Can It Get Any Better?


My husband, Ryan, and I have been married for almost 20 years and our sex life has never been better. During the honeymoon phase of our marriage we made love whenever we wanted. Then we had an awkward phase. Most of our difficulties were due to poor communication. But we learned to share what feels good, and open up to each other more. Since then, we have had an incredible sex life and it just keeps getting better.

The first thing we did was accept that we both liked looking at sexy people. We used to hide our peeks and stares from each other. But now we accept this as normal, and we actually point out people to each other and ask if a person is sexy. It is a fun way to pass time while we walk, shop or sit on the beach. This lead to our discovery that we both had sexual fantasies. Previously, neither of us thought that the other fantasized much about sex. We started to share our fantasies with each other, which usually lead to some really hot lovemaking. We also used to hide our masturbation, but discovered that we both did it and enjoyed it. Now, if one of us catches the other masturbating, its ok.

One time I was pushing a black 10″ vibrator in and out of my cunt when Ryan walked in. He asked what I was thinking about, so I told him. I kept pumping that big unit in my steaming pussy as I described a scenario about a black lover with a massive cock. Ryan continued our discussion, asking me leading questions and getting me hotter. I kept getting juicier until I exploded in orgasm. I just left it vibrating inside me while I calmed down. Just as I thought it was time to clean up and put things away, Ryan pulled the phallus out and smothered my pussy with his mouth.

He licked and sucked and tongued me. He encouraged me to continue with my fantasy story, so I closed my eyes and said whatever entered my aroused mind. I was soon nearing a second climax and Ryan knew it. He grabbed the vibrator, turned it on full speed, and plunged it into me. With his right hand he moved it in and out in long forceful thrusts, while he rubbed my clit with his left hand. That was too much for me. I screamed as the biggest tidal wave of orgasmic energy of my life hit my body. I never felt such intense sensations before. As I recovered, Ryan kissed me and said, “Wow, that was great!”

“You don’t know how great it was.” I said between breaths and kisses. I felt like I glowed and everywhere that Ryan touched me tingled with sexual energy. “A girl could get used to that!” I continued as my hands roamed all over his body. When I reached his groin, I found his cock, as hard as ever, pointing right at me. Usually once is plenty for me, but I needed him to fuck me and give me a 3rd orgasm. I pulled him to me and guided his rock hard 7″ to my hot cunt. We did not need foreplay, so Ryan slid all the way in on the first stroke and immediately started pounding me hard and fast. He asked me what I would do with my fantasy lover. It seemed that my third climax came even faster than my second. As I drenched his dick with my hot juices, he sprayed his load in me. That was my first three orgasm session. I have since learned that each orgasm is easier than the preceding one.

After that, our fantasies became more “alive.” We tried role playing. One of us would make a request or suggestion and then we acted it out. Sometimes it took months to prepare for a role. We got pretty good at it too. My favorite was when Ryan played the part of two studs. It was a demanding role, but Ryan fucked me as one character, while he talked about how his friend was watching us and was going to fuck me when he (the first character) was done with me. The image of being watched brought me to an intense orgasm, and while I recovered, Ryan hopped out of bed, slipped on a penis extender and assumed the second character’s role. He had a different personality and fucked more aggressively. He also had a bigger cock (thanks to the extender). I actually felt like there were two studs in the room with me! Ryan knew that my 2nd cum was nearing so he put all he had into this character adana escort and we came together wildly.

I returned the favor by playing a virginal teenager. It wasn’t easy, but I spent weeks exercising my cunt muscles in preparation. Then we pretended that I was a teenager, home alone, and my parent’s were out of town. I let Ryan seduce me into “my parent’s” bed. He was very tender in his foreplay, to prepare his “virgin” for her deflowering. He licked my pussy, commenting on my lovely (imaginary) hymen and how he would tenderly open it up and make me a woman. I fought cumming, because the lubrication would make my role harder to play when he entered me. I begged him to “make me a woman.” Ryan climbed up my body. I took his hard-on in my hand and moved it around my pussy, as I began squeezing my pussy muscles. I said, “Push it in, but be gentle. I am afraid it will hurt too much.”

With my muscles clenched, Ryan actually had difficulty entering me. After a while I rewarded his tenderness by relaxing my cunt as I said “POP!” Once inside me, he paused to let my “deflowered” pussy stretch and get used to him. Actually, I tightened up in order to continue the role of a virgin. As he stroked inside me he commented on how tight I was, and that he never fucked a virgin before. Eventually, he couldn’t hold back any more and started ramming me with all that he had. I exploded in orgasm as soon as I felt his cum shooting inside me. Later, Ryan told me how impressed he was with my performance.

