A Day of Denial


I pouted all the way to school. All I wanted was to have just a small release, but I knew it would have to wait, especially after last night. I know Daddy’s angry. Very angry. I’ve been a bad slut lately but I don’t completely regret it. I like being on edge. It makes me needy for Daddy’s attention and when I finally cum it’s the best feeling ever. Daddy knows this and I think that’s why he lets me get away with it for so long.

Just like this morning I got lost in just touching him, it was out of character for me during the day. During the day people would never expect me to beg. I always stood up for what I wanted and got what I thought I deserved but it was something about my Daddy that made me want to beg, to have him in control of my body and to do as he pleases.

I was still in a shit mood when I heard my name being screamed across campus. I looked up to see my best friend, Michelle, waving at me. I couldn’t help but smile as we got closer. We had class together today and I couldn’t be more grateful for the distraction. I got through my first two classes without any problem.

I was walking with Michelle and two other girls we had classes with. I’m bad with names and don’t like people enough to remember them, when I heard the two girls squeal. Thinking it was just another hot guy walking past I didn’t even look up from my phone until I bumped into someone. Not just any someone, it was Daddy. “David?” I smile up at him. Loving when I get to call Daddy by his name in public. “What are you doing here? You don’t have class today.”

His smile was dark but quickly soften when he turned to address my friends. “I haven’t seen Mia in a whole day. Would you ladies mind if I walked her to class?” He gave a bright smile and the three just blushed and nodded their heads. He grabbed my hand, interlocking our fingers and pulled me toward the building.

We walked for a minute, making a good distance between us and my friends. His grip tightened and I knew I was still in trouble. “You left a mess on the island.” His voice was dark. I gave a smile because I knew he was holding back since we were in public.

“Who’s fault was it that I was so wet? Technically you made the mess by making me so horny and not letting me cum last night.” I say giving him innocent eyes. He gave a sigh and I could tell he was starting to lose patience.

“I didn’t make you horny you’re just a slut who can’t control her own pussy.” He was angry whispering. His grip on my hand was numbing but I would never let go. “Now when you come home I’ll have your punishment waiting so don’t be late.”

“I’m sleeping in the dorms tonight.” I say confidently. I sleep at my dorm maybe once a month, really I just go get a new set of clothes. I spend most of my time at Daddy’s apartment, it’s close to the school and it’s where we will live until I graduate in two years. “Are you sure you want to play this game, little slut?” I couldn’t even begin to answer as he pulled me into a deep kiss right in the middle of campus. His tongue explored my mouth and his hands found my ass. My body melted into him. My pussy throbbed. I was getting drunk off the feeling of his touches and him being so close. I didn’t want it to stop but he pulled away and continued to walk me to class. The rest of the walk was silent but my body was still dizzy from the kiss. I didn’t want to let go of his hand as we came to my classroom door. He tried to pull away but I held on tighter. “David” I whined and he just laughed and pulled his hand away. I pouted. “Go to class before you’re late”

Class was hell! My pussy was drooling all through class. I was practically sitting in my own juices in front of my whole class. I practically ran to my dorm room, thankful that I had my own room. I needed a distraction immediately. I tried doing homework but it took me an extra two hours just to finish 20 problems that I would normally fly through. My body was still on fire. Maybe a cold shower will help me forget? I stood under the shower, the cold water shocking my system, making me shiver but also drawing my attention to my stiff nipples. They ached under the weight of the water and just made me more aware of the dull aching between my legs. I shut the shower off and dry off with a towel trying to miss all my sensitive spots.

I put on a black bra and matching panties, since the only place I’m allowed to be without them is Daddy’s house. I decided to watch Netflix as another distraction topic. I get through one season of Terrace House before I can no longer keep Daddy off my brain. I could imagine laying on his bed his thick cock hanging over my face. His precum dripping into my mouth, hot and sweet. His deep voice edging me on as his hand moves back and forth teasing me with what was to come. God I wanted him!

I could at least call him. He was still my boyfriend, right?

I thought of facetiming him but I didn’t want to see his smug face.

The phone only rang twice before he answered “Hello?”

“Hi Daddy.” I say being sickly sweet “I was just calling to see what you were doing.” ordu escort The line was silent “I did all my housework and even finished my paper” I bragged trying not to seem needy for him to reply. “I’m still really wet for you daddy. My panties are a mess with all my juices” I moaned out my pussy starting to throb as I let myself acknowledge how wet I really was. He was still quiet “Daddy I haven’t touched myself in two whole days and you know how wet that gets me?” I hear him moan. It was deep from his balls and made my juices flow even more. “I took a cold shower to try and help but all it did was make my nipples hard. They haven’t softened yet.”

