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“Why on earth would anyone paint a wall this colour?” Sarah asked herself as she settled into her uncomfortable chair in the waiting room of the Pittsburgh Mercy Hospital. True the colour of the walls was horrible but that’s not really what was bothering Sarah. Her boyfriend was undergoing surgery as she sat there. Rain splattered the windows and the weather seemed to be reflecting her mood. Cold and irritable.

Kevin O’Connor, her boyfriend, had been in a work place accident and had been lucky to a degree. That degree was that he wasn’t as dead as he could have been. He’d broken his neck though and was now undergoing surgery for said injury. This thought seemed to walk it’s way into Sarah’s mind every few minutes as she waited for the doctor to appear and tell her Kevin was going to make it. Or not. Kevin’s parents were allowed to watch the surgery from the atrium above the surgical chamber but Sarah was not. If she’d been his wife she would have but she was not. She wasn’t even completely sure she’d ever be but she cared for Kevin nonetheless.

“This day just keeps getting better and better,” she thought angrily as she picked up a random magazine and started rifling through it just so that her hands had something to do. She had hoped that with it being Wednesday that the week might take an upturn now that they were over the hump, but no. No change whatsoever. The waiting room was crowded with people and seemed to be filled with a buzzing that could’ve been angry hornets. It wasn’t though. It was the airconditioning unit that seemed to run on it’s last legs. Sarah had already wondered why on earth the airconditioning was on since it was mid-Febuary and quite cold outside.

Sarah tossed the magazine back onto it’s pile and absentmindedly brushed her red hair behind her ear. Sarah knew she was not gifted with a great deal of patience and it was therefore a wonder that she’d been able to sit in the waiting room for the last two hours. Most operations of the kind that Kevin was undergoing however were known to last at least ten hours so she had some time to kill. Groaning slightly she got up and walked out of the waiting room, thinking absentmindedly of getting some coffee. Just as she found the coffee machine and dunked two quarters into it, the damn thing let out a great big whine and died altogether.

“Great!” she growled and kicked it for good measure.

Sighing, she put her wallet back into her coat and started towards the exit. She knew there was a bar or coffee place somewhere nearby. She’d just have to walk through the rain for a bit and find it. She’d just unfolded her umbrella when she heard it.

“Ouch! DAMN! Not another one!” a girl’s voice sounded dangerously closeby. Sarah looked around the rim of the umbrella and flushed. There, standing no more than two feet away from her holding a hand clenched over a bleeding nose, was the most beautiful girl Sarah had ever seen.

Despite her bleeding nose the girl in question was still stunning. She had long black hair that flowed around her head like newly spun silk in the breeze. Large oval dragon green eyes and beautiful full lips the colour of dark blood. The girl’s skin colour was a natural bronze tan and made it seem like Sarah was white as a sheet of paper.

“I’m so sorry,” Sarah stammered as she flushed again.

“Not your fault, I’ve been having these all day. Which isn’t why I’m here but I’ll have it looked at anyway,” the girl said with a posh british accent, gesturing up at the hospital.

“I’m Sarah,” Sarah said, not entirely sure why she had just introduced herself to a perfect stranger.

“Lillian but you can call me Lilly. Everyone but my dad does,” Lilly said and smiled, gingerly looking to see if her nosebleed had stopped yet. It had. She took a tissue out of her long black leather coat, that reached from her throat to her bright pink Converse Sneakers, and wiped the blood from her nose with it. Sarah couldn’t tear her eyes away from Lilly. It was as if she’d just seen something she couldn’t quite explain. Like an angel or a ghost, even though Sarah didn’t believe in either.

“Well, don’t let me keep you. You need to eat something. I’ll be in here when you come back,” Lilly smiled, nodded and went inside. It was only after Sarah had reached the counter of the diner that she couldn’t recall telling Lilly that she would be back. Puzzled beyond belief she settled at the bar and ordered a cup of coffee and something to eat even though she wasn’t remotely hungry. A steaming cup of coffee was placed infront of her by a woman who looked like a female Santa Clause and a moment after that her fries and ketchup arrived.

That was when Kevin walked back into her head and she morosely dunked some fries into her ketchup and ate them, not really paying attention to the fact that she’d only just narrowly avoided dunking the fries in her coffee. Shaking her head slightly she found her thoughts suddenly wandering back to Lilly.

