took a shower. Awake clean and ready to test the mettle of his slave for the night he knelt by the bed and started to suck her toes. She opened her eyes lazily. Stretching like a cat recovering from a long nap in the afternoon sun she smiled as she said, “What does my master require of me now?

He helped her up and sat her at his feet. “A talk sweet slave a talk and depending on the answers we may return to my home for the rest of the night.”

She looked at him and her eyes widened at the revelations she saw mirrored in his eyes. She saw lust, she saw admiration, she saw respect, and she saw the dawning of what could be a beautiful relationship. One that would force her to become the woman she had always secretly thought she was in her heart.

“Mary Beth, did you enjoy what happened here tonight?” She went to talk and then smiling lowered her head and nodded keeping silent.

He grinned and lightly pinched a naked nipple.

“Mary Beth, Do you understand what we did is something called Domination and submission?”

Again, she nodded.

“Mary Beth is this something you enjoyed and would like to follow up on in case it is a lifestyle you could embrace or was this just fun for a night?”

She laid her head upon his knees and softly answered him, “This morning I would have said, “Screw you. However, that was the old Mary Beth. She looked up directly into his eyes. Tonight when you asked me to role-play with you, and then on the path where we stopped and anyone could have found us. I trusted you to protect and keep me safe and I liked the feeling I had being vulnerable to you. I found it a place where I was comfortable. I am sure I will rebel against as you show me the way to perfection for I would want nothing less, but it is a road that one night spent with you has shown me I wish to follow.”