Consummation Ch. 02


Although I hate lengthy sequels; here’s Part II of “Consummation”…if you’ve not read it, I suggest going back and reading it first to get the full wetness factor…Thanks…Enjoy….


Julie and I sat in the living room of the apartment she shared with Brad while Brad went to the kitchen to fix us a drink. It looked like I was going to be staying with them for my weekend visit at her insistence.

At least her and Brad were getting along well but only she and I knew why. Or at least I had my ideas and this was the first time we were along together since my last visit a few months ago.

It seems Brad thought Julie was too straight-laced being from a wealthy family. But she was gorgeous so Brad didn’t push his kinky fantasies for fear she’d run from him in disgust.

Little did Brad know was that Julie had seen he and I fucking each other for the first time. I saw her and she knows it. And not only did she not think he was a pervert; she must have liked it because the next thing Brad knows, she’s wanting him to fuck her in the ass and now she invites me over ’cause “she likes to watch us catch up on old times.”

She never told Brad she saw us so he never got her innuendo.

“Alright, Julie. What’s up?” I asked making sure Brad was safely in the kitchen out of hearing range.

“What do you mean, Todd? I just think you should hang out here with me and Brad for the weekend.”

“You know exactly what I mean, Julie. You saw me & Brad but you never said anything.”

“And you want to know why?” She said.

“I was curious. What have you got up your sleeve?”

“Well, if you think I’m out to hurt Brad you can relax.” She looked toward the kitchen. We could hear Brad opening the refrigerator. She slid closer to me on the couch and lowered her voice. “Truth is all the guys treat me like they’re going to break me; like I’m fragile or something.”

“Because of your family.” I said.

“That’s part of it. They think because my family is so proper then I must be also. Trust me, I’m not.”

“Julie, that was the first time Brad & I ever did anything like that. We were just…”

“Todd. It doesn’t matter. It’s ok. I liked it. It was a big turn on. I can’t tell you the times I’ve masturbated thinking about you two guys grunting and sweating over each other. It was a woman’s dream if you think about it.”


“But I never told Brad, I know. The time hasn’t been right. Even Brad doesn’t realize how kinky sex turns me on. It was not until after seeing you guys that I got the nerve up to get him to try other things with me.”

“Nerve up? Julie he’d do anything you ask him to.”

“Well, today we’ll see.” She looked up as Brad entered the room with our drinks. I wished he’d had waited a few more minutes so I could ask what she meant. But she wasted no time. Men might beat around the bush so to speak. Women tend to get straight to the point.

“Brad. Todd tells me you’d do anything for me.”

“Well, yes honey. I would.” Brad said.

She sipped her drink. She then took a deep breath. “What if I told you I was more naughty than you think?”

Brad looked at me then back at Julie. “I don’t know. I like naughty.”

“No Brad. It gets better.” I said.

“I like kissing girls. I like masturbating. I like getting fucked up the ass.” She said.

“Well, I didn’t know that.” I said as Brad looked from me to Julie; although Brad had told me about the ass fucking part.

“Todd knows the other thing I like.” Julie said.

I rubbed my eyes. I couldn’t believe it but I actually wanted Julie to hurry up and tell him before he got the wrong idea.

“I like watching men fuck. As in fuck each other. Casibom I especially like seeing you two fuck.”

“She saw us fucking last time I was here Brad.” I said.

“You came back early that morning?” Brad’s eyes widened.

Julie saw the fear in his face. She stood up and kissed him. “Honey, why do you think I’ve been so horny since then?”

“You knew?” Brad looked at me.

“I saw her reflection in the mirror. I figured she’d tell you.” I said.

“I masturbated while you guys fucked. It was awesome.” She said.

Now in the movies at this point you’d think we’d have stripped off our clothes and gotten naughty together. But I must confess. The shock had to wear off of Brad.

It took the next hour for him to realize Julie was not only far from upset but wanted more. Of course, a couple of drinks had calmed him down before Julie made her announcement.

“So Brad. I never got to see you fuck Todd.” She said.

“You want me to fuck Todd?” Brad said his face finally showing relief.

Julie jumped up and ran in the bathroom. She quickly emerged, tossed a bottle of lube on the couch and moved a table out of the way so that there was plenty of room in before she jumped back on the couch. “Please. For me?”

“Question is Julie, does Todd want to fuck?” he said.

