Sandler Finishing School Ch. 06



Ada stared down into my eyes and grinned, flashing her white teeth at me. She was fast, noone would ever claim otherwise, before I could even move or scream she had grabbed the ring gag she had just spat out and had shoved it in my mouth, fastening it behind my head. Instinctively I grabbed her upper arms while trying to call for help but she simply twisted herself and I ended up twisting with her, rolling onto my front, with Ada sitting on my back pining my arms neatly behind my back with her body weight. I kicked and struggled, gurgled nonsense pouring out of my mouth as I tried to spit the stupid gag out but it was no use, every time I shifted my weight Ada responded likewise. All it did was tire me out. I huffed and puffed, it was surprisingly hard to breathe normally through the ring of the gag, I ended up having to pant like some kind of animal. It wasn’t long till I was too tired to keep kick, to keep yelling behind my gag. My head sunk down on the cold stones of the bare floor in resignation, breathing heavily. Something heavy flopped down in front of me and wearily I shifted my head to see what it was. The leather strait jacket?….

I felt Ada shift as she leaned over, her warm weight easing off my back as she picked up the jacket before shifting firmly on me to stop me from moving. I knew what was coming, the helplessness battling the excitement rising up in me. As she slipped the strait jacket over my shoulders, the leather high collar across my throat, I could feel her body warmth still held in it. She worked methodically, pushing my arms in before fixing the high collar and zipping it up to just under my chin. Suddenly pressure pulled my arms behind my back, tightly together. I heard the sound of the ties being tightened, the whisk of the string against string as it was pulled tight. The whole thing enfolded my back and upper shoulders, unlike the normal strait jackets that I’d seen in the movies. This one left my chest completely exposed, my breasts jutting straight out, nipples painfully hard in the chill of the room. I shivered, not from the cold but from the tired excitement flushing through my body. I could feel the warmth between my legs as I felt the heat of arousal again. What was wrong with me? Even in this resigned state I couldn’t help but get turned on by the whole thing. Did I want it? Did I want this girl to use me however she wanted? I tried to think about it but concentration is hard while being pulled up to my knees. Ada stood above me, leaning far over to stare into my eyes, a pleased grin, like the cat that got the cream, spreading across her face. She opened her mouth…and darted forward, teeth sinking into the exposed skin of my neck.

I screamed in shock, saliva dribbling past the gag and over my chin as I tried to push away from her. I could feel her teeth, pressing painfully down on my neck, the sharpness of her teeth not quite piercing the skin. I screamed again, moaning through the gag and felt her hands in my hair as she firmly tugged my hair down to force my chin up. Slowly she withdrew, glassy eyes with a hungry predatory look as she watched me. I could still feel where the points of her teeth had bruised the skin, close to breaking the skin, but showing self control that she hadn’t. I stared up at her, horror on my face as she smiled again, turning her neck so that I could see the marks on her fair skin. The marks that were now the mirror image of mine. oh no, oh no. This is payback

Her teeth sank into the other side of my neck, in the hollow between my neck and chin. I groaned, the burning heat from her mouth flowing down my body straight to my crotch. I tried oral seks porno to whisper “please” to get her to stop but I think she was beyond control now. Keeping her mouth in place, she removed her teeth from my neck and placed her tongue against the fresh marks. Warm heat ebbed out, caressing the pain and I couldn’t help but cry out at the sensation. Sudden pain flashed across my chest, curving across the top of my breasts, making me scream once more as she dragged her nails across me. I managed to push backwards, landing on my butt to get away.

Ada moved with me, straddling me before I could even crawl away, her hands on my breasts. I shook my head desperately but she grinned once more and clawing me again, starting from under my neck and ending across my left nipple. The pain was….exquisite. I cried out in pain and pleasure, tears beading my vision as my nipple hardened under the onslaught. The heat was incredible, my breathing ragged as Ada dipped her head, opened her mouth and placed her warm wet tongue on my painful tit. I tried to hold it in but a moan escaped involuntarily as she sucked on it, the pain making me more aware of my body. Her warm mouth, eased the pain, soothing it, calming it…and then I could feel something hard on it. Her teeth.

