Holiday Stud


A couple of years ago I went on holiday with a friend. It was just a standard sun, sea, sand and maybe a bit of sex type trip. This is the story of the sex I had, which incidentally was one of my hottest fucks ever.

One night I was alone, my friend had pulled at the beach and was busy having fun with this sexy hunk. I was more than a little jealous, so I went to the bar to try my luck. There I got chatting to Tony. He was a tall black man, with a shaved head and a sexy athletic body. I was most disappointed when he introduced me to his wife, a petite blond. Still there was no one else even slightly sexy about, and they were fun so I stayed and chatted.

Angela, Tony’s wife was totally cool and relaxed. We had drinks and I flirted with both of them, enjoying the company. I secretly plotted a hot little pussy rub later on, imagining Tony’s dark cock pleasuring me.

At about 11pm Angela announced she was going to bed. Tony said he would stay and keep me company. I was surprised that Angela wasn’t bothered by this at all, but happy to continue to enjoy Tony’s company. We had another drink, and out flirting began to move from playful to intense. I let him rub my thigh, enjoying his rough palm on my skin. A little tipsy I suggested a midnight swim, which he agreed to. We set off for the beach.

As we walked through the trees between the hotel and the beach one of my flip flops fell off. We stopped, and I quickly found it. Giggling I took Tony’s arm as I put it back on, before falling against his muscular toned chest. I steadied myself, but didn’t move away from him. Instead, I pressed my body against his, letting him feel my firm Ataşehir Yabancı Escort breasts and hardening nipples against his deep dark torso.

My cunt moistened in his proximity, and suddenly we were kissing. Our lips locked together, and I felt his cock, swelling in his trunks against my flat stomach. I ground up into him and it twitched. That was all the encouragement he needed. He pulled out of the kiss and spun me round.

I fell against a tree, catching myself against the rough bark. I felt his rough hands on my hips, and my legs parted as my sarong fell around my ankles. He ran his big hands over my arse, stroking and squeezing. I giggled, and moaned a little. My pussy was moist and aching as he ran his hands over my bikini bottom. He felt the wetness and ground his fingers into my mound through the thin fabric. I moaned again, as he pulled my bikini bottom down, the crotch sticking in my slit, before pulling free.

I shivered as I felt the cool night air on my cunt for the first time. I groaned as his hand ran through my dripping bush. I looked around and saw him smelling me on his fingers, as his trunks dropped around his ankles. He stepped forward. His penis stood out; long, dark and hard. The foreskin retreated back over the glans as it twitched. Large oval balls hung in the dark sack beneath it, I could see them tensing and rising, ready to empty out their potent load.

His hands gripped my waist firmly, and I felt the heat of his cock head approaching my opening.

‘Urrrrgh, fuck me,’ I grunted.

He slid inside me in one smooth motion. So straight and hard, he didn’t even need Ataşehir Yeni Escort to use a hand to guide it.

‘Oooooh Tony, it feels amazing, so hard,’ I moaned as he filled me with his solid twitching mass.

His only response was to pull back, then slam in; oh so deep. I squealed, and he did it again. Again and again he slammed into me, getting faster. I rose up off my heels, toes curling in my flip flops and his shaft pounded into me. Hot squelching noises joined my moans and his grunts in the still night air.

I came hard, clenching round his cock. My ass and thighs spasmed. My breathing fast. My body flushed and sweaty even in the cool sea breeze. Then he pushed so deep, and held it. I felt enormous spasms and his cock throbbed in my hot cunt. It seemed to last forever, the throbbing warmth seeping into me as I came down from my orgasm.

After a long time he began to soften, and slipped from me. I stood, feeling so sexy and satisfied, and clenched my cunt to keep his juices inside of me as I pulled up my bottoms, which were soaked with the juices that had dripped during our fucking. I don’t know why I wanted his sperm to stay in me, it was just right, like his fullness, heat and power was staying with me.

‘I don’t feel like swimming anymore,’ I announced.

‘What do you feel like doing?’ He murmured.


He lifted me straight over his shoulder and carried me, laughing, back to my hotel room.

When we got there we were immediately entwined. Kissing and fighting the small amount of clothes we were wearing off. We rubbed our horny bodies together as our arousal, little Ataşehir Masaj Salonu diminished by our first fuck, intensified again.

Tony threw me onto the bed, and climbed between my open legs. Without any hesitation he plowed his cock into me. I felt his glans part my lips, which slid around it, rolling his foreskin back as he entered me. I was cumming instantly. My twitching legs flew up and curled around him, pulling my writhing body into his powerful thrusts.

Again he was quick, faster and faster. So focused on one goal, his pleasure, and his confidence and arrogance only made me cum harder as he enjoyed my body. He was so deep, hot and hard inside me. He satisfied the innermost reaches of my wanton, slimy pink cave.

Then he came, deeper that he had ever been. My legs wrapped around his waist holding him in as he shot his load right into my womb. His balls tight at the base of his shaft and against the bottom of my slit, throbbing, as his cock pumped his potent load deep inside me.

When he was done he quickly pulled out. I got up on my elbows looking for a kiss, but he just rolled off me and got up. Quickly he put his trunks on and found his flip flops.

‘He he, had enough baby?’ I giggled.

‘Enough of you,’ He replied.

‘Is that it,’ I asked, slightly put out.

‘You were a good fuck,’ he said. ‘I enjoyed cumming in you enough to give you another load, but I’ve got to save some for Angela.’

‘Does she know about this?’

‘We don’t discuss it, but I know she enjoys the thought of her man fucking lots of white sluts. Its how she knows I’m good enough for her.’

‘Can I see you tomorrow?’ I asked, hopefully.


He just left.

I didn’t feel even slightly used. I felt proud. Proud that such a man had taken me. I rubbed at my clit thinking of his only recently absent penetration. I came four more times before I fell asleep, my womb filled with potent black seed.