A Transforming Trip Ch. 07


The trip back was quick, wet but otherwise uneventful. Veronique took the helm and Clare, Pascal and I scrambled over the yacht keeping it running at maximum speed. As a result we were all salty, wet and tired as we pulled into our berth in the harbour.

Clare took off her lifejacket revealing a damp white top clinging to her breasts, the top semi-transparent with the dampness and her erect nipples clearly visible. Pascal volunteered to sort out the boat, and so we grabbed our stuff and walked up through town back to our apartment. She got a great reception as we walked past a crowd of young men drinking beer outside a bar in the main square, and jiggled her breasts to please the audience.

‘Show off.’ I commented once we had left them behind. ‘Yeah yeah.’ she replied, ‘This morning that guy was checking out my pussy, I hardly find a slightly see through top very shocking. I am a little aroused from it though, this clingy top is pretty sexy.’

We got back to the apartment and were both quite cold despite the warm sun. She discarded her wet clothes in the kitchen and went into the shower. I did likewise and soon we were standing naked together under the foot wide rose of the shower, steaming hot water cascading down over us.

Clare got the shower gel, took a generous palm-full and started rubbing it over my chest. Her soft hands caressed over my arms and shoulders and down to my cock. She got another handful and took my shaft in one hand, and my balls in the other, rubbing the creamy soapy liquid in as she moved her hands back and forth. I quickly hardened to her soft caress. I then took a handful of the gel and started to rub it into her back, over her shoulders and down to her breasts. I watched her nipples grow longer and harder as I rubbed them a little more firmly.

She the took some more and ran her hands down my back and over my ass, her two hands each grabbing a cheek and rubbing the soap into them. She then grabbed my cock with one hand and at the same time moved her other hand to my anus, moving her soapy finger round and round the rim. She had never touched me there before and the combination of sensation as she briskly pumped my cock with one hand and fingered my ass with the other was hugely arousing. My cock was completely hard now; I could see it nodding slightly with my heartbeat throbbing through it.

She slowed down her movement on my cock and, taking another shot of gel in her other hand, inserted a finger inside my ass. I felt my muscles clamp down on her finger as a huge sensation of my body being invaded by her washed over me. She continued to tease my rock hard cock with one hand as she slowly moved her finger further into my ass. I could feel myself relax slightly after a while.

I could feel my orgasm coming, I tensed myself as I prepared to cum but she suddenly pulled back, letting go of me.

‘Not so fast.’ She smiled at me and laughed. She then proceeded to wash herself all over with the creamy bubbly gel, covering her smooth round breasts with bubbles and massaging the soap into her pussy. She turned off the shower and stepped out leaving me to watch her, my hard cock still sticking up in desperate longing.

She walked out of the bathroom, still completely naked and dripping with water. I followed her gingerly into the bedroom where the afternoon sun was streaming through the wall of glass overlooking the sea. I expected her to settle onto the bed, but instead she walked over to the window, slid it open and stepped onto the balcony. She was obviously enjoying the thrill of her nudity again as her nipples were erect and I could see a flush of red on her cheeks from the excitement.

She settled into one of the sun loungers across from the opposite balcony, where she knew Pascal and Veronique would be returning any minute. ‘Come on out.’ She shouted back at me. I was still erect and was very hesitant about coming out through the window onto the balcony. I checked around but could see no sign of them, so I dashed out through the door sat down on the other sun lounger.

Clare sitting opposite me and opened her legs wide apart. ‘Sit there and watch.’ She looked me directly in the eyes and smiled, a wicked glint in her eyes as she enjoyed the excitement of her exposure with the risk that any moment we would be discovered. She put one hand down to her clit and started running her finger over it.

She was still wet and her hair hung down over her breasts. Drips fell onto them and then rolled slowly down to her thinly covered pussy. I watched her intently slowly bringing herself to a climax, her breasts swelling and red patches appearing on her cheeks. She finally came in a mixture of movement and screams of pleasure. One finger was running round her opening, the other briskly rubbing her now enlarged clit. I was still hugely aroused, watching as she relaxed through the final waves of pleasure.

