In The Darkness

Big Dick

You walk through the door and into the house. You know he is around but all the lights are out and in the darkness, you can’t see anything. Feeling your way around the house, you go through open doorways. You long to find a light but he warned of you turning one on and you dare not disobey him tonight of all nights. This is a one time thing, only for this night and this place and Him, and then you will go back to your normal life and never delve into this sort of thing again. The deal was tonight and he would do all things you dream about and then you would leave, nothing was to be held back, no limits, nothing but a safe word of “ducky” to save you. Which is why you are staggering through this house in the dark but you have been here before and, luckily, it’s small; as you pass through the doorway to the bedroom, you feel him behind you. His arm goes around your waste and his other hand covers your mouth. You know it’s him, the way he smells is very familiar to you. You attempt to ask something but his hand presses more firmly against your mouth making sure you can’t speak. He picks you up and moves you forward, tossing you roughly onto the bed. He climbs on top of you, pinning you down to the bed with his body. You feel his hand at your throat as he strips you out of your clothes. The shirt is the first thing off, followed by the pants. As ordered you aren’t wearing a bra or panties.

It is here that you start struggling. Your mind is racing and the second thoughts appear and suddenly this doesn’t seem like the best idea. You push his hand away and try to roll off the bed. He catches you and holds onto you. His strength has always been greater and he pushes you across his lap. He wraps his fingers in your hair and pulls sharply back. It paralyzes you a moment with pain and then his hand comes down on your naked ass. It is but the first of many spanks he places on your ass. You lose count after 15 or so but still his hand slaps into your flesh. You bite you lip at first then clinch your jaw but in the end you whimper and moan as he spanks your ass. His hand slide off your ass and to your shame and a little thrill runs through you as the two of you, both realize how wet you are from the punishment you have just received. He fingers work along your slit as he pulls on your hair. You writhe and let out a little gasp of pleasure as he toys with your pussy.

It is not fair that he and this has this kind of power of you. To your shame, you have to admit that you really love it: the way he touches you, the way he owns you, the way he takes you, all is so hot.

He relentlessly teases you. You try to roll over and you try to find some way to turn the tables on him but over his lap and your hair being pulled is no way to gain the upper hand. Not to mention his fingers caressing the skin around your pussy and all the squirming you are doing.

He pulls you up and kisses you, fiercely. That numbing kind of kiss that always gets your hormones raging and tosses you into the chaos but damn he can kiss. He lays you back across the bed, still kissing you, distracting you. His hands roam across your body as you kiss, his fingers teasing and caressing your skin. To be honest, you melt. This is why you don’t notice until it is too late and the first piece of rope or strap, you aren’t sure, goes around your wrist. Breaking the kiss you look over at your wrist then back up at him. In the darkness you, barely, make out the rope and his face but you can almost feel that smug look on him. It drives you nuts and turns you on at the same time, that smile of his because it says he has you and you are his to toy with and take. Your other hand slaps him across the face; your attempt to wipe that smirk off of his face.

“Now, now,” He says. Grabbing your free hand and slamming it to the bed. He quickly ties it and puts his hand around your throat.

Squeezing your throat and choking you ever so slightly as he does so he leans down and kisses then bites your lower lip. The pain is sweet and short, causing you to shiver a little with excitement. His hand slides along your throat up to your chin and he grips your face in his hand. Digging his fingers in slightly, he turns your face to the side and stares at your neck. You know what his plans are and you don’t resist as he lowers his mouth to your neck. He bites down hard on the flesh of your neck working up and down on side of it. You moan and squirm as the pain and pleasure mix as he ravages your neck. He switches to the other side but instead of biting, he places soft kisses up and down your neck. He, slowly, kisses his way down your body; lips touching your nipples as he works his way past your breasts. You groan as he skips past your tight little pussy and goes down one thigh, his hands dragging across your skin as he goes lower and lower.

