Hand Job Slut Ch. 04


Chapter 4: The Obsession

“I’ll give you a hand job for twenty dollars,” said the plain-looking blonde girl.

Peter looked down at her from his bar stool. She was short and rather plump, and not particularly attractive, but he had heard about the fabulous hand jobs that she gave here at O’Malley’s. She was wearing a tight denim skirt and a pink tube-top, and was tarted up with some rather garish eye shadow and lipstick. He swallowed down the rest of his imported beer and stood up. “I was hoping I’d run into you tonight. I’m in your hands,” he quipped.

Nancy lead him back into the ladies’ room of O’Malley’s, all the way back to the last stall. She had taken the precaution of hanging an “out of order” sign on the door to the stall so that it would be available for her to ply her hand job trade. As soon as they were both in the stall, he handed her a twenty dollar bill, which she stuffed into her denim skirt.

O’Malley’s was an overpriced yuppie bar in the heart of campus town, primarily patronized mostly by recent graduates with good jobs and plenty of disposable income. They made excellent hand job customers for Nancy. She came here every Saturday and did a brisk business. She used her profits to pay for her tuition and books, as well as paying her rent and keeping her kitchen stocked with food. It isn’t easy being a college student!

Nancy sat down on the lid of the toilet and unbuckled Peter’s belt and trousers, lowering them along with his Polo boxers. All of the customers at O’Malley’s seemed to wear underwear, Nancy thought approvingly. That wasn’t true at some of the other, seedier bars where she worked. She considered wearing underwear a sign of good breeding.

Free of its confinement, Peter’s cock sprang up for its reward. Nancy bent over and lightly kissed the head, then gently stroked it from underneath with both of her hands. She looked up at Peter and smiled at him. Then she rolled her tube top down off her small boobs to her waist.

Nancy had much advanced her hand job technique in the last few weeks. She was always good, but had formerly used only her hands, and sometimes her voice. But as a business major, she knew that it was important to always be improving one’s product. So she had rented and studied many porno videos, looking for new techniques that she could add to her repertoire. She had rented Finger Fucking Sluts, Hand Job Hoes, Jerk That Jizz, Stroking Strumpets, Tug And Chug Tarts, Handfuck Hunnies, and everything else she could find, looking for any new tricks and twists that could make her hand jobs even better than ever.

She leaned forward and took Peter’s tool between her smallish tits, nestling it in her soft cleavage. She laced her fingers together, and used her hands to mash her boobs inward, engulfing the throbbing shaft. Peter moaned in pleasure. She bounced up and down, working her smooth tit flesh along the length of his cock. She tucked her chin down to her chest, and drooled a long, gooey stream of saliva onto his cock head, which eventually worked its way down his shaft, increasing the lubrication of the pumping action. Peter squirmed and did his best to pump up and down in her bosom.

Eventually, Nancy pulled back and let his cock spring free. She cradled his cock in the webbing of her right hand, in the V formed by her outstretched thumb and fingers. Then she slowly, erotically curled her fingers closed, starting with her pinkie, and working her way up. Eventually, her entire hand engulfed the shaft of Peter’s throbbing purple cock, holding it as tightly and lovingly as a new bride’s vagina. She lifted it to her mouth, and wrapped her lips around the head, probing the tiny pee-slit with her tongue. She released another huge load of saliva, which Peter watched as it slid obscenely down the length of his shaft, coating it with a slick layer of natural lube.

Nancy went into a long, slow pumping action, moving her fist up and down with rhythmic precision, her mouth still clamped on his head and her tongue still in his slit. She danced the fingertips of her left hand all over Peter’s balls, gently massaging them and stimulating the production of spooge. She continued to pump and massage, pump and massage, as Peter got more and more worked up. Then she moved her mouth away and took her left hand from his balls, right hand still pumping, and placed her open palm directly on his cock head. She rotated it back and forth, back and forth, like the Queen waving from the balcony of her palace, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings that clustered in the glans of the cock. Peter was twitching out of control by now.

Nancy knew that most men’s cocks have a short attention span; you cannot continue any one move for too long, or it loses its potency. She switched to “the firestarter” move: holding both hands flat, she placed one on either side of his cock and rubbed them back and forth, like a Boy Scout starting a fire with a stick. When she added an up and down motion to the back and forth motion, Peter Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort went crazy. When she lengthened her stroke to include the sensitive rim around the head of his cock, he went ape shit. When she closed her hands into two fists, both wrapped around his shaft and twisting in opposite directions, he nearly lost it. She looked him in they eye, forcing him to briefly take his gaze off of the erotic motion in his groin.

