Truth or Dare


Gritting my teeth in irritation, the blank Word document in front of me stared back. The blinking cursor almost seemed to mock me, the lone presence amongst the sea of white that was my unfinished history report. Glancing at the clock on my desk, 8:15pm blinked into existence. There were only hours to finish this stupid paper that was 25% of my final grade. Putting it off until the day before was a huge mistake.

A chorus of anger-inspiring giggles sounded off from downstairs. As if this assignment wasn’t enough of a pain, Katie, that brat of a sister, was having a sleepover, and making it nearly impossible to concentrate. Every five seconds, a shriek, or giggle, or some other noise would spark up from them. They were gonna drive me bonkers.

Inspiration struck, and with fervor (and mostly panic and anxiety at the thought of a suffering grade), writing began to flow. Only about two lines of text managed to make their way onto the screen when an explosion of laughter emanated from downstairs, loud enough to penetrate the walls of my room. Slamming my fists on the desk, I stomped out, ready to put a stop to this bullshit.

The noise only got louder as I made my way downstairs and entered the living room. Bags of junk food peppered the floor, with the coffee table sweating under a load of drinks, chips, and pizza. And amidst this chaos were three girls, the ones responsible for the wretched noise.

The first was my sister, Katie. She, like her friends, was 18, younger than me by two years. She had short black hair, black eyes, and a chubby frame she felt self-conscious about (I once called her a fatass when we were kids and she cried for an hour). Freckles dotted her cheeks and shoulders. She was wearing her ‘classic’ sleepover attire; a plain grey t-shirt that strained against her chest, and pink shorts with ‘Luscious’ written on the bottom in gold glitter.

Next to her sat Chelsea, a shy, mousy girl with light brown hair and brown eyes behind coke bottle glasses. She was skinnier than Katie, but tended to hide it beneath simple, old-fashioned dresses like what she was wearing now. She looked like she’d come straight from the Amish community. How she ever hoped to get a guy dressing like that, was a mystery.

Finally, there was Allison, the loudest and craziest of the group. The red-haired tomboy was the soccer captain at her high school, and seemed to have boundless energy. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her tired a day in my life. She was still wearing her uniform, a green and blue-striped jersey and matching shirts with the number 13 on the back, and the logo of her team, the Bayview Badgers on the front. She even still had on her cleats, and grass stains were visible on her long, white socks. All that soccer had done wonders for her body, though. She had a flat, muscular stomach, and a firm, tight butt, which made up for her surprisingly small chest.

“Hey, can you harpies keep it down? I’m trying to get some work done.” I snapped.

Katie groaned as she turned around and sneered. “Ugh, it’s my brother. We were just having some fun. Can’t you leave us alone?”

“Not when you’re yelling and shrieking like banshees.” I glowered at the three. “Can you all maybe not sound like a horror movie for like, an hour?”

“We weren’t making that much noise, were we?” Chelsea asked in an almost barely-audible voice.

Katie’s head shook and she patted her friend’s shoulder. “Don’t listen to my idiot brother. He’s just being a jerk. No wonder he doesn’t have a girlfriend.” My face heated up as she and Allison burst out laughing, and even Chelsea smiled a little at the jab.

“Just…try and keep it down, for god’s sake, okay?”

Katie and Allison shared a look, a look that meant they were planning something. The two were almost on the same wavelength sometimes, it was scary how their minds synced up.

“I’ve got a better idea.” spoke Katie. “I’ll make a deal with you. You play with us for a bit, and we promise, we’ll be quiet for the rest of the evening.”

I raised a quizzical eyebrow. Something was up. I just couldn’t put my finger on what. But I was so desperate to get back upstairs and finish my paper, agreeing seemed to be the best option. “You better not be lying.”

“Oh, cross our hearts and hope to die.” Allison replied, giggling.

“Fine, fine, what’s the game?” I asked with a sigh.

“Truth or Dare.”

I should’ve known. Three girls at a sleepover. It was either gonna be this or the ouija board. “Greeeeat.”

The two shared that ‘planning something’ grin again as I took my seat. But honestly, I couldn’t care all that much. I just wanted to get back to my report.

“Okay, it was Chelsea’s turn before you rudely interrupted.” She giggled, making my eyes roll. “So, Chels, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” she replied, looking a bit unsure.

“Okay…what color underwear are you wearing?”

“Katie!” exclaimed Chelsea, face flaming red as Allison laughed like a maniac. “I can’t answer that!”

My sister shrugged. istanbul escort And truthfully, I felt my own curiosity piquing. “You’re the one who picked. Not trying to weasel out of the game, are you?”