‘Now sit back and enjoy yourself while I finish you into my mouth.’ She didn’t really like me cumming into her mouth gaziantep escort I knew, as normally I had to beg her for this treat. To be offered the chance voluntarily was a very pleasant surprise. She moved forward, took my balls with one hand, the base of my cock with the other and then plunged the head of my cock into her mouth.

I immediately luxuriated in the warmth and wetness as I felt her lips and tongue enclosed the top of my dick. She started gently moving her head back and forth as my cock moved in and out of her mouth. With her tongue she licked up and down the head paying particular attention to the bottom edge. I studied her beautiful face, eyes looking up into mine; her mouth stretched just wide open enough to allow the thick width of my cock to force its way in.

She sat back for a minute and gently started rubbing her hand over the head of my wet cock. ‘I have been thinking about things.’ She started. I wondered just what things in particular. ‘Would you let Veronique watch while you fuck my ass, maybe suggest how to help enjoy it?’ As a small glob of pre-cum oozed out of the top of my hard erection she took it back into her mouth, her tongue licking it off me as she enveloped me once again with her warm wet intimacy.

‘Oh no Clare please.’ I exclaimed. ‘You have gone far enough with this, it has been fun, but I draw the line now. No more sex with other people in the room. In the distance is close enough.’

‘I was just thinking once, just to try it. Its just Veronique obviously enjoys it and she has tried it lots of times before, I thought I might like it too, and well, wouldn’t you like her to watch a little.’ With this she forced her little finger up into my anus, and lowered her mouth back over my cock.

I imagined Clare kneeling on the bed her face down in the pillows while I watched my cock ramming hard into her open ass. The image did arouse me and I looked back at her as her mouth pumped up and down on my cock.

I felt my orgasm coming closer and tensed my legs to appreciate its full effect. Clare was holding the base of my cock in one hand, pumping it deep into her mouth and gently caressing my ass with the other as I finally came with a loud exclamation. I felt the hot cum pump into her wide-open mouth as she continued to suck the head of my cock with her mouth. Once her mouth was full she pulled back from me and smiled, her mouth slightly open. A thin string of cum came from the top of my cock back up to her chin.

I could see her mouth full of my cum as she looked back at me. She licked her lips with it and spread a thick line around her lips. A little ran out of the side of her mouth, down her chin and dripped onto her erect nipple where she rubbed it slowly into her breast. She swallowed the remainder and then opened her mouth, fully aware of how sexy I found it for her to drink my cum. She then kissed me with her still sticky lips, the salty taste of my juices still present on her tongue.

She looked over to the other balcony where I now realised Pascal had arrived back, and was standing watching us. I should have known that she was using me as a prop for her showing off. The whole thing with me cumming into her mouth had been played out for him to watch, just as much as for me. He too had seen her licking the cum around her mouth and swallowing it.

I felt a little betrayed and used, I was becoming a mere bit player for her sexual fantasies. She wanted to use me to show off her lovemaking to others, and was hoping to let me fuck her ass while Veronique watched. I felt that I was losing her respect as she pushed the boundaries for more thrills.

I got back up and walked into the bedroom as Clare followed me. Pascal tracked her naked body back into the apartment. I could see from his eyes that he almost regarded her as a lover already.

Once inside I turned to her. ‘Clare, thank you so much for finishing me like that, but I really don’t want Veronique there while we have sex, it will end up with her getting involved. I thought we agreed about this, I thought this was just a thrill being watched once. Now do you have to keep pushing the limits.’

‘Hmmm.’ She replied thoughtfully. ‘Perhaps I am getting a bit carried away, I thought you would like her watching, I was just excited by the idea of trying it, just as an experiment. I was thinking maybe we were missing out not trying it. Perhaps Veronique and Pascal have an interesting view on lovemaking. I didn’t like it at first, but maybe we can learn from it more. I have enjoyed taking more risks, it has been a real thrill.’

We lay together on the bed, cuddling, her head on my shoulder, one of her legs laying across my legs. She promised to cool down with her thoughts of anything to do with the others, in order to assuage my feelings. Later we got up and ate dinner together. I felt we had resolved the situation.

