The Old, The Fat and the Saggy


*My works are experiments in sexual language and creative endeavor. Please do not take it literally. It is not meant to be porn*

I look upon the eyes of youth and the old, fat and saggy body they are contained within. She emerges from the bathroom naked. Her breasts are large and pendulous and lie atop the round spectacle of her belly. My hands scope the streams and rivers of her stretch marks; them telling a thousand stories. Her belly over hangs her mons pubis, letting just enough of her labia be insight. I grit my teeth in anticipation.

We kiss and I run my hands through her red hair, gorgeous. She takes a seat on the bed and grips my cock in her wild lust. She fervently deals me an efficacious blowjob. Twisting and gyrating her hands and head in unison like the dance of Torvill and Dean. My head swings back in ecstasy. I close denizli escort my eyes and renew my senses, as I swing back and take in the exquisite sight of her again.

I stop her and motion that she take up position on the bed on all fours. I spread the arse cheeks of her cumbersome rear and reveal the beauty of her reverse tear-drop. Her lips, all pink and gray, compound upon my senses. I stare into her with static desire. I am harder than English oak.

I tell her to spread her arse cheeks with both hands and she does. I dive in. My nose enters her arsehole and my tongue her vagina, deep and dark. I devour her hole with my tongue licking and sucking at the delicious goo of her cunt. I move my nose into her pussy and use my tongue on the clit. The odour of her rank stench is memorable like the denizli escort bayan beauteous smell of petrol. An unknown ability to draw in your senses and keep you addicted like no other.

I remove my face from her depths. I am still connected to her; her juice leaves a trail. I lick and taste. I suck and drink. I hear and feel the vibrations of her moans.

I stand back and stare at the gorgeous sight of her open arse. I hold my cock in my hand and tug a few. I then slide up into her and watch as my penis is devoured by the endless abyss. Her tunnel grips my penis. Its satin embrace warps and sucks me dry. I feel the urge, that moment of death.

I must stop.

I stand back gasping in ecstasy staring at my prize. She smiles at my lustful gaze. She moves onto her back and I enter escort denizli her missionary. I watch as my cock enters and is engulfed by her beautiful lips. I smell her cunt once more, moving me ever close to the precipice of my orgasm.

I kiss her. She tells me she wants my load inside her. She wants my sticky hot wax to fill her. She wants to feel her insides be brimming with my juice. I spread her pussy whilst I fuck. I open her labia like a flower and she sprays her nectar upon me. I feel the rupture. She has done something to me. I must feel that little death.

My body falls forward in the agony of my ecstasy. The embodiment of my sexual being brings forth the essence of my humanity. There is a fanfare that explodes in my mind. I am pulsed with static charges as my body is paralysed. She eggs me on.

Her face is a wondrous sight. Her breasts are flopped to her sides. I bury my face amongst them as I open the valve. The fire of our sex is extinguished by the torrential pour of my hose. We pant sweat and our bodies smoke. She wants more and takes to clean my cock, her mouth doing a job like that expected of a machine.

This is a landscape that I will return.