I could hear shuffling on the other side. I knew Daddy’s cock was out. “I keep imagining your cock in my face moving between your hand and dripping all your delicious precum. I can practically taste it on my tongue rolling it around in my mouth tasting you even after I swallow.” Daddy’s breath was heavy but he still stayed quiet. I had to think of something to get him to verbally abuse me. I thought of something but it was dangerous and I was already in enough trouble as it was. But Daddy’s voice, I needed to hear it even if it was to scold me. “My hands must have a mind of their own. They keep crawling into my panties” I innocently rub my hand against my sheets knowing on Daddy’s side it sounds like it’s my panties instead.

“Hands! Now!” He growled and I immediately put him on speaker and lay my hands at my side.

“I know you’re not stupid enough to touch my pussy while I’m not around?” His voice vibrated through me “I asked you a question. Are? You? Slut?” My pussy spasms and I moaned out an answer “No Daddy.”

“No more Daddy you lost those privileges.” His voice was serious. I wanted to cry. I pushed too far and now I had lost Daddy privileges and I would have to work so hard to get them back. I didn’t want him mad, just slightly annoyed.

“Yes Sir.” I said trying to swallow around the lump in my throat.

“Now I’m going to jerk off and I don’t want to hear a sound from you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” I pouted.

Sir started to moan. It filled my ears and vibrated through my holes. I could hear how wet his cock was and how quick he was moving up and down his large shaft. It was getting louder and I could only assume he moved the phone closer to his cock. Then he started talking and it took all my will not to moan out.

“Such a little slut always acting up. Only thinking with her dirty little pussy. It must be so wet right now. Drooling all over your panties. Soaking the bed, ruining the sheets. All because you’re a simple slut who can’t control her mouth.” He was right! My pussy was making a mess all over my bed. I was sitting in a puddle of my own liquid. Sir’s cock was beginning to make more noise and I knew it was because of all the precum that should have been in my mouth, was slicking up his dick. His groans were deep and it felt like it was vibrating inside my pussy.

I was throbbing and my body was shaking. I was so on edge that I could probably cum on command without a hand being laid on me. But Sir knew me too well and just kept moaning, not saying another word to me. He was moving fast and getting close. His moans were becoming grunts and the sound of his slick wet cock was driving me insane. I heard one final long drawn out growl and knew that he had cum. I could imagine the thick white paste littering his crotch and my pussy hole flexed at the thought. I held in a moan as Sir calmed down.

“I want you in my bed, naked, before my first meeting. Don’t be late, or your punishment will be something you can’t even imagine.”

“Yes Sir.” The line goes dead and I lay in my bed of juices for a while just letting all my need wash over me. I was done being bad and tomorrow I would do whatever Sir told me and not question a thing. I just wanted him more than anything and I knew I would take any punishment he gave because I deserved it for being such a bad slut. I set my alarm for 5 hours before Dad… Sir’s first class. I wouldn’t be late for my punishment.

I woke up a few minutes before my alarm. Hating being up before the sun but determined to get back on Sir’s good side by tonight. I got dressed in my normal hang around clothes, shorts and a long tee, knowing they wouldn’t be on much longer. I take the short drive to Sir’s apartment and let myself in. I immediately strip off my clothes before going any deeper into the house. I fold my clothes and take them into his room with me. I lay my clothes on the floor next to his dirty clothes basket and head towards the bed.

Sir was covered in a thin sheet as summer was approaching and I knew he was naked underneath it. I could see his strong hip wrapped in the sheet. I couldn’t tell if he was really asleep or not. I crawled under the sheet and wrapped my arm around his stomach just above his cock letting my body fuse into his. I relaxed into his strong body, my breath beginning to match his. I had just started to fall asleep when I felt him stir. I froze thinking rize escort he was going to be angry for touching him without permission but he just turned over, eyes still closed, and wrapped his arms around me. One arm under my waist and the other caressing my head, pulling me into his chest. I inhaled his scent and fell quickly back to sleep.

I awoke to a dull pain in my skull and the sound of Sir’s dark laughter. I opened my eyes and saw a slightly fuzzy version of him.