“How çekmeköy escort on earth had she known that I would be back?” Sarah thought as she sipped her scalding hot coffee. She then came to realise that she wanted to find out excactly that. So after finishing her fries and coffee she set off back to the hospital. The rain had stopped but the cold wind persisted and Sarah found herself hurrying back to the hospital. Not in worry over Kevin but in deep thought about who this Lilly actually was. Coming round the corner she saw a police car pull up to the entrance of the hospital with some haste. The squealing tyres made her ears hurt as the cop car screeched to a halt. Wondering what on earth was going on she hurried forwards and was at the door at the same moment as the first uniformed partol officer. Big black guy, about six foot four and built like a linebacker. She had the feeling she’d seen him before around somewhere. The second patrol officer was still in the car talking into the police radio.

“Suspect seen entering Pitt’s Mercy’s west entrance. Send back up. Officer Curtis is already inside to alert the front desk. I repear send back up!” the cop, a short, rather flabby looking hispanic dude of about sixty, was jabbering into the radio.

Sarah kept her distance. She didn’t much like the police. That might’ve had something to do with the fact that the only times she’d come into contact with the law was when she’d just bent or broken it. That had happened on a few occasions during her college years and mostly had to do with public drunkeness, indecent exposure in a moving vehicle and once for streaking on the football field during a Steelers game. No Sarah didn’t like the police. And was just planning to go around to the other entrance of the hospital when the police radio started chattering again.

“All units please be advised; Suspect, female, 25 years of age, black hair, green eyes approximately 5 foot 7 inches. Suspect is wearing a long black coat possibly leather. Suspect has entered Pittsburgh Mercy. Suspect is to be considered dangerously unstable and possibly armed. Take no unneccisary risks! Approach and apprehend with extreme caution”.

Sarah halted in her tracks and stared at the police car window. Lilly was dangerous? Nah, couldn’t be her. Sarah quickly made her way into the hospital nonetheless. After scanning the entrance hall for any sign of the police or Lilly, Sarah made her way up to the third floor by way of the stairs seeing as the lift had just closed on her. As she exitted the stairwell she looked around. Four police officers were already cautiously making their way up the corridor. Several older patients were escorted back to their rooms by the orderlies and one woman glared and spat at the nearest cop.

“You bastards killed my husband twenty years ago,” the older woman spat venomously at the cop. The cop in question couldn’t have been more than thirty himself so Sarah thought that was distinctly impossible.

She turned around to go to the waiting room when she saw a girl with long dark hair twisted into a knot walk into view. The girl was wearing white t-shirt, a pair of white track pants and white sneakers. It was Lilly alright. As she saw Sarah she smiled and waved at her to come over.

“Hi Sarah, you okay? You look a little stressed,” Lilly said, her concern genuine.

Sarah nodded and gestured behind her.

“Cops are looking for a girl that looks like you, I’d be careful if I were you,” she said quietly as she led Lilly back around the corner towards the waitingroom.

“Oh yeah those idiots couldn’t find a drop of water in the ocean,” Lilly said dismissively.

“They were looking for a girl in a black coat with black hair and green eyes. Hospital lighting makes my hair look brown and my eyes too. Not that it’s me they’re looking for though,” she added hastily, seeing the look of concern on Sarah’s face.

“How are your nosebleeds?” Sarah said nervously. She didn’t seem to be able from blurting out stuff around Lilly.

“Oh that was just a bloodvessel. They cleared it up in a jiffy,” she said smiling. Her eyes had that twinkle in them that Sarah always went weak in the knees for. And she smelled wonderful too. Actually, Sarah yearned to be closer to Lilly right at that moment.

“You work here?” Sarah blurted.

“Yeah I have a practice on the forth floor but my locker is on the third so I have to come here to change. I was just about to head up,” Lilly said and without invitation wrapped her arm around Sarah’s shoulders and whisked her off into the stairwell.

“What do you do here?” Sarah said, beginning to irritate herself slightly now.

“I work as an accupuncturist for the ill and as a massage therapist for the stressed staff. You know, nurses and such but mostly I do the doctors,” Lilly explained as they climbed the two flights of stairs. Lilly still hadn’t let go of Sarah and Sarah in turn found that she didn’t mind one bit.

“So what cevizli escort are you doing here this early?” Lilly asked as she held open the door and steered Sarah through into a mood lit corridor. It was comepletely deserted but for the two of them.

