Horizons Ch. 04: Smoke Effects Pt. 02


The 4th installment of Jody and Ellie pt 2

Please read Slow Burn, Stolen Moments then Smoldering Fire then Smoke Effects Part 1 (in that order) to catch up with their story.

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Part 2

5 days before the Boulders

I had been struggling with my anxiety and depression more than usual and Jody was attempting to lift me up. Doubt over everything had been running through my veins since Prom night. Jody planned for us to go out to dinner an hour away. No one knew us there so we could be more relaxed. It had started out so good. It was the first time we had gone to a Brewery since New Hampshire. Jody enjoyed a few flights and I stuck with my usual mixed drinks. The food was great. The atmosphere and company even better. After we ate, she was itching to dance so we found a bar with music and headed there after the meal.

We got drinks, grabbed a table and just took in the place. Jody and I danced, well Jody danced I did whatever it was that girls with not much rhythm do. She was having a blast. I was getting a headache. I sat down while she continued to enjoy the music. I was sipping my drink when someone approached our table. I looked up and a slender blonde was standing there. She had the bluest eyes I had ever seen. I stared just a second too long.

“Can I help you?” I asked her, having a hard time taking my eyes off of her eyes. If I had to guess I’d say she was younger than me, but not by much maybe 35/38. She was taller, standing there in skin tight jeans, boots up to her thighs and a shirt that matched her eyes.

“Your girlfriend shouldn’t leave you sitting here all alone.”

I looked at this brazen woman. There was something in the look in her eyes that piqued an interest. Before I could reply, Jody, who had seen her talking to me and left the dance floor, sat back down next to me. She was so close, and she put her hand on my thigh, squeezing it just a little, something she rarely did in public. She gave the blonde a look, “Is there something we can help you with?”

The blonde looked her up and down then said, “Nothing you can.” And walked away.

“Well that was weird.” Jody said. “Did she just come up to you?”

I shrugged it off and went back to my drink and talking to Jody. A few minutes later I spotted the blonde eying me. I averted my eyes but glanced back over and she was still looking my way.

Jody was ready to dance again. I was tired and told her I needed to use the bathroom and then I’d watch her have fun. I made my way through the thickening crowd to the back of the bar. There was a small line waiting for the single stall women’s room and I took my place in it.

The line moved quickly and as I got to towards the front, I felt another body join behind me.

“She really shouldn’t leave you alone so much.”

I turned around and saw the blonde standing next to me. Before I could fully register her presence, I felt her lips on mine. She pulled me closer as her tongue forced its way into my mouth. I was stunned and yet I didn’t pull away. I didn’t know why but I didn’t. Her hand was on my breast, her thumb stroking it as her tongue danced in my mouth. My body was betraying me, was on fire with desire. Almost as quick as she appeared, she was walking away, but not before slipping a piece of paper in my back pocket. I walked into the bathroom, my head was spinning, my heart pounding. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the paper. Tess and a phone number written in nearly perfect script. I carefully folded it back up and slipped it in the back of my phone case. Hidden.

I made my way back to the dance floor and found Jody. She spotted me and walked towards me. “Sorry, long line.” I stumbled through the words. “I’m ready to get out of here, are you?” It wasn’t late but I had other plans for the time we had before we each needed to be home.

Luckily, we had taken my van tonight. I got behind the wheel, leaned over kissed Jody with all the force I could muster, and then drove. I knew there was a few state parks around and I headed that way. As I drove my right hand held hers, then wandered over her body. I needed to feel all of her. Now. I turned into one I knew had a campground and drove til I found an empty area. I pulled the van into an unused site with no neighbors.

I unbuckled and pulled her closer to me, one hand locked behind her neck giving her no choice but to stay, the other frantically moving across her breasts, my lips and tongue battling with hers. I stopped and started to move to the back of the van. Jody didn’t move at first, I took her hand and pulled her towards me.

I pulled her shirt off then her bra. She started to do the same to me and I told her no. I buried my face in her chest, my hand rubbed and cupped between her legs. I grabbed her ass and pulled her hips. Jody gasped as I abruptly pulled her pants off. I was fueled by a fire that had started in the bar. I plunged half my hand into her core, again she gasped. olgun porno I pumped and pounded her, my lips finding any bits of her skin to suck and kiss and nip.

