Married Guy New Experience Ch. 02


This is the second part of my first story to be submitted, I welcome any suggestions, comments, feedback, etc. on story, format, or anything else. If anyone would like me to go on please say so. I wasn’t sure whether to place this story under Gay Male or BDSM or maybe another category


I will assume that you have read the first part of my story but it is fair to say that I am still very surprised and amazed at what happened.

It is now a week since I returned home from my new experience while travelling away on work.

I don’t think I said what I worked at. so a little more about me. As I said before I’m Bill, a married guy in my 50’s, 52 to be exact! I’m a professional guy, working as an Accountant for a large company with branches all over the country looking after big and small clients. I have 10 accountants reporting to me and I am seen as a tough boss. My position means I have to travel quite a bit.

Over the years I often thought about playing away from home but never acted on it until last week. It’s hard to say why I never did before. I suppose it was my Catholic upbringing and my sense of right and wrong, my marriage vows, etc.

I married Olivia 25 years ago, neither of us having much sex before we were married. To my knowledge Olivia has never been with another man and my experience was limited to some drunken bi sessions. Our marriage has been good, producing two wonderful kids, one of each, who thankfully have now left the nest and are doing well in their chosen fields. While we had normal marital sex for the first ten years or so it is fair to say that it was never mind blowing or adventurous. My career has enabled us to have a comfortable life with great holidays, good house and all the comforts and luxuries we require. Olivia gave up work when we had the children but has now returned, working in a local Charity shop, really just to have something to do as it is an unpaid position. She usually spends four mornings a week there, the rest of the time seeing some of her friends, shopping, having coffee. She has recently taken up golf and from all accounts seems to have taken to the game. So all in all we have busy lives.

I often wonder if she has ever been tempted to stray and have some fun or whether like me she has settled for a loving comfortable relationship with practically no sex. Sex between us is now extremely rare, limited to a number of times a year, usually after drink while we on holidays.

Anyway, back to reality and what happened last week. I had agreed to meet Jim after chatting to him on a gay website for a number of nervous months. My thoughts had been to meet him for a drink or two maybe leading to some bi sex between us. What happened very quickly after we met sincerely surprised me. I did not at all expect to end up being his Submissive, to being humiliated by him and standing there listening to him laughing at what I now know is my small cock, to doing what he asked of me, concluding in my sucking of his large cock and taking his cum in my mouth.

When he had left I sat on my bed for a long time, thinking about what had happened, his cum dripping out of my mouth, his taste bitter. Thoughts going through my head varied from total guilt and shame to excitement and pleasure. I didn’t get much sleep that night and don’t think I gave my client my best attention the following day. I met the client in the same hotel and was worried that Jim might still be around. The client, someone I had met many times before, asked me several times if I was ok to which I replied that I had a bit of a tummy bug. Thankfully he accepted my excuse and the meeting finished early, enabling me to head home, still in a strange state of mind.

When I arrived home Olivia was there, greeting me with the usual peck on the cheek and hug.

“Did you have a good trip?”

“Yes,” I answered, “The usual stuff, needy clients, boring hotels.”

She laughed, “You know what they say, bored people are boring people, you need to find some interests when you away.”

“Like what?” I answered nervously, wondering if she could possibly noticed a change in me, if she had thought I was acting strangely.

“Go to some sporting events, go to the hotel gym, cinema, there are loads of things you could do other than just eat and stay in your hotel room.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right, maybe I’ll take up golf!”

She laughed telling me to get my own interests.

Back to this week where I am stuck in the office for the week, looking after local clients, going home each evening and doing very little. I still could not stop thinking about what had happened with Jim. Guilt was the predominant thoughts in my head and for that reason I did not even go online during the week. I suppose I was scared that Jim might have left me a message and how I might react.