“My erm … a friend of mine is undergoing surgery for his broken neck,” she said vaguely.

“Boyfriend?” Lilly asked perseptively.

“Sort of. I don’t know. I mean he’s fun and all but we don’t seem to talk very much if you know what I mean,” Sarah said wondering slightly why she was telling all this to an almost stranger.

“Yeah been there. Not with a boyfriend though,” Lilly said and led them around a corner through a pair of double doors marked: Physical Therapy Ward.

“What?!” Sarah said, nonplussed.

“Oh I’m a lesbian so I’ve had the same problem with girlfriends,” Lilly explained comfortably. Sarah felt her pulse quicken. Lesbian? Why that word had potential. All of a sudden the corridor seemed much more beautiful than it was. Infact the paint that had an hour ago seemed like the most horrid colour in the world now seemed soothing and wonderful. Lilly looked at her and smiled.

“Would you care for a massage? You seem a little tense. Must be worried about your bo…erm friend. And those chairs in the waiting room were not designed for the human body,” she said. Sarah nodded eagerly and at once took her coat off and slung it over her arm. Her nipples were already poking out through the fabric of her shirt.

“Ah here we go,” Lilly said cheerfully, and opened a shuttered door and stepped back for Sarah to walk in first. The room was dark as the rest of the corridors on this floor and for a split second Sarah felt a slight anxiety. But then Lilly flicked on the lights and it was revealed to Sarah that they were in a cozy room that didn’t look as if it belonged in the hospital. It looked more like one of those posh massage parlors than anything. The windows were shuttered as the door, letting in minimal lighting. An enormous book case stood against the left hand wall. Lot’s of candles and insense sticks littered shelves all around the room. Several highbacked leather ‘easy’ chairs stood along the walls next to small round tables, each of these had a few candles on them aswell. In the centre of the room stood a large coffee table littered with magazines that were no more than two weeks old. No massage table, chair, massage oils or anything of the like was anywhere in sight.

Lilly took her by the shoulders again and sighed, “Welcome to the most relaxed waiting room in the entire world”.

Sarah smiled, a little nervous smile but a smile nonetheless.

“Would you like some tea?” Lilly asked as she steered Sarah into a chair, then seeing Sarah’s look of doubt she added, “Fresh tea, not the stuff they call tea in those automated horrors”.

“In that case… yes I would love some tea,” Sarah said sighing with relief. The tea she’d had earlier was the sort of dreg that they would’ve stoned people for in China.

Lilly bustled off to a small kitchen that was located through the large book case. It was something of a surprise for Sarah to see Lilly walk straight through the bookcase until she realised it was built to swing inward into the kitchen.

“Like my secret doorway?” Lilly called out.

“Yeah I wasn’t expecting that one,” Sarah said, wondering again how Lilly had known what she’d been thinking.

“There’s a mirror that let’s me see into the waiting room from here,” Lilly said to the unasked question.

“How did you know…?” Sarah began.

“That you’d be cack to the hospital? I didn’t but I find that when you tell people that you’ll be there when they return they always come back. And the question about the bookcase was easy. I read people for a living. Body language, facial expressions all have to do with physical therapy. It’s not just physical either, a lot of the time you’re more of a mental coach than anything else. Ah tea’s ready!” Lilly said calmly as she stuck her head out the kitchen and smiled reasuringly at Sarah who’d just been wondering if she was perhaps losing her mind. A few moments later Lilly walked in again carrying two steaming mugs of tea and a tray of cookies and sweets.

“Oh don’t worry, they’re light and delicious. People obsess too much about their weight anyway. You’re certainly not going to become fat from a few cookies. Like you could,” Lilly said handing her a mug and a few cinnamon cookies. Then she bustled off to light the candles.

Sarah sighed, sat back in her easy chair and ate her cookies, all the while observing Lilly’s movements and physique. Now that she had her long leather coat off Sarah was able to look at her forms a lot better. She was five foot seven, long brown hair, green eyes as the police radio had said. What the dispatcher had neglected to mention was that Lilly was incredibly hot! She had a well toned body. A nice tan that seemed to be natural, strong legs erenköy escort and arms yet not overly muscular. Her breasts were lovely and round and looked as though they were about a 36B cup. She had a flat tummy and a very fine ass. As she sat there observing Lilly, Sarah began to feel distinctly hot around the collar and quite hot a bit further down below. She squirmed uncomfortably in her chair, noticing a distinct fluch creeping up her face.