“Nice to see you slut.” He says pulling my hair again this time not as gently. My head no longer in his chest but hovering close. I wanted to be back against his warm body. It’s where I feel safest, but I know I don’t deserve it right now. Now I was going to get my punishment for being so bad this past week. He pulled my head up and took my lips. I let his tongue explore my mouth and leave his taste behind. He pulled away and had a satisfied look on his face. He let go of my hair causing me to fall back onto the bed fully on display for Sir.

He looked me up and down then got up without another word. I just followed him around the room with my eyes. He stopped at the closet where he took out a black bag. There was a pink logo I had never seen before. My curiosity was peaked and so was my pussy. It started drooling at the thoughts of what Dadd… Sir could be doing with that bag. “Get a pair of panties.” He demanded and I jumped to the dresser where my clothes were. I grabbed the first pair I could and sat back on the bed. It ended up being a bright green bikini cut, a pair I only wore when I wanted Sir to see them when I wore a specific pair of jeans that ride low on my hips and the peak of green drives Sir crazy.

“Bold choice slut.” He chuckled and walked back to the bed. He took a box out and out of the box a bullet. I smiled wide. I had been trying for months to convince Sir to buy a remote control bullet vibrator. My fingers were starting to be lax on pleasure and I needed a little assistance, plus the thought of him controlling my pleasure even more drove me crazy. “This isn’t for pleasure today slut” He smacks my thigh leaving his hand print behind and making my nipples hard. I loved when he left his mark on me. “This is your punishment” He turned on the bullet and a little green light blinked. I spread my legs a little wider and begged for it to touch me. “This is going to stay on your clit all day until I get home”

I nod my head and breath out a “Yes Sir.” He spreads my pussy lips and places the bullet right on top of my clit, that was standing at attention to greet him. My fat pussy lips encase the bullet in a warm hug making sure it wouldn’t move. You could just see the black piece of plastic squished between my lips. I never thought my fat lips were anything more than an obstacle to get to my clit but today I was happy to have them. “Put the panties on.” I quickly slid them on and they pressed the bullet snug to my snatch and I moaned at the pressure. “Stand Up!” I make my way off the bed and stand in front of Sir. He palms my covered crotch and I grind into his hand.


His hand lands on my barely covered ass and makes me grind harder into his hand.


Again my ass is abused and I love every second of it. “You’re enjoying this too much.” I pout but where was the lie? I could already feel my juices flooding my panties. “Over my knee.” He leans back and I lay across his lap with my wrapped pussy lining up with his uncovered cock.

He rubbed my ass tracing his previous handprint. He gave me another smack. And another. He kept smacking alternating cheeks every few blows. I had lost count after fifteen but I was in such bliss mixed with pain that the number of smacks didn’t matter. I never had to count smacks unless they were for fun, Sir said punishment should be a surprise to me, so he just spanks me until he feels I got what I deserve. I was getting so turned on and the bullet not even turned on was already driving me crazy. I was grinding against his lap with every smack.

My ass was on fire, sitting today and tomorrow would be hard. He gave a hard smack and I knew my spanks were coming to an end. He gave another hard smack then removed his hands. I let out a sigh thinking my spanking was done, but then I felt an amazing buzz on my clit. I moaned out and Sir smacked my ass again. I was so wet and the bullet was making me so sensitive.

“You’re getting so wet slut.” He laughed then smacked my pussy. A wet smack echoing through the room. “Get Up!” I didn’t want to move. I wanted to stay on top of Sir’s cock all day, but I reluctantly got up. I stood in front of him, my panties soaked through and juices running down my legs. The vibrator was still going at my clit making it hard to stay still. I was so close and the bullet was making me feel so good. I had gone a whole day and a half without any touches and now this bullet is making up for all of it.

I was in heaven and with Sir’s eyes on me it was making it even better. His eyes were ravaging my body. He stood up making my face his sakarya escort chest. I love his chest. It was strong and big, only a few hairs freckled his chest and his pecs were well defined. He leaned down and licked a long stripe from my collar bone to the back of my ear, making me shudder. I wanted that tongue all over me and he knew it. I could feel his warm breath on my ear as he whispered “Get on the bed.”

I practically jumped over him to get back on the bed with my legs spread wide begging to be used. Sadly, he didn’t even look back at me as he grabbed his phone and walked to his closet. I felt the vibrations on my clit disappear and groaned in frustration.

“It’s a punishment, Mia.” He called from the closet.

“But it felt so good.” I whined back rolling onto my side trying to relieve the pressure on my clit. “I just want you to fuck me!”

