My Pantyhose Fetish


All characters in this story are over 18 years old.

Do you pay extra close attention whenever you see a pantyhose commercial on TV? Do you secretly look at the legs on a package of pantyhose in stores or take an extra long glance at ads in magazines showing nice legs covered in nylon? Does your heartbeat a little faster and your dick begin to twitch when you see a woman pulling up stockings or pantyhose on her long slender legs in a movie or on TV? How about when you are out in public, do you immediately notice a great pair of legs in hosiery? Do you watch a woman when she sits down in a skirt knowing her skirt will likely rise up even higher giving you a great view of more of her legs or, even better, all the way up her skirt? Maybe you have some favorite pantyhose websites you like to visit. If this is you, keep reading this story.


I developed a fetish for pantyhose when I was 18 years old in my senior year of high school. The teachers always sat us alphabetically and I seemed to get a seat in the front of the room most of the time, right in the middle of the classroom or close to it. The bad part was I tended to be right in front of the teacher. The good part was that I could glance back at the rest of my classmates and get a great view of whatever girl was wearing a skirt. Being a normal, horny teenager whose hormones were in overdrive, I began to get an especially big thrill out of sneaking a peek up a girl’s skirt at their panties. It was a voyeuristic game I played everyday in school. At some point during the year, I got a look up just about every girl’s dress in my class. I think one of my teacher’s caught on to what I was doing because he made a comment on my seemingly inability to keep my pens on my desk without dropping them. Picking up an item from the floor became my way of getting a better look at whatever panties were on display that day.

Some girls had better legs than others, of course and there was one particular girl, Katey, that played on the volleyball team who was taller than the rest of the girls. She had the best and longest legs of any girl in school and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She liked to wear particularly short skirts that showed off plenty of her long, lean, legs that had just the right amount of firmness and muscle definition. I was kind of a geek in high school, tall, lanky, with glasses and didn’t know how to talk to members of the opposite sex. All I could do was fantasize about Katey. What I didn’t realize was that I was not only attracted to Katey’s long legs but it was the fact that she always wore pantyhose.

Her pantyhose gave her legs a uniform, consistent look about them. Being from the northeast, a girl’s legs can get extremely pale in the winter, spring and fall and the pantyhose made them look tan all year long. There was also something about how the way the fluorescent lights made her panthyhose glimmer ever so slightly. It made them look so soft and silky that I had a deep desire to touch them.

When I would dream about Katey, I would imagine what it would be like to touch her long legs and run my hands over them from her feet up to her thighs. I worshipped her legs but I had to fight the urge to stare at them. Even when we weren’t in class, I would try to get a seat in the cafeteria so I could see her and sneak a quick glance over at her. It might sound a little weird, but I would also try to follow behind her when going up the stairs, hoping to get a peek at her pantyhose and hose covered ass. I was in Nirvana when, on those rare occasions, I would time my movements just right and I’d be able to see the entire length of the back of her legs right up to her ass. I actually tripped on the stairs one time when I got a view of her backside when she was wearing a thong. All of her gorgeous, tight ass was within my view and I lost my footing. Everyone laughed at me when I fell, including Katey. While it was embarrassing, I still have fond memories of her ass underneath her skirt. It was worth the total embarrassment I felt that day. The seed of my life-long fetish had sprouted roots.

Even though I had strong feelings for Katey, I was too shy to approach her and ask her for a date. Oh, we had casual conversations about school but I couldn’t find the courage to ask her out. I think she knew I had a huge crush on her but she was a popular, beautiful athlete and had her pick of guys to date so I figured I had no chance with her at all. I was left to admire her from afar.

Then one day, we were given an assignment in social studies class and Katey and I were picked to work as a team on a report. My heart almost exploded with joy when I heard we were chosen to work together but I also got extremely nervous. I had admired her from afar for so long, I would get tongue-tied whenever I was near her. Part of me was afraid to be around her. What if I got a boner while we were working on the report together? What if she caught me looking up her skirt? She’d think I was some kind of a pervert. The mixed emotions were killing me. I got even more nervous when Katey asked me to come over to her house one evening after school to work on the report together. I immediately said yes and also thought this was my chance to be alone with her. Maybe I’d confess my love for her and she’d tell me she had a crush on me too. Then my lack of confidence would take over, there was no way Katey wanted anything to do with me other than to help her get an “A” on the report.

