Natasja Ch. 2


For the rest of the day, after Natasja had been humiliated by Fred at the table, his fondling of her making her forget where she was and arousing her, then stopping before she could come with all the staff watching her, she was made to work in the kitchen. The cook took the opportunity to feel her tits and ass through the button front dress, and her face was flushed from embarrassment and humiliation because of that. She knew better than to complain or try to stop him. At least she still had her dress on and he had to feel her through it. Even with the embarrassment, her nipples had erected to hard points and were visible easily through the dress. She was sent to the door to the kitchen from the back yard twice for deliveries, and she was embarrassed that her nipples were so plainly visible.

The deliverymen noticed and that made her flush even more. Finally the day ended for her work, and she was allowed to go to her room and wash. Shortly after that, Stephanie came into her room and told her to take off her dress and come into the bathroom. Stephanie made up her face, nicely, not whorishly and picked out another dress. This one had spaghetti straps and was low cut, with a side slit almost to her hip. Some heels that matched were also found. She wasn’t given nylons to wear tonight. Stephanie also brushed her hair and basically made her look very attractive. Natasja was wondering why so much care was taken for her tonight, but realistically she just enjoyed the attention. Once Stephanie was pleased with her look and dress and she told her to go downstairs to the dining room.

Natasja walked slowly, remembering the humiliation of being teased to arousal earlier that day. She really didn’t want to be in that position again. She entered the dining room, and was surprised at the elegant setting of the table and how dressed up Fred was. It was not normal and she was wary of him and wondering what was going to happen to her. Fred came to her and took her arm, ushering her to a chair next to his. He pulled the chair out and seated her like a grand lady. Natasja looked about the room nervously, but there was no one there but the two of them. She sat with her hands folded in her lap and looked down at the tabletop. He began to talk to her about her day, which made her think of how he had exposed her and she blushed again. Stephanie came in and served each of them some wine, which he told her to drink. She was not used to alcohol but she sipped it slowly. She was still feeling uncomfortable and suspicious and kept glancing surreptitiously around the room and at Fred. She still could not figure out what was not right other than how she was being treated. Fred insisted that she drink more wine and she did, feeling it begin to affect her.

Stephanie now brought in the dinner that was a salad on a separate plate and a main course of beef tips with potatoes and asparagus. She ate, slowly, still looking for something to happen to her. As the evening passed and nothing did, she began to relax and Fred continued to pour wine for her. She tried to protest, telling him that she was not a drinker, but he would not hear of it. He poured and she drank. Natasja was by now becoming fairly inebriated. Her words were slurring and she was having difficulty with her silverware. She knew where she was, what was happening, who she was with, just her motor skills were not very good. When Fred had finished eating and she had also, including 3 glasses of wine, he stood. Moving to her, he pulled her chair back and helped her up. He smiled at her and took her arm, leading her upstairs.

When they got to her room, he ushered her inside and easily slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders. With an infinitesimal hiss, the dress slid down her arms and chest, dangling around her waist. Fred bent to her and kissed her, then bent further and teased one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked, licked and kissed it until it was erect and pouting out. Then he turned to the other nipple and teased that one just as he did the first. Natasja was a little woozy from the wine and was becoming slightly aroused from the teasing of her nipples. She held his head to her with one hand, the other on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She was enjoying the sensations he was triggering in her. This was new to her, the arousal. He had just taken her before, with no concern for her pleasure. Now he was pleasing her and she was confused as well as being a little drunk.

As he teased her second nipple, Fred slid his hand down the back of her dress onto her bottom and stroked it, then pushed down on the dress. It resisted for a few moments, but slid down over her bottom and pooled around her ankles. He stroked her bare bottom for a few moments, tracing a finger up and down her crease. Then he turned her so she faced away from him. He cupped one tit in one hand and slid the other down her body until it touched the tiny strip of hair just above her slit. He teased the hair and his thumb teased her nipple. Natasja was feeling much Bycasino different than she ever had before. This was nice; this was something that she could get to like.