“You know I’m not going to do that.” He said walking out of the closet in his normal Friday class attire. A pair of tight dress pants, black today, that accented his round ass and a button up shirt. I loved when he had to dress up for class he looked so good and just made me want to strip naked for him. He looked so powerful, like a young CEO, and I wanted to sleep my way to the top.

I was practically drooling and Sir liked it. He walked towards the bed and I laid down ready to be taken. He straddled my stomach and pulled out his phone. I felt the bullet come to life, but it was almost too strong to bear. I couldn’t even run away from it. I was just bucking up onto Sir’s ass making the vibration stronger. He grabbed my neck pushing my body so close to the edge. I wanted to come so bad but my body wouldn’t let me.

“Pay attention.” He barked and my eyes landed on him. “Today is punishment day. You will spend all day with that bullet between your legs. I’m going to be controlling it while I’m at school. You are going to spend the morning cleaning the house.” I let out a groan. I hate cleaning. He squeezed my throat making sure it was tight and continued. “I want it done by the end of my first class at 11. I’ll call you then and give you more instructions. I know you know better than to cum today, correct?” I nod my head drowning in the burn of his hand around my neck.

“You’re not slick slut.” He laughs and removes his hand. I pout as air refills my lungs. He crawls up my body letting his crotch drag across my face before getting off the bed. “Come on, let’s eat breakfast.” He says walking to the kitchen. I knew he wanted me to cook just like every day, I cooked breakfast and he cooked dinner. It was the only way he could get me out of bed in the morning. I looked at the stove then back to him. He was admiring my nakedness and I was worried about my skin. “You can put on an apron.” He said, like I should already know this.

I put on the apron and quickly made bacon, eggs and toast. I gave him a plate and he smacked my exposed ass as a thanks. We chatted while we ate like it was any other day. I was mid bite when I felt the low buzz of the bullet. I was frozen and lost in the feeling. “Finish your breakfast slut.” I couldn’t do it. The bullet was getting stronger as the fork got closer and my mouth couldn’t keep the food inside. I was moaning and squirming in my seat and Sir looked on.

“Are you wasting food?” He was amused but annoyed that I was not eating. Sir was very strict about my eating because if it was up to me I would only eat junk food as my meals if I’m not watched. He was taking care of me even when I was being punished. He turned off the bullet and told me to eat as he went to collect his books. I finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen. I decided to just get to work. The quicker I start the quicker I cannot be cleaning.

I start sweeping the kitchen floor and again the bullet kicks on in high gear. My knees buckled and I see Sir walk in from the side laughing. “Get used to that setting, I like what it does to you.”

I stood and tried my best to continue sweeping but it was just so mind numbingly good that I couldn’t pay attention to the floor. It was turned off again and I felt Sir’s hands wrap around my waist. “I’m leaving now. Be a good girl okay?” I nod my head too comfortable in his warmth to say anything. The bullet came alive again and I ground into Sir and he held me close. He let go of me and gave me a peck before leaving me and the bullet for the day.

It was another 20 mins before the bullet shut off. I finished the kitchen in peace then went to the living room. I was on my knees cleaning under the couch when the light buzz of the bullet had me flat on the ground. The bullet felt so good and was making my whole body vibrate in pleasure and just as I was getting close to the edge it would turn off. I was cleaning as fast as I could between the waves of pleasure.

I was finishing up the bathrooms when I noticed it was almost 11. I did some finishing touches on the apartment and sat down tired. The bullet came to life on what I figured was the highest setting since it was almost too much to handle. I was moaning out, not able to keep it in. My phone rang in the bedroom and I had to crawl into the room to get it. My legs were so weak that walking was not an option. I’m really going to like this bullet when I’m not in trouble. I pick up my phone and moan a hello.

Anger Management


His blue eyes held her lilac ones were held together strongly, as recognition as to who the other was filtered through their brains. Two faces paled in the crowded market place on the planet Nestem. Two humanoid beings froze as they stood totally engrossed in the other.

She gulped he was so much taller than the last time she had seen him. No she reminded herself his height had been the same, what had changed was that his youthful body had grown the muscles of the man he most definitely now was. His hair was short and still that pale gold shimmer that she had spent hours stroking. His facial features had filled out as well, until the overall picture of a handsome man was achieved, strong check bones, lips made for more than just talking! She shuddered.

The female turned and began walking away. He followed her as she headed towards the docking area behind the market. Towards a large grey ship that had seen better days, but then hadn’t they all, in this back water of a planet. He caught up with her as she pressed her fingers to the control panel to open her ship. His hand caught her shoulder, spinning her around.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me.” He hissed in anger born of many years hating her.