Eventually, we considered making some of these hot fantasies come true. After months of discussion, we agreed that our favorite fantasies were me getting fucked while being watched, getting fucked by a black man, and getting fucked by two men. We thought of ways to make any of these happen. Finally, we planned a vacation to a Carribean resort with a nude beach. The anticipation of our departure was almost agonizing. As soon as we arrived, we checked in, unpacked, and went to the beach. Everywhere we looked there were naked tits, cocks, pussies, and asses of all sizes, colors and shapes.

Ryan applied a hefty film of sun-block on my extremely fair skin, while I “sized up” the men walking by. It didn’t take long before a very handsome black man walked by and set down a canvas tote bag on the sand about 30 feet in front and to the right of us. He was about 6’2″ tall with a shaved head and he wore a loose-fitting flowered shirt and long, baggy shorts. He pulled a towel out of his bag and laid it out. Then he turned away from the water (and most of the people) to remove his clothes. He was practically facing us! Trying not to stare, I watched him take his shirt off to reveal a gorgeous chest and washboard abs. A sigh escaped my mouth. Then he bent over as he pulled his shorts down to his knees. When he stood back up to step out of them, I saw his penis. Although it seemed very flaccid, it was longer and thicker than any I had seen before. I was breathless until Ryan cupped one of my breasts and innocently asked what I was looking at. I couldn’t say a word. When he followed my gaze, he saw the man I was staring at. Ryan kissed me and said “Stay here! I’ll be back.”

Ryan got up and ran into the water. He got thoroughly wet and walked down the beach bit, then came out of the water. As he walked back parallel to the water, he had a strange look on his face. Ryan slowly approached the sexy black hunk, stopped, and said something to him. I couldn’t hear what he said or what the hunk said back. The hunk invited him to sit down and they talked for about 5 minutes. The thought entered my mind that maybe I was drooling over a gay man who was trying to seduce my husband!

Then Ryan got up, they shook hands and Ryan walked away. He circled around and returned to me. I asked what they talked about. Ryan said, “Just man stuff.” This was not what I wanted to hear. Ryan laughed and said, “I asked if he knew his way around the island and if he could suggest some good places for a tourist to go at adana escort bayan night. He is a native, and was very friendly, asking what I like to; dance, drink, go to shows, etc… We talked for a while and then I asked if he would like to make some money by showing us around. I offered him $100 US and he said sure. We will meet him in the hotel lobby at 6:00 tonight. Oh, and his name is Freddie.”

I couldn’t believe Ryan did that, but I was glad that he did. I accepted that Freddie may not want to have sex with me, but I lusted for him. Ryan and I both hoped to bring Freddie back to our room to make love to me that night. All night I hung on both men’s arms and Freddie showed us a good time. We went to a club where Freddie taught us some local dances. I felt clumsy until he put his big, strong hands on my waist to help me. Then I didn’t care how well I danced or how I looked. For about an hour, they both danced with me, including some slow “american” dances that let me hug Freddie or Ryan and press my tits into their torso and feel their cocks rub against my tummy. I was getting very hot, and suggested we leave. Freddie took us for a ride, showing us the island’s beauty.

We stopped at a beach and watched the sunset. I sat between them and put my arms around their backs as Freddie talked. I enjoyed his accent as he told us stories about a place that he obviously loved very much. As it started to get dark, Freddie suggested we move on and asked if we wanted to do anything else. Ryan said, “You’re the boss. Take us anywhere you want to go.” We made a few more stops, bought some souvenirs, etc, but the evening was a haze to me. I was under Freddie’s spell. Finally Freddie and Ryan agreed that we should go back to the hotel.

As we neared the hotel, Freddie was going to drop us off at the door when Ryan told him to park his car and invited him in for a cocktail. Freddie graciously accepted the offer, but expected the drinks to be served in the lounge. When we took him to the elevator, he was surprised, but didn’t say anything. When we got to our room, Freddie sat in a chair and I went to the bathroom. I could hear Ryan thanking Freddie for the excellent evening, telling him that I seemed to enjoy his services very much. They sat, drank, and talked while I nervously stayed in the john and changed into my bath robe, freshened my lipstick, and returned to the men. Freddie sensed that maybe I wanted to go to bed, and started to excuse himself. I said, “I’m sorry if my robe gave you the wrong impression. I was just getting comfortable. Here, I’ll take it off.” I faced him, opened my robe and let it drop. My heart missed a beat.

My apprehension was relieved when Freddie said “Wow! Were you on the beach with Ryan earlier? ‘Cuz I didn’t see you there!”