“I want you to cum for me, Peter,” she said, in her most sultry voice. “I want you to cum all over my tits. My tits are too small, Peter, and I want your huge manly squirt of cum to nurture them and make them grow. Cum for me, Peter. Cum all over my milky white tits. Please, Peter? Cum on me?”

That was enough for Peter. He grunted and twitched one more time, and then released all that he had. Spurt after spurt of pearly white ejaculate spat forth from the eye of his cock, and splattered on Nancy’s small conical boobs. Spurt after spurt, each accompanied by an involuntary thrusting of his hips, escaped from his glowing purple cock and landed on Nancy’s pale skin. She held his cock all the while, feeling it gradually calm down, soften, and deflate.

“Wow!” said Peter, wiping his forehead. “The guys said you were good, Nancy, but I didn’t imagine you’d be this good! Fuckin’ aye!” He accepted a wad of toilet paper from Nancy to wipe his face. She was likewise wiping up the sticky mess of sperm from her chest.

Nancy smiled up at him from the toilet. “Thank you,” she said. “Be sure to tell all your friends, too.”

Peter zipped up and went back out to the bar, desperately in need of another overpriced imported beer. Nancy took a few more minutes to clean herself up and roll her tube top back over her boobies, then went back out to recruit her next customer. In some bars where she worked, all she needed to do was to sit in the ladies’ room, and the customers came queuing up. But O’Malley’s was bigger and noisier and had less of a regular clientele, and not everyone knew that she was here, providing hand jobs for twenty dollars.

After her seventh or eighth customer, though, before she had a chance to get up and go out to recruit, or even to pull her tube top back up, the stall door swung open. In walked two men. One was Tad, a regular customer of hers. The other was a young blond kid who she didn’t know.

“Hi, Nancy! I want you to meet my kid brother Kevin,” said Tad. “He just started school here at the University. He’s a virgin, and kind of scared about sex, but curious, of course. I thought maybe you could help to break him in.” Kevin was looking down at his hi-top Sketchers, nervous.

Nancy looked Kevin over. He was a cute kid, skinny, wearing olive drab cargo pants and a Che Guevara t-shirt. His blond hair was full of colics, and his face was full of freckles.

“Hi, Kevin, nice to meet you,” said Nancy. Then she turned to Tad. “Is he over eighteen? I don’t want to get in any trouble, you know.”

“I turned eighteen last summer!” said Kevin, proudly. “And I’m ready to be a man. My bro says you are the best, Nancy, and that you can initiate me in style!”

“Well, I do what I can, Kevin,” Nancy told him. She held out a palm to Tad, who handed her a twenty dollar bill. He knew that Nancy expected payment in advance. Then he winked at his brother and left, the door swinging shut behind him, leaving Nancy and Kevin alone in the stall.

“Well, Kevin,” said Nancy, “Are you really a virgin?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” said Kevin, earnestly.

“Have you ever had a hand job before?”

“Only from myself.”

“How long has it been since your last orgasm?” Nancy wanted to know.

“Oh, about two hours ago, Ma’am,” said Kevin.

“Just ‘Nancy’ is fine, Kevin. I’m only a couple years older than you are. Now let’s get you out of those trousers,” she said.

Kevin dropped his pants and kicked them into the corner. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. He also peeled his t-shirt over his head and threw it aside. He stood there in his hi-top sneakers, his long, slender white cock erect as a telephone pole and pointing almost straight up. He was fairly bouncing with excitement.

Nancy, still sitting on her hand job throne, leaned forward. Pressing his cock against his belly with her hand, she placed her tongue squarely between his balls, pressed into the folds of his scrotum. She slowly licked it upward, along the urethral shaft of Kevin’s virginal cock, slowly and wetly, until she reached the tip. Then she engulfed the head with her lips, and drooled a large mouthful of saliva onto it, which ran down his shaft, lubricating him.