I couldn’t help looking down my body at Ada’s face which was already facing me. Please no, please no I begged with my eyes. The sadistic grin was already showing, a toothy grin with my nipple carefully held between those pearly whites. Slowly she squeezed it, crushing it between her teeth. I screamed and wanted to kick out but I knew that movement would cause more pain, and still she was biting down on it, agonizingly slowly. My high pitched scream filled the cold room as she pulled her head away from me, nipple still held carefully between her teeth. I could feel it stretching, pulling, a hard bullet of incredible pain sending pure arousal to my pussy. I could feel the wetness spreading between my lips, shaming me. How on earth could I be getting off to such perversions? I didn’t know, and I was beginning not to care as Ada released me and spread her wet tongue over the pain, easing it.

She took her revenge on me carefully and methodically, making sure she marked me where I had marked her, and then adding her own teeth or nails marks so that I understood the control that she had over me. A scorching line from her finger nails would be kissed over as she bite one of my breasts. Teeth sinking into my neck, my chest, my stomach and my thighs over and over, dragging yelps of pain and groans of pleasure in equal measure. The familiar ache between my legs flared up, begging for release and ignored completely.

I’m not sure how long she mauled me for, time didn’t seem important here. All I knew was one minute I was on my back having her fingernails claw my thighs, the next she had been pulled off me and was leaving the room, a bundle of clothes held in a ball in her hands. The guard pulled me upright and undid the strait jacket, letting my arms free before pulling it off and removing the gag. I stood dumbfounded, shivering in the cool of the dungeon as he placed a long dark robe into my hands and watched me looking confused.

“Put these on and go to your straight to your dorm” he growled at me. I flinched at the hard look he directed at me before quickly shoving the robes over my head. Dark, heavy and thick, they covered me completely to my bare feet peeking out the bottom. Nervously I stood and stared at the guard as he stared straight back with an unreadable look on his grizzled face. I looked away first, bowing my head down as I playboy porno rushed past him, through the heavy door and into the dark hallway. I almost had a heart attack when I found Ada standing by the door waiting for me. I froze, waiting to see what she was going to do, thinking that she was going to continue her punishment. I was wrong. She smiled at me and started slowly walking down the corridor leaving me in confusion. Halfway down she stopped and turned, motioning with her head for me to catch up. Padding forward on my bare feet I caught up with her and we walked down the corridor and up the dungeon steps in silence. We made our way through the school, through the neatly trimmed grounds and towards the dormitories I couldn’t help but sneak little peaks of Ada as we walked towards our rooms. When we got to Saint Peter Dorms I nearly wet myself when she suddenly touched my hand. A slip of her fingers in the palm of my hand before she pulled away and grinned, flashing those small, sharp white teeth at me, like the Cheshire cat.

“I had fun. See you around Abigail”

I started at her with wide eyes, her posh, crisp accent shocking me as she grinned one more time and with a swish of hair, turned and walked away. I stared at her dumbfounded as she left to her own dorms and it was several moments later before I remembered that I needed to get ready for bed.


A quick shower later and I was joining the other 4 girls in our room to get ready for bed. My worries about the torn up school uniform proved to be groundless due to the many other spares I had crammed into my wardrobe full of various costumes. After pulling a few out to have a quick look I decided that I never wanted to wear any of them, none looked particularly modest. At least the pyjamas we had been given were normal. Sleek and silver for our House colour, they were simple – a silk shirt and bottoms. They felt good against the dark bruises and raised skin where Ada had mauled me. My room mates sympathised with me about the marks but none asked what had happened, it was probably too common an occurrence to be worth asking each time. They were a varied bunch – Leanne all pale skin and long limbs, her sleek blonde hair being carefully brushed by Rebecca. Short and tanned she was skinny in an attractive way, with her brunette hair in a pixie cut. Sheva and Jill sat on one of their beds, painting each others nails. Sheva was black, the colour of warm coffee with a personality to match, where Jill was pale and hesitant, her hair dark and contrasting to the paleness of her skin. They were kind to me, the newcomer in their lives and invited me into their company with conversation that soon put me at ease. Soon enough they were helping me paint my nails a rich plum colour while Sheva knelt behind me brushing my hair till it shone. For the first time since I arrived I felt good, like I was back home having a sleepover with friends.

