Birthday Surprise


David came home for his birthday dinner with his wife Sarah to find her sitting at the table with another woman. She introduced her as Casey, a friend she met a few weeks ago and she came over to help with his birthday present later on. Was she going to do the threesome he always half jokingly asked for? Was she going to do the girl on girl things he wanted to watch her do? His head was spinning with these thoughts all through dinner.


David’s first marriage was the picture of what middle class life was to most people except they had no kids. But it was just looks. The truth was, after 5 years of marriage, his wife Melissa was drinking a lot and he suspected she was cheating on him. They rarely had sex since she was drunk all the time and actually for the last year it was only when she was passed out and David would just take advantage of her. Toward the end to teach her a lesson he would only do her in the butt. Something she hated and only did on his birthday.

Needless to say the marriage was over. Honestly he didn’t really care anymore and was happy to be rid of her. In the 8 years they were together their sex was mostly vanilla except a few blow jobs and her liking doggy style. So since he was single now, he spent the next few years fucking every chick he could in the most taboo ways they would let him. He developed a big fascination with anal sex. He even started liking it more then doing a vagina.

After years of banging anything that moves he met someone that he could actually love and put that life behind him. Sarah was almost perfect for him she put up with his shit and would do anything for him but his love for anal sex was too much for her. She tried her best and let him do it when ever he wanted to but it hurt her too much so he tried less and less.


Dinner went well. Sarah and Casey talked and laughed while David mostly listened with the thought of lesbo action he hoped he would get to see later on. They sat in the living room to talk after dinner as Sarah tortured him with the thought of a surprise present in his head.

Finally, Sarah said “Ok, I guess we have tortured him enough it’s time for his present.”

Sarah and Casey began kissing as David watched the show. It really excited him but when he moved toward the action Sarah would direct him back to the chair. After several minutes Sarah stood up went to him then sat on his lap before whispering in his ear “So Casey here has a special thing to show you.”

Casey got up and started dancing a little for them before slowing stripping off her dress. Casey was about 5’8″ with full C cup breasts, a nice bubble butt, curvy but thin in the right places. She was in a nice black lacey bra with matching panties and a garter belt holding up her thigh high stockings. The outfit Sarah knew he loved on women.

Sarah joined tayland porno Casey in the show. They were like twins except Sarah was a D cup with slightly bigger curves and Casey’s hair was blonde to Sarah’s red hair. Casey reached over to unhook Sarah’s bra to expose her wonderful breasts with their light pink areolas and medium size nipples. Casey licked and sucked on them as David watched with a huge tent in his pants.

It was now Sarah’s turn to take off Casey’s bra and play with her tits, which David noticed were fake but were done well. Not super fake looking like most porn stars. They were rubbing each other while kissing, then Casey slid Sarah’s panties down to show David that she had waxed her pussy smooth like he had been asking her to do for a long time. Then Sarah turned Casey so her back was to David went down on her knees and slowly pulled down Casey panties.

Sarah peeked her head around Casey before saying “I needed ideas for your present so I snooped on your laptop and came up with a great one.”

David’s heart sunk in his chest as he remembered some of the things on his laptop. Sarah turned Casey around to face him and said ‘surprise’ as he saw the 5″ cock between Casey’s legs. David’s mouth dropped open as he saw it and couldn’t believe there was an actual tranny standing in front of him.

Whenever Sarah wasn’t around he would watch anal porn and after awhile he started watching tranny porn. He became almost obsessed with it, watching it all the time and it even interfered with his sex life with Sarah. After awhile Sarah became suspicious that something was going on and without David knowing she snooped in his computer. It didn’t take much for her to guess his password and soon found all the porn that he had been watching.

Sarah came over and started stripping his clothes off as he stared at Casey. He was naked in the chair as Sarah placed her breasts on either side of his head while rubbing his chest. Casey came over to him, knelt in front of him and then slowly bent down taking all 8″ of his hard cock down her throat at once.

Casey bobbed on his cock, taking it down all the way before coming up to his head then back again as he let out moans of pleasure. Sarah was surprised how turned on she was watching another woman suck her husbands cock and she was dripping wet by now. Sarah went around and kneeled by Casey before she went down to lick his balls while Casey sucked his cock.

With both of them working his cock, it didn’t take long before he felt his cum traveling out of his balls and up his shaft. Feeling this, Casey pulled back to his head just as he started shooting his load into her mouth. This felt incredible to him although Sarah gave him plenty of blow jobs, she wouldn’t let him cum in her mouth so he was in heaven shooting his massive load in Casey’s mouth.

Sarah licking his balls helped David to shoot seven loads into Casey’s tecavüz porno mouth as she swallowed every drop of it. When they were done they told him to just sit back and relax while he recharged. Sarah sat on the couch as Casey kissed down her body then up her thighs to her soaking wet pussy. David watched as Casey licked between her folds before plunging her tongue deep inside her cunt then sucking on her clit.

