Wedding Bells



We got up early. I headed to Mom’s, and Ally went to her folks’. Amanda went on home; we would see her later at the wedding.

Mom was in the kitchen, eating, and told me to sit down, as she had something to tell me. Hmm…I sat and had something to eat while she told me something that floored me! She told me that I was going to be made a Priestess and so was Ally. My initiation would take place at Auntie’s. I told Mom that I thought I had more studying to do. She said that I did but that my skill level was at Priestess level.



It’s been an interesting two days, that’s for sure! Lady Jenna and I hit it off really well.

When I arrived at the wedding, it was outside, but they had a canopy over the guest seating area to make it shady for the guests. I saw the bridesmaids; they were dressed in peach veils that went to their ankles, and they wore matching heels but were otherwise naked. Hmm…well, the invitation did say that the wedding party would be in the nude! They were standing in a row with a space in the middle for Kate and Allison.

When the last of the guests had been seated, Madam Kwong, dressed in a typical Chinese dress of red and green with a dragon design on it, walked over to a gong and banged on it once. Momma Rose’s girls began playing on their drums–a very soft drumming, I should say. And Momma Rose appeared out of nowhere; she was wearing a red dress and a gold necklace, and she had a snake wrapped around her shoulders and was carrying a broom.

In her big booming voice she said, “Let all here honor this couple that is about to be wed. Who presents Kate?”

Kate’s father said, “I do.” And he walked her down the aisle to her spot. She was wearing a green veil, matching high-heeled boots, and a gold waist chain.

She then asked, “Who presents Allison?”

Allison’s father said “I do” and escorted her to her spot.

Alison was wearing a red veil, matching high-heeled sandals, and a gold waist chain as well.

The whole time, the drums were beating and you could feel the rhythm of the drumming. Madam Kwong banged her gong again, and Lady Freya came and stood beside Momma Rose. Lady Freya had on a green dress trimmed in red. She wore red boots, and her dress was split to her waist. She wore a winged headband and carried a sword. I could see a set of keys on her belt. Now I was totally intrigued, as this was a first for me; I have seen lots of weddings but none like this. The gong sounded yet again, and each maid of honor removed first the girls’ veils then their footwear; they were now naked save for their waist chains. I swear that their ink was sparkling! Must be the sun shining on it; then again, they are ladies of power.

I must confess I was very amazed, but it’s strange that when the girls got naked I thought, “OK, they’re nude; so what?”

Now that they were nude, Momma Rose spoke again. “Kate, Allison, you two were made for each other, and now you are here to be wed. Do you two accept the will of the Gods?”

They replied together, “We do.”

She then placed the snake around them and said, “With this serpent you two are joined as one.” “Shudders” I am not a fan of snakes, but on them it appeared to be so natural. They kissed each other, but the ceremony was not over just yet.

After they kissed, Momma Rose removed the snake and wrapped it back around her shoulders. She gave the broom to Lady Jenna and Lady Cathy, who were wearing dresses in red and green as well. They held the broom about a foot high. The gong sounded, and the girls jumped over the broom.

Lady Freya now took the center of the stage. She removed the keys from her belt and gave them to Kate. Kate then said, “Ally, do you accept these keys to our new home together?”

Ally replied, “Kate, I do accept them.” She then took the chain they were in and placed it around her neck.

Lady Freya then removed the sword from her sheath and handed it to Allison, who asked Kate, “Kate, do you swear to defend me, our children, and our home?”

Kate replied, “I swear to defend you, our children, and our home.” She took the sword and turned around and held it high so all could see it. Allison turned around then as well and held her keys so all could see them as well.

Madam Kwong now came over, clapped her hands together, and said, “I hereby declare Kate and Allison as one. May none ever try to separate them, or the dragon will hunt them down and destroy them!” With that, the drums began to play loudly and the girl Lynn began to play on the gong. Needless to say, it was indeed a very moving ceremony. The guests began to hug and kiss the girls like in any traditional wedding.


