School’s Out for Summer





Emma looked adorable, especially when her glasses had slid down to the tip of her nose. Gently Rachel took her glasses off without waking her up. Then she shook her head, thinking that she was an idiot. She was an idiot because she didn’t dare to tell Emma how she felt about her.

At first, Rachel had hidden her crush from Emma thinking that it would go away, after all, they had been only eighteen when they had met. But, more time passed deeper her feelings got, until one day she realized that she was in love with her roommate and best friend. She was an idiot because she wanted to stay with Emma even though she knew that Emma would never love her, not the way she loved her.

She should have said no when Emma asked her to come with her to France. Rachel sighed deeply, her best friend had dated a nice guy, John, and after she had broken up with John she had started to date John because, in her twisted mind, she had felt that she was closer of Emma when dating a man who had dated her. She had never cared about John that much. She’d only used him for sex. The rest of it was her trying to forget her crush on Emma; she literally had tried to fuck her crush away.

“God, I’m a sick woman,” Rachel muttered.

As if hearing her, Emma stirred in her sleep and leaned her head on Rachel’s shoulder. When Rachel looked down, she got a good view of Emma’s cleavage. She looked at the perky pair of big tits for a moment feeling a surge of desire going through her. Blushing she turned her head away thanking God that she wasn’t a man. If she’d been a man, she’d had a raging hard-on.

About a minute she managed to keep her eyes away from Emma’s perfect boobs and then she found herself staring at them again having an urge to fondle them. Rachel wasn’t sure if she should thank or curse God that she had managed to convince Emma to put on a tank top with a very generous neckline and pants that brought out her magnificent ass and long, shapely legs.

Rachel again turned her eyes away from Emma’s breasts and took her Kindle to read. Unlike her friend who fell asleep almost the moment the plane was in the sky, Rachel had never been able to sleep on airplanes. The first time she’d been on a plane she had been terrified. Since then she had gotten used to flying, but she still didn’t feel comfortable sitting in a metal tube that was high up in the sky.

She turned the Kindle on and started to read the book that was open. After she had read a couple sentences Rachel blinked in confusion, she had been reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, and she was pretty sure that Gaiman had not written paddle flashing on woman’s buttocks.

Rachel tapped the screen and read the title. The book she was reading was Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy. She had read Rice’s Vampire Lestat novels, but she had not even heard of the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. It had to be Emma’s kindle. Rachel glanced at her friend, and two minutes later when she finally managed to tear her eyes away from Emma’s breasts, she checked the titles on the Kindle.

With every title, she got more and more curious. She opened one of them and began to read. Soon her breathing got harder, and heart was pounding hard. Rachel looked at Emma, her sweet and funny Emma who, as far as she knew, had only had two boyfriends and never had one night stands.

Apparently, her friend had a kinky side that she had not had any idea. As she continued reading, Rachel started to wonder if Emma ever had done any of the things that the books in her Kindle talked about? Had her friend ever been flogged or was it Emma who wanted to whip someone? Then again, all the protagonists being spanked and flogged were women.

As she read on, Rachel put herself and Emma in the story. It didn’t take long before she felt the heat forming between her legs as she imagined naked Emma on her lap and herself spanking the subject of her desires with an open palm. A thrill ran up her spine, and her pussy started to pulsate.

It was as if something inside of her had been awakened and she found herself enjoying the kinky imagery running through her mind. The next hours Rachel kept reading the books in Emma’s Kindle and more she read more sure she was that she not only wanted to spank her friend, she wanted to dominate her. Make Emma her sex slave.

Rachel was so lost in the world of the kinky books that she was surprised when the Fasten The Seatbelt light started to blink.

Rachel turned to her friend, placing her hand just under Emma’s heavy breast so that it was resting on her arm, she shook Emma. “Emma, wake up,” she said and shook her again, this time rubbing her arm on Emma’s breast.

Emma stirred and opened her eyes. “What?” She asked. “Why did you wake me up?”

“We’re landing soon,” Rachel said waving the Kindle. “You have interesting books on your Kindle.”

A deep blush spread over Emma’s face and neck. Avrupalı porno “Um…”

Rachel smiled leaning on her friend. “Don’t worry if you’re a little kinky, I’m too.” She whispered in Emma’s ear.

“Uh, you are?” Still blushing Emma asked.

