Afternoon Drive

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Hi everyone, Nikki here. First I would like to thank everyone for all of the comments and emails letting me know that my adventures are being read and enjoyed. I enjoy reading all of them. The adventures are real, if I were to write fiction I would write about the fantasies I have that most likely will never be realized. I also want to explain that although I have not included it in my writings, there has been sex between Ed and I. He is someone I trusted to confide in regarding my love of being naked in public.

We have also through these experiences become fuck buddies. I love Ed, but not to be in a relationship with him. He gets off helping me fulfill my fantasies and now I sometimes finish him off after the adventure. I will think about including some of that as I post some of my other experiences.

It was early Saturday afternoon and I was waiting for Ed to arrive. He had told me to wear a little sundress and nothing else. He said no jewelry or shoes, which was fine by me. The weather was warmer and I go barefoot much of the time. Soon Ed was at the door, he looked at how I was dressed nodded his approval and said lets get going. I asked him where we were going and he just said we are going for a ride. So off we headed with the top down enjoying the long awaited nice weather.

We were soon on a major roadway cruising along, pretty much doing the speed limit which allowed many trucks to pass us. Soon I was told to drop my dress down so my tits were totally exposed. esmer porno Soon all we heard were truck horns blasting as they slowed down while passing us to get a better look. I was enjoying the feel of the air on my exposed breasts as well as the excitement of knowing I was making a lot of truckers smile.

We had been driving now for about an hour or so and were maybe 50 or so miles from home. I guess Ed was getting bored with me just being topless because he told me to go ahead and take my dress of completely and really give the truckers something to smile about. So without any hesitation I raised my hips and slid the dress from under me, down my legs and onto the floor. I picked up my dress and sat there naked holding iy in my left hand feeling rather excited about being naked like this even though no one had yet really seen me.

I was trying to make my hair look a bit more presentable so I left the dress on the seat between us as I fixed my hair. Only a minute or so later Ed took hold of the dress , raises his arm up in the air a bit and poof no more dress, gone out of the car as we are traveling at 55 or 60 mph. Now I have nothing to wear at all. At the rate my clothes are being destroyed or lost I will be naked all the time because I really won’t have anything to wear.

Soon we saw a sign for a rest stop a few miles up the road. It was one of those that only has bathrooms and maybe a drink machine. We parked and I asked Ed if there fantazi porno was any emergency clothing or cover-up just in case. He said there was nothing and knew I didn’t believe him so he opened the trunk after I reluctantly got out of the car and sure enough nothing that I could wear. I had already been in the glove compartment and also knew there was nothing in the back seat.

Well I had to pee so I had no choice but to walk to the ladies room naked. Luckily or maybe not actually, there were few people around but I sure did get noticed by the few that were there. I get a few not so pleasant looks from two women exiting the ladies room and heard one say something about how disgusting or something along those lines.

On my way out I wet some paper towel so I could wipe my feet off after walking bare foot in the public restroom.

We got back to the car and drove maybe another half hour or so, before Ed pulled off the major road and onto a more secluded road. We had driven a while when he asked if I was hungry. I was starving but said I can’t go into a diner or restaurant like this. He said don’t worry he had it all under control so I knew something was about to happen.

Soon we came up to a drive-in burger place. You park and a carhop comes out and serves you in your car. Well the look on the face of the girl when she reached the car and said hello then looked and saw me bare ass naked.

She stammered a few words and left porno filmler us to look at the menu, and said she would be back shortly. I was so afraid that they were going to call the police on us. I told Ed I couldn’t believe he threw my dress away when I had nothing else to wear. I was scared but damn was I excited also, I was sure a wet spot would be appearing on the seat anytime now. My nipples were so hard and I could feel those familiar tingling sensations in my crotch.

Well I guess the young girl told them inside about me because a college aged young man came out to take our order, which he did all the while staring at my naked body. When the food was brought out it was yet another young guy. I guess they were all trying to get a look at the naked woman in the car. Well after giving 4 or 5 different guys a thrill we finished and began our trip back home.

We were on the major road once again when we saw the sign for fuel. Ed said we needed to get gas and pulled in and up to a pump. He usually uses his credit card but this time he said we would pay cash and that I should go and pay. Well I had been naked in more public places and it didn’t look very busy inside, so I took the money walked in and saw the stunned look on the clerks face. I said hello paid for the gas and out I went. We soon were on our way again and before long we were back at my house..

Well this was not as bold as some of my other adventures but I am certainly enjoying being naked in all types of places and situations. I am trying to prepare myself to fulfill one of my fantasies and I am hoping that it will happen soon. I really do like the thought of being restrained and unable cover myself or control where we go. I hope to make that a reality sometime soon