Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 03


Angie reluctantly looked at the clock on the wall. It was passed 10.00pm and she knew she could not put off the inevitable any longer. Both had already showered and changed into their pyjamas. With a heavy sigh, Angie stood, took Peter by the hand, and led him down the stairs.

With great trepidation they snuck their heads around the doorway into the lounge. They half hoped their landlady may have gone to bed, but there was to be no such luck tonight. She was seated in her favourite chair, deeply absorbed in her book.

Without looking up Minnie spoke quietly, “Come in my darlings, take off your pyjama bottoms, and stand in front of me.”

“Both of us?” Peter enquired

Minnie looked up from her book and smiled, “Yes my dear, both of you.”

Neither thought of refusing her request. For some totally weird reason it seemed as if they had no choice other than to submit. Quietly they both removed their pyjama trousers, and then stood awkwardly, covering their pubic regions with their hands. Peter took the lead and walked over to stand in the front of Minnie. Silently Angie followed.

For what seemed an eternity they were left standing in front of her, naked from the waist down. Finally rize escort Minnie exaggerated the act of closing her book and with a big sigh putting in on the table beside her.

“Right my dears, who is to be first?”

Peter’s jaw dropped. It had not occurred to him that he was also to be punished. He just assumed it was going to be Angie, and he was going to have to endure the agony of watching. He now realised he was going to experience the agony first hand.

“No volunteers. Right, Peter you are up first. Go and fetch my hairbrush.”

Peter did not have it in himself to protest. He also knew that he was equally to blame for them having had illicit sex. Meekly he shuffled to the bedroom and returned with the hairbrush. Now that he was holding it for himself, it looked to be even more of a fearsome object than the last time he had seen it.

With great difficulty he handed over the hairbrush. He had never been punished like this before, by being spanked. Up to now his experiences at the hands of his landlady had been pleasurable. More pleasurable than he could ever bring himself to admit to Angie. Even though he was as humiliated as hell by submitting to Minnie’s fondling of his rizeescorttel.com penis, in some way it made his orgasms even more intense than ever. He couldn’t even begin to comprehend it.

Before he had a chance to even think about it, Minnie had hold of his arm and pull him over her thighs. He could not believe how vulnerable he felt. Just as quickly the smacks of the hairbrush starting reining down on his exposed rear. He yelped like a puppy, from the mixture of surprise and pain. He had never experienced anything like it before. He tried to be a man and hold back the tears, which he managed to do just, but could not suppress his loud sobs. In no time at all his backside felt like it was on fire, and he found himself pleading to his landlady for forgiveness.

Finally the spanking ceased and Peter tenderly pulled himself off his landlady’s lap. He tried to contain his sobbing, while at the same time rubbing his backside in a futile effort to dull the pain

Minnie looked over at a very apprehensive Angie, gave her an engaging smile, and then patted her lap in a clear sign that it was now Angie’s turn to take her punishment.

Angie felt small and vulnerable, like a young child. She did not want to be spanked, but despite her apprehension she was surprised that the thought of being smacked was not as abhorrent to her as she felt it should be. These conflicting emotions confused her, however she was given no time to dwell on it. Before she knew it she was lying across Angie’s lap, and after having her position briefly rearranged so her buttocks were nice and high in the air the smacks began to rain down. For what seemed like an eternity to Angie her rear was pummelled with a flurry of strong blows.

She quickly gave up any pretence of being a mature adult, and she let her tears flow freely as she howled in pain. Just when she felt it would never end, it did. Angie allowed herself to slide off her landlady’s lap and onto the carpet, while clutching her battered buttocks.

After being given a few minutes to compose themselves, Minnie made both of them stand in front of her. Secretly she could not help but admire the sight before her. Two gorgeous young adults, tear-stained faces, naked from the waste with glowing red buttocks.

“Have you two learnt your lesson.”

The newly weds both nodded without hesitation.

“I can’t hear you,” Minnie held her hand to her ear to emphasise the point.

“Yes,” they chorused

“Yes, what?” Minnie persisted.

After a brief hesitation Angie responded, “Yes, Mummy.”


“Yes, Mummy.”