He slid his hand further down and she tensed as he touched her pussy lips, but he softly kissed her neck and his other hand found her other breast and began to fondle that one. He stroked her between her legs, very gently and softly and she leaned back against him. She could feel his cock pressing against her. Usually she would have tensed much more, but the alcohol and his touch created a lassitude in her. One finger traced her slit and she opened her legs involuntarily, inviting him without words or thoughts to touch her more. As his fingers slid lightly up and down her labia, Natasja shivered and leaned back against him even more. She began to pant, her breath uneven, as her arousal rose. She felt swollen and engorged between her legs and they opened a little more.

As Fred felt her giving in to him, he slid a finger between her lips and traced a path between them, opening her pussy. She gasped and her hips bucked forward as he touched her clitoris. He still fondled her tits and her nipples were as hard as stone. A blush had moved from her face down her neck to her chest. He gently traced between her labia, down and then back up until he reached her clitoris once more. She gasped and her hips bucked forward again, pushing against his finger. Fred bent and kissed her neck and hair once more and one of her arms reached up and wrapped around his neck, holding him to her. Her inhibitions and embarrassment were fading away; chased away by the feelings he had teased and touched into her.

Fred removed his hand from between her legs and she felt so empty when he did. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to her bed; her silk dress tangled around one foot and dragging behind them. He stood her at the head of the bed and pulled down the comforter and top sheet. She stood dizzily, clutching at the headboard, her head swimming. Fred took her and helped her onto the bed. She first lay on her back, then curled to her side. He looked at her and swiftly undressed. Naked, he returned to the bed and gently pushed Natasja onto her back once more. He crawled up between her legs, nudging them open with his knees. She whimpered, thinking that he was going to shove his large cock into her, but he did not.

She looked at him with alcohol hazed eyes, aroused eyes and saw him lean forward and kiss her on her belly. She moaned and her skin rippled as his lips touched her. Her legs fell further open and he moved down, kissing his way to her slit. Natasja was whimpering, not understanding, he had never done anything like this to her before. His lips touched her engorged labia and her breath hissed out of her mouth. Her hips lifted to him and he licked her slit from top to bottom and then back to flick over her erect clitoris. This time her hips bucked up and she began to gasp. Her hands went to his head and held it. Fred kissed and licked her gently but persistently, slowly driving her wild. Her hips were bucking up to his mouth and she was gasping steadily. She was so close to coming, and she wasn’t sure why her insides felt so liquid, why her mind was buzzing. Only that she wanted him, wanted him inside her.

For the first time Natasja called him Master.

“Oh god, my god, Master, please, oh god, please.”

He lifted his head and looked at her.

“What is it Natasja?”

“Please Master, please………”

“What do you want, Natasja?”

Oh god, please put it in me, Master, please…….”

“Put what in you, Natasja?”

She clutched at his shoulders, trying to pull him up and over her body.

“Master, put your cock in me, please, put it in me……”

“As you wish, Natasja.”

With that he let her pull him forward. His body slid above hers and he reached down to grasp his cock and place it at her open pussy. As he touched his cock, her hand reached it also. He let her soft, warm hand grip his erect cock and lead it to her hole. She felt it touch her lips and she forced it down until the tip was right at her opening. She looked at him and then both of her hands were on his ass and pulling him down. With a smile, his hips thrust forward and she felt herself being stretched open. He felt a smooth, slick sleeve gliding over and around his cock. They both groaned, Natasja at the feeling of being stretched wide and Fred at the feeling of being in a tight, clutching, wet, slick channel. His thrust was slow, letting her feel the whole thing as it pushed into her. She began to pant. Her arms went around his back and held him and her legs lifted up and wrapped around his ass. When he felt his belly touch hers, he felt her lift up to him, trying to get more of him inside her. Fred kissed her softly and she kissed back ravenously. Natasja was out of control. Her hips lifted and fell with his thrusts and she held him tight to her. Her legs were tight around him.

