Abuse Me



The warm yellow liquid dripped off her pretty face and she looked up at her master shaking the last drips of urine off his cock and onto her pouty lips. Most women wouldn’t stand for this treatment but Dena begged for it. She knew Paul would stop if she asked him to. But he loved this game as much as she did. He had pulled her by her hair and threw her into the empty tub. Her body hit the cold tile hard and her neck popped back eagerly awaiting his degradation yet never revealing her secret yearning for the humiliation. Paul called her a stupid fucking cunt as he unloaded his full bladder in her long brown hair and all over her beautiful young face. Her slender body reveled in delight and her gorgeous hand sized breasts swelled with desire causing her pink nipples to harden.

“You’re my fucking toilet you dumb ass bitch.” He laughed as he hurled insults at her naked form huddled in the pee soaked bath. Paul never thought he would say these words to the woman he loved and planned to marry but she instigated it. She asked him to abuse her whenever she felt the urge to be abused. At first he didn’t want to do it. It felt wrong, and he couldn’t stand the thought of hurting her, but she’d turn away in disappointment when he would refuse.

He should have sensed her desire to be dominated when she told him how much she loved role-playing the rape fantasy. He had heard from many of his friends that their girlfriends liked that fantasy as well, but Dena would have multiple orgasms whenever he was rough and she loved it if he’d call her bad names. She asked him to call her “cunt” or “whore” and before long she was asking him to hit her and call her all sorts of horrid things.

Paul could only refuse for so long. Most men at one point in their lives have had rape fantasies or thought of hitting their girlfriend during a fight, even if they could never do it because they were not that type of guy. The thought might occur but that didn’t mean you would ever act on it. But what if she wanted you to do it? What if when you were arguing over which turn to take to get to the movie theater, she told you, you were stupid for taking the wrong turn and then asked you to slap her hard once she saw the angry look on your face.

That’s how it started for Paul and Dena. She asked to play the game. She taught it to him, and he came to love it as much as she did. If she wanted to be punished, she’d egg him on. She’d call him names to make him feel inadequate and violent and then beg him to take it out on her, and damn it, it felt good to slap her hard in the face and piss in her bitchy mouth. The release was so powerful; he couldn’t get the same high unless they were having make-up sex.

After Paul finished pissing in Dena’s face he made her suck his cock clean. “Lick it up you worthless whore,” he said as he shoved his cock in her urine soaked mouth. “You are such a dumb dirty slut.” Paul smiled down at his submissive young woman and felt a surge Kartal Anal Escort of power. She would take whatever abuse he could dish out and ask for more. Damn, he was so lucky. So many men in this world would get put in prison for doing the things he did to Dena, but all he did was get off and make his girlfriend cum like a nympho. Dena was the perfect woman.

Paul hocked up a big load of spit and spat it all over Dena’s forehead. It made its slimy path down her small nose to her full lips. Paul pushed her into a laying position in the shower and placed his giant foot over her face rubbing his spit into her skin. “You stupid fucking cock hole. You’re a filthy dumb fuck. You know that?” He pushed his foot down on her face pressing her head hard into the ceramic tub. He was slightly crushing her face beneath his huge male foot. “I asked you a question. You’re not only fucking dumb, but your deaf too. Stay! Do you understand that stupid whore?” He shut the curtain to the tub that would serve as a “cage” to his submissive girl.

Dena lay with Paul’s piss and spit drying on her face and in her hair. She loved this part of the game. Paul would leave her sitting in his piss. Most women would find this torturous but Dena loved the way it made her feel to be so degraded and punished. Her clit was swollen and her hairless pussy was wet and tight as she fingered herself. She twirled her clit as she lay in her Master’s piss and came over and over again. Paul would check on her every 5 minutes and call her horrible things as he spit on her and rubbed it in with his foot. He told her she wasn’t clean enough to touch with his hands. This made her cum harder and more frequently.

Half an hour had passed before Paul allowed Dena to shower. First he pissed on her again. This time he not only pissed on her face but all over her body and in her little mouth. Her small body was sore and smelled like a toilet. She let the hot water beat down on her petite frame to loosen up her stiffness, and then began to scrub her body clean with the strong soap until she felt fresh. Once she turned the shower off, she must wait for her master to open the curtain and permit her to exit her “cage.” Sometimes she would wait a few minutes and sometimes ten minutes would pass before Paul would free her from her small confined space.

This time he waited 15 minutes. He loved the idea of her obediently standing waiting for him to let her out. She never complained and he knew she respected him more each time he was ruthless with her. When he showed regret or guilt for treating her this way, she looked disappointed. When he was weak, it ruined the game for her. Guilt was a trait of weakness in Dena’s eyes. Paul was hardened to the game by now and enjoyed every minute of it. He was hoping to take it to further extremes himself. He had always had fantasies of branding a woman’s ass with his name and got hard imagining tying Dena up and burning her ass with his mark.

Paul told Dena to lie across his lap as he brought out a thick leather belt and a thin hard tree branch. “You are only good for one thing you miserable cunt. Now lay across my lap so I can see the ass I’m going to fuck.” Dena obliged her master. She loved to feel his hard cock press against her as he spanked her ass with the thick leather strap. The burn Kartal Yaşlı Escort of the leather on her skin was almost too much to take but she got pleasure by focusing on Paul’s enjoyment. She knew he was getting off on her cries of pain. His cock was swollen and throbbing causing her pussy to drip with excitement.