Well, the past hour had slowly made me horny. Knowing Julie was all for me fucking her boyfriend was the ultimate turn on. I stood up and stripped off my shirt.

“You’re not waiting on me?” I said kicking off my shoes and unbuckling my pants.

Brad stood up and did the same. We kissed hurriedly while struggling out of our clothes. The kisses were brief. But soon we were both in our underwear. Brad looked over at Julie.

“More.” She motioned, her legs slightly spread as she rubbed the crotch of her jeans.

I looked at Brad’s underwear then mine. We both had erections.

Up to that point time was like a blur. Brad learned of Julie’s secret desires and we were coming to grips with the fact that Brad’s girlfriend was much hotter than we expected.

But now time slowed. Simultaneously we let out underwear slide to the floor. Our erections poked out in front of our bodies. Out of the corner of my eye I could tell Julie enjoyed the male parts putting on a show.

Strangely we seemed to forget about Julie. It had been months since Brad and I had been together. Even then it was really our first time. But now we could not only fuck but could enjoy knowing that we were fulfilling Julie’s fantasy as well. And we could also fuck with a little bit of experience now.

I reached up and ran my fingers through Brad’s hair. I didn’t remember doing that before. But it seemed right. We kissed again; slower this time. Brad’s lips were soft and our tongues danced.

I ran my hands down his muscular body; first his shoulders, down his back, then to his waist and over his ass. I cupped his ass in my hands and pulled him to me. His body felt warm next to mine.

Our dicks pressed against each other; our tongues searching and probing our mouths. Brad’s hands found my ass. He caressed them lovingly. I felt his fingers inching their way toward my ass that tingled in anticipation. I wanted him to touch it. When he did I moaned softly.

Brad placed his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to the floor. I lay on my back. Julie looked down on us from the couch as Brad knelt between my legs and took my dick into his mouth for a few brief licks.

As he sucked I sensed motion above us. Our lovemaking must have removed any inhibitions Julie once had because she was removing her jeans and panties as well. She sat back and began to slowly pleasure Casibom Giriş herself.

While Brad sucked, I held his head, ran my fingers through his curly hair and raised my hips to meet his mouth. He guided my dick into between his lips with one hand and with the other he probed for my ass.

He reached for the lube that Juliet had brought us and lubed his finger generously before resuming his sucking while slowly testing my ass hole. Slowly, Brad finger fucked me. He fucked me with one finger before squirting more lube and inserting two.

But it was his dick I wanted.

“I’m ready Brad. Fuck me with your dick.” I said.

Brad needed no more encouragement. He stopped sucking from his position between my knees and reached for the lube one last time. But he could only manage to get a drop or two on his dick before discovering the tube was empty.

He really could have taken me then with no problem; I was ready, my ass ached for him. Before I could tell him to fuck me, I heard Julie’s voice.

“Here Brad. I’m wet.” She said.

Brad knew what she meant before I did. She had spread her legs wide with one foot on the floor and the other on the couch. It was the first time I had seen her pussy. It was close shaven. Her labia looked like the petals of a rose. Her skin looked like velvet. It was probably the most perfect pussy I had ever seen. No wonder Brad loved it so much.

Brad knelt between Julie’s legs and aimed his dick at that beautiful pussy. He plunged it inside and fucked her while kissing her neck and lips. After a few long strokes he pulled out and kissed her once more before kneeling back between my thighs.

His dick glistened with Julie’s wetness and placed it at the entrance to my lubricated ass. I lifted my hips toward him. Gently he pushed forward. I relaxed then felt my ass hole widen. Fullness followed as Brad penetrated me.

I could feel the smoothness of his dick as it glided within me. He continued until I accepted him fully. Now, I don’t know if it was the actual penetration; the excitement of knowing Brad’s dick was lubricated by Julie’s pussy or both; but my heart beat faster, my breathing deepened and my vision narrowed with anticipation.

I spread my legs wanting more. Brad began to fuck me and I raised my hips to meet his gentle strokes. And we fucked.

Now you have to understand that words can’t accurately describe the intensity, the eroticism and the intimacy of two men joining themselves in a forbidden union; because it is just that. It is forbidden, taboo. Which makes it more intense.

And what could be more erotic than the bodies of two muscular men writhing together in mutual pleasure; each caressing and touching. And the intimacy couldn’t be any greater; one man accepting another.