On the Thursday night, exactly one week after I had met Jim, Olivia was out at some function in her golf club and as usual I was sitting at home, bored with what was on the TV. bahis siteleri I got out my laptop and logged onto the website on which I had linked up with him. I was relieved but disappointed to see that I had no new messages, thankful that the meeting with Jim might be a one off and that he had not followed up on our meeting. Not seeing him online I went into a general chat room to see what was happening. Not much seemed to be happening so I went back to the TV, leaving the chatroom open.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a private chat request window jump up, from a name I didn’t recognise. I accepted the chat invitation and was stunned when I saw.

“Hi Wimp, How’s Olivia.”

Nervously I typed, “Jim?”

“Since when are you one of my friends, I told you only my friends call me that.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know it was you, how have you been,” I asked

“I have been disappointed to be honest; I had expected to have received messages from you before now.”

“I have been very busy this week and haven’t had time to be online, I didn’t know if you really wanted me to get in touch again.”

“Did you not believe what I said, I thought I had been clear with you, that I was willing to invest time in teaching you to be what you know you are and what you want to be. Maybe I got it wrong and you were just wasting my time. That’s a pity as you have real promise as a true submissive.”

“Sorry, as you know this is all new to me. To be honest I have been nervous since we met, guilty at what I did with you but scared that I might want more of it.”

He then asked where my wife was and when I said that she was out, he asked me to call him, giving me his number. Before calling him I turned off my number sending on my phone as I didn’t want him seeing my work number. When I called him he laughed’

“Hello Wimp, I knew that you would be guilty but

I also know that you want more experiences, am I right?”

“Yes, I think so, I have been feeling very guilty but I cannot stop thinking about what happened with you.”

“Tell me what you liked about it?”

“I liked it all to be honest. What I really liked most was sucking your cock and tasting your cum.”

Again he laughed saying, “I knew you were a natural cock sucker, you’re made for satisfying men cause you’re sure not built to satisfy women, did you like my laughing at your pitiful cock?”

“No, I didn’t like that, I’m average sized, that’s all”

“Ha Ha, average you are not, believe me, I cannot remember seeing a smaller one since I’ve been in school, Ha Ha, so tell me do you really live in Streamstown?”

“How did you know that?”

“It says it on your profile you fool,” he said, continuing to laugh.

“Yes, I live there; I assume you live in Clonalty, where we met?”

“Yes, near enough to there, about an hour drive from where you are, but as I said I have friends nearer to you. When are you going to be traveling again? To where?”

“In about two weeks I will be going back to your town but just for a day trip, other than that I am based here in the head office until then.”

“Ok, I will have to think about that. Have you done what I asked of you yet?”

“No, I didn’t know if you were serious, or whether I wanted to do more, so I have not set up the email address or bought a second phone yet.”

“Are you going to?”

“Yes, I think so, I am scared but I think I want to experience more.”

“Ok, I have not said it up to now but you are being disrespectful to me and that is going to have to change fast if we are to continue, do you understand?”

“What do you mean?”

“What did I tell you to call me?”

“Sorry Sir, is that what you mean, I thought that was only when we meet.”

“YES, that is exactly what I mean, you have a lot to learn, a Submissive is always a Submissive, whether during a meet, on the phone, in email or text. Always remember that.”

“Yes Sir, I will try to remember that.”

“Ok, I am going now and you will not hear from me again until you do as I asked you, goodbye Wimp, you have one day or I’m gone for good.”

With that he hung up without me having a chance to respond. When I looked at my laptop the chat session had also been killed. I saw on my phone that I had a missed call from Olivia and I called her back. When she answered she told me she was on the way home and asked me to put the hot water on for her for a bath.

When she arrived home she asked me, “Why did you turn your number off in your phone?”

I had to think fast and told her that I had to call a client that I didn’t want having my number and that I had forgotten to switch it back on.”

“Strange” she said, looking at me suspiciously but then thankfully she turned and went for her bath.

Damn, I thought, I need to be more careful wondering if I was able for the deception involved in any of the experiences I now wanted.

The following day, during lunch time, I went to a local phone shop buying a prepaid phone, not requiring any personal radissonbet details, and some phone credit. I got a similar phone to my normal one so as to have easily available the correct charger. Back in the office I set up another email address and sent both the email address and phone number to Jim. I was now fully committed, it appears, to the Submissive role with Jim and nervously awaited a response from him.

