Ezmerelda Wins the Bet


Ezmerelda and Dan were in the same college, were in the same advanced chemistry class, and were even in the same study group of ten students preparing for the midterm final. But they had never actually spoken or interacted with each other, up until the incident at that study group review session, the incident which later became known as the C30H54N2Cl stable compound debate.

I’ll spare you the boring chemical details, but the bottom line was that Ezmerelda took a firm position that the molecular formula could never be stable, while Dan took on a similarly firm position that she was completely wrong. As it turns out, their first interaction mostly involved them yelling at each other in front of the study group.

Ezmerelda was a fiery, hot-blooded latina beauty with long, curly, black hair, an olive complexion, and a body that was guaranteed to turn heads. Dan was more the quiet, reserved type, with short cropped hair, horn rimmed glasses and very likely to go unnoticed in a crowd. He was, however, a bit stubborn, and he refused to back down.

Which led to an uncomfortable moment in front of the group of ten which was only ended when the group decided to call it a night. It didn’t end for them though, as Ezmerelda ran into Dan outside and couldn’t help but challenge him again.

“I’d be willing to bet you’re wrong about that stable compound,” she said sharply.

“Well then, you’d lose that bet,” mumbled Dan, almost to himself.

“I can promise you this, I’ll do better on the test than you,” she said. “I’d be willing to bet on that.”

Dan peered at her through his glasses. She looked serious. “Okay, I’ll take that bet,” he said. “But I don’t have any money.”

Ezmerelda contemplated the stakes. “Loser has to be slave for a day to the winner,” she said.

Dan had never had a slave for a day. He was pretty confident he would win, he was near the top of the class. They shook hands in agreement and hurried home for a few more hours of study.

Two days after the midterm, Dan walked up to the professor’s door to see the posted grades, and who should he run into but a beaming Ezmerelda.

“This is the address to my apartment,” she grinned, handing him a card. “I’ll see you there at 8 am Saturday. I have a long list of things for my slave to do.”

Dan looked at the posted grades in disbelief, and sure enough, Ezmerelda had won the bet. By two points. She looked mighty pleased walking away. Like she had a long list of onerous duties ahead for her slave.

Dan was a man of his word though, so he showed up at 8 am at her apartment, ready for his indentured service. Ezmerelda met him at the door.

“Welcome, my slave,” she smiled. “First off, I need you to respond the same way each time I ask you to do something. First, bow your head, then say—as you wish, Queen Ezmerelda.”

Wow, this was going to be a long day, thought Dan. “Okay, whatever,” he said.

“I’m sorry, what?” she asked.

Dan grimaced. “I mean, as you wish, Queen Ezmerelda.”

“Excellent, slave,” she said. “You can start by washing my car.”

Dan groaned, gave another lackluster “as you wish, Queen Ezmerelda,” and got to work.

And work he did. After washing the car, he cleaned the grill, fixed her bike, and then she put him to work on household chores. The highlight of the morning was when he did a load of laundry and got to see some of Ezmerelda’s frilly underwear. The only other upside was getting to work in the apartment with Ezmerelda walking around in a short black skirt and a tank top. He tried not to stare but she was stunningly hot, even when she was treating him like her bitch.

He was on his hands and knees dusting the baseboards and trying not to stare at Ezmerelda when the doorbell rang. It was her friend Gia, who came in, sat down and started to talk before she even saw Dan on the floor on the other side of the room. Gia was a brown haired beauty with equally beautiful legs and a killer body, dressed casually in a pair of cutoff jeans and a sweatshirt.

She whispered at Ezmerelda, loud enough for Dan to hear. “Did you know there was a guy on your floor?” she asked.

“Yes, this is my man-servant for a day, Dan, he lost a bet on a test and has to be my slave for the day,” she said.

Gia looked over at Dan who waved subserviently. “So let me get this straight,” she said. “You have a man-slave for a day, a man-slave who is, by the way, not too bad to look at, and all you have him doing is cleaning your floors?”

Ezmerelda caught the allusion and almost blushed. She hadn’t thought of Dan being particularly attractive before, but he did look pretty good in shorts and a t-shirt. Of course that may just have been because all men look good cleaning your house.

“What would you have him do?” Ezmerelda asked, and almost immediately regretted the question.

Gia rolled her eyes at her. “At the very least, I’d make him do the cleaning without a shirt on,” she giggled.

Dan couldn’t help but chuckle himself denizli escort at the idea, but Ezmerelda was initially reluctant to ask, until Gia kept at her. Finally she gave in and asked her day-slave to remove his shirt.