The evening I was supposed to meet at Katey’s house was a nerve wracking experience for me. I was anxious, scared and excited to spend an evening alone with my high school crush. Even if it was a one-sided affair, I’d still be alone with her for a couple of hours. When she answered the door, she was wearing the same pleated mini skirt with pantyhose underneath that she wore at school that day. As hard as I tried, I was never able to see entirely up her skirt during class but I was hoping for an opportunity that evening. She greeted me at the door with a big smile, my goodness she was beautiful, I almost passed out from being so nervous. She quickly introduced me to her parents and led me down to the finished basement where they had a study area for her to do her homework.

We quickly went to work using Google to find a series of articles we could use for our report. We were sitting right next to each other and I could barely concentrate because I had never been so close to Katey. She smelled wonderful from her body wash or perfume and I kept gazing down at her gorgeous thighs. I had to keep focused on the computer screen because I was starting to get an erection just from being near her. I began to relax during the hour we spent researching articles on the Internet and that’s when she suggested we take a break and grab some snacks her mother had prepared.

To be honest, I wanted to get the assignment at least mostly completed but I would have done anything Katey suggested. I was happy just to be around her. As I followed her up the stairs to the kitchen, I couldn’t help staring at the back of her pantyhosed covered legs from her heels all the way up to her thighs. Her pleated skirt was swaying back and forth across her ass. I slowed down a little, praying to get a peek up her skirt and just then my prayers were answered as she dropped her pen and bent over to pick it up. I got the surprise of my young life when I noticed she wasn’t wearing panties underneath her hose and her nylon covered ass was inches from my face. I had to fight off the urge to grab her and squeeze her luscious butt cheeks.

My unexpected upskirt shot didn’t last long but the vision of her butt will forever be burned into my memory. Her ass was so tight and round, just as I had imagined. It’s a good thing my shirt was untucked because I got a full blown hard on but my shirt tail didn’t cover the entire lump in my pants and I was petrified Katy, or worse, her parents would notice my predicament. Fortunately, we were able to grab a Pepsi and some cookies and head back downstairs before anyone noticed my erection. Katey and I went back to work and finished the outline of the report before she said she was tired. I was disappointed that I couldn’t keep looking at her lovely legs any longer.

Just as I was about to get up and say my goodbyes, Katey told me matter of factly, “My feet are sore from volleyball and wearing a pair of new shoes in school all day. What I wouldn’t give for a nice foot rub right now.”

I wasn’t sure if she was asking me to rub her feet or simply expressing her discomfort but I blurted out, “I’ll rub your feet if you want.”

It went against my shy nature to be so bold but my hormones must have taken over my brain and the words shot out of my mouth.

For a quick moment, I was totally embarrassed, thinking, “Why did you say that, you jerk? She probably thinks you’re some kind of pervert now. “

Katey surprisingly replied, “Would you really? I didn’t really mean for you to rub my feet but I wouldn’t object either.”

I stammered, “I…I don’t mind at all, Katey.”

She smiled at me and led me over to a sofa where I sat down. When she sat down at the other end, she turned her body, placing one foot up on my lap while the other foot was still on the floor. This allowed me to get a great view up her skirt and I quickly noticed she was wearing any panties underneath her sheer to waist pantyhose. I couldn’t see anything but the triangle of her dark bush because the cotton gusset was covering the best part but it was still the closest I had come to seeing a real live pussy at that point in my life. My cock was rock hard as she placed her other foot in my lap. I hoped her foot wouldn’t brush up against my erection and reveal my excitement. I was afraid she would run upstairs and tell her parents, then they would tell my parents or tell everyone at school and I’d never be able to live it down. A shy teenage boy’s mind works in mysterious, paranoid ways.

