Memories on the Train


1year 7months and 2weeks. Yet looking at his face now from a distant it felt like only a matter of hours ago. You see, I’m sat here on my way to work on the train, and across from me, having not given me a second glance, is the one man who has been imprinted on my brain. I could feel that fire in my belly recognise his touches, looking across the train at him, remembering his piercing eyes drill into my soul, he’s staring down at his e-reader, assuming engross in some kinky story. He is totally unaware of my stares and my wayward thoughts.

The memoirs from that one night come rushing at me in HD. At that point I was with my mistress and she said she had a surprise for me that night, I was super excited she always treated me so well, her gifts were always very much appreciated. This one night, she had taken care of me, giving me a shower washing me from head to toe in a very sensual wash. Towel dried my hair, put moisturizer all over me, making me very sensitive to the touch. Then getting her favourite restraints out, handcuffing my hands behind my back, kissing my neck, telling what a good little sub I was, she backed out of the room and I was told to stay exactly where I was.

Feeling excited for whatever surprise she brought me, I could hear the front door shut, then muffled sounds in the hallway and then footsteps, more than one person, heading straight for me. I could already feel myself getting hot again, catching a glimpse at myself in the mirror I could see my perk breasts extending, my nipples Sahabet hardening, my clit starting to swell, seeing myself naked and so vulnerable to whatever was on the other side of that door, feeling the adrenaline course through me. I could hear my blood pumping faster around my body; feel the ache between my legs grow heavier.

That was when the door opened, I was told that when the door opened I should look down and not stare, but I couldn’t help it the second I saw the man’s eyes that still haunt me to this day. Deep blue eyes had trapped me entirely. After a quick deep breath I adverted my eyes to my feet, the air around me seemed to be sucked to that one spot where he stood. Squeezing my eyes shut to try and rid the image of him but his face was already imprinted upon my mind.

For a moment I couldn’t hear anything other than my heart beating, and then my body felt like it was being pulled forward by an invisible magnet. He sensed he was close before I started to open my eyes again, I felt his hot breath on my neck, then felt him push his body up close to my naked back, I could feel the bulge in his trouser prodding me in my lower back. I could smell his musky scent start to surround me, my brain was screaming for him to touch me at my core.

My fear and vulnerability was completely replaced by wanton need for this guy, he hadn’t even said a word to me yet. Within seconds his hand had snaked around my body and had grasped my breast in his hand and was massaging it firmly, moaning Sahabet Giriş and pushing myself back into his touches. His fingers nipped around my nipple and squeezed it into a hard pebble, and then his other hand snaked around and did the same to my other breast. I was weak in the knee, already at his mercy.

Before I’d realised where his body heat had gone, he was in front of me, guiding me back to the side of the bed, letting me lower to sitting on the side of the bed before he pushed me to lie back on the bed. Using his strong hands he sides them along my thighs to the most sensitive part of me. I feel him smirking against my leg while lightly kissing and biting at my inner thigh, his hands roaming all over my legs. Waves of pleasure began to pulsate through my body wanting his mouth on my core.

His confident mouth moved closer and closer to my core, whimpering and bucking my hips trying to guide him to where I needed him. He spread my legs wide, I could feel the tension about to explode, trying to coax him to come to me and enter me. Teasing me that little more he put all his attention on using his tongue to lip hot and hard lashed up the centre of my core, throwing my head back further I cried to the ceiling, enjoying all the pleasure he was giving me. It didn’t last long and before I could get a hold of my breathing he entered me with his big hard cock.

Ever so slowly at first, he inched in bit by bit, there was little resistance from me, and my body welcomed the whole of Sahabet Güncel Giriş him. His movements at first were slow and sensual, giving me time to adjust to his size. My body had started to shudder, responding to the pleasure that was feeding through my body. Enjoying the fulfillment from this guy I had only just briefly met. I couldn’t resist the passion that was flowing through my body, his thrusts became more urgent and it wasn’t long until I was exploding around his cock, while straining against the restraints at my back. It wasn’t long until he released his seed deep inside me, giving in to the sheer pleasure of the moment. As I came down from my high, he pulled out of me. Walked to where I think my mistress stood watching, and then walked back towards me, un-did my wrists from their restraints, kissed my forehead and left the room.

“The next stop is Springfield”. Crap my stop, daydreaming had made my journey to work a lot quicker, looking over again he was still engrossed in his e-reader. Feeling slightly bolder, I decided to pull myself together even though I could feel that ache in my belly screaming at me for that release only he could give to me. Walking past him, I brushed his shoulder with my fingers; I could feel the electricity in the air. As the doors to the train opened, I looked back at him, probably for the last time but I caught him staring right at me, his piercing eyes capturing my heart again. Those strong firm lips smirking at me.

Tripping over my own feet out of the train, I alighted from the train… Damn him, looking back through the window of the train I saw he had moved into my vacated seat looking right at me. He knew I had seen him, he recognized me; he knew what I had been thinking about. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!