“Owww Ellie.”

I barely heard her as I continued my mission. I felt her body tense and roll, she threw her head back. I watched her eyes flutter as her body shook. My hand was unrelenting and refused to stop.

“Fuck Ellie! Fuck.”

She was coming down and I had finally pulled my hand away. She reached for me, but I was already moving to the front of the van. I didn’t look back and soon she was in the passenger seat and I was backing out of the site. I kept my eyes forward knowing I couldn’t handle making eye contact with her. I turned the music up and drove towards home. Half-way there Jody finally spoke.

“Are you okay Ellie?” she paused then continued, “That was…different.” She sounded worried. She sounded the way she always sounds when she thinks I’m on the edge. When my own brand of not-all-together-mentally-healthy rears its not always pretty head. She was usually right when she sounded this way, but I shrugged her off for the second time tonight.

I kept my eyes on the road. I honestly didn’t know if I was okay. I wasn’t entirely sure what had come over me. “I’m fine. I’m sorry I hurt you.” She took my right hand off the steering wheel, kissed my fingers and held it the rest of the drive home.

I couldn’t get one face, one set of eyes, out of my head and it wasn’t hers. I was angry at myself for this. I loved this woman sitting next to me holding my hand, yet she wasn’t who I was thinking about. I dropped her off, saying goodnight with just a simple kiss. My mind was not in the moment before me.

I made it home and sat in my driveway with the van off. The only lights on still were in Jessie’s room. I opened-up my phone case and pulled out the piece of paper. I could see her blue eyes and feel her tongue still. I shook my head to get the memory out of it and put the paper back in my phone. This wasn’t me; this wasn’t who I was. I went inside and did all that needed to be done before I could crawl under my blankets.

I saw I had a text waiting:

Jody- Goodnight. Love you

I didn’t respond. I pulled my phone case apart again and took out the paper. I stared at it. At my phone. At my fingers. I watched as they typed in the number and kept typing.

Me- Wanna pick up where we left off?

I couldn’t believe it when I watched myself click send. I shook my head and quickly put my phone on airplane mode and fell onto my pillow. I couldn’t unsend it but I could pretend, at least for now, that I didn’t send it.

I woke early the next morning, my body still not used to being on summer break. I grabbed my phone and went to make coffee. Jody had texted me again but nothing from anyone else.

Jody- Good Morning. Are we still on for a walk and lunch?

I had forgotten we had made these plans. I was glad though. I needed to see her, smell her. Remember how much she means to me.

Me- Of course. 11?’

Jody- yep see ya then ??

Me-See ya

I went back to my coffee and life. It wasn’t long and I was pulling into her work. Reception knew me by now and buzzed me right in. I said hello to various people as I made my way to her office. She happened to work with a girl I waited tables with when I was in college, so I stopped in and said hi to Amy first. We chatted for a few before I continued to Jody’s.

I knocked and opened the door. She looked at me with those big brown eyes and I was hit with a red-hot shot of guilt. She gave me a quick hug and we headed out to walk. We had done this nearly weekly since becoming friends yet today we barely spoke. I was hoping she was chalking it up to my usual angst and anxiety overwhelming me.

“You look like you need to go for a hike not a walk.” She said with that same worried tone.

Nature, the woods, being alone in the noise of it was usually how I reground myself when my emotional state was teetering on the edge. I was relieved that this was where her thought process was.

“Yeah, I brought my stuff, I probably will after we eat.” Was all I could manage. I vaguely heard her talking about some event at work tonight she had to go to. Focusing wasn’t happening.

I felt like I was walking through pudding. Every step was heavy, my mind was half foggy. I went through the motions of eating lunch out on the patio, unable to keep my focus. Jody had to get back to work and I was thinking about going to a hike. I got back to my van and checked my phone.


My heart sped up as I read that single word. Received an hour ago. I put my phone in the console and drove. I pulled into a trailhead, one of my favorite ones. I rarely saw anyone else here, and that’s the way I preferred it. I took my phone, laced up my boots and headed into the woods.

I lost myself in the sounds, smells and sights. I sat down by a brook and checked my phone. Nothing. I again porno watched as my fingers typed and clicked send.

Me- When

I didn’t expect an immediate respond but got one.