Next day I returned to the office. I knew we had two issues to resolve. Firstly the Raskolovics wanted to get us to giresun escort agree to accept the latest payment despite the 5 million cash component, which I knew we would not get permission from London to accept. Secondly I still had to talk to the money-laundering folks about the previous payment.

I got to my desk and opened my email. There were a handful of regulation mails regarding the sales progress and new opportunities. One other email appeared though with no subject. I clicked on it and it had a link to a video clip, I assumed it was the usual crap that gets forwarded around in banks and double clicked the icon.

As it started playing I realised to my horror that it was a clip of me. It must have been taken from a security camera at the Casino the preceding week. It showed Clare on her knees obviously sucking my cock, Isabelle was to one side, her sheer dress showing off her breasts as she forced her tongue into my mouth. Finally it completed with Clare pulling back revealing my erect cock, and me suddenly looking shocked as the rest of the guests got an eyeful.

I quickly closed the media player hoping against hope no one else had seen it. The message below it was ‘How will the managers in London like this?’ it listed a mail group of senior bank execs that I reported to, plus another of all the trading staff in London.

I knew that this would be a huge problem for me if it got out; these files could be forwarded round the city in no time. If it were to get out, I would be done for: sacked immediately, and I would not get another job easily. I would be renowned as the party boy that got sacked for his public blowjob.

I assumed this was what Isabelle had meant when she said that the Raskolovics could be more persuasive if they wanted to. Pascal had warned me to be careful at that party; I should have heeded his warning.

Well anyway it cleared any doubt in my mind; we would have to go ahead with the next payment to keep the Raskolovics sweet. I wondered if this was the general approach that they took to business. Get some leverage with the person you want to use, probably with a pretty girl like Isabelle, and then just ask for what you want.

I got the papers ready, and ordered the legal folks to sort out any final contractual details. I still wasn’t sure how we would put the cash through the books but I just created an electronic confirm that would look like it came in as a normal bank transfer.

By the time Clare called to ask if I fancied lunch I was feeling pretty good again. I was only doing what everyone wanted; the bank would earn a pot of commission and the Raskolovics would get their payment accepted for their development project.

Clare met me in reception, she was all smiles, radiant in a short strappy yellow sundress with pretty matching sandals and a straw hat. We walked out of the building with my arm around her waist, most content. Her dress was low cut and the front dipped and bobbed as she walked. It afforded me a great view of her naked breasts bouncing happily along in the warm sun.

We sat at a pavement cafe eating baguette sandwiches, Clare sat back holding her espresso and the sun glinted off her hair. She crossed her legs and her dress rode further up her thigh, flashing a little of her sheer white knickers. She beamed back at me, enjoying the attention she was getting.

We walked back to towards the bank after lunch, through a small shopping area. Clare had the afternoon to herself and was easily distracted by the swish French boutiques that we passed. She hesitated for a minute outside a luxury lingerie and swimwear shop. There were a variety of beauties photo’d in the window wearing a variety of skimpy lace and satin underwear.

‘Thats a pretty bra.’ Clare observed, pointing at a sheer white one with embroidered flowers across the cups. ‘Lets go in.’ ‘Ok’ I agreed readily; I didn’t really have time but lingerie shopping was always fun.

Clare asked the woman behind the counter if she could try it, and the woman took a small box out of a drawer, handed it to Clare and ushered her through into a changing area at the back. I looked around the shop as I waited; I was a big fan of sheer white lace underwear, and there were a number of very sexy camisole, and baby doll pieces to admire. Another guy was also patrolling the store, also waiting for his partner I supposed.

Once Clare was changed, the assistant came back into the shop and ushered me through into the changing area at the back of the shop. There were three small cubicles, each with a mirror and a white cotton curtain. Outside the cubicles was a larger area with a large floor to ceiling mirror.

Clare was standing outside her cubicle wearing her white sheer knickers, together with the new bra; she looked fantastic, really sexy. Through her knickers I could see the trimmed triangle of her pubic hair and the line where the lips of her pussy came together. The bra was just as revealing, the embroidered flowers hid a little gümüşhane escort but her nipples were clear through the remainder of the lace.

‘Wow you look fantastic.’ I said as I felt my cock harden instantly.

