Diary of a Cock Sucker Ch. 09


Chapter 9.

In which our hero discovers new grazing ground.

We fast forward in our diary to reveal to our readers that our city fathers in Col**** have seen fit to order the closure of both the movie theater and the video shop under the guise of protecting the citizenry from a public nuisance. A public nuisance in the eyes of these esteemed gentlemen, being anything of which they either disapprove, or can be persuaded to disapprove through the facilitation of political pressure. We love the conservative right wing.

And so it is that we find ourselves several months later in Cin***, a city some modest drive away, whose city fathers are to date unenlightened to the dangers of the civil liberties of a free people. I enter the movie theater and find that one is presented with a choice. There is the doorway leading to the video booth area, and the entrance fee into the full movie theater of scheduled porn films. It looks like nirvana to the cock sucking/porn film lover, both of which I am an ardent fan. As it has been some time since I have had the pleasure of an afternoon of cock sucking or cock playing, I am in a dilemma as to which doorway to choose first. I finally elect to visit the video booth area first. Perhaps I can enjoy a cock or two first and then spend some pleasurable hours watching porn films and quality time with my cock.

I find the video booths are of the same style as described in previous chapters, doors with no gloryholes. I wander the hall for a few minutes, finding a couple of the booths in use. There is a very attractive fellow engaged in the usual anonymous male practice of pretending to closely examine the porn film playlist. I walk by him with a small discreet brush and enter a room, leaving the door open. As I expect, he immediately joins me. My companion is my size and perhaps a few years older. He is attractive with an athletic build, much more robust than my skeletal bicycle racer physique. He quickly displays a lovely specimen of slightly above average length and well above average girth. His cock is of my favorite rolling pin shape, perfectly round and straight with a blunt head. I gaze longingly at the lovely organ and immediately sink to my knees. It has been some time since I have enjoyed a cock and this one is spectacularly delicious.

I waste no time in engulfing his organ in my mouth, reveling in the taste of him and the fullness of his cock in my mouth. Such is my state of arousal that I have not bothered for the moment in having him drop his slacks. I begin enthusiastically sucking on his splendid organ, sliding my lips up and down on his glorious shaft. And then I hear a knock on the door. In a moment the door is opened by my companion, and another fellow quickly joins us. I am still on my knees with companion one’s cock in my mouth. As I withdraw from his cock, I am presented with the exposed and erect cock of companion two. The two are clearly acquainted and have planned this as a strategy. The second cock is fully erect, of average size and girth with a pronounced right and up bend to the shaft. I waste no time in taking his offered cock in my mouth. He is rigidly hard. As I suck on the offered cock, I reflect on the infinite variety of the male organ. The first, I will refer to as A, is large and full but not rigidly hard. The second cock, B, is smaller but rock hard. They both taste delicious. A and B spend the next minutes guiding my mouth from one cock to the other. Both are clearly aroused but seem in full control so I am free to suckle at will without fear of a premature ejaculation. I am in heaven, mouthing first one, and then the other, A and B watching as each cock in turn is serviced by my mouth.

And then I am drawn to my feet and A suggests that we could go to his place and asks if I would be interested. I ask if that means all three of us to which B answers in the affirmative. I agree and the three of us depart. I follow them and we soon arrive at an upscale condo complex where the three of us enter a home that has all the appearance of the dwelling of a married couple. A trip to the bathroom reveals further confirmation that this is the home of a man and a woman, I assume including one of my companions. I ask if the three of us will be alone here and A answers that we will. We waste little time in resuming our male sex interests, all three of us entering a bedroom with a large bed and discarding our clothes. My companions, A and B, are both attractive men of 30ish age with splendid athletic builds. Both are aroused and the sight of these beautiful bodies with splendid full cocks jutting out is enough to have me aroused as well. The room is attractively configured with a closet the full length of one wall whose doors are mirrors. Thus the entire room and specifically the bed are captured in the mirror.