Lowering her head, Chelsea mumbled out ‘black’, earning a pair of ‘oooooohs’ from my sister and her friend.

“Okay, your turn, big bro.” She said the last two words mockingly. “Truth or Dare?”

I know my sister could be really twisted sometimes, so I opted for the ‘safer’ option. “Dare.”

Katie squealed with glee. “Okay! I dare you to…let us tie you to a chair!”

Balking, I asked “Uh…are you crazy? I’m not about to let you do that.”

“Aw, c’mon, don’t be such a baby.” laughed Allison. “It’s just part of the game. And we promise we’ll let you out after like, ten minutes. The sooner you play, the sooner you can get back to whatever.”

She had a point. “Okay, fine. Ten minutes, no more.”

“Great!” Katie ran out of the living room like a bullet and returned with one of the high-backed chairs from the kitchen, along with a few coils of rope and some duct tape. “Okay, bro, have a seat.” she smirked.

Something was seriously up with them, but I was too anxious to get back to writing to really care. My eyes rolled again as I sat in the chair.

“Hands behind your back, please.” Katie sing-sung. A sigh escaped my mouth as I complied. Quickly, my sister wound the rope around my wrists, using another coil to tie them to one of the rungs on the chair. Then she used more rope to tie my legs to the chair. Squirming, it dawned on me, I was effectively rendered helpless. A sense of awe coursed through me. Katie did good ropework.

“So what’s the tape for?” I asked.

“To keep you quiet!” laughed Katie, tearing off a strip and slapping it over my mouth. Growling, I pulled at the ropes, but they offered no give.

“Nice job, Katie.” complimented Allison, Chelsea nodding along.

The two played a few more rounds and all but forgot about me. When ten minutes finally passed, I tried getting their attention. But the tape muffled my cries. “Mmmph! Mm mmmmph MPH!”

“Say…” drawled Katie, toying with the bottle in her hands. “You girls hear something?”

Looking right at me and grinning, Allison said “Nooope. Not a thing.”


Katie giggled and faced me. “Actually, now that you think about it…I hear some whiny brat making a lot of noise.”

A vein breaking on my forehead, my anger was nearly palpable. I strained against the rope and rocked the chair, but there was no getting out. My sister’s knots were too good.

Katie and Allison stood and walked over to me, while Chelsea kept seated, away from the two, watching me with an almost pitiable look. Reaching a hand out, Katie found a corner of the tape, and yanked it off in one quick, ridiculously painful motion.

“OW! Goddammit, you bitch!” I snapped. “It’s been more than ten minutes; let me go!”

Allison and Katie shared glances before shaking their heads in perfect unison. “Nah.” My sister was practically giddy now. “I think I like you better like this.”

I let loose a stream of curses that the two took in stride. “Allison,” my sister said. “I think it’s time to teach my annoying brother a lesson he’ll never…ever…forget. Keep him company; I’ll be right back.”

Katie patted me mockingly on the cheek and headed upstairs, leaving me with Allison and Chelsea. The shy girl was doing everything she could to avoid being involved in the situation, but Allison almost seemed ecstatic at the turn of events.

“Let me go, Allison.” I hissed.

“Uh-uh. From what Katie said, you’ve had this coming for a while.” She winked and batted her eyelashes. “And you look pretty hot tied to a chair.”

She leaned in and kissed me, curling her tongue on my lower lip as she pulled away. The sudden action left me lost for words, staring at her dumbly as she giggled.

“I’m baaaaaack!” My trance was broken at the sound of Katie’s return, and my anger returned.

“Katie, I’m not kidding, let the fu–GLMPH!” I screamed as something was crammed into my mouth. Allison quickly reapplied the tape, ensuring I couldn’t spit it out.

‘What the hell is this!?’ I thought, my stomach churning at the awful taste. It was like old sweat and cheese.

“You’re one evil sibling.” laughed Allison as she gave Katie a high-five. “Gagging your brother with your gym socks.”

I lost it. Bad enough I was bound and gagged by my sister and her friend, but I’d been tagged with her gross gym socks!? I thrashed around but couldn’t get free even a little bit. “MMMMMMPH!!”

Katie jerked my chin up and forced me to look into her eyes. “You’ve had this coming for years, jerk. And trust me, this is only the beginning of my payback.”


“What, Chelsea?” snapped my sister.

“Um…this is…maybe a bit too far. Couldn’t you just untie him? I think he’s suffered enough…” I nodded eagerly, earning a slap from Katie.