Nancy straightened and looked Kevin in the eye while grabbing his cock in her fist. “You have a beautiful cock, Kevin,” she told him, pumping her fist up and down his shaft. “It’s nice and long and smooth and I can feel the heat in it. You are going to be a great lover in no time, I can tell. All the women are going to want to fuck you.” She reversed her fist, holding him thumb down, and continued to pump. “I’ll bet you’ve got the tastiest sperm ever, too. I can’t wait to taste your sperm, Kevin, your whole creamy load.” Nancy switched to an “infinite withdrawal” stroke; pulling her thumb-down fist up towards Kevin’s flaring cock head with first one hand, then the other, then the first again, over and over. It was rhythmic and sensuous enough to put Kevin on edge, but monotonous enough not to make him blow his load too quickly.

Nancy thought about the big load of virginal sperm that was even now roiling in Kevin’s balls. She sometimes liked to swallow the sperm of her customers. It helped to quiet the hollow, empty, lonely feelings that she often felt deep in the core of her being; it helped to send that hollow feeling to sleep. She wondered if a fresh load of virginal sperm would be even more potent? She wondered if it would be fresh enough not to bother her stomach and make her nauseous, no matter how much she drank? She decided she was going to find out. She wouldn’t allow a single drop of Kevin’s ejaculate to hit the wall or the floor; she was going to gobble it all.

Kevin’s long, smooth cock made Nancy think of her “over the top” stroke, as she called it. She held the base of his shaft firmly with the thumb and index finger of her left hand, allowing the bulk of his cock to stick straight up, uncovered. Then she slid her right fist, thumb up, upward along the shaft. When she got to the head, she rolled her hand over the top, taking care to stimulate every surface of the sensitive cock head, reversing her fist into a thumb down position, and then sliding all the way down the other side. Then she reversed the motion, sliding back up, back over the top again, and back down the first side. She repeated this erotic stroke for several cycles, then switched hands and continued in the mirror image. Pre-cum began to ooze out of his slit.

Kevin was beside himself with pleasure. His hips were undulating and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. His eyes were fixed on the erotic motion of Nancy’s talented hands all over his turgid young cock, wet and glistening with her saliva and his own pre-cum. He couldn’t believe the incredible eroticism that he was watching, and of course feeling! He was in Heaven.

Nancy was ready to change up the stroke. She once again pressed his cock up against his belly, and stroked up and down the underside of his shaft with the palm of her hand. After a few strokes, she brought her hands together, forming a V-shaped channel, and again slid up and down the underside of his shaft, but now with even greater contact area. Kevin was going nuts. Pre-cum was pouring out of his pee slit faster than ever, making a huge slippery mess of the entire area.

By now, Kevin had had about all that he could take, and Nancy could tell he was close to blowing his load. She looked him in the eye again. “Now I want you to cum for me, Kevin,” she said. “I want you to spurt a huge load of your creamy cum right into my mouth. I want it all, Kevin, all of it. Give it to me!” She wrapped her lips around his cock head, making sure to put the maximum pressure all around his sensitive rim. She strummed the ultra-sensitive frenulum below the head with her tongue. Meanwhile, she was holding his long white shaft in both fists, twisting them each in opposite directions. This was the endgame, and they both knew it. Kevin let out a yell like he had just sat naked on a hot stove, and launched a huge load of jism directly into Nancy’s mouth. Nancy kept twisting and twisting on his shaft; she didn’t want any of the pearly slime to be left in his balls. He kept pumping jolt after jolt, and Nancy swallowed it as quickly as she could. Some escaped and ran down her cheeks and chin, and dribbled down onto her tits. But she swallowed most of it. She held his cock in her mouth as he came down from his high, feeling it eventually begin to wither in the grasp of her lips. When he was finally done, she released him from her mouth, and took her hands off his shaft.

Kevin’s eyes were glazed over and his shoulders were scrunched up to his ears. He looked like he had just seen God. Nancy used her fingers to scoop up the cum that was running down her chin and her chest, and transferred it all to her mouth. She wanted the therapeutic effect to be complete. She kept watching Kevin’s face to make sure he was all right. Finally his eyes fluttered open. But he couldn’t yet speak.

“Are you alright, Kevin?” He didn’t say anything. “Kevin? Kevin?”

Kevin managed to nod, a quick little jerk of his head. He was panting and his heart was racing. He never knew that sex with a woman could be this good. He decided that Nancy must be an angel, descended from Heaven. Or maybe a sorcerer or some sort of witch, with power over the lives of mortal men. Or at the very least, a hypnotist who could weave her will and cast her spell over lesser beings like himself.

Nancy stood up and put her arms around him, putting his head on her shoulder and patting his back as he recovered his composure. Then she held him out at arm’s length.

