The Domme Club: The Fucking


This story will likely be most enjoyable if it is read after reading The Domme Club and one or two other stories in the series (for background of Tom and Monica’s relationship and how Tom has previously been humiliated in front of the Domme Club.) Respectful comments are appreciated.


Mistress Monica left Tom the standard list of chores to do while she was at her monthly Saturday Domme Club meeting. He was dressed in a standard working maid’s outfit that she had ordered from a uniform supply company on-line. He didn’t like it much. It was pretty drab in contrast to the frillier, lacier, and silkier outfits he had come to cherish, but she now only let him wear those in her presence. This one was grey cotton. Mistress seemed to know that Tom was more focused when he was wearing a less elaborate outfit.

She designed his chores so that he was rewarded for completing the more mundane tasks by being allowed more intimate duties. For example, after he’d scrubbed the bathroom floors and toilets, he was allowed to inventory her makeup and make note of any items that she needed him to go to Ulta to buy for her—new lipsticks, mascara, foundation, things like that. (One of the Dommes from the Club, Mistress Kacie, worked there, and Tom had been directed to ask for her when he shopped for Mistress Monica. This was especially embarrassing for him because Mistress Kacie knew that Tom wore panties and a bra underneath his male outer clothes. Plus, of course, Mistress Kacie had been at the Domme Club meeting their home where Tom’s small penis was on full display and she’d also seen Tom masturbate while Mistress Monica was being fucked by a large cock. Mistress Kacie was nice to Tom, though, in a tolerant, superior sort of way. She understood him because she had her own submissive at home, and she teased him just enough to humiliate him when he was in the store.)

He couldn’t explain it, but since he’d been required to shop at Ulta under Mistress Kacie’s supervision, he’d been getting erections every time he touched Mistress Monica’s makeup. He would tremble and sweat before going into the Ulta store to ask for Kacie, so inventorying Monica’s makeup was exciting for him. Tom had admitted to Mistress Monica that he’d started getting erections every time he touched her makeup, sometimes even when he saw ads for makeup on TV. She’d essentially trained him to develop this new fetish.

Another thing Mistress Monica did to make his chores more fun was that hand-washing her panties, bras, and stockings was the last thing on the chore list. She would motivate him by posting little notes around the house. If he was to clean out and scrub the fridge, for example, he might find a note in the fridge that would read “Five more chores until sissy gets to sniff his Mistress’s panties.” Then, when he finally got to the panties, there’d always be a sexy note. Something like, “Put this pair over your head, sissy, while you wash the rest. Sniff your Mistress. Smell the pussy that you are forbidden from fucking. Perhaps I will let you suck my pussy when I get home. And do not touch your little thing.”

Tom loved doing chores for his Mistress.

At the end of the chore list was this instruction: “When your chores are complete, you may change out of your work uniform, take a shower, dress in panties, bra, and your DD forms, kneel by my throne to wait for my return home.”

Mistress referred to her easy chair in the living room as her throne. She had put small rugs by the side and in front of it for Tom to kneel on when he honored and serviced her. Tom was waiting as instructed when she arrived. She ignored him as she put away a few things from her meeting and looked through the mail. He heard her walking around the house checking on the status of his chores. Then she came into the living room and sat on her chair, patted him on the head, and said, “You did a nice job on your chores, sissy Tom. Did you enjoy sniffing my panties?”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress,” he replied. “Did you have a good meeting?”

“It was very interesting. We talked about how many Dommes allow their bursa escort submissives to penetrate their pussies with their sissy cocks.”

“And?” Tom asked.

“Oh, wouldn’t you like to know. I’ll tell you one thing for sure. No cock as small as yours ever feels the inside of a dominant woman, nor should it,” she laughed. “Remind me, Tom, just how small is it again?”

Tom hesitated. “It is, it’s, umm, almost four inches,” he said.

“Tom!” she said, sternly, “Be honest with Mistress. Do I need to get the ruler?”

“It’s three and five eighths inches, Mistress,” Tom said, bowing his head, his face reddening.

“I will tell you this, the smallest cock that is allowed in a pussy of any Domme in the Club is six. Do you think you could grow?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Stand up, Tom. You’ve been a good sissy today. I will play with it for my amusement while we talk about the most marvelous idea one of the Dommes came up with today.”

Tom stood up. His penis pushed against the nylon of his pink Vanity Fair full-cut panties.

“Look how excited you are, sissy. Pull your panties down for your Mistress.”

Doing as he was told, Tom shuddered with excitement as Mistress Monica took his quivering cock into her hand.

“Mistress Kacie likes you, Tom. She feels sorry for you, how embarrassed you are when you come into her store with your list, shopping for your Mistress. You know she told me that you stare at her breasts. Do you, Tom?”

She took her hand away from his penis and he bowed his head in shame. “Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress.”