Men are supposed to be manly and have less emotion. Just being naked with another man was intimate enough but two men having sex blurs the lines of masculine and feminine. It takes greater strides for men to bare their nakedness before another man and to be truly intimate.

But once this line was crossed the intimacy is truly intense. Roles of male and female are broken and the two men simply become one.

Having Julie watch our lovemaking made the intensity ever more real. My dick bobbed up and down as Brad fucked me. I reached up and pulled him on top of me; his abdomen pressed against my dick and I wrapped my arms around him as our lips met.

I cupped the cheeks of his ass as it glided up and down fucking me in a missionary position. Over and over he penetrated me until my ass no longer felt virginal but relaxed like a pussy wanting Brad to fuck over and over. I couldn’t get enough of Casibom Güncel Giriş his dick.

Brad lifted himself off of me and his strokes grew longer.

“Todd, I want you.” He said.

“Fuck me, Brad. Fuck me with that big dick of yours.”

“You want it? You want it, Todd?”

“Yes, I want it.”

Brad began to moan. I heard Julie moaning softly as well somewhere above us. As Brad stroked more steadily, Julie knelt beside us and rubbed Brad’s ass as he gyrated within me.

She was naked from the waist down. Her eyes were wide and she rubbed her pussy as Brad and I continued to fuck.

She was so beautiful and the image of her rubbing Brad’s ass while he fucked me was overwhelming. I lifted my ass to meet Brad’s thrusts. I grabbed my dick. I had a strong desire to jack off and although I was enjoying Brad’s dick in my ass, I also wanted to see him fuck Julie in the ass. The same way she had wanted it after she saw us fucking before.

“Fuck her, Brad.” I said.

Brad moaned and looked at me then Julie.

“Fuck her.” I said again. “Cum in her ass.”

Julie didn’t need encouragement. She got on all fours beside me and raised her ass toward Brad still rubbing her pussy between her legs as she waited doggy style. Her ass cheeks were so smooth and full.

Brad stroked a few more times in my ass as he watched Julie position herself beside me. Then in one motion he pulled his dick from my ass still glistening with lube and quickly knelt behind his girlfriend.

He aimed the slippery tip at her pink ass hole and pushed firmly. She accepted him quickly and he continued to stroke, fucking her ass with long steady strokes.

I rolled over to watch them fuck and started jacking off. I knelt beside the ass fucking pair and pumped my dick as lube oozed from my ass.

Brad moaned. His stroked grew steady.

Julie tossed her head back and purred. Her free hand rubbing her pussy as she raised her ass to meet Brad’s penetrations of her sphincter.

I felt my legs grow weak and my body began to tingle at the wondrous sight I was able to masturbate watching in front of me.

Suddenly Brad’s body tensed as he gripped Julie’s hips. He groaned and made forceful thrusts into her with his dick that had been in my ass just moments before.

“I’m cumming…oh, I’m….” he moaned.

Julie’s eyes rolled back and her body shook with orgasm’s of her own. She purred then grunted softly as wave after wave overtook her. Her fingers rubbing her clitoris vigorously.

I felt it too. My balls tingled. My dick twitched in my hand as I stroked and I had this urge to push my pelvis forward. I could still feel the fullness of Brad’s dick where it had emerged from my ass. It felt warm and this warmth swept over me.

As Brad groaned and Julie grunted in pleasure; their bodies joined like mine and Brad’s; I felt my ass suddenly clinch, pushing more lube from my aching ass and my body shook.

A wave overcame me. I no longer had control of my body. My dick started to pulsate then streams of cum pumped from my dick and sprayed onto Julie’s ass cheek and thigh.

Groans filled the apartment as all three of us enjoyed the sensations. Soon Brad’s fucking slowed, Julie stopped rubbing her pussy and my dick was quickly spent.

Quiet settled into the room. Heavy breathing was all that remained. Brad rested on Julie’s tightly curved ass for a moment before slowly letting his lovely dick slide from within her.

It was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen. His dick which I enjoyed fucking my ass glided from her pink sphincter followed by white cum which dripped from the rim.

His dick still slick with lube from my ass throbbed in front of him having pleasured us both.

It was a while before any of us spoke. Needless to say it started a fresh experience between Brad and Julie. They couldn’t have been closer. And as for me, I enjoy their company as well.