As Rachel looked into Emma’s huge, expressive dark brown eyes she felt the desire that had been building while reading pornographic literature surge through her. Rachel put her hand behind Emma’s head, grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled her face to her and kissed her. For a second Emma was frozen, then she replied to her kiss and an electric thrill went throughout Rachel’s entire body.

The kiss left them both flustered.

“Uh, Rachel, why did you… kiss me?” Emma asked.

Rachel closed her eyes and gathered all her courage. Then she looked into Emma’s eyes and said, “Because I wanted to kiss you and because you’ve been a bad girl. Hiding this kind of secret from me. What happens to the bad girls in your books?”

Emma’s face went crimson, and she lowered her gaze down. “They get punished,” she meekly whispered.

“Emma, look at me,” Rachel said, and when Emma raised her head, she cupped her face. “I know that you’re not lesbian, but, this is not about sex, it is about you being a bad girl who needs to be punished. When we get in private, I’m going to spank you hard because you deserve it. Is that clear?”

Emma was silent for such a long moment that Rachel started to fear that she had ruined their friendship. Then Emma lowered her gaze, “Yes, Mi-Mi-Mi-” She stammered.

“Yes, who? Is it clear to you that you have a hard spanking waiting for you.”

Emma took a few deep breaths, looked into Rachel’s eyes and whispered barely audibly, “Clear as a day, Mistress.”


Sitting in the back seat of the Range Rover, as Rachel was talking with her grandfather Emma looked at the slender hand resting on her thigh, it was such a simple touch, yet it made her body throb with arousal. She had had her share of girl-on-girl fantasies, but all her wet dreams had been about men.

Emma had never imagined finding herself in this situation.

But the self-confident way Rachel had behaved in the airplane and the way she had called her a bad girl needing to be spanked had sent a surge of desire through her and made her reevaluate her sexuality. All through the way through the customs to her grandfather’s car Emma had been examining her feelings toward Rachel.

Emma wasn’t sure what she felt, but, if she’d decide to have sex with another woman, Rachel definitely was her type; just the opposite of herself. Where she was tall, plump, and broad-shouldered Amazon, Rachel was a short and slender girl with a light complexion, incredibly long legs, firm butt, and small, perky breasts.

Emma had always thought her friend to be a beautiful girl with enthralling looks that drew men to her like moths to a flame. Men whom Rachel always dismissed fast and sometimes even cruelly, her friend had a sharp and cutting tongue.

A long pink tongue that could reach down to the tip of her jaw. Emma shivered thinking what that tongue could do-her eyes shot wide open, and she gasped when the hand on her thigh moved higher. Emma looked down and bit her lip when Rachel’s fingers stroked her inner thigh dangerously close to her crotch. Pushing her glasses back up Emma turned to look at Rachel, who flashed her a mischievous smile and then turned her attention back to Emma’s grandfather.

Emma leaned her forehead on the window, hiding behind Emilio’s seat as Rachel’s fingers gently stroked her inner thigh, shivers ran up her leg and pulsated into her moistening sex. Rachel’s hand was so warm that Emma felt the heat on her thigh. Emma closed her eyes, imagining herself on Rachel’s lap, her ass bare, and the delicate red-nailed hand spanking her.

Emma shivered in desire.

“God, all this green around us is beautiful,” Rachel said leaning over Emma to look out the side window; the smaller woman was practically on her lap. Emma gasped biting her lip when Rachel’s arm brushed her breasts. The next moment, when the arm touched her breasts again, Emma realized that Rachel did it purposely. “It’s like a sea of vines.” Rachel said raising her arm so that Emma’s breasts were resting on her arm.

“Indeed,” Emilio replied. “Our family has owned vineyard for four generations.”

“Four generations? I barely know my grandparents, and I’ve met my mom’s parents only a few times at weddings and funerals. I have no idea who my great-grandparents were or what they did for a living,” Rachel said looking into Emma’s eyes, puckered her lips and raised her brow. Emma closed her eyes and nodded.

Then the soft lips were pressed on hers. The kiss sent an electric thrill throughout Emma’s entire body.

“Most French people don’t know their family history, Blanc family just has belonged to the landowning class since 1819,” Emilio said, oblivious about the byplay happening just behind him.

Emma was somewhat disappointed when Video porno Rachel got back to her side of the seat.

“1819? That is a long time,” Rachel said.

“Actually, mom once showed me the family tree in the Bible she got from Emilio’s mother. It has four pages. The Bible had been given as a wedding present to my ancestor back in 1731.” Emma said.

Rachel glanced Emma. “Really? You know your family tree since before America was born?”

