After the Hard Times Ch. 04


This is an ongoing story, for background you may want to read the earlier chapters. The story is fiction and involves incestuous relationships.

All characters are aged eighteen or older.


Their parents were waiting for them. They noticed that the young people’s clothing was slightly disheveled. Emily gave them a nod when they came in the house. Trudy whispered to Carol Ann.

“I think all went as we hoped.”

Carol Ann smiled. They had agreed that it would be she who told Jack about their new arrangement. About the joining of their families.

“Sit down,” Trudy told them. “We have a little while yet before dinner.”

Roger offered drinks. Emily asked for wine, Jack thought he’d have what Roger was drinking, but weak.

“We’re glad to see you and Emily got along well,” Carol Ann told Jack after the drinks were served.

“I have something to tell you. Something important.”

Carol Ann paused to collect her thoughts.

“Jack, we; Roger, Trudy and I have decided to unite our families. That is why it is important that you and Emily got along.”

“Oh, Jack,” Emily cried out. “That’s wonderful. We can be together whenever we want.”

Jack didn’t really hear what Emily had said, not right away. His mind was grappling with what his mother had told him. He looked at the older people in the room. Roger and Trudy were wearing broad smiles. He turned to look at Emily; she was smiling too. Jack still didn’t understand. He only knew it must be important to him. The only thing he could think of was that they were talking about him marrying Emily. He took a sip of his drink, then another larger sip. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that, no matter how good sex would be with her.

“I don’t understand,” he said looking at Carol Ann.

“Oh, Jack, it’s really a wonderful thing,” his mother gushed. “I’m excited. You will be too, once you understand.”

“Jack,” Emily said. “It’s like this. We know that you and your mother are lovers. My family is the same. Dad, Mom and I are all lovers too. What could be more natural than combining both families into one?”

Emily paused for effect. “Just think, Jack. You’ll have three women to choose from. Even two of us together. There will be so much love among us.”

Roger spoke up. “These two ladies of mine are getting a little hard to handle, Jack. I can use your help.”

Jack finished his drink in with a couple of gulps. He wondered if he was hearing right.

“You mean we’ll all have sex with each other?” He asked.

“Well, yes.” Trudy spoke up. “But not you and Roger; at least I don’t think so.”

“The women like each other, though,” Roger said with a laugh.

“It will be so much fun,” Emily said happily. “It’s like a dream.”

Jack looked at his mother. She was smiling. In fact she looked as though she had won a big prize at the fair.

“It really will be great for us Jack. You and Emily can get married and we’ll combine the farms. Just think of the possibilities. And the fun we’ll have too.”

The idea of marrying Emily suddenly appealed to Jack. Their make-out session had shown him how hot sex with her would be. The fact that he could still fuck his mother was a big plus. There was Trudy, too. Jack had always thought she was a pretty good looking woman for someone as old as his mother. He smiled to himself at that last thought.

The cons seemed to be few, but possibly important. He would be sharing all the women with Roger. The women would all be having sex with each other. But woman on woman didn’t seem so bad when a vision of two of them making love with each other popped into his mind. He hadn’t reached the point of thinking about threesomes yet. So sharing with Roger seemed to be the only reason against the union he could think of.

“What’s next?” he asked.

“Oh, Jack, I’m so happy you will be joining us.” Emily sounded absolutely gleeful.

The others were all smiling broadly.

“Trudy, hasn’t had the pleasure of your favors yet,” Roger said. “You should sleep with her tonight.”

“Right now I think we better have dinner,” Trudy said with a smile. She looked at Jack and licked her lips.

Jack assumed that Roger, Emily and Carol Ann would be a threesome for the night. It surprised him, just a little, that the thought of his mother making love with another man, and a woman too, didn’t bother him. She was obviously enthused about what was happening. Just as Jack was enthused by the idea of fucking Trudy, and sucking too. Definitely sucking. A vision of Trudy with his cock in her mouth flashed into his mind. It was quickly followed by one of him eating Trudy’s hot pussy.

Dinner went well, but it was a little surreal. All of them had sex on their minds. They tried to keep up a normal conversation, but it was difficult.

Roger finally got the talk on the subject that everyone had on their minds.

“You and Emily should get married as soon as possible, Jack,” he said. He looked at his daughter to be sure she bursa eskort was included in his remark.

“That’s okay with me,” Jack responded. “But how about Emily, what does she say.”

