Gift Never Forget


It was an evening in mid December. Telephone was ringing. I guessed it was my husband Kingsley. I took the receiver hurry, because he went to inspect a branch office of his working place which was located about 200km away from the head office. He informed me his safety arrival and accommodation. He inquired about the son who had prepared to go for two days Scout Champ in the school. I said every thing was ok.

“Kingsley, you know one friend has come to visit us after long time. Can you guess?” I wanted to surprise him.

“Who?” He asked impatiently.

“Wait, I will give the receiver to answer you.” I gave the receiver to her.

“Hellow, Kingsley, Madhu is here.” She spoke with him intimately because we knew each other for long time.

After that Kingsley asked me to keep Madhu, because she came after long time and I was too along at home. At first, Madhu was not willing to stay because of she didn’t bring clothes to change. I asked her, not to worry about that because she could share with mine.

Finally, Madhu took a call to her mother and informed that she would be with me and told her mother to look after her daughter. I knew Madhu’s husband was working in abroad. He came to the country only for two to three weeks vacation per year. Therefore, Madhu had to do lot of things to look after her mother and daughter along. Madhu didn’t do a job as well as me.

Madhu was very charming, fair and beautiful lady at the age of mid thirties. I loved the way of her smiling. When she talked with me, she had expressed herself frankly. Relatively she was shorter than me. After getting married, she had became little bit fat but she used to dress up neatly and beautifully. On that day, she had worn three quarter blue colour tight denim jeans with white sleeveless blouse with colure.

We both sat on the large single king size sofa which was in the TV lounge separated from living room of the house. We talked about lot of things in past and then, till getting dark.

” Oh my God. Madhu. I forgot to give you anything to drink. Wait I will prepare a cup of tea. Till then you watch the TV.” I switched on the cable TV program and went to the kitchen.

When I was carrying tea, she was gazing at the TV screen. Her bear legs taken on to the sofa and her straight hair had put one side over the right shoulder just like little child.

I admired her features as she had very broad hip, sharp curves and fair complex. Particular thing I noted when Madhu was walking that her boobs bounced according to her steps.

I sat close to her. We both zipped tea while watching the TV. The film was classical romantic story. Dialogs and embracing scenes of the film had done very classical way.

“So Madhu how is Terance now?” I just wanted to know her thoughts on her husband.

“Mmmmm… not bad Priya.” I realized her voice had little bit sad.

“Your tone implied that you are not in happy. Isn’t it?” I looked at her eyes.

“I don’t want to hide anything from you Priya.” She pressed the switch off button of the remote controller and turned on to my side. Her helpless face told me big story behind her.

“You know Priya, he always thinks about himself.” Madhu started to tell about her pressure in the heart to get gaziantep escort somewhat of release of her agony. She described that most of the time he was reluctant to care about her. Whether she liked or not, his decision had to be accepted. She had got fed up with this autocrat domination of family life. I could see her eyes filled with tears.

“You know Priya, I don’t want to tell those things with others. I know you can understand me. Sometime you don’t believe, Even his behavior in sex is also selfish and dogmatic. He does whatever he wanted and finishes it” I put a hand around her neck and consoled caressing her head.

“And you know Priya, it is almost ten years to our marriage life. I am really sad to say, I have never reached to the climax.” She hid her face on my shoulder. I felt the wet ness of tears dropped on me.

“Don’t worry darling, forget about” I tried to console her pulling her towards me.

“I know you all can do nothing, but I wanted tell somebody who can understand me.” She continued telling her grievance.

“OK, baby relax.” I wiped her tears with my fingers and smoothly caress her cheeks.

Madhu looked at me and her lips curled into slight smile. I felt that she was seeking a care like a child trying to be comforted in her mother’s arms. Our faces got close to feel the warm breath of each others. Our lips met in a seemingly accidental soft sensual kiss. Dark clouds on her faced disappeared. I observed her bright eyes were blossomed with comfort. The calmness of the evening was invited to hidden desires of each other. Our lips met together again to get seductive pleasure.

We kissed lips for a while without any other moments. Finally Madhu rolled over to my lap keeping her bent legs straddling. Both tongues met like dance of passion. Her breast pressed against me. I felt my nipples got harden with this unexpected love play. It led to touch her boobs instinctively. They were heavy and grown. Madhu also followed me as I did. Her blouse was unfastened and removed by me. Her black lace bra contrasted with the fair skin of her. I cupped her boobs with my palms. Madhu gasped with heavy sighs. She unhooked the bra behind and let fall on to the floor.

It was really nice firm breast with erected nipples and easy suck-able. She had large areola around her tits. It was very sexy. Naturally, I knew that areola getting darken if somebody aroused in sexually. A tiny pendant of her necklace was laying between the cleavage of her breast. She rolled up my T-shirt over the head and removed my pink bra promptly. Nipples got stiffen with the touch of her. She pressed our boobs together and felt the softness of humps. Madhu squirmed with pleasure. I intended to satisfy her intense desire for sex.

We swung boobs with hands and grazed against each others nipples. Once I gripped her nipples tightly to make her hurt and pulled towards me. She squealed in delight. I was sensed that she liked for rough handling in getting satisfaction. I started to suckle her tits and nibbled wildly. As result of that she cried with immense pleasure.

I let her to stand up on the sofa keeping her foot beside of my lap and unbutton her jeans and pulled down the zipper. It konya escort was a struggle with her jeans to remove because it was so tight to her bigger nether area. However after bigger fuss, I removed her jeans. She was wearing a white cotton panty. A stain on the crouch implied that she was really wet.

