Catherine Ch. 01

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Hello, my name is Catherine and I am 30 years old. I am a beautiful natural blonde with an athletic body and a firm ass and breasts. My height is 5’5 and I weigh 130 lbs. I am originally from the United Kingdom and moved to Boston, Massachusetts to earn my education and never returned home after graduating. I have been married to my husband Michael for five years and we have two beautiful children together. A boy and a girl ages four and two.

My husband and I live in a good sized modern four bedroom house in a suburban town outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I have a good middle management job at a bank in the city and my husband does very well for himself financially as a successful contractor.

Before my husband and I got together I was a wild girl. I loved to party and I always acted on my urges whether it be substances or men. I am absolutely beautiful and I could always get any man I have ever wanted and also whatever I wanted from them. Pretty much I was no virgin by the time my husband and I met and he had no issues with that.

I was hitched by my husband because he was handsome, funny, had a good sized penis, he knew how to pleasure me, and most of all he could take care of me financially. We also had an unbelievable sex life and he was never jealous of my sexual past or the fact that the majority of my past relationships have been with black men. At first I believe he assumed he was getting a proper British woman probably because of my uptight British mannerisms, but he didn’t realize it at first that us Europeans are far more liberal about our sexuality than Americans. At the same time he enjoyed my sexuality and sometimes joked with me that I deserved a medal for my dick sucking skills.

From the outside looking in we had the perfect marriage and the perfect suburban life, but things had become too ordinary and routine for me. After five years of marriage and two children I had become bored and sexually frustrated. My husband is handsome and we have a decent sex life after all these years together, but I don’t have the same eagerness to have sex with him like I use to. I believe part of that is because I have always been more sexually attracted to black men.

Recently, I had become extremely anxious and restless with my daily routine at home with my husband and children. I just got out of work and picked up the children from daycare like I do everyday and headed home. My husband arrived home just minutes before I did and helped me grab the children out of my BMW X5.

When we both entered our house Michael could tell there was something different about my attitude, but he just shrugged it off and we both went about our routine. I cooked dinner for the family and after a little play time with antalya escort the children we put the children to bed. After such a long day at work and catering to my husband and children I was dying for a glass of wine and a cigarette.

After putting the children to sleep Michael and I retired to our bedroom. He immediately hopped onto our bed and turned on the television while I immediately went for my pack of Marlboro Lights in the night stand. I then walked onto our bedroom balcony and took a seat on the patio furniture. I took a sip of red wine and placed the cigarette between my lips. I then flickered the lighter and inhaled the smoke deep into my lungs.

Michael noticed how stressed I was so he decided to join me on the balcony. Michael came up behind me and began rubbing my shoulders. I took another deep drag of my all white Marlboro Light and blew out a nice stream of smoke into the air. “What’s the matter Hun?” Michael asked.

I sat in silence for a few seconds before building up the courage to speak “Darling, I love you more than anything in this world and I am grateful for everything you have given and provided for me, but I just don’t know if this life is for me anymore.”

“What do you mean Catherine? We have children together. You cannot just pack up your belongings and leave!” Michael demanded

I took a final drag of my cigarette and stubbed it out while blowing the smoke out of my mouth. I then responded “Michael, I’m not going to quit being a mother to our children. I am always going to be here, but I am just bored with our life together and I need more excitement in my life.”

Michael responded “Catherine, you’re being ridiculous. I give you everything, what more can you possibly want?”

I took a deep breath and grabbed Michael by the hands and looked him in his eyes. I began to tear and said “Darling, I don’t know the easiest way to say this. I’m sorry and ashamed, but I am having an affair.”

Before I could say anything else Michael cut me off and got up out of his chair. He then gave me a disgusted look and said “You’ve always been nothing but a whore. I’m disgusted.” He then walked back into our bedroom, grabbed his pillow from the bed, and went to sleep in the spare room in our house leaving me alone in our bedroom.

I began to tear up a little bit more. I knew Michael was heart broken and did not want me in his sight so I left him be. I felt ashamed for cheating on the father of my children, but my lust for black cock was too strong.

I finished my glass of red wine and then lit up my second Marlboro Light of the evening on our balcony and decided to text the man I have been cheating on my husband with antalya escort bayan Robert.

Robert was a black man and 27 years old. He is dark and handsome. He also has an athletic ripped body, which is exactly my preference in men. He works at another branch of the same bank we both work at, which is also where we met.