“He’s gotten escort bayan on my nerves for years, Chelsea.” My sister’s tone had gotten dark and sinister. All pretense of play was gone; she was hungry to punish. “Always teasing me, making fun of me, yelling at me, driving me crazy with stupid pranks…it’s time to even the score.”


“You wanna get tied up and gagged with my socks, too!? I’ve got more!” Chelsea hung her head and inched away. “Didn’t think so.”

Allison let out a low, impressed whistle. “Katie’s got claws tonight.”

Fear filled me from my head to the tips of my toes. I’d never seen my sister like this…practically evil. My heart hammered in my chest as thoughts of just how far she was planning to take this swirled in my mind.

“Hey, Allison. Truth or dare?”

The sporty girl grinned. “Dare.”

“I dare you to make my loser brother smell your feet.”

I must’ve I’d heard her wrong, that I was hallucinating, that at any moment I’d wake up and find myself in front of my desktop, having passed out from exhaustion and filling out my report. But Allison’s loud, boisterous laughter and the vile taste of my sister’s socks reminded me this was all too real.

“Man, Kate, you are one evil chick.” To my horror, Allison kicked off her cleats, and immediately the room was filled with a powerful odor. “I was running laps and drills for hours today. These things must reek.”

Shaking my head no as I struggled, Katie moved the chair so it was on its back, forcing me to stare upwards at my captors.

“Dude, I almost feel sorry for you.” smirked Allison as she lifted up her socked foot. The socks were white once upon a time, but now they were a deep, filthy black. My heart pounded, sweat trickled from my brow, and I knew what kind of hell I was about to go through in a matter of moments. “Almost.” And before I could prepare myself, she pressed her foot against my face.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!” Oh, dear god, the smell was AWFUL! She must’ve never washed her feet a day in her life! It was like vinegar, stale cheese, and sourdough. The sweat practically oozed from her socks as she pressed harder.

“Damn…this is turning me on a little…” Allison murmured as she watched me struggle under her socks. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Watch yourself.” Katie warned. “He’s still my brother.”

I was fighting so hard the ropes were chafing, but I didn’t have the slightest hope of getting free. And the smell…Allison’s feet seemed to sap all my strength. After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled her feet away. I silently thanked every god I knew, but felt my heart plummet once again when I saw she was taking off her socks.

“Whoa, Allie, you’re gonna kill him with those things bare!” laughed Katie.

“If he’s a real man, he can take it.” retorted the sporty girl.

Leaning down, Katie patted my cheek and tsk’d. “Looks like you’re out of luck then, brat.” She and Allison burst into laughter.

“I’m not gonna let you hog all the fun.” My eyes widened as I saw my sister raise her foot and hover it over my face, wiggling her pudgy, pink glitter toes. “You ready?”

Allison had slipped off her socks, revealing a pair of sweaty, bare feet caked in grime. She wiggled her toes, flecks of toejam falling to the floor as she moved them over my face. My eyes were already starting to water. “Oh, I’m ready.”

There was no time to prepare; they smashed their feet on me at the same time.

“MMMMMPH!! MMMPH MMPH MMMMMPH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP!!!” I screamed, thrashed, fought like a wild animal, but there was no escaping the torture. Allison’s socks were like roses compared her bare feet. Gagged, I was forced to take deep inhales of the rotten, moldy cheese stench. Laughing evilly, she moved her feet around my face, smearing it with her sweat and smell.

Katie’s feet were no prize, either. Hers carried the odor of vinegar and stale popcorn. She laughed as she ground her sole against my face, making me cough and gag. Bad enough they were the second-worst pair of feet I ever smelled, it was my own sister. New heights of depravity were being explored here.

“Look at him squirm!” teased Katie, slapping my face with her feet. “What’s the matter, tough guy? Can’t handle the smell of some girl’s feet? Pathetic.”

“Some sad excuse for a man you are.” Allison grinned, hand on her hip, perverted glee in her eyes. Her big and second toe pinched my nose, cutting off my air. I struggled harder, but my torturers only laughed. ‘Please! I need to breathe!’ is what I wanted to say, but all that came out was ‘Mmmph! MM MMPHMM MM MMMPH MMMMMMMPH!’

“Chelsea, come on! You should join in the fun, too!”

“Oh, n-no…I couldn’t…this…this is too cruel…”

Katie shrugged. “Suit yourself. More for us.”

Just when it seemed like I was about to pass out, Allison released my nose, and I immediately inhaled; just as she mashed her toes against my nose, a deep whiff of foot funk sliding up my Kadıköy escort nostrils.

“You’re in for a long, hard night.” Katie spoke, wiggling her toes.