With both her feet now in my lap, she covered the part in her legs with her hand. My view up her skirt was now covered and I looked down at her hose covered feet. She wiggled her toes and I noticed her nails were painted red with a bit of sparkle to them and looked perfect. I wanted to turn sideways to face her and to get a better grip on her feet but I was afraid my erection would be too obvious. I nervously took her right foot in my hands; it was the first time I touched a girl in a semi-sexual manner. As I began to massage the ball of her feet like I saw my dad do to my mom, Katey began to moan and tell me how good it felt.

I went on to massage each toe individually, starting with the pinky and working my way over to her big toe. I then moved my way back to the ball of her feet. As Katey relaxed, she removed her hand from between her legs which allowed me to see further up her skirt but not enough to see all the way. I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling and enjoying touching the nylon fabric. I worked over her arch with my thumbs as I felt her relaxing to my touch. I had the entire sole of her foot in my hands and kept working my thumbs up and down from her heels to her toes enjoying my first touch of a girl, enhanced by the feel of the nylon hose.

I had to turn a little bit when I switched to her left foot and I think she noticed my hard on because she giggled a little bit but never said anything. I asked her what was so funny and she told me I tickled her foot but I didn’t believe her. As long as she didn’t mind me being sexually aroused, I felt more comfortable and it got my mind thinking that this might be the night I lose my virginity.

As I began to rub Katey’s left foot, I was able to move her leg around to the point where I had a clear shot up her skirt. She made no effort to cover up either. As my gaze went from her foot up to her calf and past her knee, I kept looking at the soft glimmer of her pantyhose in the dim light of the basement and wishing I could touch her entire leg but for now, I’d have to settle for simply touching her feet.

My eyes widened as they saw between her legs at her bush underneath her hose and I noticed what looked to be a wet spot in the gusset. I decided to see how far I could get and let my hand drift up to her ankle and I found no resistance. I slide my hand up her panthhose towards her calf as my gaze was fixed upon my view between her legs

I was getting my hopes up of what could happen next when I heard her mother open the basement door and say, “Katey, how much longer are you got to be?.”

I jumped a mile high and quickly let go of Katey’s foot and she turned to place her feet on the floor. We took that as a hint that it was time for me to leave and hearing her mother’s voice cured me of my erection. I collected my stuff and Katey said we should get together the next day to finish up the report. I quickly agreed. It’s not like I had a social life anyway. She gave me a peck on the cheek before I left. I know it didn’t count as a real first kiss but it was good enough for me that evening.

When I got home, I went to my room immediately to jerk off. My balls were so full, I needed some relief. I came within minutes, fantasizing about touching Katey’s hosed covered feet and legs and doing much, much more with her. I masturbated once more before I went to sleep and again the next morning. I couldn’t wait to see Katey again.

Unfortunately, nothing more happened between Katey and myself after that first encounter. We finished the report the next day but she was wearing jeans. I was at least hoping I could rub her feet again but that never happened either. That one evening with Katey only intensified my hosiery fetish that I carry to this day.

For the rest of that last semester in high school, I kept looking at the girls legs and stared even more when they were wearing pantyhose. I finally got my chance to touch a girl’s nylon encased legs on prom night. I didn’t have the courage to ask anyone to go with me out of fear of rejection and lack of confidence in myself. However, one of the nerdy girls in my class, Gloria, approached me to be her date. She wasn’t the prettiest girl in school and was a few pounds overweight but I wasn’t the most handsome boy either. I nervously accepted her invitation to be her date. As the day of the prom approached, I rented my tux, got my haircut and purchased Gloria a corsage. My parents let me borrow their car for the night and I was off to pick up my date. I was a nervous wreck because this was not only the senior prom, it was my first official date.

When I picked up Gloria, I was pleasantly surprised at her appearance. She had her hair and makeup professionally done and was wearing contacts instead of her thick glasses. She was wearing a short little black dress with a deep V-neck that showed a little bit of cleavage, matching black heels and, to my delight, black lace pantyhose. I immediately felt the urge to touch her legs but that obviously wasn’t going to happen.

