Cousin Pt. 02


Cousin – CH. 8

They ate with Lisa sitting on Dan’s lap and with a lot of feeling and necking mixed in with the food. Afterwards Lisa said, “I do feel a lot better this morning, but I think I should still call Diana and see if she can get free this week instead. I’m sure that will just make it that much hotter when I come back.”

“OK,” Dan reluctantly replied. “I guess I can spend the week dreaming up new torments for you when you’re back here.”

Lisa grinned. “I think I like that idea. But I think I also want to see how you like being on the receiving end of the cat some time. How does that sound?”

Dan looked seriously at her before replying. “I guess I might like to give it a try. I loved what you did last night and yesterday I’d never have guessed that. I love whipping you and the way you react. If you want to try some of these things we’ve been doing, I’ll go along. Maybe it will turn me on as much as it does you.”

Lisa then went to the phone to call her friend. Dan cleaned up the remains of breakfast. As he was finishing putting the last stuff away, Lisa came back into the room. Dan had sometimes shed his own clothes when he was just lounging around, watching video tapes or reading, so it wasn’t too big a transition to being naked with Lisa. However, getting used to seeing a beautiful, nude woman casually moving around the house was another matter. If he had thought about it he might have expected his excitement to be dulled after a time of constantly seeing her undressed. But just the opposite seemed to be true. Every time he looked at her lovely body he became instantly aroused.

Now he stared at her as she came into the room. “Well, I got hold of her,” Lisa said. She’s tied up tonight – or maybe I should say busy, we seem to be the ones tied up. But, anyway, as it is, she’s finishing her summer job today. So it’s fine with her if I come by tomorrow and we move our trip up a little. So I’ll leave in the morning and be back here next Monday about noon. How’s that sound?”

“OK, I guess,” Dan said. “Of course I’d rather spend the time ravishing you, but I can manage to wait a week. Maybe it’ll give me a chance to think up some new fun. What about today? Have you got something in mind?”

“Well…….,” Lisa replied. “I would like a chance to continue last night a little more. Do you feel like being tied and maybe worked over a little?”

Dan grinned at her. “I expect I could be persuaded. Just remember I haven’t tried this side before, so I don’t know exactly what to expect.”

Lisa said, “I don’t have much experience, either, but I like the idea of having you helpless. So if you’re willing to give a try……….”

“Very well,” Dan replied. “You can be the beautiful female pirate captain and I’ll be your helpless captive.” With this he knelt, lowered his head, and crossed his wrists behind him.

Lisa laughed. “OK, captive, I’ll be right back. Wait here.”

Dan stayed where he was. He had been surprised how much he had liked being tied last night while Lisa teased and stimulated him, and he remembered how turned on Lisa had gotten even when he had really whipped or otherwise tormented her. He was kind of apprehensive, but thought maybe he would find it just as much fun. Anyway, it was at least fair to let her try.

In a couple of minutes Lisa returned with a small gym bag in one hand and the wrist cuffs in the other. She set the bag down and put the cuffs on Dan’s wrists. Then she fastened them together behind his back and picked up the bag. “OK. Let’s go over to the big oak out back. Come on, Stud.”

She went out the back door with Dan following as best he could. She went over to an ancient white oak at the far edge of the yard, at the top of the slope leading down to the pond. A large limb stuck out about nine feet above the ground and Lisa tossed the end of a long piece of rope over this. She then unfastened Dan’s wrists and refastened them in front of him. She attached the end of the rope to the cuffs and then pulled the other end until Dan’s hands were raised far above his head and he was stretched almost off his feet. After tying off the other end of the rope, she began to circle him, using her hands to tweak his nipples, feel up his cock and balls, and once to severely goose him.

Lisa stopped for a second and said, “Remember the safewords OK?” Dan nodded and Lisa then went over to the bag which she had placed behind him. She retrieved something from the bag and as she approached she said, “Now we’ll see about punishing you for trying to escape. My captives leave only when I say so.”

