Nikki Goes to College Ch. 03


Sorry it has been so long for a new update to this story, I have been ‘tied up’ with life, you know how it goes.


Quite a few months have passed since I have been enrolled at Primpington Academy, almost a year. I seemed to be taking to this new lifestyle quite well. I was the top of all 8 of my classes that were required of the girls that matriculated here. Mistress Knight has personally seen to my posture and etiquette training. Mistress Susan was the dining and serving instructor. Mistress Katherine was the sewing, decorating and cooking instructor, then there was Mistress Sara. She was the sex instructor, teaching us how to look when pleasing a man, and how to bend our bodies in certain positions in order to best serve him. I loved that class, not only because I was able to have sex with Amber every day, but we learned new ways to turn each other on. It’s the greatest class I have ever taken. Now that I had slimmed my waistline down and my breasts were almost a B cup, I was feeling sexier every day.

One day Mistress Knight summoned me to her office, during our off time. I knocked at the door and proceeded inside.

“Nicole, my dear! Please sit down! I have wonderful news for you!!” Mistress Knight said with a smile. “I have noticed a VAST improvement in your attitude toward your new lifestyle in this past year. Since you are at the top of your class, I wanted to let you know personally that you have earned the privilege of becoming a Mistress here at the house upon your upcoming graduation, if you so choose to. Only the best and brightest of girls can become a Mistress here, and you have done nicely to impress us with your studies.”

“Oh my! T-Thank you, Mistress Knight!” I gushed as I stood to curtsy in appreciation. “Amber will be so pleased to hear this good news!”

“Oh that’s right… Amber…” She started flatly, “She will be going home upon graduation. Her uncle has paid a handsome amount of money to acquire her when she is ready for him. She will not be invited to remain here, as you are.”

I was floored. Was this the plan the whole time? To pawn my love off on her creepy uncle to be his slave for the remainder of her life? “Mistress Knight… I beg of you… please don’t take her away from me. She is the only reason that I am who you want me to be. It’s her, not the other Mistresses!”

“Come now, child. You didn’t expect things to remain the way that are forever did you? No my dear, her uncle loves her and Amber will return to him.” Her words suddenly became ice cold, “If he wants to rape her every night until she shits and then make her clean his cock with her tongue, it’s his right to do that. You seem to think that this academy is to simply make boys into girls. Let me assure you, that the minds of the young men that come here are forever altered also. Amber knows that the main purpose of this institution is to train sissy men into being the ever attentive loving partner that our clients pay for. Her uncle paid, so her uncle receives…”

“What about me?” I asked quietly, “My mother dropped me off here, did she want me to turn into this so that I would service her in that manner too?”

“No, my dear. Your mother knew that she had… an infection… and that she wasn’t long for this world. She didn’t want her only offspring to be a bother to women. So she brought her life savings to me and told me to completely change your life so you wouldn’t hurt anyone ever again. You would be in the service of those appointed over you. After dropping you off, your mother died. I’m sorry that you had to hear about it this way, but it’s the truth. How can I comfort you through this?” Mistress said in a calm soothing voice.

“I… I can’t believe it! I should be sad, but… but when I think back at all the wicked things she has done to me in my life… I’m relieved istanbul escort that she is gone.” I said, looking at the floor and wondering what to do now.

“That’s why I had such high hopes for you, my dear. I was hoping that you might want to permanently join our little family, here. Teach all that you have learned, help the troubled boys become submissive women. This is what you were meant for.” Mistress Knight said with a smile.

“I can’t.” I replied coldly. “I can’t stay here knowing what I’ve been through is just the beginning of what some other poor boy is to be subjected to. It should be a choice to…” I looked at my hands, so soft and smooth, fingernails professionally painted. “to have such feminine notions.”

“Hmm, Very well…” she said as she walked back behind her desk and grabbed a folder. “I shall make a note that you will be for sale upon your graduation. I’m sure you will fetch a very handsome fee.”

“But… I’m not a slave! I don’t want to have to service some nasty man for the rest of my life.” I snapped.

“Young ladies use proper tone, something I thought you of all people would have learned by now. I suppose it’s never too late to teach you the meaning of real discipline! Off to the punishment chamber with you! I just hope that they don’t scar you too badly to acquire a good price! GO!!” Mistress Knight screamed.

