Breaking the Law


It had been a particularly long shift at the diner, I was tired, grubby, hot and horny and still had a 40 minute drive home.

As I drove the familiar route home my thoughts wandered to the hot shower waiting for me at home and my hands strayed to my bare thighs now showing under my skirt which had ridden up in the seat. The seat feeling cold against my hot skin gave me goose bumps as I continued to stroke just inside my thighs. Switching the car to cruise control I parted my legs slightly and ran my fingers across my panty clad pussy feeling the moisture already beginning to appear.

I gasped as I ran a nail across my clit still hidden under my panties and felt the familiar throb of an impending orgasm. Without thinking I quickly pulled over in to a layby and killed the engine and lights, this wasn’t going to wait another 30 minutes.

My hand snaked back between my legs pulling my panties to one side, my fingers sliding easily inside me as my excitement gathered momentum. Ripping open my blouse I exposed my bare breasts pinching my nipples tight as my fingers worked their magic inside my pussy. Thumb pushed hard on my throbbing clit I was panting now, groaning in to the night air.

My orgasm was building so fast I didn’t notice the patrol car pulling in behind me, riding my fingers harder now my orgasm, just there on the edge, and just as I went over the edge moaning my orgasm to the night air, I heard a knock on my window and a voice say “could you step out of the car please madam”.

As I came down, my foggy brain realised the Patrolman was still izmir escort standing there waiting for me to get out of the car. I realised he had just witnessed me cum right there in my car and the sight had clearly had an effect on him given the large bulge in his trousers. As I got out of the car I realised there was no hiding my ripped open shirt and ridden up skirt and I must have looked a wanton sight to anyone driving past at that point.

I tried to cover up the best I could and with a flushed face started to apologise for my behaviour. The Patrolman just looked at me and in a calm and controlled voice told me to move to the front end of my car and wait there. I assumed he had gone back to his patrol car to run my registration plate but instead he moved his car up to park next to mine but obscuring the front end of mine from the road.

As he got out of his car it was clear that the sight of me masturbating in my car was still having an effect on him and I could clearly see the outline of his cock through his uniform trousers.

He walked over to me standing by my car and asked me if I did this kind of thing often. I said no of course not and that this was a one off and wouldn’t happen again. He looked at me and smiled, said he didn’t believe me and I now had two choices in how the matter of my public indecency could be dealt with.

The first was a fine for an amount he knew I’d never be able to afford so was forced to ask what option two would be.

He again looked at me standing there trying to hold escort izmir my shirt together across my hard erect nipples, moved forward slightly and ran his hand up the inside of my thigh. When he took his hand away and lifted his fingers it was clear from my juices on his fingers that I was still ready for more and that if he hadn’t arrived when he did would have made myself cum again…

The second option he said was for him to deliver his own punishment right there on the roadside but that I would have to take whatever he gave me until he was satisfied that I wouldn’t do it again.

Well I didn’t have that kind of money and was scared what he might have in mind but given little choice I opted for option two. Excellent he said then let us begin…

Let’s start by getting rid of that ripped shirt he said as he tugged it off my shoulders, I want to see your breasts you weren’t shy earlier. Standing in front of him now my naked breasts exposed to the air, I could feel them pucker and grow erect in the cold air and under his gaze. He reached forward and pinched them rolling them between his fingers making me suck in my breath. He moved me back until my legs were against the hood of my car tipping me back slightly then lifted me so my bottom was just sitting on the cool metal, spreading my legs as he did, positioning himself between them he bought his mouth down on my nipple, sucking and grazing the bud with his teeth. I could feel his cock hard and throbbing against my leg as his mouth worked between each nipple making izmir escort bayan me moan with the sensations he was causing.

As he pulled his head from my nipple a sudden glint in his eyes made my heart quicken and I held my breath. I appear to be doing all the work he said, let’s see how good you are at paying off your fine as he pulled me to my feet. As he opened his trousers and pulled out his hard cock he pushed me down to my knees in front of him. He was magnificent and I opened my mouth willingly taking him deep in to my throat, swirling my tongue up and down his shaft, massaging his balls with my hands. I could feel him growing more in my mouth as I used all my skills to pleasure him. I wanted to taste him and could feel he was getting close but before I could finish he pulled away and pulled me to my feet.

Spinning me round he pushed me down over the hood of my car, nipples pressed hard in to the cool metal, kicking my legs wide apart his hands came between my legs, fingers sliding easily inside my wet pussy as he smacked my up turned bottom making me squeal. Ask me to fuck you he growled at me as his fingers worked their magic in my hot pussy and his thumb danced on my clit.

Please fuck me I spluttered through each smack to my stinging bottom I promise not to break the law again..

Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore I felt his thick cock stretching the entrance to my wet tight pussy, slowly easing his length inside me, deeper and deeper until I was impaled on his cock. He squeezed my stinging bottom cheeks as he began to thrust in and out of me, fucking me in long hard strokes, bringing me closer and closer to the edge before slowing down savouring my fall in to debauchery as I begged him to fuck me more.

As the fog descended, my orgasm came in great waves and I cried out in to the still night as my Patrolman shuddered and came deep inside me…