“She says it’s fine with her!” Emily was emphatic. “The sooner we’re wed the sooner we can all be real lovers. I want that so bad.”

“I’m having real love,” Carol Ann said. “I found things today I didn’t even know I missed.” She laughed.

“I did too,” Jack put in. He looked at Emily then Trudy. “I’m sure I’ll learn even more.”

“We’ll need to talk soon,” Roger said. “About how to arrange things. Maybe tomorrow.

“After dinner,” Roger continued. “Why don’t you move your pickup around behind the barn, Jack? No sense giving our neighbors something to talk about.”

“I’ll do that,” Jack replied.

Dinner finished. The three women cleared the table. They washed the dishes. Trudy didn’t like to leave things for later. Jack took the opportunity to move the pickup. Back in the house he found the women ready. Carol Ann kissed him warmly.

“Have fun, Sweetheart,” she told him. “I think this is the start of a great life.”

“I will, Mom.”

Trudy took his hand. She led Jack upstairs to the spare bedroom. The others followed them, but went to the master bedroom.


Emily hugged Carol Ann. “I’ve always thought you were very pretty,” she told the older woman. “Ever since I found out women can love women I’ve wanted to be with you.”

“Thank you, Emily,” Carol Ann replied. “You’re very pretty yourself. I’ve only just found out about women making love, your mother was my first; and you’re someone that I find appealing.”

The women parted. Both hugged and kissed Roger. Emily felt she had to explain to Carol Ann. As she spoke she was opening the buttons of her dress. Carol Ann and Roger followed her lead.

“I want to be a virgin on my wedding day,” she told her future mother-in-law. “But you can have Daddy and we can have each other. I can have Daddy too. We both like to do mouthy stuff. By the way, I had great fun with Jack, you taught him well.”

“Thank you,” Carol Ann responded. “It sounds like we both like his loving.”

Roger was undressed first. He climbed into the bed and covered himself modestly with the sheet. The women, naked now, joined him. One on each side.

Both kissed and fondled Roger. He returned their caresses and kisses. He sucked their tits as his fingers danced over the swollen lips of hungry pussies.

Carol Ann found herself wanting his cock. She wanted Emily’s pussy too. She wanted to fuck, to suck, to be sucked. Like a kid in a candy store she wanted it all.

Roger helped her. His hands pressed both women towards his cock. The sheet was pushed off their naked bodies. They both went willingly. On either side of him they licked the length of his hardness and kissed each other between licks. Roger with his head propped up on a pillow watched, enchanted. He didn’t want to cum, not yet. He caressed his daughter’s head.

“Come to Daddy, Honey. I know what you need.”

“You ride him, Carol Ann,” Emily said in a stage whisper. “We’ll get together afterward.”

With wide smiles the ladies straddled Roger. His daughter bringing her wet pussy to his greedy mouth. Carol Ann impaled her equally wet pussy on his throbbing cock. Her arms went around Emily to caress her tits and tweak her nipples.

Carol Ann rose quickly to an orgasm. Roger’s cock filled her pussy nicely. He and Jack were close to the same size; perfect, as far as Carol Ann was concerned. Emily, leaning back against her, was in her thoughts. Carol Ann found herself anticipating the thrill of making love with the girl. Even as orgasms ripped through her body she had visions of her and Emily in a sixty-nine.

Making love with another woman was something Carol Ann had just experienced for the first time, and with Emily’s mother too. It was all so exciting. Her opportunities for good sex had doubled, more than that, tripled. At least tripled, she had to count the men too, definitely the men. Roger’s cock felt so good. And Emily too, what nice breasts she had; to caress and later to kiss.

Carol Ann felt Roger tensing beneath her. Emily’s body was quivering with multiple orgasms. Carol Ann rose to yet another orgasm of her own as she felt Roger’s warm cum flood into her welcoming pussy.

As Roger softened Carol Ann lifted herself off him. Emily too, after she came yet again, rolled off to his other side. They, all three, laid together resting and embracing in the pleasant aftermath of good sex.

Roger dozed off and Emily held a hand out to Carol Ann. The older woman clasped it and Emily climbed over Roger to Carol Ann’s embrace. Hot kisses were exchanged that, of course, led to fondling and caresses. Emily made it plain that she wanted to taste her father’s cum. Carol Ann was excited at the thought; she wanted to taste Emily’s sweet young pussy just as much as she wanted Emily tasting her.