“As you wish, Queen Ezmerelda,” he said, standing to remove his shirt.

“Oh my, he has to call you Queen all day too?” asked Gia. “How do I win one a bet like this?”

Gia walked over to sit beside Ezmerelda on the couch, in an obvious effort to get a better view of the now shirtless man slave. As Dan continued his work, the two girls began a heated, but whispered conversation, broken by fits of giggling and arguing. At one point Ezmerelda ended up putting her hand over Gia’s mouth in an effort to keep her quiet, but Gia broke free long enough to yell out “Ezmerelda wishes for her man slave to take off his shorts!”

Dan felt his head jolt at the notion. This slave work was suddenly getting interesting. He stood up to face the two girls on the couch. “Is this what Queen Ezmerelda wishes?” he asked.

Ezmerelda was in a full-on blush and had both hands over her own mouth, and though she was unable to speak, she did manage a half nod.

Dan obediently took his shorts off and let them fall to the ground, and now stood before the girls with just a pair of gray cotton boxers. This was both exhilarating and humiliating at the same time.

For the girls, it was all exhilaration. “OO-la-la,” said Gia, looking him over from head to toe. “Your slave looks a lot better in just boxers.”

Ezmerelda swatted Gia in the arm to shut her up, but she too was taken aback by how much better Dan looked without clothes. Her eyes furtively checked out his fit physique, lingering too long on his boxers. She felt herself getting flush and decided she needed to get Gia under control.

But Gia was having none of that, she completely usurped the Queen duties. For the next ten minutes, it was ‘Queen Ezmerelda wants you to wipe that spent on the ceiling with both hands,’ or ‘Queen Ezmerelda wants you to bend over and pick up that piece of paper.’ There was little pretension on Gia’s part, her requests were more about getting Dan into various poses than house cleaning. For each new task, Gia would give an ooh or an ah, while Ezmerelda fought a losing battle with blushing and telling her to stop. Dan had to admit to himself he was enjoying being on display in front of two very attractive girls, even as a slave. He was trying hard to hide his growing arousal, but he was fighting a losing battle.

“Ezmerelda wants you to wipe the dust off this picture frame,” Gia said with a grin, pointing to the picture hanging above the couch behind them.

“As you wish, Queen Ezmerelda,” said Dan. He realized Gia’s motivation, as he would have to stand on the front of the couch and lean between the two girls to get to the picture frame. Essentially, they would be getting a close up view of his boxers at eye level.

He dutifully climbed up in front of the girls, with his dust rag, and got into position to clean the frame, a position which would put his boxers about a foot away from the girl’s faces. Gia actually moved in for a closer view, while Ezmerelda unsuccessfully pretended not to look. All the attention was moving Dan from semi-aroused to fully aroused.

From their vantage point they could clearly see the outline of Dan’s swelling manhood swaying under the thin fabric of the boxers. He had moved past being embarrassed by his erection to being proud to show it off, especially with Gia’s whispered comments about his “impressive package” that he could clearly overhear.

After five minutes of “cleaning the picture frame,” Dan stepped back off the couch and stood in front of them to await his next task. Ezmerelda was just about to tell him to put his clothes back on and tell him he was free to go but Gia spoke first. “Ezmerelda wishes that you give her a ten minute foot massage,” she said quickly. Before he could even answer and before Ezmerelda could stop her, she had jumped up, guided Dan into her place on the couch and swung Ezmerelda’s feet onto his lap. “Hang on, I’ll get some massage oil,” she added, running off to the bathroom.

While Gia was gone, Dan put his hands on Ezmerelda’s feet and gave them a light tickle and rub. “Is this as you wish, Queen Ezmerelda?”

Ezmerelda blushed and then got serious. “I did not mean for this to happen, this is all Gia,” she said. “I hope this is ok with you.”

“Well, this is a lot more fun that washing your car,” he said. “I’ve never been a sex slave before.”

Her facial reaction to the words “sex slave” immediately made him wish he could take it back.

“Well, we can’t get too crazy, I have a boyfriend back home,” she said.

“Right, I didn’t mean we were going to have sex or anything,” Dan blurted out. “I have a girlfriend back home too.”

They both nodded, satisfied that the boundary had been set. But honestly, both felt diyarbakır escort a pang of disappointment.