“You like the view?” Lilly said, her back still turned. As she did so she gave a little shake with her wonderful ass.

Sarah coughed but recovered quickly.

“Erm … yeah the view is great,” she said grinning guiltily.

“Would you care for a foot massage while we wait for the tea to be drinkable?” Lilly asked as she sat down across from Sarah on the edge of the coffee table.

“Oh yeah. I could do with one too. I’ve been pacing the waiting room for the last two hours,” Sarah said and kicked off her shoes.

“Good! Plop your feet in my lap,” Lilly said and tapped her own left leg.

Now that they were across from each other Sarah could see Lilly’s nipples shining through her white T-shirt. The large brown areola’s surrounded half inch long nipples that were threatening to poke holes in the fabric.

“So she wasn’t the only one that was excited by the view eh?” Sarah thought with a pulse of pleasure to see that the feelings she was having were mutual.

“Why were you pacing the waiting room?” Lilly asked as she placed her thumb on the sole of Sarah’s right foot and started to press a pressure point.

“I wasn’t allowed to see the surgery from the atrium,” Sarah said, a very pleasureable spasm trailing from her foot to her pussy. Lilly pretended not no notice and continued with her massage.

“Oh yeah the wife rule. I find that rule utter bullshit. I mean there are lots of gay people on this country who aren’t allowed to watch because they aren’t allowed to get married. What is this the dark ages? I mean come on. You americans put too much faith in the church and the all mighty. In god we thrust? For what? To figure out that most of the people are either over weight, starving, have diabetes, aids, cancer, lung deseases, are stressed beyond breaking point and a variety of other deseases too numerous to mention? God is about faith that everything will work out in the end. Yeah but the way we’re going the end will be sooner than we thought,” Lilly said calmly as if reciting something that she’d learned off by heart.

“You’re doing a wonderful job,” Sarah groaned as Lilly teasingly ran her hands over the top and sides of her feet. Sarah was beginning to get relaxed and excited at the same time. Just then the door was thrown open and two cops came barging into the room.

“Either of you seen a young black haired woman in a black coat,” one of the cops, a thin white overworked kind of man, said.

“Your mother ever teach to you knock? I’m in the middle of a session here dude!” Lilly said aggressively as she glowered at both cops, “Now I’m gonna have to start all over again!”

“Oh … err … sorry,” the cops muttered embarressedly.

“But … err … have you seen her?” the other cop said heavily. This one was older and just as overworked as the other.

“Yeah every time I put on my black coat,” said Lilly, still in the aggressive tone. She had not let go of Sarah’s foot but continued to lightly brush her hands over and around her toes.

“Well…err if you do see her, she’s considered unstable and possibly dangerous,” the cop muttered, “Let us know won’t you?”

“I’ll be in session for the next two hours at least so I don’t want to see any people in here for that period of time. But if I see her then you’ll never hear of it. I respect people’s privacy unlike some people I know”.

The cops nodded in an embarressed sort of way and shot quick looks at each other before retreating out of the room bowing as they did so.

“You’re not unstable are you?” Sarah asked in a half hearted sort of way.

“Not usually no,” Lilly said softly, “My girlfriend just stole my car and tossed all my clothes into the fireplace so I got a bit irritated with her. I found her this morning and we had a bit of a bitch fight and then she slapped me. Gave me a bloody nose so I decked her at Wallmart’s this morning. The manager called the cops on me and they’re still looking”.

“You knocked out your girlfriend?” Sarah asked, unable to stop a giggle to escape her mouth.

Lilly looked up and smiled that beautiful smile again.

“Not so much out as into the frozen goods section,” she giggled.

“So you’re single then now are you?” Sarah said, charging in.

Lilly looked into her eyes and there was a momentary flicker of doubt in hers.

“Yeah I guess I am. I hadn’t thought of that yet. I’ve been too busy having to run from the cops I think. Not that it involved actual running ofcourse. Stupid idiots,” she finished. Sarah smiled to herself as a warm feeling stole over her that had nothing to do with the temperature of the room. She felt the not so sudden urge to kiss Lilly.

The attraction to do so was immense and became harder and harder to resist the longer Lilly was holding her feet.