Trudy bursa escort bayan and Jack had not been idle. Hot kisses got them started. Jack turned her to embrace her from behind. His arms around her cupped and caressed her breasts. He kissed her neck; she responded with soft sighs. She looked forward to having her pussy filled with a young cock.

She loved her husband. He almost always satisfied her quite well. Since their daughter had joined their lovemaking, however, hidden desires had awoken in her. Desires for more, now she knew there was more to be had. Her threesome with Roger and Carol Ann seemed to arouse her to a higher pitch.

As Jack fondled her breasts and tweaked her firm nipples she groped at her dress pulling the hem up to expose her hot, and bare, pussy. Her fingers parted the lips and sank into her hot wetness. She fucked herself with two fingers deep into her pussy. She massaged her clit and pushed her butt back into Jacks hard cock. The hard cock that nestled in the crack of her ass.

“Let me watch,” he spoke into her ear. His voice husky with lust. “Show me.”

“Yes, on the bed. Get undressed.”

Trudy sat on the edge of the bed as Jack disrobed. Naked he came to her and knelt between her lewdly spread legs. She showed him how she masturbated. She spread the lips of her pussy and displayed the red inner beauty of her cunt. It flowed with the juices of desire, the fragrances of arousal overwhelmed his senses. He watched fascinated as she brought herself to a shuddering orgasm. She wanted more and Jack was more than willing. Her hands on his head were all the impetus he needed. He buried his face in her hot and aromatic cunt. To lick and suck and drink her sweet juices; to make her cum and cum again.

He stood as she wound down after a final, long running, orgasm. His cock was rigid, throbbing. His hands now guided her, urged her to him to his rock hard shaft. Her lips parted hungrily, they slid over his hardness, engulfed him. He came quickly. He flooded her mouth with his warm, creamy cum. She was elated, his taste was nice. Emily had told her it would be when they had a whispered conversation in the kitchen.

Jack’s knees buckled. He sank to the floor to rest his head on Trudy’s thigh as he recouped his strength.

“Come up here with me, Lover,” He heard her say.

He gathered his strength and stood as she slid back onto the bed. She was still in her dress, but opened the buttons on the bodice. She slid the dress off her shoulders and turned so he could open the clasps of her bra. She slid that off her shoulders too, to give her tits their freedom.

“Let’s rest a while,” she told him. “I want you in me then. I want you to fill me with your hardness.”

Her dress was bunched around her waist. She dozed off with one hand on his now flaccid cock; the other holding her plump tit. His hand covered her vulva as he rested with her.

He woke first. His finger slid into her pussy, to her clit. He coaxed it out from its hiding place, his finger circling and massaging it to firmness. She woke and her hand covered his. She shepherded him, led his hand to where she wanted him, until she was flowing and hot. She pulled him on top of her and guided his hard cock into her eager cunt.

She sighed as he filled her. Her first man besides Roger. He was just the right size, too, about like Roger; a nice fit, almost perfect.

He had cum twice that day. He lasted a long time. He fucked her hard and well; him on top, roll over so she was on top. She came and came again. She was crying out her carnal joy when she felt him ready to cum himself. When he felt the electric thrills that intensified to become a storm of erotic exultation; as his cum erupted from his hard cock.

“Yes,” she whispered hoarsely. “Cum for me, fill me.”

His hot cum filled her pussy, she squeezed his cock, milking him. She held him to her as she delighted in the feel of his young body against hers.

They slept in each other’s arms. They woke refreshed and after quick visits to the chamber pot resumed their lovemaking. They were soon in a sixty-nine position tasting the cums each had left in or on the other. She was on top when his cum gushed into her mouth. Her juices flowed onto his face and ran down onto his chest. She had never removed her dress, it was still bunched around her waist.

They talked as they rested afterward.

“I got a thrill watching you make yourself cum last night,” he told her.

“I’ll bet it wasn’t any bigger a thrill than I got from you watching,” she responded. “The whole night was a thrill for me,” she added.

They met the others in the kitchen. Carol Ann and Emily had coffee ready. Both had experienced a delightful and very satisfying night with Roger. Carol Ann and Emily had sixty-nined as Emily ate her father’s cum from Carol Ann’s cunt. Their activities had woke Roger. Watching them aroused him again. He pushed the women apart. They had been aware that he was görükle escort watching, and getting hard. They didn’t resist when he indicated he wanted to join them. He soon had his face buried in the warm, wet folds of Carol Ann’s pussy as they formed themselves into a circle of love, of lust.