My companions could have received blowjobs from me in the video booth. Since we are here, I assume that something more involved is on the agenda. We are not long in explorations porno as after some preliminary mutual kissing and hugging, we quickly turn to the bed where I have the opportunity to return to sucking on both of the splendid cocks. Again my companions take turns, A watching me cock suck B and then B watching me cock suck A. We do many positions, one of them lying on his back, me on my back with them kneeling on either side of my head, and then kneeling over me fucking a cock into my mouth. Finally I have them kneeling on the bed next to each other and I have both their cocks, mouthing both heads in my mouth at the same time, and alternating rapidly switching between the two cocks. We change so often that there is little chance of a premature conclusion, and in any case we each of us seem to be of the same mind, to lick and tease but for the purpose of arousal and pleasure, not to bring to a conclusion. To that end there is much ball licking, cock teasing, and finger caressing, but not a great deal of serious sucking. But I note that And B do not touch each other’s cocks and I speculate about their relationship as I enjoy both of them.

Eventually I find myself on my belly lying between A’s legs, having a wonderful time with his marvelous cock. B is behind me having an apparently wonderful time caressing, licking, and fondling my ass cheeks. My legs are parted and my erect cock receives the occasional caress and lick. I soon become aware of B’s more ardent interest in my ass as he spreads my cheeks and begins licking in the crack of my ass. Of course this is exquisitely pleasurable and I am enjoying this fully while all the time I have A’s wonderful cock in front of me to enjoy. I alternate caressing the gorgeous shaft with my face, holding it up in place with my fingers as I rub my face on the shaft. I rub the cock all over my face, exulting in the marvelous warm texture of the skin of his cock on my face. Occasionally I lick the bottom of the shaft, tease the sweet spot under the head, and take the head of his cock in my mouth for a brief suck. A provides the occasional caress of my head to reassure me that he is greatly enjoying all of this.

All the while B is between my legs with clearly increasing enjoyment of licking my rectum. His enthusiasm for my rectum grows as I feel his tongue probing. I arch my hips a bit to both assist his access and to signal my enjoyment. And it really is enjoyable. His tongue caresses over my hole, licking up and down, probing the entrance, and sucking. The sucking on my rectum hole is enthralling and each time he does this I am filled with the most exquisite pleasure. I almost unconsciously arch my hips back into his face. Eventually I am partially raised up on my knees thrusting my hips back into his face which he is pressing firmly against my rectum, licking, probing, and stabbing with his tongue, and that wonderful sucking on the rectum hole. With my belly lifted off of the bed, my cock is fully exposed, jutting out from my belly. I feel him wrap his hand around my shaft and the pleasure from this and his tongue pressing into my rectum send explosions of pleasure through my brain. I note that he is being very careful with his hand on my rigid cock. He applies the most delicate stroking caress, a small squeeze of the shaft, he let’s go and provides a gentle squeeze of my balls. And all the while continues with his relentless licking and sucking on my rectum hole. It is clear that his technique is to drive me to a high state of arousal and to maintain that state but not go further. I am in the hands of an expert and the pleasure is maddening.

What is also clear is that B’s efforts are a prelude to the next step which I have assumed all along is to fuck. I would not have left the video shop without having accepted this outcome so it is just a matter of time before B gets round to this. As noted, we are on display in the mirror and both A and B are spending a good deal of time watching the ballet in the mirror. I am having the most delightful time with A’s cock, kissing, licking and teasing with my tongue and for variety adding the occasional deep suck and very occasionally slipping the head of his cock into my throat. He clearly enjoys the latter as I hear blissful moans from him and receive some very gratifying throbbing in my throat before withdrawing. I manage to slide one of my hands under his balls and begin gently squeezing and rolling them in my fingers. The skin of his balls are like velvet. I suck one of his balls in my mouth and then alternate to the other before sliding my lips back over the head of his cock. I receive encouraging coaching from B who is enjoying the spectacle in the mirror. ‘Yes, that’s it, swallow his cock, suck on him, such a good cock sucker’, etc etc.