Natasja fucked Bycasino giriş him as hard as she could. There was no threat of punishment to her. This was what she wanted for herself and for him. He was high on her so his pubic bone was hitting her clitoris as he thrust into her. His cock rasped in and out and her hips rose and fell with him. Each thrust caused a jolt of pleasure inside her and in no time she was bucking against him, her orgasm jolting her. She was gasping and her face was buried in his neck. Her hips jerked involuntarily against him as she came. Finally she stopped jerking against him. She still felt twitching inside her belly. Then she realized that he was still in her, hard and erect, with no signs of softening.

Natasja moved her head back and looked in his eyes. Even though her legs were shaking and weak, she began to move her hips up and down, watching him, his eyes, as she did so. His eyes closed and he resumed thrusting into her. As she felt him start to move, she closed her eyes and worked her hips as best she could. It wasn’t long and she felt the telltale swelling of his cock inside her. That she knew, he had come inside her enough. She kept working her hips up and down for his pleasure, not for hers now. Her head lifted to his ear.

“Please come inside me, please……”

With those words, he grunted and his semen spurted out of his cock, coating her insides with warm, wet fluid. Natasja kept working her hips until she knew that he had finished coming. Then with a sigh, her legs slipped off his back and slumped to the mattress. She still held him tight to her with her arms, though. He was so much bigger than she was. His weight almost crushed the breath out of her lungs, but she would not let him up. She wanted him to hold her; she wanted to hold him. She was exhausted but would not let go of him. Her lips brushed his ear again.

“Stay with me tonight, please. I want you to hold me, make me feel safe and warm. Please…….”

Fred smiled and kissed her.


Then he removed her arms from around his back and rolled off her. Natasja was slick with sweat, her sweat. As his cock pulled out of her pussy she felt the semen trickling out of her and down her ass. She lay quietly until she was sure that no more was going to come out and then she turned to her side, facing him. She pushed as close to him as she could get and her upper arm went over his chest. She laid her head on his chest and listened to him breathe. She held him until she knew he was sleeping and then she let herself fall to sleep also.

Later, in the middle of the night, Natasja woke up. He was still in bed with her. She felt so happy that he had stayed and she was still feeling so good. She listened to him breathing next to her and she slid away a little, very carefully. When she was sure that he had not awaked, she slid quietly out of her bed and silently went to her bathroom. She shut the door and turned on the light. Turning on the faucet just a little she took a washcloth and washed herself. She cleaned off the sweat from their lovemaking and washed between her legs. She wanted to be clean again, clean and sweet. When she had finished washing, she turned off the light and opened the door. Almost gliding to the bed, she got on it and carefully pulled the sheet down until Fred’s groin was exposed. Then she bent over him and began to kiss his cock. Tenderly she took it in one hand and then lowered her mouth onto it. She began to suck him softly and listened to him start to moan in his sleep. His cock began to grow in her wet mouth and she knew the instant that he was awake. She felt his hands in her hair and sucked a little harder, knowing how much he liked that.

“What are you doing, Natasja?”

She didn’t reply, just kept sucking until he was erect once more.

“Natasja, answer me.”

“Master, I washed myself for you. I am clean for you.”

She did not ask for what she wanted, she just cuddled next to him and pressed her tits against his leg and laid her head on his stomach. He reached down and pulled her up, then kissed her on the lips. She kissed him back, passionately. Her top leg slid over his and she kissed and kissed him. Her nipples were already hard and she could feel wetness between her legs again.

“Ask me, girl.”

“I can’t, Master.”

With that he rolled her onto her back and kissed his way down her body. She was trembling as he did this to her. Her fists were knotted in the sheets and she opened her legs for him. He nuzzled her pubic hair and she gasped, clutching the sheets harder. Then he lowered his face and she felt him kissing her there once more. She felt swollen again and so wet. Her hands went to his head again, caressing him. He kissed her labia and then parted them with his tongue. She moaned. She felt him licking her all along her lips and then he flicked her clitoris with his tongue. Her hips bucked up. This time he held her down and licked her not as soft as the first time. Bycasino deneme bonusu He was laying over one of her legs. The other was bent at the knee and flopped open. Her hips were trying to rise, but he held her down. She was moaning out loud as she became aroused. She felt the tingling start in her belly. She felt his hot breath on her lips and clitoris. She couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Master, put it in me, please put it in me.”