As she was saying this she walked around in front of Dan and held up an eighteen inch hardwood paddle. She then went behind him again and stopped. Dan tensed for the expected blow, but nothing came. Finally he relaxed his muscles a little and Lisa struck a loud, hard blow against his buttocks. The surprise made him cry out. His cry had hardly died when Lisa laid another swat on his bottom. Pendik Ukraynalı Escort Dan was realizing that this was entirely different than he expected. He had expected the spanking to hurt and it did. But he had envisioned being able to control himself as he had during a paddling he’d once received as part of a high school club initiation. But with his hands bound high above his head he was now completely helpless. The idea that he no longer had anything to say about what was happening made it seem harder to take, even though this didn’t seem to make any sense. But he didn’t have too long to think about these conclusions. Lisa continued to apply the paddle to his ass. Soon he was crying out from the pain instead of the surprise and he could feel the heat building and could imagine the red color spreading over his skin. But he was also experiencing real sexual stimulation. This was turning him on!

Lisa was experiencing her own surprise. The feeling of power accompanying the swing of the paddle was a real turn on. She not only felt the excitement of being able to inflict the punishment on the helpless man, but also was able to vicariously experience Dan’s response, as she had so recently experienced it herself. She found herself growing wet even as she saw Dan’s cock rising.

After about a dozen swats, Lisa put down the paddle and moved around in front of Dan again. She let her fingers trail over his chest and down around his genitals and along the insides of his thighs. She leaned forward, brushing her bare breasts against him, and sucked each of his nipples. Then she began to bite lightly at them. Dan’s nipples hardened in response and suddenly Lisa applied one of the nipple clamps she had felt so many times in the last few days. Dan let out a startled cry, but Lisa ignored it and added a second clamp to his other nipple. This time Dan sucked in his breath but didn’t cry out. Lisa then knelt and took his hard cock into her mouth. A moan escaped Dan’s mouth as she used her tongue around the head and into the opening in its end.

After thirty seconds or so, Lisa pulled away and stood up. “Not quite yet,” she said. “You still have more punishment coming.” She then reached into the gym bag and brought out the cat of nine tails she had placed there. She let the tails drag across Dan’s back and chest. Several times she lightly slapped them against his ass and belly. Then she bent down once more and came up with a couple of lead weights which she attached to the nipple clamps. Now she stepped behind him and began to apply the cat. Almost gently at first and getting harder as Dan became used to the stimulation and showed signs of wanting it. He began to arch his back so his ass stuck out to meet the falling leather.

Gradually Lisa increased the severity of the strokes until she was striking quite hard. Dan’s cock was now sticking out farther than she had ever seen it and his breathing had become very rapid. Lisa decided it was time to see if he really liked the treatment. She stepped back a little and raised her arm. She brought the cat down diagonally across his left buttock, wrapping the end of the tails around his hip. The blow was much harder than any of the earlier ones and Dan let out a loud cry in response. She followed this with another ten equally hard blows, bringing cries or screams from Dan with each lash. But, like her, he didn’t use either code word.

Finally Lisa threw down the whip and came around in front of Dan. Suddenly she threw her arms around his neck and pulled herself up, wrapping her legs around his waist. By hanging on with one arm she was able to use her other one to get his cock inside of her. She then returned the arm to his neck and clamped her ankles across each other behind his back. This position put a lot more strain on Dan as now he had the weight of both of them mostly hanging from his wrists. Also Lisa’s body was pressing the hard clamps against his chest. Somewhere he was also aware that they must be pressing equally against Lisa’s sensitive breasts, but his own senses were so filled he couldn’t spare much thought for that. In this position, with the stimulation of the whipping, both of the young people were soon exploding in orgasm.

Lisa finally dropped her legs back onto the ground, relieving the strain on Dan’s arms. She gave him a long, deep kiss and then stepped back. “Well, how did you like that side of things?” she asked.

Dan, still short of breath, said, “Incredible! I see what you mean about the stimulation. I can see liking both sides of this BDSM thing. How did you feel swinging the whip for a change?”

“I loved the sense of power, but more, I loved seeing you react. I thank that’s what makes it so exciting. Not really inflicting pain – there must be something wrong if you really get off on hurting someone – but watching you react to the whip – and imagining feeling it myself – well, that’s a real turn on.”