I was delighted that Freddie liked what he saw. I lied, saying, “No, I was shopping and I regret missing the beach. But if you want, we could all get comfortable here in our room.” Ryan said that sounded ok to him and asked Freddie what he thought.

“It’s good to me too!” Freddie answered as he removed his shoes (no socks) and pulled his shirt off. I deliberately signed at the sight of his chest, letting Freddie know I liked his physique. Then he opened his pants and let them fall to the floor. My anticipation of his cock’s appearance was stalled, as he still had to remove his underwear. But I tell you, I never saw underwear look so good! Seconds later, his undies were on the floor and I gasped at his incredible organ. This was the first time I saw it up close, and I liked what I was seeing. I guess that Ryan was naked too, but all I could see was Freddie. He acknowledged my appreciation of his body with a turn, saying “This is what you missed.”

Freddie was near the bed so he sat on it and his cock bounced. I went to him and said, “I am glad I get a private show!” I paused and then asked, “I would never dream of this on a public beach, but would you mind if I touch your penis?”

“No, not at all.” he escort adana responded. I sat next to him on the bed and reached out to it. My hands grasped and lifted it up. I didn’t notice on the beach, but now I could tell that he was uncircumcised. The huge phallus had “character,” with veins bulging out and the “hood” covering its tip. I told him that I never saw a penis with a foreskin before. He reached down and pulled it back to expose the flared head. I couldn’t keep myself from playing with this fascinating cock. Freddie enjoyed the attention, and put his hand on my breast, squeezing and rubbing it. That was when I reached the point of no return. I dropped to the floor to kneel between his legs and put my lips on his cock.

I licked and sucked the tip, then pulled back and played with its sheath. Then I tried to put more of it in my mouth and bobbed up and down on it, licking and sucking until I couldn’t take any more. It grew and grew until I could barely get the head past my lips. Freddie reached down to me and I stood up. He then pulled me to him and we kissed and rolled onto the bed. Our hands were never idle and his moved down to my hot cunt. Soon he penetrated me and stroked me for a while with a large finger. He kissed and sucked my hard nipples, then lifted my hips toward his face. His mouth covered my pussy and his tongue licked and fucked me to my first cum of the night.

Until then I forgot all about Ryan, sitting in a chair, watching us. I blew a kiss to him and he winked back. I looked at Freddie, asking him, “Please make love to me. I need you to fuck me with that big beautiful cock.”

Freddie said, “No, I won’t. I want YOU to fuck ME.” He rolled onto his back and pulled me on top of him. I straddled him and wrapped my hand around his gargantuan shaft. I directed it to my pussy lips and tried to slide down on it, but it was too big! I tried repeatedly with no success. Freddie laughed and took his cock from my hand. I felt him do something with his foreskin, and then he lifted his hip off the bed. I suddenly felt a flash of pain followed by an intense “fullness.” I instinctively started to lower myself on his pole. It was difficult, but the process of working inch after inch of his flesh deeper into my pussy was a very rewarding task. I only had about half of him in me when the dam burst again and I flooded cum all over him. I didn’t even slow down, and continued riding up and down until I felt his huge balls against my butt. I paused for a second, and then started riding him.

Freddie said, “It is my turn now,” and rolled over on top of me without pulling out. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and started long, rhythmic thrusts. I came again and he kept thrusting harder and harder. My next cum was building. He drove into me and tilted his hips, pushing his hard cock just a little deeper. I felt like I reached my limit. Then he pulled out and began ramming into me with such force that I started an orgasm that I swear lasted 5 minutes.

He shot a huge load into me and kept fucking. When I finally stopped cumming, he pulled out and brought his cum coated cock to my mouth. I licked and sucked it clean and Ryan started fucking me. My pussy was still numb, but I could feel Ryan poking me. He lasted just long enough for me to cum once more, while still licking Freddie’s shaft. Freddie warned me before he started shooting. I put the head to my lips and sucked as much of his cum as I could before I let the rest spray all over my tits.

I wanted Freddie to stay, but he kissed me and left. Ryan and I talked for a while about wrapping so many fantasies into one evening. We were very fortunate to find a man like Freddie. Ryan started kissing my tits and then moved to my pussy. I was still tingling down there, but his gentle licks and kisses felt great. He tickled my clit with his tongue and then drove it as deep as possible into my well-fucked hole. It felt strange until I realized that he was licking out the cum they deposited and swallowing it. After a while of that he kissed my mouth, passing some of the mixed cum to me on his tongue. I told Ryan how much I loved him, and we fell asleep.

Since that vacation, we do anything for each other. Although we do not include other people in our sex life often, it is always a possibility. We love each other very much and sex is just one way that we show our love.