“Okay, Kevin, time to go back out and tell your brother what a good boy you were, okay?” Kevin just stood there. “Come on, Kevin, let’s get you dressed.” Nancy scooped up his clothes and helped him get them back on. “Okay, ready to go?” Kevin just stood there. He had no will to move at all.

“Really, Kevin, you can’t stay here all night. I have work to do! Okay, I’ll walk you out.” She pulled her top back up over her boobs, and walked Kevin out to the bar area, where Tad was sitting and nursing an imported beer with a lime wedge stuck in the neck.

“Hey hey, my man!” Tad said when he saw Kevin and Nancy arrive. “How’d it go, bro?”

“He did fine,” Nancy told Tad. “But I think he’s still a little shell shocked. He might need a beer.”

“Oh, he’ll be fine, just fine,” Tad said, proudly. “Thanks, Nancy. You made us both very happy tonight.”

Nancy left them alone, and started walking the bar area, looking for her next customer. The night was still early, and tuition time was coming up again. She had work to do.

Several hours later, Nancy was working on her latest customer. His pants and underwear were around his ankles, and he was approaching orgasm. Nancy was performing the reverse Bangkok anvil, one of her most popular strokes. The customer was starting to moan and pant, when suddenly the door to the stall swung open.

“Kevin!” shouted Nancy. “What are you doing here! I’m busy!”

The customer, a first timer, was jolted out of his reverie. “What the fuck? Hey, wait your turn, fella! Get the fuck out of here!”

Kevin didn’t budge. He just stood there, in the open doorway, a twenty dollar bill in his hand.

“Get OUT, Kevin. NOW,” yelled Nancy. Finally the customer turned, shoved Kevin in the chest with his open palm, and shut and locked the door behind him.

“I’m sorry about that,” said Nancy.

“It’s okay,” said the customer. “There’s assholes all over. Why don’t you just pick up where you left off?”

Nancy finished him off, even stretching out his session for an extra five minutes. She never liked to have an unsatisfied customer. When he finally zipped up and left, Nancy saw that Kevin was still waiting just outside the stall, leaning up against the tile wall of the ladies’ room.

“Kevin, this is unacceptable,” Nancy admonished him. “You can’t disturb me when I’m with a customer. They deserve the same respect that you receive when you are in there with me.”

“I’m sorry, Nancy. I just had to see you again. And I need another hand job. I have another twenty dollars.” He held out the bill like an offering to an angry deity.

“No, Kevin, you don’t need another hand job. You need to go back out to the bar and think things over. I know it was your first time and all, but you need to act responsibly. Here, I’ll take you back out to your brother.” She again walked him out to Tad.

“Oh, there you are, bro!” Tad said. He looked worried. He hadn’t known where Kevin had gotten off to.

“I think Kevin has had enough excitement for one night,” Nancy told Tad. “You should probably take him home.”

Tad agreed, and he and Kevin paid their bill and left. Nancy looked around, ready for her next customer. She still had a long night of work ahead of her. She finally went home, late, with a full purse.

The next day was Sunday. Nancy woke up and spent most of the day studying. She was a very serious business student, and wanted to read up on the material for the lectures of the coming week. She read her books, worked on her homework, and jotted down notes.

About five o’clock, she finished up. She took the catcher’s mitt and hung it in the window, facing the courtyard of the apartment building. All of her neighbors knew that this was her signal that she was open for business; she was available to give hand jobs for twenty dollars to anyone who wanted one.

There was an immediate knock at the door. Nancy swung it open to see Kevin’s eager face standing there, lightly bouncing on his feet. He had a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He had obviously been waiting for her to hang up the mitt.

“Hi Nancy! Some fellows told me where you live, and about the mitt. I’m here to take you out on a date, and for a hand job.”

“Kevin, I don’t go out on dates. What are you talking about?”

Kevin got a very serious look on his youthful face. “I’m in love with you, Nancy. Surely you can tell? And I know that you are in love with me, too. That wonderful hand job you gave me, I could feel the love in it. We were made to be together. I’m going to be your boyfriend, and you will be my girlfriend.” He thrust the bouquet toward her. “Here, these are for you. I’d like a hand job, and then I’ll take you out to dinner, and then we can do another hand job or two.”

Nancy was starting to freak out at this point. “No, Kevin, we are not going to do that. I don’t date, I’m not anyone’s girlfriend, and I’m not going to give you any more hand jobs. You need to get a grip.” She moved to close the door.