It was getting late and we were getting sleepy. I excused myself to use the bathroom and padded down the corridor to the toilets. After doing my business I washed my hands and brushed my teeth with the supplied toothbrush. Rebecca walked in, looking embarrassed.

“Erm….Abby? Noone has probably told you but…erm…you have to use the little sink thing in the cubicle after you’ve been to the bathroom” She told me in a little voice, her cheeks warming in embarrassment. I looked at her confused.

“What thing?” I asked. She pointed and turning I noticed the small shallow bowl next to the toilet. It had a small chrome hose connected to it. “What is it?”

She pornhub porno flushed a deeper shade of red.

“Er…it’s yourself. Erm….inside.” She muttered looking away. Suddenly what she was telling me became clear. I stared at her wide eyed. She looked away.

“You’ll get into lots of trouble if you’re not completely clean.” She whispered before turning around and while muttering about giving me privacy, left the bathroom. It took me several minutes to work up the courage to use it but after I had done so I did feel cleaner… shame it did nothing for my self image though.

I got back to my room and after saying our daily prayers together we all got into our own beds, Jill turning off the light before settling down to sleep. It had been a long and awful day. Firstly I had been kidnapped, and I wasn’t sure how or even when that had happened. Then I had been scrubbed and cleaned, inside and out by two guards before being touched and molested by Professor Goodwin for what she called “measurements”. After that I had been tormented by Scorsha, face fucked by a guard, forced to kiss Leanne, eaten out of a dog bowl, choked a fellow student for information and been mauled as if by a very friendly bear. My fingers slipped down my body and into my pyjama bottoms. Lightly I touched my vaginal lips and was amazed that I wasn’t in pain. In fact even the slight touch aroused me, the warm feeling spreading through my crotch. I had only had sex with my boyfriend the once – that’s what had ended me in this finishing school after all. After that one time though, I had felt bruised and in pain, the slightest touch making me wince. Now…now I felt fine. Better then fine, my body felt good….tingly. My fingers trembled as I slowly pushed a single digit between my lips and touched the entrance. Why did it feel so good? This surely couldn’t be normal. I could feel the ache between my legs, burning, begging to be touched. I couldn’t. Not in here, in front of my sleeping room mates. Breathing out carefully I started removing my hand from my crotch when my ears caught a sound. A soft gasp in the darkness. I stopped. Held my breath. Waiting.

Another gasp from the bed next to me, the softest rustling of the sheets and then small rubbing sounds. I closed my eyes, to help diagnose the sound. A small groan, barely audible, almost mistakable for sleep and the rustling noise began to pick up pace. Someone shifted from across the room, the sound of blankets being kicked away and then the sound of skin brushing against skin. A sharp intake of breath. I opened my eyes and carefully turned my head, looking across the room to Sheva’s bed. I couldn’t make out much in the darkness but I could see movement, small and frantic. I trembled with realisation. She was masturbating. I didn’t dare move but the surety hit me. Does this mean whoever’s bed was next to mine was masturbating too? It was hard to breath properly, especially after having held my breath to listen in on the others. I rolled over and tried to pretend that I was simply shifting in my sleep. Silence filled the room….but only for a little while before the small sounds of the girls touching themselves filtered to my ears. I could see small movements in the bed next to mine, Rebecca’s bed and I trembled. I could hear her small gasps, Sheva’s too and desire flooded me. Here I was, listing every horrible thing that had been done to my body and now all I could think about was fulfilling my own desires. The pressure increased, begged for attention. I could feel myself get wet at just the thought of reaching down, of putting my fingers against my clit…. I rolled onto my back, my hand on my chest as if I was sleeping. Beneath my hand I could feel my hard nipple, still buzzing from being bitten and caressed. My pussy was wet, my clit hardening in anticipation. I could take no more. Slowly and silently I slid my hand down my stomach and into my pyjama bottoms.