Cumming of Age Pt. 03


Dan’s flatmates didn’t wait until I was gone to give him shit, though he was right, I did provide a buffer. There were five of them in total, two girls and three guys. Dan got me a beer as we joined them in the living room.

“This is Jack.” Dan pulled out a chair for me. I felt all kinds of embarrassed, but luckily his flatmates were a lot more relaxed than mine would have been.

“Kind of young, even for you Dan.” A guy with really long hair and a Death t-shirt was smoking on the couch grinning at me.

“Nice band.” I nodded at him, ignoring the comment on my age. He seemed surprised.

“You into OSBM?” I shrugged and nodded. “You know Dan listens to punk don’t you?” I didn’t know that. I wrinkled my nose a little and looked at Dan who rolled his eyes.

“Don’t fucking start you lot. Jack’s nice, unlike you cunts. I don’t need you corrupting him.”

“Thats your job isn’t it?” The blonde girl who had walked in earlier grinned.

“Punk?” I ignored them, looking at Dan. He shook his head.

“Look I was willing to overlook your fucking Bongzilla t-shirt but if you’re really going to die on the metal is better than punk hill then you know where the door is.” I stood as if to leave and waved wearily at Dan.

“Ok, well, see ya.” His flatmates laughed as Dan caught my arm before I could leave.

“Sit down.” He rolled his eyes and helped himself to his flatmates cigarettes, offering me one. I took it, like an idiot. I smoked occasionally when drunk but that was pretty rare. It was weird to be in a flat that smoked inside. Dan lit me up, and his hands clasped round mine felt nice. I glanced at him and he smiled a little, stroking my finger before he pulled away.

I had a sudden weird feeling that I was in way over my depth. I mean I’d come for a hookup. Why was I pretending I smoked to impress this guy I didn’t fucking know who wanted to train me to sub for him? I mean, the answer was my dick. I knew that. We sat around talking for some time and I found myself having a great time. I was fresh out of high school and I’d only really been friends with the same crew for years now. It felt nice to realise I wasn’t the only one who had a lot to learn about life, that everyone was struggling with their identity.

Dan had to remind me I’d planned on being back at mine for dinner, reluctantly, and offered to drive me home even. It was getting pretty cold. I shrugged and accepted.

We reached my place and he leant over, kissing me goodbye.

“Don’t flake on me.” He said. I shook my head.

“Do you know how hard it is to find a guy who will tell me what to do but still let me fuck him?” Dan grinned.

“As hard as it is to find a kid who could beat me up but still likes it when someone else is in charge?” I leaned in for another kiss. Match made in heaven.

The guys were sitting around with beer, watching nothing in particular. Gus gave me a look when I came in. He raised his eyebrows at me.

“What?” He shrugged.

“Is that cum on your shirt?” He pointed and I looked down in horror, my face bright red. There was nothing there.

“You asshole.” He grinned.

“Made you look.” Mark and Robbo cracked up as I threw the nearest object at Gus. It was a book, and he just managed to avoid it. I rolled my eyes and cracked open a beer.

“Ha, ha.”

“So where have you been?” Mark asked. I sipped on my beer. I mean, obviously not studying. Not at the gym. I tried to think of a lie.

“Sticking my dick down someone’s throat.” Mark rolled his eyes.


“You’re just jealous.”

Mark half heartedly said something sarcastic back to me, but I wasn’t paying too much attention. I realised as he spoke the way he was a little flushed, his eyes were locked on his black phone screen. Shit, he really was jealous. I resolved to take him to the gym with me, to build up his confidence. I wasn’t even in his dating pool. There was really no need to be jealous. Mark was a good looking guy, he had a sort of hipster Jesus thing going on, if a bit of a beer gut, and maybe a little too much beard- although now I was looking at the beard it was kinda… I quickly looked away. Should probably not start the habit of checking out my straight flatmates, that would lead nowhere good fast. We ordered pizza and fucked around before I got on with my homework. I rubbed one out before I fell asleep, thinking of Keiran and his giant cock.

It had been about three weeks since I’d fucked Keiran, and I thought about him everyday. I decided to visit him at school. I knew it was a dumb thing to do, but I couldn’t help it. I was dumb, I knew that. I knocked on his door during office hours and he welcomed me in, looking down at a stack of paper on his desk. I shut the door behind me and he looked up. He looked furious as he realised it was me.

I involuntarily stepped back as I saw the wave of anger cross his face. He swallowed and composed himself.

“Jack. How can I help?” I sat opposite him cautiously. bakire porno

“I’m having trouble with the course material.” Keiran rolled his eyes.

