The Tales of Jezebel Ch. 01


She now had a dilemma. She was drunk. She had just started college. She was thanking God she was out of her own personal bondage called her parents’ house. She called that house home. But she didn’t know what to call it now. Tipsy, she sipped from the foam from the head. She was in San Antonio now, missing home just a bit. Her best friend came out to her as a lesbian recently. She missed her especially. She looked out into the distance. She looked at her phone and said simply:

“Some things are better left unsaid.”

She had a dilemma as she sat there at the bar drunk. But she was young. She felt a liberation of sorts. She was looking forward to a new start in a new city. She forced a grin in this situation as the bartender passed by. She was not about to let this situation turn shitty.

She had a dilemma. She was drunk. She was inexperienced. She knew how to handle her liquor, but she took another strong one.

“From the gentlemen down there,” the bartender said.

She looked back, shrugged, then right before the drink hit her tongue…

“Hey. Um… Look, I’m going to cut the bullshit.”

She Betturkey tilted her head at the bartender. She looked at the woman’s face. She was a pretty woman who was very busty with nice skin and a number of tattoos on her arms. Her cleavage showed generously as well. Her eyes went to them. She didn’t know why.

“I saw those dudes over there try to roofie that shit. Fucking frat boy rookies.” The bartender said. She said nothing in response. She just looked at her inquisitively.

“You’re drunk. Just look at them.” The frat boys looked at them with a perverted look in their eyes.

“Look, honey, what’s your name?” The bartender had a warmness to her voice as she looked at her. She kind of liked it.

“My name is… Fancy.” Fancy said reluctantly.

“The name’s Jezebel.” The bartender replied.

The two newfound friends talked at the bar. Jezebel was somewhat tipsy. That came with the job. Fancy was drunk. She did not care. She gave up everything that was bothering her.

“So, I’m starting college here. I’m not originally from here. My best friend Betturkey Giriş came out to me as a lesbian before I left. I’ve known her since… forever. I love her to death. Which got me wondering… did she have feelings for me this whole time? And why did it take so long? And why can’t I stop thinking about her? Ugh…” Fancy said, reaching for her phone. Jezebel stopped her.

“Honey. You know the rules… step away from the phone.” Fancy put her phone away. “Hmm. Pretty college girl. See, the thing is she might think you think differently of her because of who’s she attracted to sexually or she might not see you again. Do you like her?” Jezebel continued. “Does she like you?”

“I miss her. Not in that way… I don’t think. I don’t fucking know.” Fancy said, with doubt in her voice.

Jezebel just sighed, looking in Fancy’s eyes. Fancy was also busty with pretty eyes and pouty lips.

“There’s only one way to find out. Have you ever kissed a girl before?” Jezebel said.


Jezebel leaned in to kiss her softly with the whole bar watching. Fancy Betturkey Güncel Giriş kissed back without knowing. Jezebel broke away. She bit Fancy’s pouty bottom lip expertly. Fancy turned even more red, blushing awkwardly, as if committing a sin.

“Don’t worry, honey. This time is for figuring yourself out.” Jezebel said.

She touched her on the cheek and left a note on the bar. She loved talking to her… But for some reason, she kind of liked watching her leave.

Fancy had a whole new dilemma. The bar was now semi empty. She was still drunk. She was in college now. She made a new friend. She felt free. But she had questions now. Did she like girls now? She liked the kiss. Was she bisexual now?

“Maybe she was right…” She thought. Fancy looked at a note written by Jezebel on the back of a coaster…

“You remind me of someone I used to know. Call me. ;-)”

Cat calls were all over the bar from the drunken frat boys after the kiss.

“Ok, ok, keep it in your pants! Show’s over, boys!” Jezebel yelled loudly. Jezebel went away from the bar. Fancy looked at her hips sashay away to another room.

The note had her phone number. Fancy pulled out her phone. It was her best friend. It read:

“Grace: Hey, can we talk?”

Fancy ignored it for the time being, and put Jezebel’s number in her phone. She sighed.

Jezebel was now her dilemma.