If Women Ruled The World Ch. 02


I arrived at the bottom of the stairs of Sulihall College of Etiquette for the final time with my luggage, ready to meet my new Mistress. Nothing seemed real as I headed for the reception desk where 3 Ladies stood talking to each other, their towering high heeled silhouettes casting a shadow from the bright, unknown world outside. My mind was in a fug when I reached the Women who all stopped talking when I approached.

“What have you been taught, SISSY?!” one of the Ladies boomed.

Feverishly I looked at their faces for an answer.

“Curtsey,” someone prompted me.

With great awkwardness I lowered my knees observing that the tall, pale redhead Woman was smirking at me with approval, “Well he does have high-cheek bones, I’ll give you that!”

The Ladies laughed before the redheaded Woman continued, “I just hope he won’t have the same problems as my previous sissy.”

“We don’t think you’ll have any problems,” the brunette interjected, “we rarely have problems with sissies with a preference for feminisation. Once they are serving their Mistress, they lose all interest in anything else.”

They talked about me as if I wasn’t there, before the redhead looked at me approvingly one more time and spoke with a large grin forming, “I’m your new Mistress, Jason. And I really do hope I won’t have to send you to Correctional like my previous sissy.”

My mouth had gone completely dry. So this was She, the Woman I would serve for the rest of my days…

“You do know what Correctional is, don’t you?” She asked. As I gazed up into Her deep green eyes I could only shake my head ‘no’.

The brunette Mistress filled me in, “Correctional is a very nasty place where disobedient sissies learn the error of their ways. Believe porno 64 me, sissy, you don’t want to end up there.”

“Right, lets get moving!” my Mistress wound up the conversation enthusiastically. Given the way I felt, it was almost offensive to hear Her make light of the situation.

“You won’t be needing your luggage, honey, we’ve got an entirely new wardrobe for you!” one of the other Mistresses informed me before taking suitcase from me wheeling it into a corridor.

My Mistress then passed me Her handbag and clicked Her way out of the building on Her impossibly high heels leaving me to follow a couple of yards behind. The outside world greeted me with harsh sunlight as we walked towards a lot of parked cars before She opened the door of an elaborately designed vehicle that had many smooth, gentle curves, almost like my Mistress’ legs. The door lifted up almost striking me in the head and She got in the other side, quite aware that I was struggling to take in all of this new information.

There were only two leather seats in this vehicle save for a small compartment cut out of the back. “In future, you will be expected to open all of the car doors for me and my guests, but since its your first day, I’ll go lightly on you!” She grinned before lamenting, “I do hope they were right about you, my last sissy was an absolute nightmare, but then again, he didn’t want to dress like a Girl!”

“I want to dress like a Girl?” My thoughts of protestation were interrupted as the vehicle loudly rumbled into life. Before long it purred as it whisked us through the streets. Something about it made me want to investigate it more – who built it? How would one operate it? These fleeting questions diminished as I couldn’t help but look porno izle out of the windows at other vehicles and people in the streets, so many Women everywhere, so many reflective glass buildings and cameras on top of poles. In what seemed like no time at all we turned into a more secluded residence where the gravel audibly crumpled beneath the wheels. We parked up near another vehicle and my heart rate quickened at the possibility of being introduced to other people. Very quickly it became clear however that nobody else was inside the red-bricked building. It looked pretty messy inside with clothes and unwashed plates and pans everywhere.

“As you can see, without a sissy I’ve been forced to cook and wash myself,” She tutted, hand on hip glaring at the mess, “Women are just not cut out for such work, its just not in our genes.” She gradually surveyed the house turning full circle on Her spiked heels. “It could sure do with a sissy’s touch!” She mused with a large deep red lipsticked grin. “Right, I’d better get things rolling. I’ve never had a sissy with a preference for feminisation before, but we’ll have to muddle through. Come on, sissy, follow me to your room.”

I followed Her up a rather tight staircase still clutching Her handbag tightly before She opened ‘my’ door into ‘my’ room. The door swung open and a sea of pinks charged out at me. It was everywhere, pink hearts on pink striped wallpaper, a hot fuchsia bed with large dusky pink pillows and bows, the pastel pink carpet, and wardrobes, the curtains, the ceiling, the lampshades…

“I know you’re just going to love it here!” She exclaimed, “you must be in wonderland.” I wanted to turn and run but I remembered the warning about Correctional, so I remained frozen to the sex izle spot. She tugged me inside and sat me down on the bed before taking Her handbag from me. “I’ll let you settle in for 20 minutes while I read the instructions about what we’re to do next, okay?”

I just nodded and with that She closed the door, which was painted pink on one side, just to complete the picture. “How has this come to be?” I asked myself. School was just school, I did everything I had been told during my ‘education’ and now I find that it has all been in preparation for this? This is my life now? It suddenly dawned on me that my education contained next to nothing about the outside world. They’d prepared me for a life of interiors.

My Mistress returned, still perfectly balanced in Her high heels and sat next to me on the bed, intoxicating me with Her perfume, Her smile disarming. “Now,” She spoke in a soft, soothing voice, “I’m Mistress Walker and you should be familiar with how to address me. I expect courtesy at ALL times. Anyway, it’s all detailed here in this book which says to start with a bath to groom yourself.”

I gulped hard.

“That means you have to take the sissy grooming pack that is in the bathroom, which is marked for you, and follow the instructions inside.” She turned to me looking more stern, “You have to follow each and every instruction very, VERY carefully. If you have any problems, just call me and I’ll come to help.”

I just sat there breathing heavily looking scared.

“Aww, aren’t you a picture of fragility?!” My Mistress cooed before hugging me. It was literally the first time a Woman had touched me in such a way. It felt good but it didn’t take away the feelings of terror coursing through my veins and the growing realisation that I could do nothing about this. “Don’t be scared” She continued, “we’ll have you looking pretty in no time!”

Eventually She took my hand and led me to the bathroom, which like the rest of the house, needed a good cleaning.