– you tell me

Just remembering the way her tongue felt, propelled my fingers on the keyboard.

Me- tonight

I clicked send then headed up the trail more. My mind was filled with images. The blonde, who I couldn’t call Tess. Her eyes, the way her touch felt. Jody. How much I loved her. I didn’t understand why I sent those texts. It was a mistake. I would just block her number.

I didn’t stop to check my phone until I was ½ mile from the end of the loop.

-you come to me same place 7pm

Shit. There was no way I was doing that. I wasn’t that person, I wasn’t. I texted Jody.

Me- just got done hiking. It is exactly what I needed. As always you were right. Have a great rest of the day and survive the event tonight. I’ll talk to you later or tomorrow. I love you to the moon and the back.

I put my phone away, finished the hike and went home. Both kids were there when I arrived. Evan too. I could hear Jessie yelling from the driveway.

“You are ridiculous! I’m 17 years old not a fucking child.”

“You live in MY house you will do what I tell you.”

Fuck. Evan and Jessie were fighting, again. I ran in to try and break it up. Jessie was running down the stairs as I came in.

“I’m done. No wonder you hate him.” She yelled as she ran for her car. She peeled out of the driveway and I could only hope she was going somewhere safe. I heard Timmy slam his bedroom door trying to stay out of the chaos. I got inside and the fight with Evan continued, only now I was his target.

I heard all about how horrible a wife and mother I was. How our daughter was just as bad as I was. I couldn’t control the tears that started flowing as he continued to unload on me. I walked to Timmy’s room and told him to leave. Get on his bike and find a friend he could stay with. He looked at me with worry and then as his father started yelling again, he grabbed his bag and left.

“I’m done Evan. Done. I want a divorce.” The words flew out of my mouth. He stopped yelling and glared at me. “Get out Evan. Go get sober and don’t come back until you are.” I was shaking as I said it. I didn’t think he would go. I was shocked when he grabbed his truck keys and left. I needed a few minutes to stop shaking and then I went back to my van and got my phone. Jessie had texted.

Jessie- I’m at Hannah’s I’m safe.

Me- thank you. I’m sorry. So sorry.

Jessie- it’s not your fault mom. He’s an ass. I’m gonna stay here for a few ’til he cools down okay?

Me- of course. Be safe. I love you

Jessie- love you too

I texted Timmy. He was at Kyle’s. I told him to text me tomorrow.

I texted Jody.

Me- are you around? I really need to see you. Things just got really bad again. I told Evan I was done.

I hit send then went and showered. I got out and there was nothing from Jody. Panic and stress were building up inside me. I felt ready to explode. I remembered she had to work this event and I had no idea what time she would be done. I wish I had listened when she was talking earlier.

Me- please call me when you can

I could feel the anxiety starting to rise up and I needed to get out of this house. I jumped in the van, cranked up the music and started driving. I was trying to clear my mind and stave off the pending panic attack. The next time I really looked at the road I realized I was about a mile from the bar from the night before. I kept driving the rest of the way. 7:15. I got out, walked in and went to the bar.

“Double shot of Patron Silver.” I hadn’t done shots since I met Jody. I stood at the bar as the liquid filled my veins with calm.

I felt the air shift and heard a breath on my neck.

“She really should learn not to leave you alone.”

I turned and saw her. Her eyes were just as blue as I remembered from last night. Before I could respond her hand was behind my neck and her tongue in my mouth. This time I kissed her back. It was quick and when we broke away, she ordered two more shots from the bartender and two beers. After the shots she grabbed the beers, handed me one and took my hand, pulling me towards a table.

We sat down. She was so close.

“So, are you going to tell me your name?”


“Fair enough.” She said as she leaned in, her hand was moving up my thigh. I took a swig of the beer she had handed me. It was gross but I kept drinking. Her hand kept moving, reaching and rubbing. I was pulsing with need. I shifted my weight and my legs opened more. Her hand delved deeper. She leaned in again. “I live 2 minutes away.”

I pounded what was left of the beer. I was feeling fuzzy headed but confident and brazen. “Show me.”

She took my hand again and led me outside. We turned the corner of the building and she pushed me up against Porno 64 the wall. Her hand went to my neck, her lips to mine. My leg went to her hip, pulling her closer to me. I cupped her pussy, could feel the warmth as we explored each other in that dark space. From down the alley we heard the clanking of bottles and broke our contact. She took my hand again and pulled me down the alley.