I stood and turned out of the door, I began to cry because I didn’t know what I was in for, nor did I want to lose Amber. My entire life was crashing down around me. I went to my room and saw two burly men waiting for me. I heard them say something to the effect of ‘there’s that little slut!’ and I was frightened stiff. I literally could not move. They walked up to me and said that they were there to escort me from my one roomed palace to the basement. I couldn’t help it, I complied. We walked to the door that stated: Do Not Enter Unless Instructed To Do So. The door creaked open and I was met with a stench that I could only surmise as cum, blood and sweat. There were other smells but I couldn’t identify them. We walked down the narrow staircase to the stone floor. This place really was a dungeon, the walls were made of coarse rocks cemented together, the floor was cobblestone, there were devices for torture all around. There were a few boys in a cage at one wall, cowering at the sight of the taskmaster. It was dimly lit down here and I now figured that one of the smells that I couldn’t identify earlier was leather. Because it was everywhere, covering everything. I was walked to a wall that had a contraption on it that looked like an X, my arms were strapped to the top and my legs were strapped to the bottom. There was a harness that was strapped around my head and covered my eyes, yet left my mouth and nose uncovered.

One of the men grunted “Open up, you fucking slut!” and I opened my mouth. He used some sort of pliers or tongs to grab my tongue. He then splashed some alcoholic fluid on both sides of my tongue which must have been made from fire because it burned like hell! I could hear the men laughing at my pain and I felt a tear roll down my right cheek. The brute left the stinging liquid on my tongue for a while until it started to feel numb. I then felt a sharp poke where he had gripped it and again it hurt like hell. I could feel them shove something through my tongue and heard a little click. “There, now you have a nice little handle, slut!” He released my tongue and I could feel that they had pierced my tongue with a hoop that looped over in the front of my tongue and circled underneath.

They didn’t do anything to me for a while after that, but I could hear muffled screams coming from the stairs. I couldn’t tell who it was, but it sounded like either Amber or Alexis, my roommate. I could hear one of the brutes talking to escort bayan another, ‘Shut this bitch up!’ and I heard a loud SMACK! Then it was quiet again. I listened to see if they would say anything else because I didn’t know how far away they were nor who they had just knocked out. ‘Gimme that whiskey, pour some on that little faggot’s little dick!’ Another round of laughter followed by the same sound as I heard when I just had my tongue pierced. ‘is it through yet?’ one said. ‘yeah, it’s in there’ another said.

Then I heard them shuffling to me, I felt one of them doing something to the contraption that I was on, then finally I could feel that I could bend over. ‘Stick out your little dick tickler, faggot!’ one of them growled in my ear. When I did, I could feel him pulling me downward toward the floor, then I felt a clunking sound, and I couldn’t move again. There was a little clicking sound with the loop in my tongue and I was attached to something, while bent over. My ass was completely exposed except for the pink latex panties that I was wearing. ‘This slut looks comfortable, let’s see if we can change that’ one of them said. I felt the elastic band of my panties getting slid down my stockings. One of them spit directly onto my asshole and began pushing what I could only assume was their cock inside. He grabbed my hips and started fucking me as hard as he could while I was unable to move. Another hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed down.

I didn’t know what to expect at first, but then I realized that I was attached to someone’s cock. They wanted me to suck the cock that I was chained to while being fucked from behind. I personally didn’t like this because I didn’t know who it was that was fucking me, although they did have a smaller cock than Amber, so it didn’t hurt at all. I tried to suck in unison with the pounding in my ass, but that was causing me to have to breathe in funny ways. I tried spitting the cock out of my mouth to catch my breath but was held firmly in place by a hand on the back of my head. I could hear the asshole behind me moaning as if he was getting close to climax. He started pumping harder and harder, moaning louder and louder. It was actually starting to feel good… the asshole had me tied up and I couldn’t even jerk off while he fucked me.

