Her Punishment


She was giddy with excitement and slightly nervous, waiting for Daddy. She spent time thinking about him even when they were both quite busy with day to day life.

She teased him with videos and pictures while he was working and she knew he enjoyed them very much.

She thought him, his way with words that excited her mind and body, their immediate connection when they zoned in on one another in a group full of people. He lit a fire in her she’d almost forgotten she had. She respected and desired him.

She hadn’t heard him come up behind her, she was looking at his last text that made her squirm. He’d placed his powerful hands on her shoulders, turning her to face him. She gasped in surprise, he kissed her luscious lips, pushing his tongue quickly inside her hot mouth. A fiery passion spread throughout her body, she moaned as his he assaulted her mouth, sucking her tongue into his mouth, as he stopped kissing her, she looked up into his eyes and touched his face, intertwining her fingers through his beard, biting her lower lip as her seem to peer into his soul.

He rubbed his fingers across her lips and said, “You know, this type of a relationship is meant push a person, it’s not always comfortable. I promise, I won’t ever ask you to do anything I think you are not capable or your comfortable with but it won’t always be easy. Understood?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She nodded, replying sweetly. She knew where things between could lead of they let and she wanted it, being completely submissive to him, giving up control to him, letting him dominate her body, was empowering and she knew it would be satisfying for both of them.

“Do you trust me?” He asked simply.

She thought for a moment before answering. She kuşadası escort did trust him, she respected him too. She felt safe with him. “I do.” She said with a small smile.

His hands ran up her arms as he kissed her again, he glided them down to the hem of her shirt, lifting it over her head, her cheeks crimson as he unbuttoned her pants and pushed them down, she stepped out of them as his eyes roamed over her body. She stood before him in light pink bra and matching satin panties and basic black heels.

“You’re stunning.” He told her and she blushed more as she felt a shiver move down her spin in anticipation. “Tell me, Babygirl, have you been naughty without me?”

Her eyes wide, she slowly nodded.

“What did you do?” He asked as he cupped her massive tits in his hands.

Biting her lip, she whispered, “While I was at the gym in the dressing room, while behind a curtain I played with my pussy. I put my fingers in my hole, and fucked myself. It felt really good. I could hear women in the room doing various things and the thought of getting caught made me orgasm.”

He put his hand on her back to guide her, “that was very naughty. Such behavior requires proper discipline.” He led her the wall and had her place her hands on it for support as she bend over until her ass was out and legs spread so that her voluptuous ass was perfectly presented to him. He stood behind her as he slipped her panties, freeing her ass, she felt this hands caress her thick thighs, “you’ll receive six slaps on your bare ass for not being able to control yourself from being a needy slut in public.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She braced herself, as she waited for what felt forever before the frist blow hit. His large kuşadası escort bayan hand had landed swiftly on her right cheek, hard, and it made her eyes water. It was prefect.

“Count them out, sweetheart.” He instructed firmly.


“Two.” She cried when the second slap fell on her left cheek. It was exhilarating.

The third slap hit with a sharp sting on her already sensitive right side.

“Three” she gasped.

“You liked it, didn’t you?” The fourth slap connected to her left side, “being in public excited you more.”

“Four.” She grunted slightly. “Yes, Sir. It was exciting to think I could be caught.”

“It was very naughty,” he admonished as the fifth slap connected and tear fell down her cheek.

“Five.” She said, biting her lip.

His hand moved to her center, exposed to him. His touch light and teasing, she was so wet his fingers slide over her nether lips.

“That’s my good girl, so wet for me. You like this, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy.” While she answered the final spank sounded sharply with a crack as it hit her skin, she hadn’t anticipated it because his other hand was slip toying with wet slit. The surprise and rawness mixed together caused her to scream out this time. “Six.” She gasped, drawing a few breaths as tears fell from both eyes.

A finger pushed inside her roughly while other rubbed her sensitive clit, a second finger glided slowly into her as her legs visibly quivered.

“You have the sweetest little pussy, Baby. You have been such a good girl taking your punishment without any complaints. You deserved it and needed it, didn’t you.?” He continued fucking her with his hand as he spoke, “You are so beautiful right escort kuşadası now, your skin is bright red like a cherry. I’ve never seen anything like it.” She panted as pleasure continue to build, biting her lip to keep from crying out.

“Such a good girl.” His hand still move in and out of her pussy. She felt her juices dripping down her thighs, “I need to be inside you now.”

“Please, Daddyyyy…” She hissed.

His hand moved away and almost immediately she felt the thick head of his cock press against her opening. He nudged her knees apart slightly and thrust inside. She cried out as she filled her, he felt enormous in this position and she was grateful she was well lubricated. She heard a strangled moan escape his lips and felt this hands rest in her shoulders as he began to move inside her.

“You feel so good. So perfect.” He groaned, she could hardly string together thoughts as he pounded her from behind, his abdomen brushing against her raw ass with each thrust. The combination of pleasure and pain was exhilarating and she couldn’t find words, just crying out as he pushed inside her. He was hard and fast, yet somehow seemed measured and controlled at the same time.

She could feel her orgasm coming. It had been building ever since he’d put his finger inside her pussy. It climbed her and her whole body began to shake. She could feel it. She was close.

“Come for me.” He whispered harshly in her ear. “Cum on my cock.”

Her muscles clenched tight around as she came hard and screamed his name.

“Fuck yes. I’m going to come inside you now. I’m going to fill you up. Do you want that?”

“Oh…yes…Daddy…” She moaned, her muscles still moving along his cock from her climax.

His gripped tightened as he came with a shout, as he shoot his seed into her womb. He held her against him as his cock twitched and pulled her to the floor, she turned and nuzzled his neck as they embraced.

The two fell asleep in each others warmth, his cock still buried inside her.