On the other side we were bathed in streetlights. “Right over here.” She guided me left and to a small front door. She opened and we walked in. This time I had her up against a wall. My need for her growing. I used my knee to spread her legs as my mouth connected with hers. My tongue explored this new space. My thigh ground her mound and small moans vibrated in my mouth. She soon used her height advantage and had me against the wall. My shirt was coming off.

“Where’s your bed?”

She pointed up the stairs with her head, her hands reaching to cup my breasts. I started moving us towards the stairs. We crawled up them, her on top of me as we took it one step at a time. Articles of clothing left on each step. We got to the top, naked and heavy with need. We were in her kitchen, a butcher block island a few feet away. We made it that far when she lifted me up and laid me on my back on the island. My head was spinning from rapid movements. The tequila was catching up with me.

I didn’t get to think on that long when I felt her tongue tracing it’s way up my slit. I was slick and hot, her tongue adding to it. Painfully slowly she licked and explored then thrust her tongue in and out. I reacted quickly to the stimulation. Begged her for more. Soon her mouth was around my clit and her fingers were in me. Thrusting and curling and pounding. My legs were over her shoulders as her face was buried in my legs. My back arched as she continued to pound my pussy and my legs clamped around her as my body was racked with pleasure.

She stood up as I came down and I pulled her to me, my hand began rubbing her hairless mound. My finger broached her folds, swirled around her clit. Our height difference was very apparent as we stood there. I wanted her sitting or laying down, I stopped my hand, got on my tippy toes and nearly growled, “Bed.”

She pulled me that way and once there I pushed her down on it. I sat on her lap, ground against her. Her breasts were bigger than I was used to, her nipples hard and long. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth as my hand continued to explore her folds. I pushed her down fully on the bed and placed myself between her legs. Lust was driving me. My tongue and fingers went to work on her. Her clit was huge, and I learned quickly she was a squirter. She tasted different. Smelled different. I watched her body roll and felt her clamp down on my fingers. She sat up, grabbed me and flipped me on my stomach on the bed.

“Don’t move.” She ordered. I didn’t. I could hear her rustling around and soon she was behind me. She stroked my ass, pulled my hips so my ass was up in the air. Her tongue licked me, she slapped my ass, licked my slit. Slapped me again then licked again. My body shuttered as she alternated pain with pleasure. I got up on my arms and looked behind me and saw she was wearing a strap on. She slapped me again and teased me with the head of it. I was throbbing.

“Fuck me.” I begged.

She filled me with the dildo and hammered me over and over again. Her hands on my hips pulling me into her with every thrust. I hadn’t been filled like this in far too long and it felt amazing. She wound my hair in her hands and pulled on my neck, the angle of her thrusts sending lightning bolts through my body.

“I want to ride you.” I told her and she pulled out and sat down on the bed. I climbed on top of her, lowered myself on the cock and began moving. Her mouth bounced between my nipples as I rode her to the end. I fell against her as I calmed. She looked me in the eyes,” now will you tell me your name?”

I looked at her and repeated my no. I was covered in sweat, I smelled like her and I was bit shaky, but I had a sudden overwhelming need to leave. I stared at her blue eyes and realized what I had just done. I made my way to my clothes and started putting them on. She stood there watching me.

“You shouldn’t be driving.” She said as I found my keys.

I looked back at her and reached for the door. I hoped I could find my way back to the bar. Tears had already started rolling down my face. I stumbled my way back to the bar, back to my van and got in. I found a half drank water in a cup holder and pounded it down. My eyes kept wanting to close and I had to concentrate on forcing them to stay open. I searched for my phone, remembering I had turned it off and put it in the glove box.

20 notifications. Half of them texts from Jody the rest calls from her. I turned it back off, put it down and started the van. I opened the windows to let the air help keep my eyes open and I started for home. My phone went off three more times as I drove, I ignored them all. I got into my driveway and turned off the van. There was no other car there. I wondered where Evan landed. I texted Jessie to check on her. She got right back to me.

Jessie- I’m fine. I’ll be home tomorrow or the next day I promise. Are you ok?