‘Do you like it, shall I buy it.’ She admired herself in the mirror. ‘I better get some more bras, I cant wear my British ones here cos they are way too boring, but walking around without one just causes so much attention.’ It was the first time she had commented upon the continuous stares that she had received since her arrival, triggered largely it must be said by a hugely revealing wardrobe.

‘Sure, buy it. You look great.’ I replied.

Just at this moment another woman came out of one of the other cubicles and shouted through to her partner, whose name I deduced was Jacques. She was wearing a tight red corset and some very reduced G String knickers. The top also had suspenders that came down to some lace top stockings. She didn’t even glance at me, but instead studied herself in the mirror.

Her partner arrived and was greeted with the beauteous sight of Clare and his wife, both in fantastically sexy underwear preening themselves in the mirror. His wife put her head back and ran her hands through her hair; he put his hands on her hips and kissed her lightly on the cheek, whispering in her ear what he thought of her hugely sexy new outfit.

‘You look great.’ Clare said to the other woman turning to admire her. ‘Thanks.’ Replied the other girl, looking back at Clare, studying her breasts and hips. ‘You are lucky, you have a much more feminine look though.’ She observed.

It was true, Clare’s bigger hips and breasts looked great beside her own thin, boyish hips and flattish A cup breasts. ‘You should try something like this.’ She said running her hands over her breasts and down to her waist. ‘You would look very sexy, you have a good waist, it would show it off to perfection.’ Her husband studied Clare’s figure drinking in her nipples and pussy, clearly visible in the mirror, he licked his lips sub-consciously, then realised I was watching him and looked away.

Clare called through to the assistant and asked if they had the same corset and knicker combination in her size. The other woman decided to buy them anyway and took a lacy camisole and French knicker set that Jacques had found for her. ‘Perhaps you could help undo the back?’ She asked her husband as she turned back into her cubicle. There was not really enough room for the two of them and so she was only able to pull the curtain partially over as her partner started unclipping the hooks and eyes down the back.

The assistant handed Clare the red corset, in her size, together with accompanying string knickers. Clare too went back into her cubicle and pulled the curtain across, she made a halfhearted effort though and it fell back allowing me a clear view through a small gap. She reached behind her back and unclipped her new bra, slipping it off her shoulders and hanging it onto a hook on the wall. She took the corset slipped it around her and reached behind to start doing up the clips.

‘Hmm, perhaps I need a hand too.’ She asked pushing the curtain back. The other couple had finished undoing the other one and the woman slid it off, handing it to her partner, her small perky nipples now free to point back up into the air.

She slipped the G String off onto the floor, as I caught a full view of her shaved pussy in the mirror of her cubicle. She seemed unbothered by her nudity in front of me however as she slipped the camisole over her head. It was supported nicely on her pert nipples and hung down revealingly as she leant forwards to pull the knickers up. The camisole and knickers were both lace and while they covered her to some degree, the strong spot lights picked out the lines of her figure clearly.

Clare and I had just about finished with the hooks on the back of the corset so Clare too slid off her sheer knickers, I noticed the other guy glance across at her as she sat down. She raised her leg and slid them off her foot, exposing the full view of the lips of her pussy as she did so. She then put on the matching G String and stepped out to use the taller mirror outside the cubicle. Once again the two women stood next to each other in absolutely drop dead gorgeous lingerie; my cock was throbbing with arousal looking at the two scantily clad women, each studying herself and the other in the huge mirror.

‘You see.’ said the other woman. ‘You look much better in that than I do, your larger breasts just accentuate your thin waist’. All of us looked down at Clare’s hips and waist, the other guy making no secret of it as he stared at her naked ass, just a string and a patch of lace to cover it. ‘Look at me.’ She continued. ‘I have no shape to me at all.’

It was her turn now as we all looked over at her, standing in a brief covering of sparcely embroidered lace. ‘I think you look great.’ Clare replied encouragingly. ‘You have a really flat stomach and you don’t have big thighs like me.’

Our attention switched back to Clare’s bare ass and legs. The other guy and I were in heaven, hoping for a detailed comparison of their breast sizes next, but the girls lost interest and wandered back into their respective cubicles to change.