Over the following weekend I must have checked more than 100 times the email and phone to see if he had responded but there was no contact from him. This continued on the Monday and Tuesday of the following week and I was beginning to think he was not serious after all. My feelings were a mix of relief, confusion and disappointment. I went online a lot as well but there was no sign of him.

On Wednesday I went out and met a client for lunch when my secret phone beeped in my pocket. I had it on silent but it vibrated in my pocket. Immediately I told the client I needed to use the men’s room and left to look at the text message.

“Hi Wimp, where are you?”

“Hi Sir, I’m at lunch with a client.”

“How long will you be?”

“Another hour or so Sir.”

“You have 30 minutes to call me.”

“Ok Sir, I will try my best.”

“30 Minutes!”

I went back to my client, trying to give him my full attention but wondering what Jim was going to say to me. Eventually I told my client that I had just remembered a second appointment and asked if it was ok to cut our lunch short. He assured me that he was okay, that our business was done anyway. I thanked him and left the restaurant, went to my car and immediately called Jim on the number that had rang me.

“Well done Wimp, good to know that you can take instruction, hope your client didn’t get upset at you, ha ha.”

“No Sir, he was ok. I lied to him about another meeting.”

Laughing he said, “You will get good at lying if you are to carry on learning, what is your afternoon like?”

“I have two client meetings Sir.”

“Cancel them.”

“Sir, they are important clients, I cannot do that.”

“Is that your final answer? If so I’m gone.”

“Please Sir, I want to learn more but work is work, if I can cancel the second can I at least do the first as they are our most important client.”

“Are to trying to negotiate with me Wimp?, ok I don’t need you in trouble at work but I expect to get another call from you in one hour.” With that he hung up.

I immediately returned to the office for the important client meeting, telling my Secretary on the way to get one of my direct reports to take the second meeting as I had to leave the office after my first meeting. She looked at me strangely as I had never before failed to take a client meeting. I looked directly at her saying, “Just do it,” and went into the conference room to meet my client.

I quickly got through the meeting, not having the time for the usual pleasantries. The Client was not very impressed with me but all I could do was to continuously look at my watch and get the meeting over quickly. I immediately left the office and phoned Jim while walking to my car.

“One minute to spare Wimp, any later and you would not have heard from me again, where are you?”

“I’m on the Main Street Sir, why?”

“I want you to go to the Central Shopping Centre.”

“Why Sir?”

“Just do it, go there and text me when you have parked.”

Ten minutes later I texted him as requested. Immediately he called me and told me to go to the coffee shop on the second floor, to get a cappuccino and to sit at a table outside the shop. I did as requested awaiting the next call or text. It was another 15 minutes before my phone beeped with a text message.

“Don’t answer this text, get up from your chair, go to the men’s room on your right, go to the end cubicle, leave the door open, sit down and wait.”

I looked around nervously expecting to see him walking towards me. I got up and walked towards the men’s room, wondering what I was walking into. When I entered two guys were in there washing their hands while two of the five cubicles were occupied. I walked slowly to the end cubicle which thankfully was empty. This cubicle faced the sink area and mirrors and I could see myself in the mirror as I sat down.

One of the guys looked strangely at me sitting down with my trousers still on. I looked away and he left. Then my phone beeped again.

“Hope you are in the cubicle waiting, I assume you have dropped your trousers, do not answer.”

At this stage I was panicking a bit, wondering if this was just a test and that nothing was to happen. Nevertheless I stood and dropped my trousers sitting down again on the toilet seat. I pushed the door in the closed position but did not lock it. I heard both occupants in the cubicles leave, wash and go. I heard at least five other guys come in and go. Then I heard a guy walking towards me. He pushed the door open seeing me sitting there saying, “Sorry, I betsalvador thought it was empty, you should lock the door you know.”

I replied, “Sorry,” but still did not lock the door.