“No you’re not. And even if you were, you should talk to Dr Langdon about that, he’s your professor.”

“I work all his office hours. He said it would be ok to call in on you.” Kieran shook his head, and the tiniest smile played at his mouth.

“What are you struggling with?” He asked. I sat forward and explained I couldn’t grasp an economic model. He listened to me and shook his head.

“Nice try.” He handed me a paper from his stack. It was my latest essay, marked by Dr Langdon, on this exact problem. Big fucking A in the corner. I bit my lip and shrugged.

“Anything else I can help you with?” I let the act drop.

“How about my fucking hard on?” Keiran sat back in his chair and looked me over. I was a little flushed, I really did have a hard on, and I’d come straight from the gym so my hair was still slightly damp. I was such a mess- but I knew by now that it was kind of hot in a very me way.. I sat a little straighter, maybe I flexed my pecs, just a tad. Keiran smiled, properly this time, as he looked me over.

“Try harder Jack, this isn’t worth my job.” I looked down at my knees. God that was hot. I glanced up at Keiran who looked… bored. I really would have to try harder. I sank to my knees.

“Please Keiran.” He was definitely breathing heavier- although maybe that was the fact that the door was unlocked and anyone could walk in, and this would be a bit of a doozy to explain. I crawled towards him and rested my head on his knee. Without thinking he placed his hand in my hair, playing with it.

I moaned. It seemed to break the spell and Keiran shifted away from me.

“Get up.” He said sharply. I obeyed. “Get your shit.” I picked up the bag I’d let slip to the ground and waited for the last instruction. I was pretty sure I knew what it would be. “You know the cemetery behind the new building?” He surprised me. I nodded. “There’s a car park behind it. My car is the green Saab. Wait for me. 6pm today.” I grinned, opening my mouth to affirm that I would indeed do that but he cut me off. “Get out.” There it was.

I waited next to his car. He arrived on the dot and shoved me hard against it. He bent me over the waist and wrestled my hands behind my back. I grunted as my face was shoved hard against the metal, his hand wrapped around my throat.

“Never fucking show up like that ever again.” He whispered.

“Got it.” I managed to say and he released me. I stood up straight and looked up at him. “I’m sorry.” I said. “I really am. I was thinking with my dick.” Keiran sighed.

“Get in the car.” I got in beside him and he looked at me. “Don’t buckle up, get under the dashboard.” Well that was kinkier than I thought. I looked at him with an eyebrow raised. He grinned. “Just to get off campus, kid. Don’t really want to get caught with you in my car.” Ok, that made sense. I did as instructed and tucked myself in the absurd space. I was there for about 5 minutes when he told me I could come out. I buckled up and he looked at me.

“You’re a fucking moron kid.” I grinned.

“I know.” He started laughing and I lit up like a Christmas tree. There was nothing better than making Keiran laugh. I grinned and placed my hand on his knee.

“I don’t know what I was thinking.” I looked at him. “Ok, well. I wasn’t thinking.”

“Yeah, for someone who actually does pretty well in class you’re a fucking idiot.” I grinned. Huh, he’d been looking in on my grades. I was doing pretty well, actually. I mean- I think part of that was, as discussed, my total lack of hobbies. I get bored easily and other than wanking, building muscle, and trying to lose my hearing listening to Testament too loud, I didn’t really do hobbies. So I did my homework instead. Keiran glanced at me.

“Kid. You make hot as hell. But I’m not kidding. We can’t do this.”

“So why am I in your car?” I looked straight ahead. I knew what he was thinking. I knew what his face was doing. He sighed.

“Honestly, Jack, I thought maybe if you fucked me one last time you might remember it enough to see you through to next year.”

“You have an appalling understanding of my memory. I’ll never fucking forget you, you dick.”

“There are a lot of people out there, kid. You’ll find someone better.”

“Doesn’t negate wanting you now.” Keiran took a hand off the steering wheel and placed it on my knee.

“That’s why we’re going to mine now. But after that stud, I’m not fucking kidding, move on.” I looked at him. I knew what he meant, but I don’t think he realised I was fucking in love with him. Thats what happens when you fuck a guy my age, they fall in love They fall in love with your big, stupidly big, dick. I sighed.

“Hey Keiran.” He glanced at me again.


“You know how I work right? I mean, I cum a lot, you cum once if I can get myself brazzers together…” Keiran grinned.


“What if we tried it so, like, it’s not so easy for me to cum?” Keiran wasn’t stupid. He knew what I was trying to offer him.