“I..” she started to say

“You are not leaving this time.”

“He’s dead then.” She looked at the floor, tears filling her eyes as she remembered, and then her eyes lifted to the man in front of her, her hand reaching out to touch his cheek. “You look so much like your father.”

“He died holding MY hand. It should have been your hand, but it was mine.” He growled, brushing her hand away Casibom from him as his other pinned her shoulder. He pushed her back into the ship behind her, closing the door on them to give them privacy. “He still hoped you would return. You broke him.”

She pulled herself together, “You know nothing of it!”

“I know he cried himself to sleep for ten years after you left.”

“Jamie, you know nothing.” She tried again more softly, to try and get him to listen.

“Don’t call me that endearment I hate it.” His anger hissed through him as he pushed her back against a bulkhead, unpinning her shoulder, taking her wrists in his large hand, bringing them above her head, to pin her there at his mercy. His knee moved between her legs, pinning her petite lower body against the cold metal wall. He noted through his anger that her hair was still that long plait of gold so close in colour to his own and that in all the years she seemed not to have aged. But then, he reasoned, he hadn’t aged much in his tens of years, nor would she in her hundreds of years.

She gulped, wondering how to stop this anger before he did something he would regret later. “Please, let me go, we need to talk. I didn’t leave because I wanted to. Your father made me go.”

“How dare you say that? He loved you. You were his life. He would never have sent you away.”

The young man’s anger knew no bounds, and she knew she had hurt him deeply, she felt ashamed; as she had when she had been forced to leave them all those years ago now. She tried to remove her wrist from his hand, but his strength was close to her own, she Casibom Giriş was trapped.

He was looking at her through anger filled eyes, and a heart that loved her and wanted to be with her desperately. He felt lost, and took his unease, out on her, he moved his knee up and rubbed it between her legs, the look of surprise on her face was perfect. Fear showed in her eyes, as his other hand reached down and began to und the fastenings on her trousers.

“Jamie!” she whispered, unable to fight his strength, unable to stop him, “Please Jamie… don’t do this.”

In answer his lips crushed hers, moving hard against her, making her groan until she opened her mouth enough for his tongue to enter and take control of her mouth. She wanted to bite it, but his mouth tasted like heaven, and she began to drown in the taste, the rough feel of him as he stripped her trousers off. His own trousers were snapped undone, and before she could think he had forced her legs open and placed himself at her entrance.

“Jamie NO!!” she screamed as he forced his way inside her. She knew her body was wet for him, he slide in her so, so very easily. Deeply, and forcefully he moved into her, not stopping until he had stretched her, his balls meeting her in a slap of pain.

He began to move hard, pounding her with all his hatred of her, “He hated you.”

“He loved me.” She retorted, her breath gasping as she began a very swift climb to completion.

“He wished he had never met you.” Jamie said as he pounded harder his own release surging forward, as he wanted to make her pay for the years of pain she had Casibom Güncel Giriş left behind her.

She screamed as her release exploded, pulling him with her, her body swamping his with sweet nectar; his filling her womb with his seed. In silence, apart from their breathing, they stood still joined. She cried silently, tears of sadness at the loss of someone she had loved so deeply; tears for finding Jamie again.

“If he hadn’t of met me,” she said quietly as she laid her head on his heaving chest, “I would never have had you my dearest son.”

He let go of her wrists, gathering her against him, holding her tight as they cried their grief together, silently.

When they were dressed again, she asked him, “Will you stay with me for a while?”

He shook his head. Jamie leaned down and caught her mouth in his, kissing her deeply. “Not yet.” He sighed, having to know the answer to this before he left her, “Why did you leave?”

“He ..” she paused, drew in a deep breath and looked up so their eyes connected again, “He thought you loved me far to physically. And he said he hated watching me leaning that way with you as well.”

Jamie nodded. He needed to go away and think about what she had said, he moved towards the ship door opening and stepping outside, she stood there watching him. He turned back to her sighing hard, “Will you be here same day next month?”

She frowned, and then smiled, nodding.

He leaned in, kissed her gently on her lips reassuring her with the promise that he would return next month, he drew back and spoke quietly only for her ears, “Ettienne, Mother, I have missed you so very much.”

“Jamison, my son, I have missed you too”

He walked away, not looking back, knowing that by this time next month he will have sorted out his affairs, and would leave here with her. He smiled as he walked away.