Lovebites Ep. 02


As Sophie entered the bedroom she reached out to touch Emmaline, attempting to draw her in for a hug, and some body warmth.Emma was still scared and shivered a little in response but ultimately she gave in and let her friend wrap her slender arms around her.

Despite all logic, Sophie in fact seemed to be warm already, at least to the touch. Emma said, “Sophie, are you sick? You look to be freezing but I think you’re running quite a fever.”

She asked this and her voice cracked slightly, as if she might be getting a bit worried and suspicious. Instead of answering Sophie posed a question of her own through nearly purple lips.

“Are you, Em, I mean are you sick?”

before receiving a reply she continued “You weren’t there last night, or at school today. It really disappointed me Emmaline Black, more than you’ll ever know. You broke my heart when you didn’t show”.

Her eyes were wet with tears now and she was backing Emma up to the large bed. “I, I, just got cold feet is all Sophie, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I still, I still love you, as a friend. I’m just not quite sure of the rest yet.”

Sophie didn’t understand what was coming over her, she was not an aggressive girl. But now, in this moment she would not be denied what was promised to her.

There was a burning in her chest and a buzzing in her head that blocked out all other thought – she was now more than ever a creature of base impulses and she let her desires take complete control.

Her thin arm shot out in a blinding movement and she instantly had Emmaline by the throat. “Well Em, that’s all well and good, I’d have let it go – would have, if you’d at least shown up to turn me down to my face. But you didn’t. And I stood outside your house all night, waiting. Now I take what’s mine.”

She then fluidly grasped Emmaline’s waist and dipped like they were ballroom dancers. In this pose she held Emmaline, who was now in all out open-mouthed shock. That open mouth soon found Sophie’s warm tongue inside it – probing deep, playing on her love’s teeth and nearly choking her in the process. It was snakelike and seemed to have a mind of it’s own, it also felt like it may have grown in length, only days before when the two had first made out it was normal, now it was longer, stronger, and so very different.

Emmaline hardly had time to think of this however as Sophie finished the kiss she reached out once more and removed Emma’s nightgown, and sent it falling Antep Bayan Escort to the carpet in tatters.

Emmaline stood before her best friend now stark naked and shaking in fear. Still as Sophie removed her own dress and revealed her pale glowing skin, Em could not help being aroused.

It was the first time she’d beheld a fully nude body that wasn’t her own and it was stunningly beautiful. “Now Emmaline dearest, on the bed.”

Emma had no choice but to obey, and truth be told just now she wanted nothing more than to do just as commanded. As she lay back Sophie again moved in a blur and was immediately atop her small trembling form.

Sophie again began to kiss her but quickly moved on to other places; she ran her masterful tongue up and down every inch of Emmaline Black, tasting sweat brought on by fear and arousal.

She licked with a fierce passion at Emma’s face, neck shoulders, and arms – it was as if she wanted to get every single spot wet with her saliva. She even licked Emma’s armpits and was very turned on by the softness there. She kissed at Em’s arms and sucked on each of her fingers in turn.

When she had finally worked her way to Emmaline’s chest she stopped to take in the beauty of pert small breasts. The nipples were hard and point and she bit on testing Emma, she heard a sigh, but it was not so much pain as it was a stimulated whimper.

When she was done there she forcefully spread Emmaline’s legs apart and buried her face in her previously unloved sex. Her pubic hair was light and thin and it’s golden flecks matched the locks that covered Em’s head, that had made Sophie so incredibly envious.

Now there was no envy because she knew she was the one in control. Sophie did her worst, although by the sounds Emma made, the argument could be made that she did her absolute best.

She slobbered and slurped the delicate lips of Emmaline Black’s nether lips. The taste was sweet and maddening for both – For Sophie it was obvious why – but for Emma too, this was, if she were honest, amazingly wonderful.

Emmaline began to heave and writhe with pelvic thrusts that aided Sophie in her task. She pulled at Sophie’s long brown hair as she wiggled with pleasure, and suddenly even after all that had occurred she worried she had hurt Sophie pulling on her hair too hard.