Finally, he stopped and said that he was spent which only means that there was someone else waiting their turn. This guy had to be black, because his cock head was so big it almost filled me up without pushing the shaft in. The cock that I was sucking was growing slightly as they were getting close to their orgasm too. The guy behind me grabbed my waist and thrust hard to drive his cock in. I yelped in pain. I could hear them laughing as the fucker pulled out and did it again, and again, and again… I drained the cock in my mouth once but we were still hooked together so I kept sucking. I could feel them squirm because of how sensitive their cock was so I expanded my mouth and just used my lips toward the bottom of their shaft. The only time their dick head hit anything was when he drove it into the back of my throat. The guy fucking me finally finished and I could hear him cumming all over my dress, the asshole, this was my favorite dress!

We were left in this position for a long time, the cock in my mouth shrunk back down and my ass was dripping with cum. I fell asleep in this position.

What I can only assume was the next day, was more of the same, I was sucking the same person off and getting fucked over and over again. I heard muffled sounds coming from the person that I was sucking off, and this time it seemed as if I was positive that Amber’s cock was in my mouth. I had gotten her off around 8 times since we have been hooked together. One of the assholes was speaking to their boss asking if it was Maltepe escort time for us to eat. I could hear the task master say ‘that one can, but the other should be fine with whatever that one gives the little slut.’ I knew they meant me… I had a cock in my mouth and I was supposed to eat whatever they give me. Gross. I did my best to say that I would not be drinking piss. It’s nasty and I could die from it. My response was an uproar of laughter, along with my stomache growling. Now my legs were going numb, my mouth was completely nasty and my arms were sore from the position.

I could hear them doing something above my head and I heard Amber’s sweet voice for the first time. “I’m so sorry about this Nikki! I really have to pee!” I was terrified. Amber was pissing into my mouth and there was nothing I could do but drink it or spit it out. I tried closing my mouth but then the piss splashed all over my face. It was hot, stinky and salty. The bastards were laughing so hard they were farting, and they stunk too. I almost puked over the stench of the gasses that I was forced to breathe, but the thought of having to suck it all up off of Amber’s dick made me do my best to choke it back.

All at once, the taskmaster said, “If you would be willing to feed your little faggot lover there, I’ll let the little slut eat.”

Amber cried. “YES, OH YES!! Please let me feed her! Just untie one hand and I’ll feed her!”

“Untie?!? HA! What for? You have a mouth, spit it in there!” The taskmaster said as he unclipped my tongue from her dick. I could hear them moving something, I only assume that they were turning her around so that she would be face to face with me.

“Oh my little Nikki, I’m so sorry I pissed in your mouth. Please forgive me!!” Amber said inches from my mouth. I couldn’t talk because my tongue had gone numb being stuck out of my mouth for so long. So I nodded my head. Then I felt her kiss me. It was gross due to the piss and cum that was dried on me, but I was kissing Amber. She pushed some food into my mouth and I did my best not to drop any. Again and again she shared her food with me until they pulled her away and again attached my tongue ring to her cock ring.

“Suck you little faggot, let this slut know how much you appreciate the food she shared with you.” The taskmaster said.

I could tell though that Amber’s dick was becoming raw. I had sucked her to completion so many times since we’ve been locked together that it was losing its erotic tendancies. They made me suck harder and harder… eventually tasting blood mixed with her cum. She was trying to scream but couldn’t because of the gag that they had replaced in her mouth. Finally, after a while they told me to stop and then they resumed fucking my ass… which was just as sore as Amber’s cock. They fucked me until my ass felt like it was on fire. After they were spent for the last time, I heard the most wonderful news. Mistress Knight finally had said we have been punished enough. It was time to be set free of this nightmare! The last thing that I remembered was smelling whiskey again and hearing one of them say “Let’s pour some on that slut’s ass!” I passed out from the pain.

When I finally woke up, I noticed that I was in my own bed in my room. Mistress Knight was standing next to my bed smiling. “You don’t want me to put you back in there for a few more days do you?” I shook my head, terrified of her now. “Good! Then you will do well by not crossing me again. You will be sold like a slave or a piece of meat… you will fuck whomever or whatever we tell you to. Amber’s visit in the chamber was to let you know that no one is above me. I can do whatever I like, to whomever I like.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I said as best as I could.

She smiled and walked to the door, and turned again. “You will be performing in tonight’s pageant, so I hope your little clitty is up for the task of getting sold. I will see you downstairs in 5 hours dressed in your best lingerie and sexiest make-up. Until then, get some sleep. Tomorrow is the beginning of the rest of your new life, slut!”