The Politician


I woke up on my stomach, I felt tired and cold listening to the hotel air conditioner. The room was dark, I was naked the door to the adjoining room was open. I could feel my penis was partly erect.

Sliding my hand down to my cock, my penis was fully erect now. Below my cock the bed was wet. I could feel and faintly smell my sperm. Did it really happen, a smile crossed my lips. I rolled on my back, tucked two pillows under my head and enjoyed the look of my hairless cock fully erect.

While admiring my cock and what felt like swollen balls, the light in the other room came on. Slowly Jim my campaign manager and good friend entered my room. He smiled and the light from his room outlining his splendid physique. I could see he too had an erection. His tall muscular frame was a thing to adore. Jim, thin and tan with curly hair a shaved body and a magnificent cock with large low hanging balls. His erection was probably over seven glorious inches and very big around.

He came in and laided on the bed next to me. I touched him and he touched me. Rolling on his side I did the same. He kissed me in a very romantic way and I kissed him back. Our tounges touching lips wet and engaging. My small but fit tan and muscular body was now pressing against him. We began talking about yesterday and last night.

I am running for re-election to continue as county board member and president. Our Florida county is very large. Often after a speaking engagement or meeting with town officials I will stay over night. Often I’ll join local officials for dinner. Because this was a campaign Sex Hikayeleri visit my friend and manager joined me. Jim is single and a very straight acting gay man.

To be clear I’m married with two grown kids, boys in college. One attending Loyola Chicago the other at Boston College. Both Jesuit schools with good reputations and large in town campuses.

My wife is understanding of my needs. We occasionally have sex together. She is a psychologist and allows me to enjoy my gay sexual escapades. She makes occasional out of town trips. I know where and why. She has a male college friend. They get together in NYC to enjoy the big city lifestyle and of course for sex. He’s everything she wants in a partner and that makes us both happy.

Jim is now on top of me. I know we both want an early morning blowjob, before we start our day of meetings and campaigning. I allow him to take me in his mouth. He gives excellent blowjobs taking my full shaft into his throat. He continues, goes faster and faster until I cum, cum hard have an orgasm and fill his mouth with sperm. Then I do the same sucking him to orgasm and licking every drop of his seed.

Now, what to do about the wet bed sheet? Wet with sperm from last night we couldn’t have the maid clean the room. I got a wet wash cloth and wiped the sheet. Although wet the smell of sperm, delicious sperm was gone. I plan to leave the do not disturb sign on the door.

After a shower and getting dressed we locked the doors between our rooms. We have breakfast with community leaders. Then business at the city hall Erotik Hikayeler before returning to the hotel. Upon our return to the hotel, we got comfortably dressed and went to dinner at a local sports bar. One more night together will be fun. I could feel my excitement building.

At the bar some locals stopped by our table to chat. I enjoy speaking with people. Our county is financially strong with truly good and honest people doing a fine job for all. Taxes have gone down and real estate values are up. Re-election is almost a certainty. The opposition candidate is a very nice woman, a capable leader and county assessor. Election day is a month away.

After dinner and drinks we returned to the hotel. My room was as I’d left it. Jim’s room was also found undisturbed. Because we planned on an early start tomorrow we unlocked the doors adjoining the rooms leaving them open. I got ready for bed as did Jim. Leaving the bathroom Jim was at the door. Your place or mine? We settled on my room placing a large bath towel on the bed.

Tonight was bareback breeding night. Anal sex was definitely on tonight’s agenda. We both are into anal intercourse. Both are flexible about being a top or a bottom. I like the control of being a top. Both of us were erect, mine was aching to fuck. Now on my back with my ass on two pillows we are face to face. We are smiling at each other. Jim took my well lubed cock up his ass. Jim’s hands are on my pecs as he begins pounding me.

The harder and faster he goes the more we like it. Sweat is starting to appear on us both. Tecavüz Hikayeleri Jim’s large cock keeps massaging my prostate. The pounding continued, until his orgasm caused a torrent of sperm to rush out of him and into me. I didn’t and couldn’t stop him from collapsing on top of me. We both moved to face each other towards the top of the bed.

Jim was exhausted with a penis so sensitive he cupped his hand over it to prevent my touching it. He said if it was okay with me let’s continue this later. It was twelve-thirty in the morning I watched as he walked out of my room and into his, closing the door. I was cold with the air conditioner running I pulled up the sheet and blanket and slept.

At appropriately five in the morning I awoke to the sound of the room dividing door opening. There stood Jim holding two cups of Starbucks coffee. He said he walked over to Starbucks before it was open. He tapped on the door and to his surprise the manager allowed him inside. Turns out Jim knew the manager, an acquaintance from our town, now working here.

Jim handed me my coffee as I sat up in bed. Setting his coffee down he undressed, got into bed and we turned on the tv to catch up on the news. We watched and listened to the news regarding the upcoming national elections. Planning to leave no later than eight this morning we headed to our own bathrooms.

Feeling a bit cheated out of morning sex I said nothing. Perhaps we have one more overnight before election day. Hope we can even the score next time.

Arriving home at the end of another hectic day we decided to go out for dinner. We went to Alberto’s a downtown Italian restaurant. We enjoyed dinner and conversation about our recent work activities. I told her Jim and I slept together and she smiled. She said that the Jim talk made her horny. We went home and had sex like two teenagers.