The Teaser


A friend introduced us. When we met over a glass of wine, it took me only a few minutes to know that I wanted to experience what he had to offer. I didn’t know how incredibly erotically he was going to make it play out.

We left together and I followed him to his apartment. He ushered me in, and once the door closed behind me, he kissed me deeply on the mouth while his right hand guided my left down to his crotch, where I found the treasure that I sought.

He led me to the living room, and turned on the fireplace and one, lone light that tinted the room a soft blue glow.

He kissed me and said “Undress for me, and I’ll get some more wine.”

When he returned, I was naked in all my glory, my cock standing firmly erect. He handed me my wine, kissed me again, and let his free hand lovingly caress my love stick. Handing me my wine, he undressed for me in a subtle strip tease. I drew in my breath and felt my body tingle in anticipation when I saw the massive appendage that was his own love muscle.

My eyes told him I wanted to drop to my knees and gobble him up, but he shook his head.

“You don’t get to suck it. Not tonight. You’ll get to suck it, and I’ll fuck you, but we go at this slowly. You have to earn this cock.”

That kind of talk just turned me on even more.

He threw a couple of pillows down by the fireplace and semi-reclined against them, wine glass in hand. With his legs spread, I could see his asshole, his balls, and his thick 10″ shaft.

“Stand over me and jerk off” he said. “You can cum all over me if you want. I like that.”

I straddled him and slowly went to work on my cock, imagining how the thrill of his big shaft blasting hot spunk down my throat, or stretching my asshole and filling it with hot jism.

He caressed himself gently as I jerked myself off, sipping at his wine as he did. I went slow, taking the time to enjoy my own wine, as well.

Finally I knew I was near, and set my wine down so that I could put both hands into the game. I licked a finger and slid it into my asshole. Bending my knees, I went over the edge and a gusher of hot man milk erupted denizli escort from my shaft.

“Oh yess! That’s so nice!” he purred excitedly as my spunk splattered all over him. His own masturbation motions increased in tempo and then he let out a gasping moan as he shot creamy jizz all over his belly.

He held out his hand and I lay down next to him for a while before he told me it was time for me to go.

“Tomorrow night” he said “we take it one step further. Come over at the same time.”

I almost rushed home so that I could bury a massive dildo in my ass and bring myself to climax one more time.

When I arrived the next night, wearing nothing but a track suit, he had made a nest of pillows in the living room, with candles providing the light. We cuddled together and drank some more wine. As we sipped at our second glass, he causally handed me a bottle of lube, and then kissed me.

“Tonight, you’re going to make me cum while you do yourself. No mouth. Not yet. Just hands. I want to watch you finger your hole, too. I like guys who play with their hole.”

I masturbated him with lust, stroking my own cock and fingering my hole as I did. It was nice having some oil, this time. Then I could get two and three fingers into my hungry puckerhole.

Finally I felt that stiffening at the base of his shaft, and then the pulsation that signalled that gossamer streams of love nectar were on their way, and he cried out with pleasure as his climax burst from within him and once again coated his belly with hot spunk that I desperately wanted to lick up with my hungry tongue. Instead, I added my own love nectar to the mess on his belly before licking up a big dollop of it.

He kissed me greedily, and we shared the taste of our essence.

I went home again about an hour later. Before I went to sleep, I texted him a close-up of a thick dildo buried in my ass as cum ran down my cock.

The next night, he took me to his bedroom. We stood in front of the big mirror and watched ourselves as we caressed each other’s bodies, kissing and touching for almost diyarbakır escort an hour.

“You want my cock, don’t you?” he whispered in my ear as I gazed at his hardness in the mirror.

I merely nodded.

“Do you want something in here” his finger probed my asshole as he asked “while you suck me?”

I nodded.

“On your knees.” he commanded.

I knelt on the floor, which automatically spread my ass. He went to his bed stand and then squatted down behind me. I could see him lubing up the butt plug in the mirror. It was a little on the big side, but still no match for the meat that I so desperately wanted to be impaled upon.

I moaned when he slipped it in. Then he turned it on. OH GOD!

He stepped in front of my, and I opened my mouth. His thick purple glans felt so wonderful on my lips and I sucked him greedily. He began to move his hips, fucking my mouth.

We were positioned so that we could both watch me make love to his wonderful love stick with my mouth. We alternated between him pistoning in and out of my hungry mouth and me just sucking on the first few inches as he masturbated.

I don’t know how long we were locked in this erotic coupling, but the longer we moved together, the closer to orgasm I got. Finally I felt his orgasm rising. We both began to moan excitedly, and then his hot jizz was shooting in my mouth. I cried out with the passion of my own climax as spurts of his cream ran down my cheeks and chin. I didn’t touch myself, merely letting my cream rush forth and run down my cock to my balls.

When his orgasm was completely passed, he fell to his knees and we kissed passionately.

I left an hour later, but this time he gave me explicit instructions.

“You can’t come back for a week” he told me. “Plus, you can’t jack off that whole time. No cumming for a week. Next time we’ll fuck, and I want it to be spectacular.”

The week passed with excruciating slowness. Several times, as I prepared for sleep, the sight of his tremendous cock would fill my vision, and I had to fight the urge to ram a dildo into antalya escort my asshole and bring myself to climax as I imagined him fucking me.

Finally the night arrived, and I knocked on his door at the appointed time. This time I was dressed in an even tighter track suit than I had worn previously. This one highlighted my legs and butt.

Ten minutes later we were naked in soft light of his bedroom. We took our time to lovingly oil down each others bodies. I noticed that he cooed approvingly when I pressed a finger into his love hole, and spent some time fingering him as I ran my hand up and down his glistening bone.

Finally he moved me over to the mirror. I spread-eagled facing it, and he stood behind me with his hot shaft tantalizingly pressing between my cheeks. My asshole was hot and hungry for the love of a man, and I knew that my legs were spread enough that my love hole was on full display.

He watched me in the mirror as he slid a couple of fingers in and a thrill of pleasure coursed through my body.

“Are you ready for me?” he whispered coarsely in my ear “Are you ready to get fucked like a man?”

I couldn’t speak. I nodded.

“I want you to beg for it!” he growled, pressing the head of his cock against my pucker.

“Yes!” I cried out “Fuck me! I want your cock in me!”

He slid all the way into me in one smooth, slow thrust. stretching my asshole and filling me with that intense pressure that comes with the first plunge of man-fuck.

I arched my back and tipped my head back as the waves of pleasure washed over me. Our cries filled the room, and we fucked and fucked.

His bone filled me with an intensity, and I grunted in rhythm with him when that big chunk of man-meat erupted, filling me with silky warmth.

My own climax shot streams of man cream on to the mirror before subsiding to a stream of milky fluid that ran down my cock and balls and finally to my scrotum where it mixed with the cream that dribbled from my hole with each pump of his cock in and out of me.

We didn’t stop. Our passion overwhelmed us and we kept fucking until I was rewarded with another climax that anointed my inner sanctum. He had both hands on my own cock as he came, and he kept thrusting inside me until he had jerked and fucked me to another orgasm.

We fell into bed together. We awoke in the light of morning with raging erections. I threw my legs over his shoulders and we fucked gloriously into the day.