I texted Robert “So, I told my husband about us.”

Robert replied “Well I hope he is not taking it too hard. Anyways Catherine, there is no pressure from my end on you leaving your marriage. I just want you to make the decision you feel is best for you and your family.”

“Darling, I just couldn’t hide it anymore. The guilt within me was too strong and I needed to confess. I love my lifestyle with him, but I need a change as well. I have absolutely no intentions of ending our romance. I am going to get some sleep. Be ready for tomorrow because I cannot wait to see you tomorrow and have you fill me deep with that lovely long and black cock of yours. Goodnight!”

Robert texted me good night and I went to sleep in my marital bed alone. I woke up the next morning and Michael had gone to work and as expected he left without saying a word. I decided to call in sick from work. Soon after I called Robert and asked him to take the day off as well so we could spend the day together.

I dropped the children off at daycare. I called Robert up to inform him I was on my way and asked if he wanted a coffee. He accepted my offer and after stopping at Starbucks I drove directly over to Robert’s apartment. I pulled up to his apartment and walked to his front door with two cups of coffee and my pack of Marlboro Lights in hand. Robert answered the door shirtless flashing off his ripped abs. I then lifted my Louis Vuitton sunglasses off of my eyes and on to the top of my head and kissed him passionately.

Robert then asked “What has gotten into you this morning?”

I replied “Darling, I’m just feeling extremely down and guilty for what I have done to my marriage, but sexually you’re exactly what I need and I need you by my side today to support me.”

Robert just replied “I understand and I am here for you hun.”

Robert lead me to the couch in his living room. I then curled up next to him and started rubbing his chest and abs. “I’m under so much stress right now Robert and I need you to fuck me good.”

I then took my hands and started to rub his 8.5 inches of black cock on the outside of his sweat pants. After Robert became rock hard I pulled his pants down to around his knees and said “Darling, I want you to listen good! I need you to fill me deep with this lovely black cock of yours and you better do it right.” I then opened escort antalya my mouth wide and put his long black dick into my mouth placing it down my throat. Robert then grabbed my shinny blonde hair gliding his dick in and out of my mouth while I sucked it to the best of my abilities. Sucking dick is something I’ve always enjoyed and something I’ve always taken pride in, which is why I’ve been told by every man I’ve ever given head to that no other girl could suck a dick better than me. So, I knew if I kept on sucking his lovely black cock he was going to bust his load down my throat not giving me the pleasure to feel every inch of his black cock.

I then pulled his black cock out of my mouth and hopped up on my knees wanting him to fuck me from behind. Robert came up behind me and put his cock right into my white vagina stretching it out. Robert started fucking me romantically and slow. This way my vagina felt every inch of his black cock as it slid in and out of my vagina.

After about five minutes of Robert making love to me the sex became hotter. Robert then pulled my blonde hair lifting my head up. I looked up into the mirror hanging on the wall and seen the completion of his black body fucking my white body from behind. The sight was absolutely sexy and it turned me on even more. I began to fuck him back as he was fucking me from behind. Robert then picked up the speed “OH MY GOD FUCK ME HARDER!” I screamed. Robert then began to fuck me so hard my vagina was numb and stretched. After a few more minutes we both came instantly at the same time as he released his load deep into my vagina. I didn’t mind him blowing his load inside of me because I was on birth control.

I collapsed from my knees and laid down on the couch on my stomach while Robert laid on top of me out of breath. He laid there for a few minutes catching his breath and I could feel his black cock getting soft inside of me. He then got up and got some towels for me to clean off with.

After catching my breath I reached for my pack of Marlboro Lights and asked “Mind if I have a cigarette?” Robert agreed to let me have a much needed after sex cigarette. We layed down together on his couch and after blowing out a stream of smoke I said “Darling, you’re so sexy and sex with you is absolutely amazing. I am so mesmerized by your black cock I will never get rid of you!”

I stayed at Robert’s house a few more hours. I made us some lunch and we talked about how amazing and sexy we both were. We even had sex one more time that afternoon before I told him I had to leave and pick up my children from daycare and go home. I did not want to leave Robert’s side, but I still had my priorities. Robert walked me to the door. We both kissed each other passionately again and said our goodbyes hugging each other tight.

I left Robert’s house and drove to the daycare to pick up my children. After grabbing the children I drove directly home and settled the children in the living room. I then waited for the arrival of my husband Michael as I wondered what the future of my marriage held.