“You definitely want someone else if that’s what you want Jack. I like things between us the way they are.” Well. I mean. I also liked things the way they were. I was only offering my arse to show him how much I loved him. But actually, all the better if he didn’t want it.

He pulled into his driveway and looked at me.

“Thank god. I really wasn’t looking forward to that.” I laughed as I opened the door and followed him into the house. “I was looking forward to you though babe.” I wrapped my arms around his tall frame as we entered the house and closed the door behind me with my foot. He moaned against me.

“Glad to hear it.” I started undressing him, peeling his coat off and unfastening everything I could. I pressed myself hard against him and wrapped my arms around him before picking him up. He gasped a little as I carried him to the bedroom, one hand fondling his arse. I sat him down on his bed and knelt before him. I reached for his dick but he shook his head.

“Naked, stud.”

“Yes, sir.” Keiran moaned. Huh, I guess guys really like that. I rushed to get my clothes off but Keiran held his arm out and stopped me.

“Slow down. This has to last me a long fucking time.” I stood up and slowly pulled my t-shirt over my head, really stretching myself out before running my fingers through my hair, just showing off really. I rubbed my dick under my jeans before I unbuckled them, moaning softly as I humped my hand. Kieran growled in response. I never could get the hang of taking my trousers off sexily, but I did my best to wriggle out of my jeans without falling over. I stroked my dick slowly, watching Keiran from where I stood. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and wordlessly looked at the floor between his legs. I obeyed, of course I did, kneeling before him reverently and running my hands up his thighs. I leant in and pressed my face against his cock, feeling his heat. I glanced up at him. I knew what I looked like, my messy hair and big eyes, blushing from under his dick. He twitched in anticipation.

“May I?” Keiran wrapped his fingers in my hair wordlessly and held me against him. I took that as a yes, and because the way he was holding me didn’t give me room to properly suck his cock like the horny slut I was, I started with his balls. He groaned as I bathed them with my tongue- gently because he wasn’t a masochist but enthusiastically because I was so damn hot sucking in his balls. He moved his hands away.

“That’s real good baby, but you wanna give my dick some attention?” I moved my head and started kissing his shaft, licking it and finally taking it. He almost immediately returned his hands to my head firmly and started fucking my mouth- slowly at first but increasingly fast. He was enjoying himself, moaning my name under my breath. I reached for my dick but he grabbed my wrist. “Hands behind your fucking back baby.”

“Fuck you, you cunt.” I muttered as I clasped my hands behind my back and continued to let him fuck my face.

He let himself get close- really, really fucking close I could tell. He pushed me off him with a sigh and yanked me up by my hair, standing up to his full height and looking down at me. He pushed me on the bed and wrapped his long legs around me. He rubbed our dicks together, looking down at me.

“Can I tie you up?” He asked quietly.

“Yeah baby, fucking tie me up.” I rubbed against him and he slapped my dick.

“I’m impressed you haven’t lost control yet but don’t push it.”

I moaned and closed my eyes as he stretched my arms up and wide against the headboard. “Fuck Jack, you’re so godamn hot. You look like a fucking porn star.” I laughed.

“Yeah. Not a particularly hireable one.” He laughed.

“I’d pay.”

“Well, I’ll keep that in mind if the BComm stuff doesn’t go well.” He smiled and traced circles around my nipples. I shuddered.

“It’s like every part of you is wired for sex Jack, you’re just so sensitive.” He leant down and started sucking on my nipple. I let out a moan of agreement. He started playing with the slit of my dick and I strained against the headboard. “You can cum just from this, can’t you, you little bitch?”

“Yeah.” I moaned. “You want me to?”

“Wait till I say so.” I whined. I’d never had to try and hold back so many orgasms in my life- not that I was particularly successful. I calmed my breathing and tried to distract myself from his hands fluttering over my body. He chuckled.

“You’re getting better at this.” He teased the slit of my dick with his mouth. It was almost too much.

“Wait stop it!” I begged Keiran, trying to jerk my hips away.

“Too much?”

“Too much.” I panted.

“God, you’re so fucking sensitive. For most guys that’s barely teasing.” dede porno

“Yeah, I know.” I tried to breathe deeply. “I’m not most guys.”

“No. ” Keiran smiled. “You’re my little fuckslut.” Damn that was good.

“Oh fuck don’t. That’s way too much Keiran.” Keiran sighed, he paused in tweaking my nipple and looked at me.

“What, I can’t even talk to you or you’ll cum?”