Eventually I feel a shift in the bed and I feel B’s cock sliding between my ass cheeks. He has his hands on my ass cheeks and is squeezing them together around his cock. He thrusts his hips and his cock fucks between my ass cheeks. I release A’s japon porno cock from my mouth, turn and tell B to put on a condom as it is very clear what is going to happen next. He puts his knees on either side of mine and I feel the head of his cock on my rectum hole. His hands grip my hips firmly and I feel him push. The head of his cock slides in. A small pause, a downward push of his hands on my hips to gain leverage, and he slowly but forcefully slides into my rectum. I have had A’s cock in my mouth while B has been at this exercise. I squeeze firmly on the cock in my mouth while I emit a load moan. I feel his pelvis press up against my ass, his hands firmly holding my hips, and he is balls deep in my ass. The three of us are locked together; A’s engorged cock buried in my mouth and B’s rock hard shaft buried in my rectum. The two of them pause for a long moment and I see that they are both enjoying the spectacle in the mirror. I confess that I am as well. I rock my hips a bit against B’s pelvis and feel his cock inside of me, alive and throbbing, and rock hard. I moan in pleasure at both the visual and the reality of having both their cocks buried in me.

I rise up on my elbows and begin sucking on A’s cock in earnest, pressing my lips on the shaft. His cock is a work of art, beautifully shaped, perfectly round. I slide my lips up and down on the shaft. Meanwhile I feel B withdraw to the head of his cock, pause, and then slide back into my rectum. He has his hands on the top of my hips, pushing firmly down for leverage. He pulls almost out again and then immediately slides back in, his pelvis landing firmly against my ass. I continue sucking on A’s cock, lips pressing firmly, my head bobbing briskly up and down on it. I feel A’s hands on my head. He lifts my mouth off of his cock and holds me off, his engorged cock waving and bobbing in the air in front of me. I look up and he is alternating between looking at his cock and looking in the mirror. I look in the mirror and see B behind me. He withdraws to the head and I see the shaft of his cock. With his hands pressing down on my hips, he lunges forcefully back in. I grunt as he reaches bottom and we all hear the sound of his pelvis landing against my ass. He immediately pulls out again and with all three of us staring at the mirror, and at each other in the mirror, he lunges back in and begins a rapid and forceful fucking rhythm of his rock hard cock into my rectum. With each lunge into me, I am driven downward into the bed. My hips recoil only to be driven down again with his next lunge into me. We can all see my erect cock waving back and forth under me as he repeatedly thrusts into me again and again. The visual spectacle and the sounds are beyond arousing.

A, still holding my head in his hands, urges my mouth back on his erect organ. I capture the shaft in my mouth and resume energetic sucking, sliding my lips up and down on the shaft, licking and teasing the underside with my tongue. B is on his knees behind me doing a steady brisk fucking into my rectum. He is holding my hips firmly and we are doing a marvelous dance, his hands pulling my hips back so that my rectum slides over his cock, and his cock driving forward into me. We meet with a loud smack as my ass and his pelvis meet. He pulls his hips backward while simultaneous pushing my hips off of his cock. And then forcefully pulls my hips back again, ending with the cock driven arrow like back into my rectum and another loud smack of my ass driving into his pelvis. The sounds and the sensations are incredibly intoxicating. He seems to have relentless energy as the brisk fucking goes on and on. I reach between my legs to caress my cock. I grab it and begin pumping on it, but B pulls my hand away and begins driving himself into me with even more force. I am moaning while at the same time vigorously sucking on A’s cock. He repeatedly pulls my mouth off of him, his cock bobbing and weaving in front of me. I try to force my mouth back on the organ but he holds my head off. I conclude he is holding back his climax, allowing me to bring him to the edge but not over it. A holds my head there until he regains some control, and then brings my mouth back to his cock, all the while B fucking energetically into my rectum .

I hear B moaning with pleasure and his rhythm increases in pace. He obviously enjoys hard lunge fucking as that is exactly what he is doing, holding my hips and riding me on his rock hard cock. I feel his cock driving into my asshole, hard thrusting lunges. I look into the mirror and see his entire body working at it, the sinews in his arms, the muscles of his diaphragm, his legs muscles are shaking with the effort, his neck muscles are twisting. He is using his hands on my hips to ride my rectum on his organ, lunging forward and back on it. I see him open his mouth and hear moans of ecstasy from him. Both A and I are watching B in the mirror, A’s cock bobbing and weaving in the air, forgotten in the spectacle of B reaching lezbiyen porno the climax in my rectum that is obviously imminent. We both watch B in the mirror, his soaring ecstasy in full display, the pleasure spreading over his entire body awe inspiring to behold. I see him begin to spasm, his body jerking; his arms begin short frantic lunges of my hips, the final caressing embrace of the walls of my rectum on his cock. And then he bellows loudly, arches his back, forcefully drives his cock into my rectum and I feel his entire body shuddering as I feel him climax deep inside my body.