It comes as a little shock as you feel the first strap go around your ankle then the other. He pulls them tight, pinning your legs to the bed. You feel so helpless xslot your arms are spread and your legs are spread wide for him. It makes your pussy drip knowing he can do anything to you and he probable will. His hands slide back up, stroking your inner thigh as they move until he reaches your pussy. Lightly, brushing across your clit as he teases your pussy and his mouth hovers over it. You can feel his breath on your cunt as he slowly and gently plays with you. You struggle against the restraints, not to get away but to bring his fingers inside you or his mouth. You can feel the wetness of your pussy sliding down because of his touch and also because of the helplessness you feel, the total loss of control.

He moves up to your face and kisses you fiercely as he pulls sharply on your hair, twisting your head to one side. He leans to your ear.

“Does my little fuck toy want something?” He asks you, quietly but firmly.

You moan in reply.

“I asked you a question little one, Does my little fuck toy want something,” he asks again, his voice gruffer and with a hint of threat.

“Yes, sir, I want you to fuck me,” You say to him.

“Not yet little one… not yet but better,” He tells you.

He lets go of your hair and reaches over and pulls out a blindfold; with the utmost care, he places it over your head and eyes. The next thing you feel is his hard cock rubbing up against your pussy. The head slides along your slit, covering it with your wetness and rubbing some of his precum on you. You rock your hips a little trying to get it inside but he is more than ready for that as he pulls his cock away.

“Now, now, behave, I will take you when I want you, not when you do,” He says, infuriatingly.

The bed shifts as he gets off of it and there is only silence for a bit. Your mind starts wondering what he is doing and what he is planning. It roams through ideas of what you would like and how things would feel. You lost in your reverie, a mixture of turning yourself on and helpless when a sharp bit of cold makes its presence known. You gasp as it works it way down your neck and you realize that it’s an ice cube. You shiver and quiver as he circles each of your nipples with it and goes down your stomach. You strain against the ropes because of the cold and the excitement unsure if you really want to get away or just to guide his hand. You fail. His hand and the ice cube make strange, random patterns across your stomach. The ice cube leaves a trail of cool water across your skin and you gasp as he goes lower and lower. The ice cube reaches your pussy and he swirls it around your clit and then slides it down along your lips just, just barely pushing between them. It is all you can do not to scream in frustration and because of the coldness. The contact is just a little longer and then gone, the cube making its way down your inner thigh and down to your ankle then gone from your skin.

You shiver for a moment and then his tongue follows the trail of water back up. His mouth caressing your skin as his tongue glides over your thigh, then your pussy, across your stomach, around your nipples and to your neck. Once that is done, he kisses you passionately and scraps his teeth across your bottom lip. You respond trying to make the kiss last longer but he pulls away. Your blindfold is removed for a moment as he shows you what he will use on you next. It’s his police baton. Black and wooden, an old school night stick; he holds it so you can see and then runs it along your chest. The wood is cool and slick as it slides over your skin and he brings it to rest against your throat. He pins your neck in the crook of it and undoes one of your bindings at a time. The baton never gives you an inch to escape. Once he is done untying you, he looks down at you.

“Roll over, slut and get on all fours,” He commands, as he removes the stick from your neck.

You look up at him and, slowly and mockingly, get onto all fours. His had comes down with a sharp smack on your ass. You yelp and look back at him. He glares at you and ties down your ankles. Loosing the straps, just enough to reach your wrists, he finishes restraining you. Glancing at him with downcast eyes, you see him climbing onto the bed behind you. His baton slides along your spine as he brings it over your ass and slides it between your legs. He runs the length of it across your pussy, making you shiver with a touch of fear mixed with anticipation. The rather large end of it presses against your entrance, both your pussy and it covered with your juices. You not sure that will fit but you want it to as he pushes against you. Slowly, it slides in filling you up and making you cum a little as it does.

“mmmmmm…ooooooo…mmmmmm push that please hard,” You moan and gasp out.

“Oh really? Someone is a naughty little slut tonight,” He says, chuckling.

“MMMMhhhmmmm Uhuhhhuhhhh,” You say, pushing against the baton.