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Watching the ceremony, I was very impressed of the mixing of traditions that complemented each other. After all, the girls have ties to all three: Haitian Voodoo, Norse magic, and Chinese magic. Jenna told me that Kate and Ally would be promoted to Priestess rank when they got back to Lucy’s. “Smiles” I don’t think that wedding can top this one; it will, after all, be lower key and more Wiccan in style, for Silver is in charge of it, but we shall see. I was loosely watching Silver during the ceremony, and I could tell that she was impressed.



I was amazed at the wedding; I have done several now, but this one was fantastic! No, I will not try and top this one, for the one at Lucy’s is more for friends and fellow witches, whereas this was a combination of family, fellow witches, and non-magic-users.



Wow, we are now officially married! We will fly up to Lucy’s tomorrow, and Kate has already shipped her truck up. I thought Lucy was going to gag about that, but she gave in; after all, it really is the only thing that Kate truly owns. Besides, she looks cute in her pit- girl outfit, which she has taken to wearing when she messes around with her truck.



“Smiles” The girls are now as one, like they were meant to be.

“Sigh” I had to agree to let Kate ship her truck up. It’s not like it’s beat up or anything, but a truck–come on, gee–when she can have any car or truck in the garage? Then again, it is hers, and she does love to tinker with it.



Whew one wedding down and one more to go. Let’s hope the second one is just as wonderful as the first.



You all may think you know what goes on in a prison, but it really depends on who the warden is. In other words, as long as he gets his cut of whatever is going on– though there are some that do their jobs totally clueless our warden is in on everything. He has outfitted each cellblock with a brand new widescreen HDTV and has an in-house TV channel, which is all we see.

The warden wandered in on Friday night and called us together. (Yeah, he’s that kind of guy he’d fit perfectly in any of the old southern prison movies. Most wardens wouldn’t dare go into a cell block with just one guard.) He announced that since we were all friends of Kate’s, we would get to watch the wedding on our TV. Sure enough, Saturday afternoon we had a special channel on just for us. The picture was clear as could be. Damn, I recognized most everyone that was gathering.

Hector told me and the other two bitchboys to dress nice but sexy. He said, “It’s a wedding, after all” and told us to behave while watching it.

I wore a nice sundress and heels and stockings. (I am forbidden to wear underwear. The other two girls can; they have earned that right.)

The wedding started, and some of the guys asked me how old the hot china doll, as they called Kwong, was. I told them that she was in her sixties. Their jaws dropped; even Hector was surprised.

One of them said, “Damn, she looks like she’s fifty or in her forties.”

I just smiled and told them that I had known her forever; she was looking thirty when I was a kid in high school.

One of the guys whistled and said, “Damn, the girls are naked under the veils.”

Hector shot him a look and said, “Show respect, and yes, there’s gonna be nudity, so behave!”

Well, you could have heard a pin drop when the girls got naked and jumped the broom. Damn, I never could do a standing jump, even back when I was on the track team.

Hector was proud to see his wife sitting in the front row with Kate’s family. Just as the service ended with the drums and gong playing, Hector got a call on his cell phone and the camera switched to show his wife, who was talking to him in Spanish (damn, I need to learn more Spanish than I know now). She waved to the camera, and the guys gave her a shout-out as Hector put the phone on speaker.

Kate walked over with Allison, and she told the guys in Spanish that they were still all her family as well and that the Lobos ruled! She also told them that Allison was pregnant and they were going to have a girl. The guys let out a cheer at that news and wished her well.

Fucking Kastle, the bitch, held a sign up saying “Fuck you, Norm.” The guys–even Hector– laughed at that. I just turned red.



Kate’s new father in law set it up so we could watch the wedding on our prison TV. Hmm…he azeri escort is definitely a guy not to mess around with but one to get to know. I saw the damn attorney general of the state there and lots of other state senators and representatives. Even the one that set Norma up, and she was in the second row behind Kate’s family.