“Look at me, sissy!”

He did as he was told. She put her hand back on his cock and gave it a few gentle strokes. “I understand that you admire the beauty of women and I have no problem with that, Tom. Next time you visit the store you will apologize to Mistress Kacie for ogling her breasts.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“She feels sorry for you that you have such a little prick, and that you never get to fuck.” Tom’s cock was twitching in Monica’s hand. He wanted to pump and spurt, but he knew better. “She lets her husband fuck her, Tom, about once a month, if he earns it, but she would never allow a thing as little as this inside of her.”

Tom let out an involuntary moan. Mistress Kacie was beautiful.

“But things are different with her submissive. He has a seven inch cock, for one thing. And you’d be shocked to hear what he has to do to earn the privilege of entering her.” Monica could feel the pressure building in Tom’s penis and she let go just before he ejaculated. “We almost had a little accident there, sissy. You would have been in big trouble.”

“Sorry, Mistress. It’s the talk about fucking.”

“How long has it been since this little thing has been in me, Tom?” Monica asked.

“Nearly ten years, Mistress.”

“And what happened the last time I let you fucked me, Tom? Did you satisfy me?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Why not, sissy, what happened?”

“I, ahh, I, ahh, I came too soon.”

“We’ve been over this before, Tom, how soon was too soon?”

“I don’t know.”

Tooommm???” Be honest, or you won’t get to taste me.”

“Th-thirty seconds,” Tom answered.

“Well we both know it was more like twenty-eight, but close enough.”

“Say it, sissy, say why you are allowed to fuck me.”

“I do not deserve to fuck you, Mistress, because my cock is inadequate.”

“That’s right, sissy, and what is inadequate about your penis?”

Tom hesitated, lowered his eyes, “It is inadequate because it is so small.”

“And…?” Mistress Monica asked, impatiently.

“And I am a premature ejaculator.”

“That’s right. Poor sissy.” Monica let go of his cock, stood up, hiked up her leather skirt, pulled off her black silk bikini panties, and sat back down. “Kneel in front of me and bury your face in my womanhood. I want to tell you Mistress Kacie’s idea while you suck me off.”

Tom hurriedly did what he was told. Soon he was deep in subspace listening to Mistress Monica, surrounded malatya escort by her scent, lapping at her clit, and swallowing her juices.

“I’m going to let you fuck. Mistress Kacie convinced me that it was time that you be allowed to fuck and the other Dommes agreed. Would you like to be allowed to fuck, Tom?”

Knowing that he could show her his answer by lapping at her pussy more furiously, he stretched his tongue as far as he could and moved his head up and down, making loud slurping noises.

“Yes, yes, yes, my sissy would love to be allowed to fuck a pussy with his tiny little cock.”

Sucking even more furiously, Tom was on the verge of losing his load when Mistress Monica grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face away from her crotch, “If you dare to squirt, there will be no fucking,” she whispered, then pushed his face back into her and ground herself into him until she spasmed and purred with pleasure. He gently licked around the outside lips of her labia while she rested.

Finally she said, “Get up, sissy. You have pleased me.” His small penis stood erect in front of her, exposed above the pink panties that were pulled to mid-thigh. “Normally I would allow you to masturbate for my amusement since you’ve met my expectations today. But I want you to be chaste until the fucking. Go and fetch your chastity cage and a bowl of ice.

Disappointed, but fearful of disobeying her, Tom did as he was told. Before long, there was a clear plastic chastity tube encasing his penis.

“I’m calling a special meeting of the Domme Club next Saturday evening for any that want to observe,” Monica told Tom as she clicked the lock on his chastity cage. “I’ll let you out of this then.” She gave the tube a tap with her manicured nails, “It’ll be such fun.”


The day of his fucking Tom was required to do his usual chores, but under the strictest of supervision from Monica and while wearing his frilliest maid’s outfit and and his five-inch pumps. She watched with gleeful amusement as he washed the bras and nylons she had thrown in the hamper that week, and mocked him as he licked the gusset of each pair of her panties before tossing them into a tub of soapy water. Then he prepared snacks and beverages for the meeting and put them away in the refrigerator to await her guests.

As the hour of the meeting approached, she supervised his bathing and shaving of all of his body hair. She spritzed him with perfume and had him dress in a flowing white chiffon nightie with lace bodice and matching loose fitting granny panties. She escorted him to their four poster bed where she locked his ankles to the footposts and his wrists to the headposts. Then she unlocked his chastity devoice, took it off, and went to await and receive her guests.

He could hear them laughing and talking as he lay waiting anticipating his first fuck in over ten years. Other than Mistress Kacie and his medical doctor, Tom did not know the identities of any of these women. But they knew who he was, and what he was, and what he wore under his business suit or casual clothes every day. He never knew if he was interacting with a member of the Domme Club at the grocery store, at a restaurant, in a courtroom, or even in his own office (although he’d suspected for some time that at least one of the legal assistants in his office was in the club).