He fucks you hard and fast with it, once xslot Giriş you are accustomed to it but it stretches your pussy almost too painfully but it feels really good in a way that you can’t begin to describe. The baton pistons in and out of your pussy, you can barely think as he continues to drive it in and out of you. You feel the smooth wood as it pounds your pussy. He is relentless with it and you feel yourself building to a climax.

“Mmmmmmm ugggggg uuhhhhhmmmm,” You moan out as he fucks you with it.

“Does my little slut want to cum?” He asks.

“Ye…ss Yeess… Please…,” You manage to get out.

He, abruptly, pulls the baton out.

“You get to cum when I say you can, slut,” He tells you.

A shudder ripples its way through you as he pulls it out and you almost cum right then but manage to hold it in, but only because you are afraid of cumming without his permission. You feel his fingers slowing stroking your pussy and then they are gone. A sucking sound comes from behind you as he stands up and leaves the room for a moment. Twisting in your restraints and trying to see what he is getting for you; managing to turn around you see him walk in with a empty bottle. He sees you looking and grins at you.

“Um, I know I talked about that once but …,” You stutter out.

He sets it down next to the bed and smiles at you.

“Well, then I will untie you and strap you back down on your back,” He says to you and sets his words to action.

You don’t fight or struggle at all as you lay back down on the bed. He ties your legs and arms down, pulling the straps really tight. You are spread eagle on the bed as he lifts your head and places a pillow underneath you. From this position, you can see the entire length of your body. He reaches over and picks up the bottle, an evil smile on his face. He rolls the bottle across your stomach and catches it. Holding it up to you, he lowers it slowly towards your dripping cunt. You not only feel it slide slowly into you but you also see every inch of it as he violates your little pussy with a bottle. It is so hot, watching him do this to you and feeling it. You roll your head and slowly rise up your ass to accept the bottle deeper into you. He reaches over and covers your mouth with your free hand as he picks up the pace with the bottle. Not quite pounding your pussy, but definitely, fast and firm; the bottle works your little pussy. You moan into his hand and it turns you on that he isn’t letting you vocalized your pleasure. He has deprived you of even speaking and even refusing his attentions.

You tremble a little as the bottle goes in and out of your pussy, you get lost in the sensations. All of this has put your brain on hold and your hormones into the driver’s seat. All you want to do is cum and not with bottle inside you. You want him inside you. His cock filling you up and he fucks you relentlessly, driving your ass into the bed but the bottle is good enough to satisfy that need for the moment. You wiggle your hips as, trying to get the bottle to hit the right spot for you. He rolls it and turns in it side you as you move with the rhythm of it. He lifts his hand off of your mouth and leans down and kisses you as the bottle continues to work your cunt. You respond to that kiss, like you haven’t in a long time. Passion, desire, pleasure and the pure wickedness of it all is channeled through you lips to his and for a moment his will and control cracks. He growls deep in his throat as he pauses with the bottle.

It gives you more than a little satisfaction as you know you can get to him.

He breaks the kiss and puts the blindfold back on and the bottle is pulled away from your body. His finger tips toy with your skin as you lie there wondering what will come next. You mouth is coerced into open by his fingers and a piece of cloth is shoved in, effectively gagging you. You taste something familiar on it. It is his precum. He stuck his boxers into your mouth. You moan in pleasure at the taste and the feel of the gag in your mouth. You feel his lips, his tongue, and his teeth on your skin as he kisses, caresses and nibbles on your body. He sucks your nipples into his mouth and tongue swirls around each one. His fingers digging into your skin as they slide around your body and you moan into your gag. He has total control over you right now, what you feel, what you think and you love it. He is playing you like a piano, getting muffled moans with every caress.

You have no idea how much time is passed as this teasing torture continues. Lost in the sensations of his tongue on your skin, his teeth on your neck and his fingers stroking your pussy and, of course, still blindfolded and gagged; all you know is that you are so horny and so want his cock inside you. Writhing on his bed, the straps holding you down, it has been a long time since you felt this helpless and out of control and you love every moment of it.

The gag is removed and so is the xslot Güncel Giriş blindfold, the first thing you see is his hard cock in your face.

“Open up cum slut,” He commands.