Gia came bounding back into the room with the massage oil, ending the moment. She knelt down in front of Dan and took the liberty of pouring way too much oil onto Ezmerelda’s feet, which drained off onto Dan’s thighs and boxers. She giggled as she used “saving the couch” as an excuse to rubbing the oil into Dan’s thighs while he massaged Ezmerelda’s feet. Ezmerelda may have been uncomfortable with the sexual tension, but there was no way she was going to turn down a foot massage, and Dan had two very skilled and strong hands. So skilled, in fact, that Ezmerelda was unable to stifle an appreciative moan.

Gia had seen and heard enough, and she wanted in. “Ezmerelda wants you to give her friend Gia a foot massage too,” she said, jumping up on the couch beside her. She lifted one leg over Ezmerelda’s so the two girls’ feet were tangled up on Dan’s lap, and he took a moment to be thankful he had lost the bet — his lucky hands were caressing four pretty, oil covered feet, attached to two beautiful sets of long, lean legs, sexily intertwined. They moaned and cooed as he rotated the foot massage, always making sure he was working on both of them at the same time.

Gia had to keep pushing the envelope, nudging Ezmerelda’s feet closer to Dan’s crotch every few moments. Ezmerelda pushed back, setting up a subtle but fervent struggle on the tops of Dan’s oiled up thighs.

“Stop doing that,” hissed Ezmerelda to Gia, loud enough for Dan to hear. “I’ve got a boyfriend and he’s got a girlfriend.”

“It’s ok, it’s not cheating if you’re wearing clothes,” giggled Gia.

Ezmerelda was distracted by the thought and Gia took the opportunity to push her foot right up into Dan’s crotch. The contact caused Dan’s cock to leap to full attention, and Ezmerelda was treated to a foot perspective of Dan’s size and firmness, which were both very impressive.

Ezmerelda gasped in shock and embarrassment and pulled her feet back off Dan’s lap. “I think that’s enough of a foot massage,” she said. “That was very nice, thanks.”

“Very, very nice,” added Gia, taking the opportunity to drag her toe up and down Dan’s thighs. “I’ll bet you that Queen Ezmerelda would like a shoulder massage now.”

Ezmerelda, feeling warm and flustered, was already nodding her head no.

So Gia took matters into her own hands. “Well, Ezmerelda wishes for her slave to give her good friend Gia a shoulder massage,” she said. In a flash, she had moved into position in Dan’s lap, her knees on the couch on either side of him, her ass settled down nicely on his upper thighs. She was facing away from him and leaning back, so it was easy for him to reach out and place his hands on her shoulders. Ezmerelda was too shocked to even close her mouth, and Dan was so mesmerized he forgot to say “as you wish, Ezmerelda.” He just started gently rubbing her shoulders and upper back through her sweatshirt.

He had not massaged her shoulders long enough for Ezmerelda to close her mouth when Gia reached up and pulled her sweatshirt over her head and swept her long brown hair in front of her shoulder to give Dan full access to her back.

“GIA!” screamed Ezmerelda in shock.

“What, I’ve got a bra on, I just wanted to make it easier on your slave,” she grinned.

Ezmerelda rolled her eyes in exasperation with her crazy friend. She had to admit feeling a bit of jealousy, sitting there on the couch watching Dan’s strong hands moving up and down Gia’s gracefully arched back. She also couldn’t help but notice that Gia was grinding her crotch down on Dan’s lap, and her ass was slowly sliding back towards Dan’s bulging boxers. It wasn’t long before Gia had worked herself into position so that Dan’s cock was sliding up and down the length of her ass. Ezmerelda felt like she was watching a live porno.

“That’s probably enough with the back massage,” she said sarcastically. “Dan has a girlfriend and I don’t think she would appreciate you having sex with him.”

“Simulated sex is not the same thing as sex,” Gia grinned. “It doesn’t count if you have clothes on, it’s not cheating.”

Gia swung her leg over and changed position so that now she was facing toward Dan. She slid forward so that their crotches were pressed together, then leaned away from him. “For example, if we didn’t have any clothes on, we would definitely be having sex right now. But with clothes on, it’s more like I’m just sitting in the lap of your slave boy.” She reconsidered the label after feeling the hardness between her legs. “Sorry, I mean, slave MAN.”

“Okay, I think that’s enough pretend sex, I think Dan has earned the right of emancipation,” Ezmerelda said.

In reality, Dan was prepared to offer his services as slave for life at this point, but he didn’t say anything.

Gia gave an exaggerated frown. “Ah gee, just when it was getting fun,” she said. “Let antalya escort me show you one other simulated sex position, and then we can let him go.”

Ezmerelda figured Gia would do it anyway, so she just nodded.