She had been busy removing the clamps and Pendik Üniversiteli Escort letting his arms down. Now she took the rope loose from his cuffs. “Dan, I love playing these games. Both sides or either side. But I think I understand why a lot of people think them perverted. Why, I even worried about there being something wrong with us for liking them. Like I said the idea of really hurting someone is sick. There has to be something wrong with someone who really likes to inflict pain for pain’s sake. But what we’re doing is actually helping the other one with something he enjoys. If one of us really hurt the other we’d feel really bad about it. But I know I can plant those red lines across your ass – or you across mine – and that you find it exciting, stimulating. Someone into running or biking or some other athletics will push himself until he’s full of aches and can hardly walk and still feel good about what he’s done. They look at the pain as a necessary side effect. You know, ‘No pain, no gain.’ But when we hurt each other we know that the ‘gain’ is a great sexual turn on. And the ‘pain’ is just a form of hard stimulation that leads to it. Also, unlike a lot of athletics our ‘pain’ doesn’t do any permanent damage. Does any of this make any sense to you?”

Dan had been looking at her as she’d been talking. At first he was just watching her animated enthusiasm, but as she went on the look on his face became more and more serious. “Yes, I think I do understand. And I think you have summed it up pretty well. It’s not inflicting pain that excites me. It’s watching it excite you. And part of what turns me on when you’re spanking or whipping me is knowing that it’s you doing it. And knowing that it will make sex so much hotter for us both.”

Lisa came over to him again and put her arms around his neck. Dan pulled her close and began a long, long kiss which eventually left them both breathless. When they broke apart she said, “I’m not going to wait another seven years for this, Dan. I’ll be back next week to play games again, but I also intend to track you down some more this year, not wait until when we might get together again next summer.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to wait either. Remember I said you are more exciting than any fantasy I’ve ever dreamed up. I didn’t really think of you as sexy when we were here years ago. I could never make that mistake again. You are the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever encountered. I’m not letting you get away that easily.”

After another minute or so, Lisa broke the spell and called, “Come on, let’s have a swim before lunch.” She ran towards the pond, leaving Dan to remove his leather wrist cuffs before joining her.

After lunch the couple watched another of Dan’s videos. When the tape ended Lisa said, “I still want you for my captive. In fact I think I’d like to try out a few things in the dungeon on you. Are you interested?”

Dan immediately crossed his wrists. “I am your to use and abuse, my captain.”

The two made their way downstairs and into the secret dungeon once more. As they entered, Lisa’s attitude changed. It wasn’t anything obvious, but she was suddenly and definitely in charge. She placed wrist and ankle cuffs on Dan and clipped his hands behind his back. For a minute or two she stood looking around at all the devices in the room. Finally she decided on one of the padded sawhorses. She led Dan over to one end and had him spread his legs. She then fastened his ankles to each side of the A-frame end, spreading them about two feet apart. She released his bound hands and leaned him over along the length of the horse. His hands were then pulled down on either side and Lisa stretched him, fastening a wrist to either side of the A-frame at the other end.

Then she began to use her fingers to excite and tease. She let her finger tips lightly trace all over his body, across his chest, up and down his thighs, around his balls, and up the crack of his ass. Dan’s breathing had become rapid and he was obviously reacting to her treatment. She pinched his nipples until they became hard and then placed a nipple clamp on each. After twisting and pulling each clamp a while, she added eight ounce lead weights. Stepping back she began to use a short tailed cat on his ass. Soon she was letting the blows roam, landing some on his back, some underhanded to his chest and stomach, around both the inside and outside of his thighs and occasionally allowing the tails to snap gently against his cock or balls. Dan squirmed and strained against his bonds, but his hardening member showed his mounting excitement.