Softness of her creamy thighs impressed me to stroke tenderly. Soft caress of me made her into honey. Her face was blushed with shyness as well as me. But, both of us intension was be wild with fantasy. I put my hands around her and grabbed bums to pull her crouch close to my face. I nuzzled her pussy over the panty and delighted with the aroma of her secrets. Before she seated on my lap, I pushed down my skirt and panty which was already saturated with fluid seeping out from my hole. After that, I pulled down and removed Madhu’s panty baring our voluptuous bodies without any cloth.

Madhu’s bush has been trimmed well and shaved to appear a little triangle on it. I had thick bush with very dark in colour.

She sat on my lap, landing her broad hip and we started to kiss again while reached my hands on her bums behind and fondled. It was really soft and fatty. I squeezed both bums delicately and sucked her tits same time by tweaking with teeth. Madhu squirmed in delight.

I motioned her to lie down on the sofa and I knelt down on the floor. She opened out her legs and hurried to part her pussy lips with fingers to get wondrous of feelings. I started to lick her pussy and delicate pink folds of it. Tip of the tongue was great on her clit. I teased and nibbled her popped out sensor clit under the hood of outer lips. She groaned and cried loudly and arched her body to easy access of me. I twirled her honey hole putting inside the tip of my tongue. Her breathing deepened and came to ripples of multiple orgasms.

“I want more darling” She raised her voice implying me her peculiar sexual desire.

I put my middle finger along her seeping pussy hole. Her groaning filled with the room. While I was finger fucking her, I was remembered something that I got from my colleagues at the farewell party in Singapore National University when I was doing diploma. During period of studies I used to wear jeans regularly and had a very short hair cut. They called me by nick name “BOY”. They gave me a small box mentioning Try this you will be perfect boy.

“Madhu, I will come soon darling, just give me two seconds.” I took her hand and kept on her pussy to continue till I come back. Even that moment she was fuddled with ecstasy.

I went to master bed room on upstairs’. I had never walked around in my house fully naked. However, I found the small box at the corner of my wardrobe. I opened it removing the packing. It was latex rubber strap on. I hurried to read the instruction of use. Then I put on it as instruction given. Actually, It was really 7 inches male penis with balls in colour of tan. Naturally, I felt very hot feelings after fixed that on to my groin area. It had mentioned in the instruction, the user must have fixed the device unmoved by the adjustable belts for the proper usage.

I had never thought that I would have to use this. The feelings were inspired to see my image in naked kayseri escort eye. I stood up in front of the life size mirror in dressing table. It was amazing. I turned to every angle to see this spectacle. I whipped the penis by swing nether area. It looked like that I was changed into shemale appearance.

I rushed back to TV lounge. Madhu was still rubbing her pussy with great pleasure on the sofa. She didn’t see till I came close to her. Her eyes were closed. I kept the stiffen dick over the face of her.

“Madhu” I called her name. She opened her eyes and widened surprisingly.

“Wow, you are amazing, from where did you find?” She sat on the sofa grabbing the dick with her both hand and started lick it liked the most valuable gift that received in her life time. Dick was lubricated with her saliva. I motioned her to lie down on the sofa. Widening her thighs, the dick got close to her pussy. I wanted to play really male roll of the encounter till she got the maximum. Holding dick by hand, I ran the head up and down along the saturated slit.

Gushing out juices made easy access to her pussy hole. I thrust the dick into find the way up to womb. Madhu cried with pleasure when I was moving the staff in and out slowly. When I was fucking her fingers fondled with her clit. It was really happy to see her blushing face moved side to side.

I directed her to upturn for doggy position and entered from back of her. The position was comfortable me to poke the dick into luscious pot. The shaft slithered into the maximum point to quench her sensuous lust. I started to thrust her unmercifully. She gasped and moaned with unbearable pleasure that she had not got earlier in the life. I grabbed her hip and pulled towards me against every stroke to increase the intensity. She tossed her head side to side with a grunt of her throat.

“Ohhhhh .. you are killing me darling…..” She thrashed against the headrest of the sofa.

I felt little bit tired due to particular task vested on me to bring her to orgasm. It was obvious that prolong play was needed to satisfy her. Therefore, I moved and lay down on the floor. The Persian carpet on the floor made comfort to the body. She switched to the active partner on me. The dick had become slick and signing due to dipping in the honey hole of her.

She straddled and slowly landed her pussy hole, on to the prick letting go inside. All the seven inches gulped by sweet pussy of her. She swung her crouch to front and back to stimulate her inner walls and led to tingle on her pussy lips. Finally, she started to fuck herself moving her back up and down. Her strokes were so powerful. She used entire length of the dick to thrust by pushing pelvis area up and down. It made sound of clapping with great power. She became wild and furious accelerating her pumping movement. She screamed and groaned loudly.

She grabbed my boobs and muttered “Fuck me, fuck me oooh God”.

She was fuddled with nymphomaniac desire of her. I too joined her by pushing her hip simultaneously.

” oh kill me…yes..yes..yes..” Her blushed face and opened mouth implied that she was coming.

“Oh really good sweetie.” She collapsed on me.

I felt her gushing out juice ran down along the thighs. She kissed me again madly all over my face.

“You are great darling. You did every thing to me. This is first time Priya.” She kissed my hands getting together as worshiping.

We stayed long time same position softly caressing each other till we go for dinner.

I am waiting for your comments to write more.