Hmm…who is that hot bitch with the bright red hair? She smiled at the camera, and so did the sexy black girl that she was with. I will ask Kate who they are. They looked damn hot.

My wife Estella was sitting next to Kate’s mother and father; now that is a real show of respect.

I had to laugh when Senator Kastle held a little sign up that said “Fuck you, Norm.” All the guys laughed at that as well, and Norma turned a bright red. I wonder if anyone there saw her little message other than the camera operator.

When the girls stripped off the veils and their shoes, you could have heard a pin drop. Damn, there they were, naked as the day they were born.

I did spot a real hot lady in a black dress with silver trim. I wonder who she is. Damn, she had an upside-down pentagram around her neck. Lots of the guys, including me, made the sign of the cross upon seeing that. Well, she was with Kate’s family, so she must be OK. She had three other women with her, and they were also dressed in silver and black, but they wore their pentagrams star up.

I’ve got to admit the sword and keys were a cool touch to a wedding; I have never seen that before. The drums and gong playing together at the end of the wedding was a cool touch as well.



The satellite hookup was set up by Ally’s dad. The guys sounded like they enjoyed watching the wedding. They told me about Mary Ann’s sign; I damn near bust a gut laughing about it. She smiled and showed it to me and everyone else; they all laughed at it as well.

It’s time to get ready to head to the airport, as next week will be more parties and yes, one more wedding.

We got back to Auntie’s with no problems. I found my truck was already there, and Jasmine told me that I had free run of her garage to work on it; she’d tell me where to go to get it tagged, etc. I think she had checked it out already, as she also told me she liked it. I have it painted red with white trim (it used to belong to our local fire department, so I’m keeping with the fire department color scheme).

The week went really quickly, as it was one party after another, and this time around I had been invited to all of them. Gee, I’m about partied out!



I will be so glad when these parties are done with, but gee, we must have cleared a couple of grand in cash and some really cool gifts. The bridesmaids in this one will be nude with flower headbands and belts. Kate and I will also be wearing just the flowers and our gold waist chains. Everyone that was invited said they will attend.

Sandra has been bugging us for a role, so Kate and I told her she could be our ring bearer. “giggles” I know this is usually done by a child, but it shut her up. She’s happy as can be, and she will be dressed (or should I say undressed) like the rest of the wedding party.

Silver is doing the ceremony this time. Lynn is going to be a bridesmaid, as well as Sally and Jasmine. Sally Monroe and Carmen will be maids of honor. Vivian and Luna will round out the bridesmaids; I never thought those two would get together, but I do believe theirs will be our next wedding unless it’s Brad and Janet’s. The guys agreed to be ushers again (got to love them for helping out); they will be dressed as before.

Seems we have a new guest. Sandra’s mom, Jill, is going to attend now that her little girl is part of the wedding. Amanda has joined Momma Rose’s troop of drummers, so she will also be here, as the girls will be playing for this one too. Hmm…we should get together with her again; damn, she was fantastic in bed.


Silver Fang

Wow, the Governor’s wife is coming now that Sandra is the ring bearer; this will be my most important event ever. Well, the girls are happy with the plans I suggested for the ceremony. This will be your basic handfasting, not the fancy event of the first wedding ceremony.



I am going to attend the second wedding too; we shall see how this one goes. The girls invited me to stay the week, which I accepted. This one is not being videotaped like the last one, as this is a lower key affair.

I’m impressed with Dr. Morgan’s estate. It is very beautiful. I love her formal garden, and there is a vegetable and herb garden as well.

Carmen kazank escort is once again maid of honor with Sally. There is another girl named Sally who will be a bridesmaid, but damn, she too is pregnant, with Kate being the father? “Smiles” That girl has gotten around– not one but two little ones on the way, and both girls! I called Hector and told him about Kate’s other daughter, and he just laughed and said that he was proud of her and that now she needs to get herself a son.