He holds me there, a death grip on my hips. I feel him shuddering against me; feel his cock thrusting deeply as he completes his climax. Both A and I watch with fascination, looking occasionally at each other and then back to the image of B in the mirror. I feel him slowly begin to relax, he leans forward laying on my back, his cock imbedded in my rectum and I squeezing on it. Each time I squeeze, B responds with a soft murmur of pleasure. Meanwhile A has withdrawn his cock from my mouth and is watching the two of us locked in the blissful post climax embrace. I look into the mirror at the image of B draped over my back his breathing evident in the slow and steady rise and fall against me, his pelvis pressed tightly against my ass cheeks.

A long post climax repose ensues, thrilling to all three of us. Eventually B rises and pulls away from me, his deflated cock withdrawing from my rectum. He lay down on the bed next to me with an audible gasp and I am struck yet again at the great cost in energy the male climax demands. I feel A’s hand on my hips and I turn to look at him. He is urging me on my back and it does not take much imagination to realize his interest and intent. I look down at his cock and he has a condom on. I roll over and lay on my back. A immediately positions himself between my legs, bracing his arms behind my knees, and lifting my hips. He positions his cock head at my rectum, pushes slightly to enter me, and then fully enters my rectum in one smooth motion. He lifts my hips up off of the bed with the leverage of his arms behind my knees, and presses his pelvis forcefully against me. I feel his cock fully inside of me, hard and insistent as he pushes into me. I can’t image that he is going to be more than a minute or two at this. My own cock is hard and bobbing above my belly. I look up at A and over at the mirror. We are a breathtaking sight, me with my feet up in the air and he mounted in me, the very definition of the powerful dominate male.

He pulls halfway out and immediately slides back in. He presses on me and then repeats the motion, pulling part way out and then pushing back in. I can well image that he is right on the edge of a climax and is fighting to regain some control. I reach down and wrap my hand around my cock and gasp in pleasure at the sensation. My own climax is not more than a moment or two away. A looks over at the mirror, and he experimentally does some small thrusting into me, I have no doubt admiring the dynamic visual. I hear B murmur that the sight of the two of us is glorious, and indeed it is. A pulls almost out, and we all three watch in fascination as his engorged cock is exposed and then he pushes back into me. He repeats this exercise, and repeats, and again, and again. Each time he presses into me, my cock shudders in pleasure and with urgent need. A begins fucking in earnest, pulling almost out and then driving his cock back into me, gradually increasing both the speed and power of his thrusting. Soon he is driving his cock into my rectum in strong powerful lunges, aided by the leverage of my legs pinned by his hands behind my knees. Each lunge drives me down into the bed. When he pulls back, the bed pushes my hips up only to be forcefully driven back down in his next lunge into me. I am gasping under him as he fucks himself into me. And he is groaning above me, his mounting pleasure clearly evidenced. B takes this opportunity to reach over between us and put his fingers on my cock shaft. As A lunges into me, B is delicately teasing my cock, using only the slightest pressure of thumb and forefinger. I assume he intends to bring me off with his fingers but is trying to time that effort to A’s clearly approaching climax.

And for A, that moment is upon him. His eyes are closed and I see him begin to tremble with approaching climax. He drives his cock into my rectum with a particularly savage lunge and pauses, pulls out and drives back in even harder. He groans loudly and I see his chest muscles go rigid. One more savage lunge and he bellows and stops, pressing his pelvis hard against me, his cock throbbing inside me. I clench on his cock again and again as I feel him spew his semen inside my rectum. B begins rapidly pumping up and down on my cock and it is not a minute before I also bellow loudly and a huge jet of my cum flies in the air, landing on my face, in my mouth, and on my chest. I groan loudly as B continues to pump, the rest of my cum showering over my chest and belly. A releases my legs and I lower them while he remains in the saddle as it were, his eyes still closed. It is clear that he really enjoyed the fuck and this post climax resolution is pleasurable and lengthy.