“Ezmerelda wants you to lay down on your back on the floor,” Gia said to Dan.

Dan did as he was told, giving the standard ‘as you wish’ line. Gia grabbed Ezmerelda’s hand, lifted her off the couch and brought her over to where Dan was. Before she could react, Gia had wrestled Ezmerelda down so that her knees were on either side of Dan’s head, and Gia had moved down to straddle Dan’s cock once again. It took a moment for Ezmerelda to realize that essentially she was sitting on Dan’s face, looking back at Gia who was riding cowboy.

Ezmerelda screamed. “Gia, what the hell?”

Gia smiled. “I call this the threesome simulation.”

Ezmerelda looked down and realized that Dan was getting a free up skirt view, and the only way she could think to solve that was to move closer so that the skirt covered his face and left him in darkness. For the next several minutes, Dan sat there in darkness and listened to the impassioned whispering of Ezmerelda as she essentially chewed Gia out for being such a slut. He couldn’t help but notice that while she was lambasting Gia, she was also not moving from her position above him. Her skirt fully covered his head, so Gia couldn’t see his face.

Dan’s face was close enough to Ezmerelda’s panties that he could feel the heat coming off her, he could smell her delicious scent. He couldn’t see anything in the darkness, but he could feel the movement of the skirt and was guessing that her warm, wet pussy was just inches from his mouth. That thought, coupled with Gia wriggling around on his cock, had sent his head spinning. The ache to taste her became too much, and in a weak moment he stuck his tongue up. He didn’t think he would make contact, but he did, and Ezmerelda immediately jolted up and away from his tongue. She was right in the middle of saying something and he heard her stop. He held his breath, feeling sure Ezmerelda was getting ready to stand up and tell him to get out.

But there was nothing but a deafening silence as he awaited sentencing in the darkness. Then, unexpectedly, he felt her ease down closer to his face. In another daring moment, he lifted his tongue out again, brushing up against her ever so slightly, and again she pulled away. And then, just as quickly, she eased back down again, and in a moment Dan would never forget, she allowed him to softly, gently slide his tongue the length of her pussy.

Ezmerelda fought the overwhelming urge to moan and shudder, opting instead to give the pretense to Gia that she there was no real contact. Each time she felt Dan’s tongue pressing up against her panties it became more difficult, and Dan knew how to use his tongue. Her outer personae was berating Gia for abusing her slave, while her inner personae was building slowly to an intense orgasm.

Dan was in three places at once. First, he was feeling Gia dry humping him. Second, he was trying to overhear the impassioned whispering above him. And third, and most importantly, he was in heaven feeling Ezmerelda on his mouth. He heard Gia interrupt Ezmerelda.

“The only way to make this threesome simulation better would be if your shirt was off and we were kissing right now, just like in that porno we watched the other night,” Gia said.

Dan couldn’t hear Ezmerelda’s response, but a few moments later he felt her hands on his chest, and Gia’s hands on his abdomen, and it was silent above him. Without thinking about it he moved one hand onto Gia’s waist and another above him onto Ezmerelda’s waist, which he found to be bare. In his mind’s eye, he could see Gia and Ezmerelda locked in a tender, passionate kiss above him, their shirtless bodies writhing together.

He was correct. Ezmerelda had become so aroused by Dan’s tongue lashing she might have done anything, and taking off her shirt and kissing Gia seemed entirely within reason. Dan’s face was covered with a skirt, so he couldn’t see that she had taken off her shirt and was kissing Gia. She didn’t realize just how much she wanted to put her mouth on something, and Gia’s soft mouth and tongue was the perfect something. Having her so close also allowed her to move her lower body with more abandon, and between the kissing, the grinding and Dan’s skilled tongue, she was getting close to losing it.

Dan could feel Ezmerelda gyrating on his face, and then he could feel her body tightening up, and then he felt her entire body shudder deeply and he felt a warm surge on his face. He was just about to explode himself when Ezmerelda suddenly rolled off him and declared that the party was over. Gia reluctantly stood up and looked down at him.

“Damn, if he were my slave I wouldn’t let him stop serving me until the sun came up,” she said. She was looking down on him like a dog looks at beef stew. “It sure is a shame that we didn’t get a chance to see him all the way….naked.”

Dan was so mesmerized looking up at the girls he was hardly listening. Ezmerelda was on her knees and Gia was standing up looking down on him, both girls seemed to have forgotten they were shirtless. As he gazed at the beautiful curves of their lacy bras, he somehow caught the word naked.