“Fuck I’m sorry.” I hung my head in shame, hating my body and it’s electricity. Keiran leant forward and grabbed my chin, forcing me to look at him. He kissed me.

“It’s ok I think it’s fucking hot.” He walked his fingers down the centre of my chest, to my stomach, to my twitching cock. “I’m going to wrap my mouth around your dick, and you are not going to be able to stop yourself from exploding, you got that?”

“Yeah.” I muttered through gritted teeth.

“Not yeah.” Keiran scrunched my hair in his fist, pulling my head towards him. He raised his eyebrow as I looked at him confused. He held my hair in place and I blushed, realisation dawning.

“Um. Yes, sir.”

“I like that.” Keiran said. “Keep that up.” He pushed my legs apart and sank his head between then.

“Oh god.” I mumbled, watching him. He moaned as he took me in his mouth, not all of me, maybe half my length, and swirled his tongue against the base of my cock. “Oh fuck.” I really did try to hold myself back, I really did. But his mouth was so soft and warm and my dick was so sensitive I never stood a chance. I came hard, shooting into his mouth, and moaning as he laughed against me. He lapped me clean, playing very carefully with my sensitive skin, just tickling me with his tongue. All of, shit, maybe ten seconds?

“How you feeling, baby?” Keiran started kissing my thighs. I sighed in pleasure.

“Thank you sir.”

“That’s good, Jack, I fucking love it when you call me that.” I leant back as he licked his way up my stomach.

“You keep doing things like that to me I’ll call you whatever you fucking want sir.”

“You have a filthy mouth, Jack.”

“Yes sir.” I grinned at him. “Maybe if you stuck your dick in it I would shut up. Sir.” Kieran knelt up.

“That might be the smartest thing you’ve ever said, stud.” I kissed the tip with reverence as he moved towards me.

He tilted my chin up to look at him as I took his length again. He grinned looking down at me.

“Damn kid, you look real fucking good with my cock down your throat.” I moaned in agreement, I’m sure I did look good with my hair a total fucking mess and my eyes wide and teary. I didn’t feel particularly cute gagging and spluttering as Keiran rammed his big dick down my throat over and over. “Good boy. Good boy.” He stroked my head as he held me firmly in place. “Ugh I’m close.” He muttered. That made me try harder- I mean I did want to fuck him but I really just wanted him to feel good. He pulled away though and wiped my face gently as he sat on my dick.

“Oh holy shit.” I shuddered. “Sir.” I tried to remember. Kieran grinned.

“I’m close, kid.” I gritted my teeth as he adjusted to accommodate me. He started fucking himself on me and I sighed in pleasure. I moaned as I humped back into him and I felt his hands on my face. He cradled my face and I looked up at him, dazed. He leant in and started kissing me. My stomach twisted in knots and I responded enthusiastically, leaning in to him and pressing my face to meet his. He was jerking himself off and he turned his face away, grunting, as he started to cum all over me. I thrust into his hot fucking ass a couple more times, feeling the knot in my stomach release.

“Oh fuck.” I sighed. He grinned and kissed me again, softly, before he freed my arms.


I was cradled in his arms- we hadn’t managed to get up yet.

“So how is he?” Kieran stroked my hair.

“Who?” He kissed my cheek.

“The guy who taught you that self control. And how to call me sir.” I blushed. I guess I had improved a little in bed.

“Ah. Well. I mean…”

“It’s ok Jack.” He kissed me softly around my hairline. “I’m glad you have someone else.”

“I want you more.” I said honestly. “It’s just that you’re off limits.”

“Oh, so you do understand I’m off limits.” I laughed.

“I understand. I’m just not happy about it.” Keiran pulled me in for a kiss, wrapping himself around me.

“Stay the night.” He whispered in my ear.

“Oh god can I?” He held me tighter.


We lay in bed, holding each other. Keiran played with my hair absentmindedly. Eventually he shifted and stretched out. He pulled me out of bed.

“You mind starting to run us a bath? I’m going to remake the bed.” We bathed, he made us tea and we drank it in bed watching Star Wars. I wanted to fuck again but Keiran was done for the night, and I fell asleep resting my head on his chest, enjoying him slowly stroking my arms. He offered to make me breakfast in the morning but I’d already skipped a lecture to lie in with him and I didn’t want to get in the habit.

“You don’t want to borrow something? Same clothes as yesterday that’s all.” I looked Keiran up and down.

“You got any black t-shirts? Because I think it might be more obvious to show up in one of your shirts than yesterday’s clothes.” Keiran rolled his eyes.