A Girls Night with My Wife


I’m never going to fool anyone when I dress up, at five foot seven inches, with a heavy muscular build, I’m definitely not what you call feminine. But no matter what I do I cannot help but feel incredibly sexy when ever I get ready to, as my wife and I call it “dress up for a girls night”.

I always take my time in the shower, shave and trim as closely and as neat as possible, after I’m dry I put use some of my wife’s deodorant and spray some perfume. I take out a small jeweled butt plug, it has a weight inside that roles around and feels amazing with every step, lube it up and slowly push it inside me. I gently bite my lip and let out a soft moan as it fills me up, I love that feeling, anal always makes me feel vulnerable and sexy.

Then comes arguably the best part, I slip on some my thong back gaff and tuck my self away and begin to do my make up. I take the time to do my best to get it right and I’m getting better and better each time, I especially like using mascara and eye liner, my wife tells me I have pretty eyes at the best of times, so I feel that when I use this they really pop. The last thing to go on is some red lipstick and I’m ready to start dressing.

I carefully roll some tan Cuban heel stockings up my legs, the feeling of stockings sliding over freshly shaven legs is amazing, and slide my feet into some patent red Mary Jane’s with a three inch heel. I always take the time to run my hands over my legs and rub my legs together, the feeling gets me so turned on. Thankfully my gaff keeps everything where it should be, but I know it’ll be a mess of pre-cum by the time I’m done, I get so wet when Erin comes out. I wrap a black Victorian corset around my waist and buckle the tabs to the stockings before standing up and tightening myself in. It’s so erotic to feel restrained by a corset.

I slip my bra on with its D cup false breasts and take the time to admire myself in the full length mirror in the bedroom. I love this moment, I pose a gaziantep escort little and touch myself, once again grateful for the gaff.

I pick out the dress I’ll wear for the evening, a black midi, with figure enhancing red highlights down the side and soft black mesh sleeves and step into it, pulling it up over my stockings and luxuriating in the feeling of it hugging my figure. I clip some red garnet and diamond earrings onto my ears and fasten a matching necklace around my neck. I take out my brunette slightly below shoulder length wig and slip it onto my head.

I gently style my new hair and fastened a butterfly clip into the back to keep my fringe out of my face and keep everything how I like it. I love the way my earrings dangle and feel on my ears, it makes me feel incredible feminine.

And then I walk out of the bedroom, my hips swaying with the new gait my heels, corset and butt plug give me, I feel powerful, sexy, pretty and sensual.

I check the time, twenty minutes until my wife comes home, I make a cocktail for my self and prepare for her to come home, light some candles and run the bath for her.

By the time she walks in the door I am so turned on it takes all my will power not to drop to my knees and worship her body.

She kisses me on the lips, lingering just a fraction longer than normal, her hand sliding down my lower back and over my arse, it gently slides up under my dress and she gently plays with my garter tabs.

“Looking good Erin” she says, referring to the fem name I like when I’m dressed, as her hand slides up passed my garter tab and gently squeezes my arse cheek.

“I have a bath and a cocktail ready for you” I say as her finger gently slides down over the back of my gaff, and gently presses on the end of my plug, I moan and press towards her hand.

“Thank you” she says, wry smile on her face.

She steps away from me and my legs feel shaky, I feel like I’m going to explode.

She babelan.net walks to the bedroom and strips down, tying her hair back into a short pony tail, her body a wonder of femininity and exuding all the sexiness that a woman can. She reaches up and puts her hands on the door frame, standing up on her toes, arching her back and butt towards me.

“Squeeze my arse” she demands, I step towards her and begin to caress and squeeze her cheeks, soft and pliable, sexy as hell, she backs into me and rubs her butt against my crotch, where my cock is straining to be let go.

“That’s enough, can you get me my drink?”

I go to the kitchen and mix up a Blue Lagoon, to take to her in the bath, I get her a bottle of cold water and her book to read so she can relax and unwind. Occasionally coming in to make small talk and chat about our respective days.

After a while she starts to raise her breasts out of the water, teasing me, rolling over and arching her arse up, her pussy coming just out of the water, I kneel down on the outside of the tub and begin to rub my fingers and hands over her outer lips, gently dropping a middle finger just inside her, she’s wet and slick, not just from the bath. She rolls over and reaches her hand behind my head pulling my mouth to hers, we kiss our tongues touching and pushing against one another.

I get her a towel and help her out of the bath. She dries her self and says, “you need to fix you lipstick” I tidy up and she goes to the bedroom.

Lying back on the bed presenting her pussy to me, I crawl up the bed loving the way my lingerie tugs and pulls at my body before dropping my face down between her legs. She pushes the back of my head down, and I taste her sex for the first time, her pussy is soaked with her cum, I moan as my tongue touches and tastes her. My body is aching for hers and I begin to pleasure her, my tongue dances and flicks over her clit and sinks as deep into her as I can get it.

Her pussy tastes amazing as always, everything about her oozes sex and I look up to see her licking one of her nipples, I hit a sensitive spot and her body arches towards me as she begins to whimper and moan, her hands pushing my face into her.

I keep her on the edge for as long as possible, the wetter she gets, the better she tastes and reach up under her and squeeze her arse cheeks.

Her legs squeeze against the my head and she begins to writhe and buck underneath my mouth, her moans become more desperate and I can taste the subtle change in her cum as she begins to orgasm. I keep licking as she cums, it floods out of her, the taste indescribably erotic. She moans, as she finishes and gently pushes my face away, but I’m greedy for her, and place small kisses on her pussy.

My cock is throbbing inside my gaff, I’m so wet now, yearning for release, she looks at me.

“Does my girl need to cum?”

“Oh god yes” I moan.

“Do you want to cum on my breasts?”

“So badly”

“Ok, baby”

I position my self on my knees next to her and pull my dress up over my hips, she begins to run her soft hands over the back of my calves and arse cheeks, rubbing the stockings on my legs. I pull my cock out and it’s slick with my cum, she smiles at me and plays with her breast occasionally reaching up with her tongue to lick the head of my cock. It’s all too much, I moan as I masturbate the feelings of femininity on my body, the plug inside me and the vision lying in front of me overwhelming my senses.

When I cum it bursts out of me splashing over her breasts and stomach, she’s gorgeous, she pulls my face down to breasts,

“Clean me baby” she softly says in my ear, I lick and kiss my cum from her body, this one moment feeling more like her girlfriend then her husband, my complete submission to her.

When I finish, she kisses me gently on the lips, “I need a shower, and I’m really hungry.”

I smile at this woman who chose me, I pull down my gaff to put on some comfier panties, fix my make up and make dinner for the person that makes me feel in this moment, like nobody else ever could.