Sarah soon felt her orgasm build as Casey ate her out and before she knew it she was cumming all over Casey’s face. When Sarah came down from her orgasm, Casey went up and kissed her, sharing her juices with her as they kissed. Then Casey stood up in front of David as Sarah knelt down in front of him before grabbing Casey’s cock and sliding it into her mouth. As much as Sarah tried over the years she always came two inches short of deep throating David but since Casey was only 5″ she had her deep throated in no time.

The sight of Sarah sucking Casey’s cock excited David so much his cock started to grow again but stopped at half mast. Sarah saw this and crawled over to him to take his cock in her mouth. As she sucked David to hardness, Casey knelt behind her and slide her cock into her cunt deep making Sarah moan on his cock. The moaning and sight of his wife getting fucked by Casey made his cock grow to rock hard quickly.

Sarah’s tits swung wildly as Casey pounded her from behind so hard she was having trouble keeping David’s cock in her mouth. Knowing that Casey’s cock wasn’t big enough to make her cum Sarah eventually climbed up to straddle him then sat down impaling herself on his cock. Casey went down to lick his balls and she lubed up Sarah’s starfish before rubbing her thumb around it then inside of her.

Once she was lubed up good, Casey kneeled behind her to position her cock at her puckering hole before sliding it in. David could feel Casey’s cock sliding into her ass thru her vagina walls as they double penetrated her. Sarah loved this since David was so big anal sex usually hurt her but Casey was small enough for her to enjoy it plus having David deep inside her pussy made the experience even greater.

Both of them filling her holes drove Sarah wild and soon she was on the verge of a huge orgasm. She was screaming with joy as her body tensed up and her orgasm took over her body making her convulse between them. When her orgasm ended she collapsed on David’s chest to catch her breathe as Casey pulled her cock out of her butt.

Casey then positioned herself on her knees, bent over resting her head on the couch before saying “You ready to split my ass open with that big cock of yours sexy?”

He slide out from under Sarah and made his way to Casey positioning himself to her asshole as she said “You don’t have to be gently with me sweetie…go ahead and pound my ass.”

He drove his cock into her hard until his pelvis smacked her cheeks making tombul porno her let out a loud grunt. He withdrew back to his head before thrusting into her again. Soon he was rhythmically pounding her asshole splitting it open with every thrust as she grunted out her pleasure under him. Since he had already came less then 30 minutes ago he figured that he would wear himself out before cumming again so he just pounded away on her.

Sarah finally recovered from her mind blowing DP orgasm she slid under Casey and positioned herself to take Casey’s cock in her asshole again. Casey wasn’t the only present she was going to give David she thought if Casey’s smaller cock could pleasurably open her up enough then she could actually enjoy it when David fucked her there too. As David rammed into Casey his thrusts made Casey ram into Sarah as all of them let out grunts and groans of pleasure.

Soon David could feel Casey’s rectum tense up and he knew she was about to blow at the same time Sarah could feel her cock swell up and soon she was unloading her cum into her rectum. David’s cock sliding across her prostate made her cum more and she shot six big loads deep into Sarah’s bowels. David stopped thrusting when he felt Casey start twitching from her post orgasm sensitivity to let her rest a minute.

After both cocks were removed from the assholes they were in, Casey sucked David’s cock clean before positioning it to Sarah’s puckering hole. He slide it in slowly, letting her get used to the girth stretching her out and to his surprise it went in easier then before since Casey had reamed it out already. At the same time Casey slid in between their legs and started to lick Sarah while cupping David’s balls.

Even though David was stretching her asshole to it’s limits she was still enjoying him slowly fuck her anus. Unfortunately every time he sped up she tensed up from pain so he just fucked her ass at a slow pace. Thinking he was never going to cum this way Casey delivered another surprise to him. Casey spread his cheeks so she could begin licking his ass and when his hole was lubed up with her saliva she slowly pushed her finger in.

She found his prostate quickly and began rubbing it to speed up his orgasm. Soon he felt his balls tense up then his cock swell as his orgasm began. He start pumping large amounts of semen into Sarah’s ass as Casey milked every last drop out of his balls. After 8 shots Sarah’s bowels were stuffed with so much of his and Casey’s seed she felt like she would burst.

When David withdrew his cock from Sarah’s ass, Casey took it into her mouth and gave it a good cleaning. Then she bent down to Sarah’s pucker licking it to both clean the cum out and from her own experience knew this eased the pain of having a large cock in it.

Sarah enjoyed the tongue in her ass as Casey licked all the semen out of her that was making her painfully full. David had collapsed on the couch to watch this happen as he was too spent to move. Once Casey had thoroughly cleaned out every drop of cum from Sarah’s ass she placed her exhausted body next to David before she sat down on the other side of him.

Sarah looked up at her husband and asked “So did you enjoy your present?”