Tom laid in bed listening to the women and imagining how good it would feel to have his cock surrounded with a warm, silky, moist pussy once again. He couldn’t believe that he’d finally be allowed to fuck Mistress Monica. He only wished that he would not be on display. He vowed to last a long time and he wanted to please his Mistress. His cock began to grow, twitching, and pushing against his virginal white panties.

Mistress Monica came into the room. She had changed into her tight-fitting black leather pencil skirt, black nylons, black knee high leather boots with four-inch stiletto heels, and a tight-fitting white satin blouse that accented her large breasts and was unbuttoned to show the top of çanakkale escort her lace pushup black bra. She was holding a short-handled riding crop. Tom strained against the restraints. “I’m ready, Mistress,” he said, his small cock making a small tent in his panties.

“I see that,” she said, rubbing him through his panties and sending a wave of excitement through his entire body. “Ready to fuck?”

“Yes, Mistress, I am ready to fuck you.”

“Fuck me?” she laughed, “Oh no, silly sissy, it won’t be me that you’ll be fucking. How foolish of you. I’ve told you that your cock is far too inadequate for fucking me. You’ll never fuck me again.” She went to the bedroom door and called out. “Mistress Kacie, bring her in.”

A moment later Mistress Kacie came into the bedroom carrying a full-size plastic doll dressed in only a pair of red bikini panties. “Meet Dolly,” Mistress Monica said, waving towards Tom’s date, “Let him sniff her pussy, Kacie.”

Mistress Kacie brought the doll to the bed and spread her legs over Tom’s face, pushing the crotch over his nose. He couldn’t help but inhale and he was overwhelmed with his Mistress’s scent. “She has a tampon in her pussy that I wore all day yesterday, and I’ve been wearing those panties for two days.”

Almost imperceptibly, Tom’s hips lifted off of the bed and he began a slight pumping motion. “Drink in my scent, sissy. Before you fuck Dolly, we will take out that tampon and fill her pussy with warm lubricant. We will be blindfolding you so that the ladies from the Domme Club can watch you fuck her.” She stopped and grabbed his cock and squeezed it. “And Mistress Kacie will start a stopwatch as soon as your little cock penetrates her.”

Soon Tom was free of the restraints and blindfolded. He wore only the pair of panties pulled down to his knees. Mistress Monica positioned Dolly on the bed with her legs spread in the missionary position while Mistress Kacie inserted the warm lubricant in her silicone pussy. “Lay on top of her, sissy Tom. You may play with her tits while you wait for all of the Dommes to come in. When we are ready Mistress Kacie will put on a pair of plastic gloves and guide your little thing into Dolly’s pussy and you may begin to fuck. Continue fucking until you shoot your sissy juice into Dolly. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Monica.”

Tom heard rustling of skirts and clicking of heels as the women gathered around the bed. “Now ladies, before we start, you might be wondering why I don’t have my submissive stripped naked for this fucking. Truth is that he has such a panty fetish that he has trouble keeping an erection unless he is wearing panties. I know that it humiliates him for me to tell you this…which is why I’m telling you.” There was a round of laughter.

“Beg me to fuck her, Tom,” Mistress Monica said.

He hesitated for just a second, “Mistress Monica, may I please fuck this doll?”

“Call her by name, Tom. You must even treat representations of women with utmost respect.”

“May I please fuck Miss Dolly?”

“Yes, sissy Tom, you may. Kacie, prepare sissy to fuck.”

Tom felt a hand on his cock and another on his ass. His cock was guided towards a tight, but slippery slit. “Push,” Mistress Kacie said as she pushed down on his ass. He pushed and he felt the head of his penis enter a warm chamber. “Keep pushing,” she said. He did, and soon his full three and five-eighth inches was surrounded in a wet and warm tunnel. He wanted to ejaculate then and there.

“Fuck, sissy, fuck her. Fuck, fuck, fuck!” several voices said.

He thrust back and forth. He could not believe the ecstasy he felt. The pleasure was so intense that he lost track of everything around him. All sensation centered in his cock. Thrust, thrust, in and out, so warm, so wet, so tight. He was fucking, fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking. He could feel the explosion starting to build. He tried to stop it. He tried to pull out. Hands pushed down on his ass. Too late. He exploded into Dolly. He had fucked her, shot his sissy load into her, ejaculated into a plastic doll in front of more than a dozen Dominant women. He had fucked a doll.

He collapsed into Dolly, felt her large plastic tits against his bare chest. “How long did he last?” Mistress Monica asked Kacie.

“Thirty-two seconds,” Mistress Kacie said.

“So inadequate,” Mistress Monica responded.

“No wonder you don’t let that little thing inside of you.”