Obediently, you open your mouth a little and he forces his dick into your mouth. He grabs your head and pulls on your hair all the while pushing his member deeper into you. You gag a little but readjust to take it all in as he fucks your face. The taste of his cock is heavenly at this moment and the roughness he is using with is just causing your pussy to drip more and more. His cock is pushing into your mouth and your tongue moves against it, you are doing your best to lick it. You have never gotten him to cum in your mouth and you are dying for it but you know he will never let that happen tonight. His control over you is complete and you are his little fuck toy.

“Such a good little cocksucker, aren’t you?” He asks, rhetorically.

You can’t speak or nod even but you love the sound of that.

“My little fuck toy and I bet you just want me to fuck you hard and fast until I cum. I may even let you cum too, little one.”

His cock slips in and out of your mouth as he continues face fucking you. He turns you on so much which when he talks dirty to you and you really want to say something back but you can’t o you just moan as best as you can in agreement.

He pulls it out of your mouth after going deep inside your throat. You try to keep it in or get it back but you can’t with his grip on your hair. You pout up at him.

“Now, now, you know those cute little eyes of yours don’t work on me, darling,” He says smugly as he slides his body down yours.

The head of his cock slides up and down your pussy as he stares at you expectantly. You know what he wants and you know what he wants you to say but you decide to be a brat and keep your mouth shut. He stares at you and sees that look of stubbornness on your face; it is one of things that always irritated you the most which is he knows you and can read you. He shakes his head sadly and slaps your inner thigh. It stings but you keep quiet. He reaches over and pulls out his black leather belt. Climbing off the bed, he unties your legs and holding them tightly against him pushes them up so your ass is exposed.

The belt slaps against your ass, hard and fast. Yelping a little, you feel the welt immediately start to form and you felt every inch of the ridged, black leather. He slams it against your ass again and again; bringing yelps and moans from you with every blow. Part of the belt catches your pussy and that causes a groan to escape you. The belt slaps into you more than you can bear and forces something out of you, an admission.

“Please, Please please, stop please sir stop please master stop. Please sir stop,” You manage to get out.

“Yes, baby doll? You have something to say?”

“Please sir, fuck me.. please I need your cock in me,” You stare up at him pleadingly.

He sets your legs back down and keeps the belt in his hand as he climbs back onto the bed. Climbing on top of you and pushing himself between your legs, he slides his cock into you, hard and fast. He wraps the belt around your neck as he fucks you. His cock filling your pussy as he pounds it into you; causing you to moan with pleasure and you wrap your legs around him. Pushing on his ass, trying to make him fuck you deeper and harder as he chokes you lightly and fucks your little tight wet pussy but you fail to control his pace, he resists you.

“Fuck me harder, I need it… I need you, fuck me,” You gasp and moan out as you struggle to get your arms free.

You want him deeper and closer, you want to possess him as he owns you right now.

“My beautiful little toy, my little cum slut,” He whispers in your ear.

His cock hammers into your pussy and you can’t last long under his relentless assault of your pussy. Refusing to give in to it and have this end you try to contain yourself as he continues to fuck you. You are so hot and horny and all of this feels so good. You are helpless and out of control which was the point of tonight.

As his dick slams into you, he grinds it deep inside you and that starts to send you over the top.

“Mmmmmaaayyyy, I..I… cum, sir?” you stammer out.

He ignores you as he fucks you some more grinding his cock inside you, occasionally.

“Please sir, may I cum?” You manage to get out without stammering.

“Yes baby doll, you may cum,” He tells you, “Cum for me now.”

With his words, you cum so hard, your pussy gushing like it hasn’t in a long, long time; part of it makes you ashamed but part of it makes you even hotter than he has this power over you. You feel him cum right after you do, deep inside your pussy. Normally, you would be mad but right now it just feels like the perfect end to this night.

He loosens the belt and kisses you softly, stroking your cheek.

“That is a good girl,” He tells you running his fingers through your hair.

You smile at him and kiss his cheek.

“Thank you, sir,” You say, quietly,” More please?”

He laughs, softly.

“Of course we have until the light shows itself again.”