They tortured me for what seemed like hours. Attacking my nose relentlessly with their rancid feet. I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore and let them flow freely. They pointed and laughed, mocked and degraded, all the while not allowing me even the tiniest avenue for clean air. My nose, my face, my world, it was all filled with their foot stench.

“Phew…” Katie said after an eternity. “Making a jerk smell your stinky feet all night really takes it out of you.”

“Totally.” Allison snapped her fingers in front of me. “Hey, you alive?”

I was, but barely. I didn’t even have the strength to respond.

“Geez, what a wimp. So our feet smell a little; what a baby.”

Allison pressed her feet on my face again, hard, then released. Press, release. Press, release. Over and over in a constant rhythm. “I’m actually getting kinda tired.”

“Me, too.” Katie nodded. “But I wanna make him suffer more.”

The soccer flashed a demonic smile. “I’ve got an idea. You got anymore old socks?”

“Psht, like a bag full of them. Why?”

“Get some. Trust me, this is gonna be hilarious.”

Nodding, Katie ran up the stairs to her room, and returned in less than five minutes, carrying another pair of dirty socks.

Lifting my chair upright, Allison took Katie’s socks and put them in her putrid soccer cleats. Smiling, she pressed the cleats to my face and wrapped the duct tape around my face about half a dozen times, ensuring they were secure. The dreaded smell of my sister and Allison’s feet attacked my nose once more.

“Let’s get him to the basement. I don’t want him screaming and waking up half the neighborhood.”

The two demonesses lifted up my chair and carried me down to the basement, setting me down next to the laundry machine. “We’ll come get you in the morning.” smirked Allison, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Maybe.” added Katie, bursting into laughter with Allison. “One last thing.” She went into the laundry basket and pulled out one of her old shirts. Pressing it against my face, she tied it tightly, making an effective blindfold.

“Have fun, big brother.” She leaned in close and whispered in my ear. “Tomorrow we’re gonna keep you captive, and you’re gonna smell our feet again.” She kissed me on the forehead. “Sweet dreams. Or guess I should say, smelly dreams?”

Laughing, their footfalls grew softer until they left, the door slamming shut, followed by the lock engaging.

I sobbed, defeated, humiliated, and dreading the following morning, and wondering what kind of hell they would put me through.


The basement lock opening jolted me from slumber I thought out of my reach. I shook like a leaf, heart pounding. Through the blindfold, I couldn’t tell who it was. Katie? Allison? Either would be a nightmare at this point. I groaned into my gag; the smell of the cleats and socks hadn’t faded at all during my slumber. If anything, it felt as though it had gotten worse.

“Mmmmmmmmmmph…” I moaned pathetically into my gag.


I felt a tug at my head, and Katie’s shirt fell away, revealing the panicky-looking Chelsea.

“Mmph mmph!”

“Please, be quiet!” she whispered, putting a shushing finger to her lips. “I’ll set you free, but you can’t make any noise! Katie would kill me if she knew I was doing this.”

Walking behind the chair and kneeling, she went to work on the knots. I let out a weary sigh of relief, thankful that this nightmare was nearly over.

Then I saw the basement door open. And two shadows enter from the darkness. “MMMPH!! MMM MMPH MMMPH MMMMMM!!”

“I’m working as quickly as I can!”

I flexed my fingers, jerked my body, tried to get her attention as the shadows moved closer, but I only succeeded in making myself breathe harder, and take deeper inhales of foot smell.

“Just hang on, I’ve almost got–” The basement lights flared on, cutting Chelsea off. She jumped back with a shriek at the sight of Katie and Allison glaring at her. In Allison’s hands were another chair, and in Katie’s, some rope, a roll of duct tape, two pairs of socks, and a pair of old running sneakers.

“You bitch.” spat Katie, fire burning in her eyes. “You were my friend. I even gave you the chance to get some revenge on my asshole brother, and this is how you repay me?”

“That wasn’t revenge!” shouted Chelsea, making all three of us jump. None of us had ever heard her raise her voice before. “That was…just mean! And sick! The two of you have the stinkiest feet in the whole school! I’m surprised he’s still alive after what you put him through! He’s had enough!”

Katie, when young, used to ball her hands into fists and grind her teeth when she didn’t get her way. Now, right before me, that habit was resurfacing. “You dowdy little bitch. You think our feet smell so bad? We’re gonna CARVE that smell into you!”

Chelsea darted out from behind me towards the stairs, but Allison, who’d set down the chair, was on her in seconds. The mousy, frail brunette was no match for the redhead, and she flailed futilely in her iron grip.

“Get her in the chair.” hissed Katie.