“Much longer. The family got its surname when the first Blanc joined the army in the early 16th century. The story is that he was named Blanc because his hair was white as the snow,” Emilio said. “Before you ask the question all Americans ask, no, we are not nobility nor are we an exception in Europe. Many people know their family history more than a few centuries back. It is kind of sad, we respect our ancestors, but we put our grandparents into old people storage units.”

Emma burst into laughter. “Emilio, you know that Mom has told you thousands of times that she will put you into an expensive retirement home where you can drink wine, smoke cigars, and sing all through the night flirting with young nurses. Even if, by then, you have no idea why you flirt with them.”

“The day I forget why I chase the skirts I will leave this planet the way my father did.”

“Don’t say that. No one wants you to shoot your brains on the wall. Your mind is too dirty, we could never clean the wall, and the whole building would be ruined. If you have to shoot yourself, do it outside.” Emma said.

“You two are strange,” Rachel said shaking her head. “I’ve never heard anyone talking about suicide with her grandfather the way you do.”

“Oh, get used to it. Emilio is a lecherous bastard, but it is impossible to hurt his feelings and he is fun to be around. As long as you remember that he’s only after one thing,” Emma said.

“Your friend doesn’t need to worry. I consider sex with women under thirty to be pedophilia,” Emilio said.

“Says man who married a thirty-three-year-old woman when he was fifty-eight,” Emma said.

“That was a shotgun marriage and she was over thirty, hence; it wasn’t pedophilia,” Emilio said.

Rachel blinked. “Who, this day of age, marries someone because they’re pregnant?”

“Someone who has had only daughters and heard that I finally had fathered a boy. I wanted him to born with my name,” Emilio said.

“Oh, right, I forgot to tell you that Emilio also is a misogynist,” Emma said.

“Pippi, that was harsh. I may be an old-fashioned man, but I don’t hate women,” Emilio said.

“Pippi?” Rachel asked.

“When I was a kid Emilio gave me Pippi Longstocking book-she’s a super strong character in children’s books-and I became her fan,” Emma explained.

“The whole summer Emma dressed like Pippi and she was yelling like a banshee and stomping her foot when we had to wash those clothes. Eventually, I bought three sets of those clothes. We still have them and the toy monkey and wooden horse she forced me to buy in the guest house,” Emilio said.

Emma grinned at Rachel. “I bugged Mom so long that she finally gave up and dyed my hair red like Pippi had. The whole summer I answered only to the name Pippi.”

Rachel smirked and leaned to Emma. “So, even as a kid, you were attracted to redhead girls?” She whispered stroking her own ginger hair.

Emma blushed and turned to talk to driver’s seat. “Emilio, pouvons-nous rester dans la maison d’hôtes? Afin que nous ne vous réveillions pas avec de la musique bruyante ou quelque chose.”

“Bien sûr, vous devez bien le nettoyer. Personne n’y a vécu depuis des années,” Emilio replied.

“Hey! In English, I can’t follow when you speak French so fast.” Rachel said.

“I asked if we can live in the guest house,” Emma said. “So that we don’t wake him up with loud music and Emilio said that we can if we clean it.”

Rachel chuckled. “Yeah, loud music is my specialty,” Her eyes widened when the car turned to a driveway. She put her head between the front seats “That’s the farmhouse?”

“Uh-huh,” Emma said. “Cute, eh?”

“It’s not a farmhouse. It’s a freaking palace,” Rachel replied looking at the huge two-story stone building.

Emma shrugged. “I guess that it is a big house, but I’m kinda used to big houses. I grew up in a pretentious Beverly Hills mansion.”

“Oh, right, I keep forgetting that your mom is a movie star. Trust on me in this; that is a palace. How many square feet?” Rachel asked.

“I don’t know, we French left the eighteenth century and moved from body part measures to modern measures more than a hundred years ago. But it has nine bedrooms if that helps any,” Emilio said. “Costs a damn lot to maintain, though. More than half of what the winery brings in goes to the house. After the dinner, we’ll check the guest house, if you can stay there tonight or if you stay in the main house until the guest house is cleaned.”

When Emma was about to follow her grandfather in Rachel grabbed her by the arm. Emma turned to her.

“Em, if I come on too hard, just tell me. I’m kind of… excited. But I don’t want to pressure you to anything nor do I want to ruin our friendship, okay?” Rachel said.