Lisa selected a cat with somewhat longer and heavier tails and began to use this on Dan’s ass. Her blows brought cries from his lips and left a network of red lines across his body. Sometimes she would stop the beating for a little while and tease his cock or tug on his nipple clamps. Twice she removed the clamps and reattached them at a different Pendik Vip Escort angle, bringing renewed pain. Then she resumed the whipping. After a particularly severe series of lashes, she stopped the whipping and picked up something. Dan couldn’t tell what until he felt the cool lubricant on the end of her finger being applied to his open anus. Lisa played around the entrance and then began to move her finger in and out while twisting it back and forth. Dan had never really experienced anal stimulation like this but he found it unbelievably exciting. Then Lisa slowly removed her finger from where she had it deeply embedded in his rectum. Dan couldn’t tell what she was doing and almost expected to feel a blow from the cat at any second. Then he once again felt cool lubricant at his rear entrance. But this time instead of her finger, the lube was on the end of a piece of plastic. The tip of the plastic slowly penetrated Dan and he almost became lost in this new and intense sensation. There was some pain but not too much as the slim object was slowly inserted and then partially removed to be reinserted a little deeper each time. Suddenly as the object penetrated deeper than it had anytime before, Dan felt Lisa’s hands on his hips and her bare legs against his own. Now he realized what was happening. Lisa was using a strap-on on him! He had told her he would think about it, but she evidently decided not to wait, but to go ahead and try. He had to admit the sensation was extraordinary! He loved the way it felt when he fucked Lisa’s ass and now he found he also loved it when she fucked his.

Gradually Lisa increased the speed and depth of her penetration. She also tugged and twisted at his nipple clamps and occasionally reached around to squeeze and rub his cock. Soon she was plunging quickly all the way in and out and Dan was pushing his ass back at her to help her get deeper. He could feel her tits against his back and the contact of her long, bare legs against his. For fifteen minutes or more Lisa kept up the pounding until finally Dan could take it no more and, with Lisa’s hand wrapped around his cock, came in long, hard spurts. Lisa’s climax came seconds later. But she didn’t stop. She continued to fuck him for several more minutes until finally, after she had come herself twice more, she withdrew the dildo.

Dan held his breath while Lisa slowly pulled the dildo out. Then he let it out in a long sigh. “That was unbelievable! I never imagined how good that could feel. And to think I wasn’t sure I wanted you to do it. Lisa, you can fuck me any time you want.”

“It was rather extraordinary, wasn’t it? I’ve never been on that side before, but now I think I understand why you like it so much. Feeling it slide inside you, opening you up, is an incredible turn on. I can only imagine how much better it feels for you since your cock is real. And having you helpless makes it even better. You really liked it, didn’t you? Maybe I should have my crew of fifty use you.”

“Yes, I loved it,” Dan replied. “But I don’t think I could handle your whole crew. Men aren’t quite built for it like women. But I certainly wouldn’t mind it once in a while.”

“In that case, if you’re all right…” Dan nodded. “Then I think I’ll just have to find some way to punish you a little more.” She ran her hands over his ass and along his sides finally tugging at the nipple clamps. She lifted the weights in her hands, taking the strain from his nipples. Then suddenly she dropped them causing Dan to cry out as the clamps pulled the weights up short. Lisa then started to finger his rectum once more, adding a little more lube. She took a medium sized butt plug and inserted the tip in Dan’s ass. Slowly she pushed the device inside. This particular plug was about six inches long and spread to a maximum of an inch and a quarter before narrowing once again to less than half and inch. There was, of course, a flared base to prevent it going all the way inside. Lisa pushed the plug in until Dan cried out from the pain and then she let it back out a little. She repeated this again and again, each time forcing the plug a little deeper. The dildo she had used earlier when she was fucking him was about the same length, but only about three fourths of an inch across, so his anus still required quite a bit of stretching to accommodate the new intruder. Finally she gave the plug one very hard shove. Dan cried out as it felt like his ass was being split and then the plug popped inside and the pain subsided, leaving only a feeling of fullness.

Lisa used the cat to give his ass another dozen swats and then began to release him. As she removed the clamps and weights, Dan grimaced with the pain of returning blood, but didn’t cry out. Lisa undid his wrist and ankle bonds and allowed him to stand. Dan stretched and moved around a little before Lisa said, “I’m not finished with you yet. Over here, Stud.”

She led him over to a spot below two ceiling chains and attached his wrists, pulling them wide apart and high enough to almost raise him off his feet. She then used two ropes to pull his ankles about four feet apart and fastened them to rings in the floor. Dan was now forced to stand on his toes and take most of the strain with his arms.