He teased her some more with his tongue, then lifted his head.

“I didn’t understand you, Natasja.”

“Master, put your cock inside me and fuck me, please.”

She could feel herself flushing in the darkness as those words came out of her mouth. He lowered his head once more and licked her some more. She was gasping now and in a rush he lifted up, grasped his cock and put it in place. Then he thrust forward hard and his stiff cock slammed into her. She grunted as he hit bottom and her legs came up again and wrapped around him. Her arms went around his back. He settled in high on her again and began to thrust; making sure that he hit her clitoris when he went into her. Her hips matched his thrusts, lifting up to meet him. He pounded into her, fucking her furiously and she responded to him, fucking back at him. They were like two animals going at each other.

“Oh god, oh my god.”

“Please Master, fuck me hard.”

He moved faster and she matched him thrust for thrust, feeling her belly getting all quivery and liquid. She buried her face against his neck and shoulder and let herself go. Her hips were bucking up and down and she could hear slapping as their bodies met. She was bathed in sweat once more. His body slammed down on hers and she almost screamed as she felt the twinges inside her. She bucked up to him one last time and held herself there, spasming around his cock as she came in a rush. Her body was jerking and clenching on him as she came as hard as she ever had. He had driven deep into her when he felt her begin to come. He could feel her pussy gripping and relaxing around his cock as the spasms ran through her. When she had finished, he slid down a little and began to thrust gently into her. She panted under him, crushed by him, wet and sweaty. Then she realized that he had not come with her this time either and she began to move beneath him again, trying to give him pleasure the only way she knew how. She whispered in his ear.

“Fuck me until you come inside me, please. I want to feel you come in me.”

He held her tight and thrust, feeling her match his thrusts. It took a while, but he finally was at the point of no return. She could tell. When he thrust deep into her pussy and she felt the first twitch surge up his cock, she pulled him to her with her arms and legs and wouldn’t let him up. Semen splattered all over her insides as it shot out of his cock. She held him after he had come and finally relaxed on top of her. When he relaxed, she let her legs slump off of him and held him with her arms only, her face still pressed to his neck and shoulder. She whispered again.

“Thank you, Master.”

He lifted his head and smiled at her.

“You’re welcome girl.”

Then he rolled off her once again and this time, he pulled her to his side. With a smile of contentment, she laid her head on his chest again, and soon fell asleep. He lay next to her, mentally shaking his head. She had never been like this before.

The morning came quickly and Natasja awoke to find herself alone in her bed. She sighed, wishing that he was still there with her. As she stretched and began to sit up he came into her room. She looked at him then flushed, remembering what she had been like last night. She dropped her eyes until she felt his fingers under her chin, lifting it. Now she had to look at him again. Natasja was embarrassed. Her face was red and she was warm all over. He was dressed.

“Get out of bed. You need to start exercising today. I don’t want you to get fat and sloppy.”

Natasja swung her legs over the side of the bed and got up, flushing even more red. She was naked and semen had dried on her skin. She was sure that she smelled from sweating last night and she had to look a sight. She was not used to being naked in front of anyone, let alone a man. She hurried into her bathroom and got the shower running. As she stepped into it, she could see him leaning on the doorframe, watching her. She was not used to that either, not having any privacy. She washed hurriedly and took a towel before she got out of the shower so she had something to hide behind. He chuckled, knowing what she was doing. When she was dry, he held out his hand for the towel and hung it up after she handed it to him. She wanted to cover her tits and pussy, but knew that he would not like that. She stood quietly since he blocked her way to her bedroom.

“Use the bidet. You most likely need it.”

Those few words made her face flame. She said nothing, but turned to the bidet and sighed. Then she started the water, adjusted it and without looking at him used it. She wanted to slide into it and disappear. He handed her another towel and she dried herself again. Following him into her bedroom she saw a pair of socks and light running shoes on her chair. Fred pointed to them.