Saturday finally arrived and the guests all gathered on time. The security for the event was tight, seeing how the Governor’s wife was going to be here. There was the State Police and Dr. Morgan’s own security officers, who were all women and very beautiful ones at that. They all wore their dress uniforms. Even the State Police officers had theirs on; they made a very impressive sight and acted as an honor guard. Hmm…even the State officers were women; in fact, the only males present were Allison and Kate’s fathers and the male ushers from the first event.

The drums began playing, and the members of the wedding party took their places. They marched down the aisle with the ring bearer in front with the bridesmaids, followed by the maids of honor and, finally, the brides. They formed a line in front of the guests, and Lady Silver come out accompanied by her assistant Willow. They were dressed in sheer robes of green and red, not the black and silver they had worn before. There wasn’t a gong this time, just the drums. I noticed a new drummer: the girl Amanda who was a guest last time. Lynn, who was playing the gong last time, is now one of the bridesmaids. Lady Silver clapped her hands and the drumming became so soft you could barely hear it.

She then spoke. “Let all here be silent before the Gods. Kate, Allison, do you two agree to become as one?”

They replied together, “Yes, we do.”

Lady Silver then asked Allison to place a ring on Kate’s finger, after which she asked Kate to do the same with Allison. She then took the garland of flowers that was around her neck and tied their hands together with it.

“With this garland and these rings, you are now joined as one. In the presence of the Gods, you are as one. Let no one try to undo what the Gods have made. So mote it be!”

The girls turned and faced the guests, and the drums began playing louder. Lady Silver then said, “I hereby present Allison and Kate for your approval!” The guests rose and applauded, and there were cheers as well. All in all, a very nice informal wedding.

The guests then began to congratulate the girls, but unlike before, the guests were soon removing their clothes and dancing to the beat of the drums. Even the ushers and Mike and Brad joined in for this impromptu dance, and yes, even I found myself stripping off my clothes and joining in!

We formed a line and danced around the area. Needless to say, it was very interesting to be dancing naked. I was between Lady Jenna and Mary. Hmm…I swear Mary felt my ass.

Well, soon little groups broke off, and yes, lots of girl-on-girl sex went on, and the guys all had at least one girl (a few had more). I ended up making love to Lady Jenna and Mary; this was most definitely a pleasant surprise. What the…? Allison and Kate were making love, but they were floating? Oh my! So were the three of us, and yes, it was fantastic, this floating while having sex with two beautiful ladies. I must have come several times before we settled back to the ground. Most of the guests had left by that time, so just how long had we been going at it? Well, seems it was like two hours. Wow! I’m lucky Hector doesn’t mind me doing girl-on-girl; with a man, he’d flip out.

I saw the guys still had their share of eager partners. “smiles” I’ll bet they didn’t plan on having sex at their cousins’ wedding!



Damn, the orgy was fantastic. Everyone got into it, and yes, Amanda was popular, and so were Ally and I. But the three of us did put on an airborne display for everyone. Giving a blow job three feet off the ground is definitely the only way to do it!

Jack was doing Sandra’s mom. Wow, he took her airborne; I didn’t know he could do that.

Bobby was doing pretty well too. He was doing Li and Mei. They weren’t airborne, but damn, they were all over him. Hmm…I thought they only did girls.

Even Biyu had snagged a partner. “giggles” Well, seeing that the party was such a success, Ally and I announced that we were heading to our place and instructed the guests to enjoy themselves.



“Smiles” The little impromptu orgy was a nice twist to the wedding. Jill, the governor’s wife, even got in a few licks, and damn, she had a go with Jack, who may be small but knows how to pleasure a woman.

Damn Amanda is one hot lady boy. She had her pick of partners, but then, so did Mike and Brad.

Well, my friends, it’s time to bring this part of my daughter’s story to a close. I hope you have enjoyed it.