“You haven’t ruined anything,” Emma replied and gave her a shy smile. “Role play, eh? Like acting, you act the role of… have you read Venus in Furs?”

“No, but I have seen the play,” Rachel smiled at her, “I can be the Venus in that play.”

Emma shivered. “Yes, be my Wanda. Rachel, uh, how many of my BDSM books did you read?”

“Two,” Rachel replied.

“Um, okay… One of the jobs of the dominant is to stretch the boundaries of the submissive. You kinda have done it already. I’m…” Emma blushed. “I’m starting to think that I might be bisexual.”

Rachel smiled. “Okay, just tell me if I come on too hard.”

“I will. Uh, did the books you read introduced you to the traffic light system?”

“Huh? No.”

“Okay… Green means continue, I like this, Yellow means, slow down, my limit is coming and Red-“

“Means stop. Got it,” Rachel said. “I’ll keep your Kindle, I want to learn more.”

“All my books are written in the submissive point of view. I’ll download some books about the Dom side. Maybe I can find some guidebook or something.”

Rachel gave the Kindle to Emma. “You do that,” She smirked. “Regardless if we’re in the main house or the guest house, tonight I’m gonna spank you. I’m looking forward to that. Hey, do you think they have ping pong table and paddles here?”

Emma got excited, and her tummy was flipping somersaults. “Oh, God,” She moaned. “Yes, I think-“

“Yes, who?” Rachel asked crossing her arms over her chest.

Emma could feel her nipples tighten and thrust against the lace of her bra. Flushed she let her gaze drop down. “Yes, Mistress, there was a table tennis table here when I last visited three years ago.”

“Great!” Rachel said, and Emma squealed when Rachel slapped her ass hard. “I start with hand, and if you stay in the green I will-“

“Girls!” Emilio yelled from the door. “Come in, the dinner is ready,”

“We better get in, I’m starving,” Rachel said.


The last time Emma had been in the guest house had been ten years earlier. Apparently, the guest house had been used since, or, if not, it had been well taken care of anyway. It wasn’t exactly clean, there was dust everywhere, but with the help of two of Emilio’s workers, it took Emma and Rachel only two hours to clean the house.

Now it was almost ready. Emma helped the maid to make the bed blushing as she realized that Maria had to realize that she and Rachel would be sleeping together on the bed; they had prepared only one bedroom for two of us. The maid did not say anything about it, but Emma was still mortified. Maria had been working for Emilio as long as she remembered and during summers she had spent in her grandfather’s Maria had been her nanny.

Emma felt as if she had just come out as a lesbian to her former nanny.

After the bed was made Emma went to the balcony. Down at the yard, Rachel was discussing with Emilio. Two of them had hit on well.

Emma went back inside and met Rachel in the hallway. Rachel gave the tray she was carrying to Emma. “I asked some wine, water, and snacks,” she said.

Emma followed her to the dining room, the table was old and sturdy farmhouse table. The chairs were sturdy and big wooden chairs with high armrests. There wasn’t any art on the wall, only the window that opened to the backyard of the main house. Rachel put the tray that had water jug, wine bottle, cheese, and fruits and berries to the table and then went to close the curtains of the window.

Emma shivered half in fear, half in excitement when Rachel lit up the three candles in the candlestick on the table. She then pulled a chair and turned it sideways. “Sit down.”

Emma sat down and Rachel, standing behind her, leaned down, slid her fingers under the hem of her top and a minute later Emma’s breathing had become labored when she was naked waist up. Rachel took a chair and sat opposite of her and smiled. “Perfect. Now I have food and eye candy,” she said pouring wine into two glasses.

Emma blushed, her nipples starting to wake up as she took the wine glass.

“Your family makes good wine, a bit too sweet for my taste, but still damn good red wine,” Rachel said openly ogling Emma’s naked boobs sipping from her glass. “Em, while you and the staff were preparing the house for our stay I was thinking how to start this. You’ll get that spanking, but starting with that doesn’t seem right. So, I’ll start with something else.”

The desire rushed through Emma as she imagined Rachel and herself on some of the scenes in her books. “Something else, Mistress?”

“All you need to know is that when growing up I was a fan of Kim Basinger,” Rachel smiled. “You have rented your body to me until the end of this vacation. If you think that I’m driving too fast or fear that I will crash the rental, you can take the keys away from me, just saying: ‘I don’t like this game anymore.’ But, until you say that, your body is mine, and I do what I want with it keeping mind that I have to return the rental in the same condition that it was when it was given to me.”