Sophie looked up from her labor of love, and smiled with a devilish grin, there were juices dripping down her chin and she lapped them up with her own tongue not letting a drop fall to stain the bedsheets and leave evidence of the deed.

She wasn’t satisfied with just one climax so without being asked she continued and promptly worked another out of Emmaline who was at this point in a state of lust driven bliss.

She had her eyes closed through most of it – thinking to herself that maybe it was just a vivid dream she would wake up from in time. But Gods save her she didn’t want it to stop, ever.

She began to feel as if she were floating, and slowly inched open on eye ; the discovery made her scream, she was floating inches off the bed, and Sophie was still holding her like that in midair.

The noise of the scream startled Sophie who shot up immediately and held her hand over Emma’s mouth. Then inexplicably on an animalistic impulse Sophie bit down on her friend’s skin, in the commotion though she missed the neck, and instead sunk her teeth into the other girl’s shoulder.

They were both scared confusd at this – Emma curling up defensively and Sophie recoiling in fright of herself for what she had just done.

Without a word she jumped out the still open window and out into the dark London night. Sophie was beginning to feel weak and when she got home and didn’t make it inside her house before collapsing on the ground in the yard. She was sure she was near death as blackness took her completely and utterly.

When she opened them again she was in dark room somewhere. It was not home that was certain. The walls were stone, as if it may have been a castle, candles cast the only light in the whole place.

Sophie was sweating in shock as the details of her night came rushing back – then there was the sound of a door closing and a figure stood before her.

It was a woman to be sure but she was having trouble collecting her thoughts enough to make anything but an estimated height of about 5 ft 10in not tall by a lot of people’s standards, but tall to her. Sophie stood to a height of only 5ft 3in and to her personal dismay it seemed as though that part of her at least, had stopped growing.

The woman stepped forward from the shadows to reveal delicately beautiful features. The highlight of which were her eyes which shown a dazzling blue-green shade that made Sophie think of the sea on a bright morning.

Her hair was blond and wavy and framed her face to perfection. She smiled easily and put out her hand to be held.

“Hello there sweetling, I, am Christine. Your maker, and master.” She stated the matter simply and flatly, and there was no questioning her authority.

Still this woman did not appear that much older than herself twenty perhaps ; but if her impressions were correct and this was in fact a vampire she could be any age at all and even with the command in her voice she seemed anything but threatening.

Then she smiled a second time and there was no doubt – a sharp pair of fangs peeked from her moistened lips and she flicked her tongue, long and red, between them.

Sophie finally spoke ” But if, if you’re m-my master and your like me, why aren’t you pale?” She said this gesturing to her own skin which still emitted a soft glow.

“Oh that, that’s because you haven’t fed yet darling.”

“Fed? But I bit… I bit Emma.”

“Biting isn’t the same as feeding. But you couldn’t now, even if you wanted – not really. Your teeth haven’t come in all the way. First you require nourishment.”

The Lady Christine continued, “Being that I am your master, I’m the only one fit to give it. Now come here and suckle at your maker’s tit, milk always is the easiest way to development. There are other methods of course, but those are far more painful to the progeny, that would be you.”

With this Christine opened her kimono and bared her sizable breasts – they were big and soft and not quite perfectly round, they had heft to them and were undoubtedly the most fantastic boobs Sophie had seen in her eighteen years as a human.

She did not need to be told twice, as she raised one tip to her hungry drooling mouth. The milk was warm and felt like a restorative balm. Sophie’s aches and pains melted and her temperature too, seemed to instantly stabilize.

Sophie made happy contented sounds sucking those marvelous orbs. When she finally managed to pull away for a moment a suctioning noise accompanied the break.

She asked curiously ” So, if you’re producing milk, does that mean you’re pregnant?”

“Oh no of course not silly child, I am a mother and maker – as a creator of life I am always plentiful in the appropriate nectar and nutrients, you will come to know this. But we vampires need no such thing as conventional methods”.

Her question answered Sophie went back in and resumed her joyful task and by the time she heard the one posed to her she could not answer so she looked up into her maker’s eyes and nodded when she said

” Like the Kimono? 13h century Japanese, authentic” The Lady Christine was pleased.