When he had finished I could see him look over as he washed his hands. I heard him mutter “pervert” as he left.

I was truly embarrassed sitting there waiting for whatever was to happen. I looked at my watch and realised that I had been there for 20 minutes.

After another 20 minutes, and another 10 guys entering and leaving, the door was pushed open and standing in front of me was a security guy asking if I had a problem. When I answered in the negative he told me that he had some complaints about a guy staying in the men’s room with the door open. He said he had been waiting for me to come out for the last ten minutes but that I should now pull my trousers up and follow him to the security office.

“No, its ok, I thought the lock was broken, I will just leave now.”

“No, you won’t, when we get complaints, particularly where children could be involved, we have to deal with them, if you prefer I will call the police.”

“What do you mean children involved,” I said panicking.

“Children use these facilities too, is that why you here?”

I was really panicking now, “Oh god no, of course not, please believe me.”

“Come with me.”

I followed him to his office where there was another guy seated looking at the different security cameras. He told me to be seated while he got some paperwork out of his desk. He got up and spoke to his colleague before he left the office. I stayed seated in silence for about 15 minutes before he returned and sat down again at his desk. He continued to look at me for a minute or two before he said to his colleague.

“Do you know what this idiot was doing?”


“He was sitting in the men’s room with the door of his cubicle open, there available for all to see him, anyone including kids could have come in.”

“You’re joking, right”

“Actually, No, what do you think we should do?, I think we should call the police.”

I intercepted, “Please, No, I didn’t mean any harm, if I told you the truth you wouldn’t believe me.”

They both laughed loudly with the first guy who had seen me saying to his colleague.

“Dave, do you think that Jim will be happy with his new wimp?”

“John, I must say your brother has a way of finding them.”

I looked at both of them laughing at me, now knowing that they were involved all of the time. I looked at them more closely; Dave was about 6 foot, well built like he worked out a lot. John was just an inch or two shorter and a big stockier.

“Jim tells us that he thinks that you have promise, is he correct?”

“I am not sure what he means by promise, I have met him once but then I’m sure you already know this.”

“Stand up Wimp, let’s see what my brother is talking about.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ur pitiful cock, stand up and drop them” John said, both of them laughing.

Not knowing what my choices were, I stood before them in silence. John looked down at my trousers, signalling for them to be lowered.

I opened my belt and lowered my trousers, standing in front of the two guys in my white briefs. John signalled for them to come down which I did. They started laughing out loud telling each other that they hadn’t believed Jim but that he was so right.

“Jacket and Shirt off”

I took them off and stood before them totally naked. They walked around me slowly, each of them in turn slapping my limp cock and laughing.

“On your knees Wimp”

Assuming I had no choice, but also wanting to do it, I knelt and they both walked up to me.

“You know what to do Wimp, what are you waiting for?”

I reached up and opened Dave’s trousers, lowering them and his underwear at the same time, revealing his thick uncut cock, around 6 ½ inches. John slapped me on the head and I turned to him, repeating the same thing with him. His cock was slightly larger but not as thick. I just stared at the two cocks in front of me as Dave turned my head towards his cock.

I didn’t have to be asked twice as I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked on it greedily as John took my hand and put it on his cock. As I sucked on one I stroked the other. I switched from one to the other, sucking and stroking, taking more and more into my mouth each time. It wasn’t long before John came first in my mouth filling me full of his cum. Before I could react Dave took his place and started to fuck my cum filled mouth. I was gagging as he furiously fucked my mouth, eventually finishing himself by pulling out and cumming all over my face and body.

They then stood back and looked at me, laughing as they told each other than Jim would be delighted with his new capture.

John took out his phone and typed a text to which he received an immediate reply. On reading it he turned towards me and before I could stop him he took a picture of me and sent it onto who, I assumed, was Jim.

They then told me to get dressed. When I asked for a towel they laughed.

“No towel, just get dressed and get out.”

I got dressed and asked them to please delete the picture. They laughed telling me that Jim had the photo so I needed to ask him.