Next, Paul picked up the thin branch. He knew this was a more brutal spanking. The sting of the thin branch left red lashes and he covered her ass with them. Tears were dripping down her cheeks as she took his brutal beating but even though he felt some guilt trying to creep in, he knew if Dena saw it, she would be disappointed with him because she wanted him to be brutal with her. It showed her his strength of character. She had told him this repeatedly for months when they first began the game. She wanted a man to treat her like shit for a few hours once in a while and not act like a “wimp.” The memory of Dena telling Paul he was a wimp if he gave into the guilt only made him beat her harder. She was screaming too loud now and he was going to need to shut her up or someone might call the cops.

Unexpectedly, Paul threw Dena off his lap and she landed on her ass with a thud on the floor. “Ahhh!!” She couldn’t control the painful scream.

“You loud bitch! Shut the fuck up!” Paul searched the “toy” chest where they kept all their accessories for when they played the game. He found the duct tape and headed back to Dena. “Get up you dumb fuck.” He wrapped a big piece of tape around her mouth to shut her up. Then he tied a long scarf around her neck so one end dangled like a leash. He pulled her to him by the leash leading her around by her neck. She looked so helpless and sweet. He would have to bury his cock in her soon he thought.

Fist he laid her back over his lap and got out a piece of sand paper. She was going to remember his callousness this time and cum to it all week as she felt her crusty butt cheeks. He scraped the rough paper along her soft red ass and she bounced around in pain. The tape muffled her screams but Paul could hear the pain in her throat. His cock was poking the hell out of Dena’s belly as he rubbed her ass raw taking off some of the first layer of skin. She always healed in about a week but she said she loved the constant reminder of his brutal power. He spit on her tender ass and rubbed it in with his big rough hands. “It’s time bitch. He threw her on the bed with her stomach down and pressed her face hard into the pillow. He stuck his dry fingers up her ass. Two at a time trying to get his entire fist up her. She was bouncing and screaming. The tears were falling fast. He was giving her what she wanted and getting the supremacy he desired. He dug his fingers deep in her ass and started banging it hard, punching her tight hole and almost ripping it open. He couldn’t wait to stretch that hole open with his thick cock.

Dena was in pain and her body was throbbing with desire. Paul was the most powerful man in the world and she wanted him. She was crying with her need for him and with the agony he was putting her body through. The game was cathartic for her. She loved it and hated it at the same time yet she needed it every few weeks. It was a release so great, she knew she would be submissive to Paul all her life.

Paul couldn’t Kartal Zenci Escort stand waiting any longer. He needed her wrapped around him. He didn’t bother with lube. Hell, she liked it rough, he thought. He might as well just give her more pain by entering her ass dry as a bone. “I need your cum hole you dumb fuck. Lift your ass up to me and spread your cheeks now!” Dena obeyed as Paul jerked back on her makeshift collar causing her neck to angle in a funny direction. Paul laughed at her predicament. He was in complete control and she was so helpless to him. He felt so powerful, it was exhilarating. His giddiness made him more careless and he pulled even harder. Hearing her chocking and gasping for air through her nose, he thought about squeezing her nose shut and did for a few seconds. “I can kill you easily if I want to cunt. If you don’t stick your ass up high enough, I just might.” Paul was heady with the control he had over Dena and with lust for her sweet tight body.

He stuck the crown of his cock into her tiny pink ass hole, and shoved hard. He could hear her trying to scream and each time she would he would yank back on the collar choking her. He laughed as she made funny gurgling noises through the duct tape. Damn, this was fun! He was having the time of his life. He forced his cock into Dena’s tight ass. It was rough going in with out any wetness to ease the entrance, but once he made it inside, it started to slide in and out with ease.

Dena was lightheaded. Paul was truly enjoying himself and that made her all the more excited. He was jerking her around like a little doll and choking the breath out of her but that only made her cream more. The less air she received the harder she came. She used to tie her father’s ties around her neck when she was in high school and pull with one hand as she twirled with the other. She loved the intensity of her orgasm when there was a slight pressure on her throat and less air filling her lungs. Paul knew this, and he was doing his best to get them both off hard. God, she loved him!

Paul pounded Dena’s ass. Her cheeks were red and stinging and now her asshole was stretched and ripping to accommodate him. He thought of how he had degraded her and put her in her place but the idea of branding her with his name in the future took him over the edge. He started to cum deep in her ass with each of his thrusts. She came with him. He was pulling her collar back hard, and she was twirling furiously as he pounded and filled her ass with his seed. Their release was simultaneous.

Paul spooned Dena to him and removed the tape from her mouth. “How did you like that bitch?”

“I loved it Master,” Dena said her eyes hazy with desire.

“Clean my cock with your mouth you dumb cunt.” Dena licked and sucked her ass juices off her man’s cock until he dismissed her to wash her mouth out with soap and to gargle. She came back to him with clean breath.

The game wasn’t over yet. Dena was a multiple orgasm girl. She would cum several times when they played their game and now she wanted another release. Paul sensed her need and began to smack her around. He slapped he cheeks red and pulled her hair rough. He choked her with his big hands and with the cloth collar. She twirled as he beat her lightly and called her a fucking worthless cum rag cunt. She came over and over again as she looked into his eyes glowing with pleasure as he abused his property. She was his. Dena belonged to Paul. She wanted nothing more at that moment but to be his fuck toy, his punching bag and his toilet, and he did it all. He satiated her every desire.