After her parents took the obligatory pictures, we were off on our prom date. Being raised to be a true gentleman, I opened the car door for my date and watched as she climbed into the front seat of my car. She placed her left foot in first, leaving her right foot on the ground in front of me. That left her legs wide open for a split second giving me a clear shot up her short dress. It was such a quick flash that I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties underneath her dress. I could see a lot of bare skin through the lace though. The night had barely begun and I already had an erection.

On the way to the prom, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Gloria’s legs and the lace of her pantyhose. We had a decent time over dinner and dancing. I hate to admit it, but it was the first time I had held a girl in my arms and my dick was erect most of the night. I was trying my best to keep it hidden but I think Gloria may have noticed. When we slow danced, I tried not to rub up against her but that was nearly impossible. I even gathered up the courage to place my hand at the top of her ass and seeing no objections from her, I gradually slid my hand down to get a handful of her cheeks. She never stopped me either. I was in uncharted territory for me.

Things really began to heat up at an after party we got invited to. Gloria and I weren’t the most popular kids in school and I think the cool couple that invited us didn’t expect us to show up but we decided to check it out. It was a pretty wild party with plenty of alcohol. I wasn’t a big drinker at all but I couldn’t let on that I was so inexperienced so Gloria and I had a few drinks and danced a lot too. I was so fucking horny by then. This was already the best night of my life. I had a date to the prom, she looked great, she let me grab her ass and we were now a little drunk. I decided if I was going to lose my virginity, I had to take a shot that night. Who knows when I might get this opportunity again.

When I tried to kiss Gloria during a slow dance, not only did she return the kiss but she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer. When she stuck her tongue down my throat I knew I’d never have a better chance to have sex with a girl than that night. I gathered up all my courage, helped by the consumption of alcohol, and suggested we find somewhere private. She got a big smile on her face and took me by the hand and led me down the hallway to one of the bedrooms. We got inside and locked the door. I was plenty scared. I dreamt of having sex with a girl for years and now that it was about to happen, I was worried that she would know I was a virgin.

We began to kiss again and I started out by grabbing her butt again, figuring she let me do it before so it was a low risk move. My natural instincts took over and my hands went down towards the bottom of her dress and I finally got to touch the lace of her pantyhose covered legs. Oh, it felt so good. I will never forget the feeling of touching the back of her legs as my hands traced up her thighs to grab a handful of her ass. The softness of the nylon over her meaty ass felt so wonderful. I kept feeling her legs and began to massage her pussy through the cotton gusset. She wasn’t wearing panties underneath either. Unfortunately, I had to remove her pantyhose in order to get to her pussy.

When we were both naked, I crawled between her legs and placed my dick against her pussy. Because of my lack of experience, Gloria had to position my dick in the right spot to enter her. I experienced a little resistance which I would later learn was her hymen, she was a virgin too. I nervously pushed myself into her as I saw her wince in pain. I was proud and relieved once my dick had completely penetrated her; I was no longer a virgin either. I was so excited, I came within minutes of entering her. It wasn’t the greatest sex of my life or, I’m sure, Gloria’s either but we both lost our virginity that night which I will treasure forever.

For the rest of the school year and throughout the summer before we both left for college, Gloria and I dated often and had sex on a regular basis. Sex was even more enjoyable that the first time as we both gained more experience. I was able to confide in her about how much I liked when she wore a skirt and pantyhose and she would accommodate my desires as much as she could. She also enjoyed the attention I paid to her nylon covered legs and feet before I performed oral sex on her, it became part of our foreplay.

I loved to kiss and lick her toes and gradually work my way up her legs, touching and feeling her pantyhose the entire time. I would get an even larger thrill when I would rub my face over her hose while squeezing her thick thighs and plump ass. I was always disappointed when I had to take her pantyhose off in order to lick her pussy or fuck her. She surprised me at times when she would cut out the cotton gusset so I had the best of both worlds of being able to feel her pantyhose while eating her pussy or fucking her. I especially liked fucking her from behind and grabbing her big ass at the same time.