They drank coffee and ate a light breakfast, much less than the usual farm breakfast, but all were deliciously relaxed. They would have liked nothing better than to loll about and rest. For farm families, though, there were chores that needed to be done. Not even great sex could let them avoid that reality. Jack and Carol Ann had to go home to take care of theirs. There were lots of kisses and hugs as they left. Jack and Roger exchanged firm handshakes.

“Welcome to our family,” Roger told his future son-in-law.

“Or maybe I should welcome you to ours,” Jack responded. They both laughed.

Before Carol Ann and Jack left they all decided to get together again in the afternoon to plan things out.


Back home Carol Ann and Jack changed into older clothes to do the chores. Both worked quickly, anxious to finish. When they were caught up Carol Ann dipped out a couple of basins of hot water and they washed each other. She got out her douche bag and cleaned her pussy of any traces of Roger’s cum that Trudy or Emily might have left. Jack found watching her to be strangely erotic. They had talked as they cleaned each other; they discussed their newfound union and how it would affect them.

“I’m all for it,” Jack said. “But you’ll always be first to me.”

“After you’re married,” his mother replied. “Your wife should be first.”

“Equal maybe, Mom, but never more than you.”

His words thrilled her and she kissed him warmly.

“And you’ll always be first with me, Jack”

Naked they went to their own bed. They were tired from the visit with their new lovers. They would be seeing much of them. That much they knew, but they needed to rest. They napped in each other’s arms and woke in a couple of hours feeling much refreshed.

Carol Ann put on a house dress. She didn’t put on a bra or panties. Jack dressed in shirt and jeans. She fixed them a lunch and they talked more as they ate.

“Emily is a very nice young woman,” Carol Ann said.

“I think so too, Mom.”

“She’ll be a good wife to you, to all of us. Just think, Jack, You’ll have three women lusting for you.”

“What about Roger?” he responded.

“Roger is getting old,” his mother said. “He’ll be able to hold his end up for several years yet, but he’ll be slowing down soon.”

“Was he good in the bed?” Jack asked slyly.

“Yes he was, but not as good as you. Anyway, Jack, that’s beside the point. It’s not things we should be asking each other. We, or at least me, do not want to get into a contest. Our goal should be unity and love. You should feel that way too.”

“Sorry, Mom.”

Jack recognized the fact that his mother was right. He felt a little ashamed of his question.

“I hope you and Emily get married soon,” Carol Ann continued. “We didn’t talk about when. We’ll need to talk to them about that.”

“I think that’s a good idea, Mom. We’ll bring it up this afternoon when we go over there.

“Let’s do that. But, Jack, I want you to myself tonight. So our visit will be just to plan things.”

The drove to their new lovers’ home. Plans were made. Jack and Emily would drive to town two days later to arrange things with the preacher. Announcements would be made and they would be wed, hopefully within the month. They would have liked to make it sooner, but that would cause gossip.

They also talked about how they would share their love. It was decided that living arrangements would remain as they were. After the wedding Emily would move in with Carol Ann and Jack. They would visit back and forth as they desired. Usually it would be the women who went to another house, but it could well be that Roger and Jack traded places. There would be times, too, that all would be in the same house for a night, or two. There might be much trading of partners during those times.

There was talk about all of them moving in together, but that would require an addition on one of their houses, or a new home. They couldn’t afford either one just yet, but it would be a goal.

Carol Ann had Jack to herself that night, just as she had planned. Jack told her how much he had liked watching Trudy masturbate. She opened her legs to his gaze; he watched as she slid her wooden dildo into her wet pussy and rubbed her clit. She found herself excited by his watching, she came hard and often.

He was hard. “Now I want to watch you, Jack,” she spoke with a sultry tone.

She had him straddle her. She rubbed her tits against the hot hardness of his cock.

“Make yourself cum for me, Honey,” she whispered throatily. She stroked his cock with her hand to show him. He leaned forward to let her suck him, but she pushed him back.

“I want to watch,” she told him.

He stroked himself slowly, sensuously. He took his hand from his cock and pressed her tits against it. He tit fucked her, she watched his swollen glans as it approached her face when he thrust. She knew he was close to cumming, she licked her lips in anticipation.